On Inspections, Revisions And Tests Of Gas Devices

Original Language Title: o kontrolách, revizích a zkouškách plynových zařízení

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85/1978 Sb.


The Czech Office of work safety

of 26 March. June 1978

on inspections, revisions and tests of gas devices

352/2000: Sb.

The Czech Office of work safety establishes, pursuant to § 5 para. 1 (b). (d)) of the Act

No. 174/1968 Coll., on State specialized supervision of work safety, in

the agreement with the Czech Trade Union Council and other central authorities:


Introductory provisions

§ 1

The scope of the

(1) this Ordinance applies to organizations that produce, assemble,

operate, repair, maintain gas equipment (the "equipment")

or carry out their revision.

(2) for the device, for the purposes of this order shall be considered as equipment

subject to safeguards to vocational work

by the Czech Office of work safety and safety Inspectorates

work and it equipment for

and production and gas adjustment),

b) storage and transport of gas,

c) lling including pressure stations

(d) gas liquefaction and evaporation),

e) increase and decrease of pressure rise of gases,

f) gas distribution,

(g) gas consumption) by combustion.

(3) for the equipment referred to in paragraph 2 shall not include devices that are

in the personal use of users of apartments and rooms in the nesloužících housing.

(4) For gases for the purposes of this Ordinance shall be deemed substances of which the

the critical temperature is lower than 50 degrees C, or substances which is in

a temperature of 50 degrees C, the absolute pressure (tense) a pair higher than 0.3 MPa (3

KP/cm2) ^ 1)

§ 2

General provisions

(1) by performing the revision (section 4) or tests (section 9) the device shall assign

Organization of the worker that has to this activity, certificates of professional

competence (hereinafter referred to as "the review techniques"). This certificate ^ 2) issues

work safety inspectorate ^ 3) (hereinafter referred to as the "Inspectorate") to the competent

According to the place of work pověřovaného worker.

(2) the organization can ensure the implementation of revisions or device testing

through another organization that has this permission ^ 4)

issued by the Inspectorate.


Checks, inspections and tests of the device

§ 3

Check the equipment

(1) the control device is the assessment of whether the status of the operated equipment

meets the requirements of safety at work and of technical equipment and

requirements of fire protection.

(2) the control device shall entrust the Organization of the worker who demonstrably

controls the safety regulations for the handling of controlled devices

safety regulations related, fire regulations and alarm of the directive and

trained in the operation of the appliance.

(3) on the control device, the competent worker to a production record

the journal, which contains:

and) name and surname of the worker who carried out the inspection,

(b) the date of the inspection,)

(c) the range of control)

(d)) damage and proposals for their elimination,

e) signature of the worker who performed the inspection.

(4) inspection of equipment shall take place once a year; in the case that

the technical condition of equipment or operational experience of the demand for more frequent

checks, the head of the organisation of their implementation in the short


§ 4

Device revision

(1) Revision of the device are the default (section 6) and operational (section 8); It is understood by them

the overall assessment of the device, at which the examination, trial,

where appropriate, the measurement detects the operating safety and reliability

the device or its parts and shall be assessed and technical documentation and support

competence of the operator.

(2) if it is part of the device and the electrical device, pressure,

lifting or other, examines when the revision of the entire device, whether these

device revision was made according to the specific legislation. ^ 5) in the message

on the revision of the device that will make the record.

(3) For the implementation of the revisions is an organization that operates the device,

required to draw up a timetable for revision for at least three years and

modify them according to the operational experience and the technical condition of the equipment.

(4) this Ordinance shall not apply to products set for the assessment of conformity

by a special Act ^ 5a) and Government Regulation ^ 5b) before placing them

on the market.

(5) in justified cases, the Inspectorate may lay down the implementation

extraordinary revision.

§ 5

The preparation of the revision of the device

Before the revision of the device the device on the revision of the Organization prepares and

further, in particular:

and reliable) as needed to disconnect the device from the mains

energy and prevent the possibility of injuries and failure cause determination,

(b) as necessary, degassed) device, or the device will lead to gases

the State of the inert atmosphere (inertization) ^ 6) where appropriate, the establishment shall ensure

with a breathable and non-toxic atmosphere,

(c)) shall make the necessary measurements in places where it could be compromised

the health or life of persons or to property, and depending on the result

the measurement shall be established and shall take the necessary measures,

d) according to local conditions, to the extent required fire

measures according to the General regulations, ^ 7)

(e) ensure that the required number of qualified) workers and equip is

the necessary tools, equipment and personal protective


f) ensure necessary respiratory and resuscitation techniques, and

If required by the technological process, as well as protiplynovou or rescue

the service.

§ 6

The default revision

(1) on each device shall ensure that the supplier organization prior to launch

facilities to service the default review, and a copy of the report on the revision of that

It is part of the delivery device.

(2) this device must not be put into service, if they are not deleted

defects to prevent the safe and reliable operation, that are listed in the

the report on the review.

(3) when the default revision shall examine in particular:

and) completeness and accuracy of technical documentation,

(b) whether the equipment) made the prescribed tests, and the accuracy and

the completeness of the documents on the tests,

(c)) that the device conforms to the provisions and requirements of the occupational safety and

technical equipment and fire protection

(d)) that the device is equipped with the prescribed measuring, control and

safety devices,

(e)) the quality of installation work (results of non-destructive testing of welds


(f)) that have been carried out by mounting the prescribed professional


(g) the quality of the leadership of the Assembly) documentation (evidence of the quality of the material,

fittings, welds, etc.),

h) whether revision was carried out on electrical devices, pressure,

lifting or other, if they are included in the revised equipment

I) other circumstances of importance for the security and reliability

the operation of fire protection and the required technological procedure.

§ 7

Operational review

(1) on the devices, which are in operation, the Organization required to

to ensure the implementation of the operational revisions.

(2) operational review shall be carried out, in particular, after the trial

After overhaul, measures that have an impact on

safe and reliable operation, after the forced shutdown of the device from the

After deactivating the device out of operation for more than 6 months and in

the cases provided for by specific provisions ^ 8) in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions

(vendor) device.

(3) when operating the device, according to the nature of the review shall examine in particular:

and the State of the device changes from) last revision, whether the device has been switched

out of service for longer than 6 months, and that showed in service glitches and other


b) documentation of examinations and tests of the device,

c) completeness and accuracy of operational technical documentation,

(d) security features, control), measuring and control devices,

including evaluation of simulated fault conditions,

e) function, ventilation, extraction systems, extraction and total function

the device,

(f) the tightness of the device)

g) equipment of the workplace fire protection equipment, personal protective

working resources, respiratory and resuscitation equipment,

h) status of the workplace, workplace safety signs and equipment

the tables, the occurrence of effects that make it difficult to operate and cause excessive

overload device

I) meets the prescribed requirements of the professional competence of the operator,

(j)) completeness and accuracy of the operational instructions and instructions manual,

to) other circumstances of importance for the security and reliability

the operation of fire protection and the required technological procedure.

§ 8

Report on the revision of the

About the outcome of the review will draw up audit techniques, which carried out the review

report on the review, which includes:

and the name and address of organization) with an accurate indication of operation in which the

the revision is made,

(b) the date of the revision,) name and surname of the revision technique and

the registration number of the certificate,

(c)) kind of revision (operation, the default),

(d)), the type and designation of the technical values of the revised equipment

e) data on the completion of the measurement and test equipment, including production

or the number of the used measuring instruments,

f) damage and deficiencies, their seriousness in terms of

safety and reliability of the operation of the equipment,

(g)) and the deadlines for draft measures to eliminate defects and shortcomings,

h) data on whether and how the deficiencies found were deleted during the previous

revision, or when checking device

even) the overall assessment of the revised equipment in terms of safety,

operational capabilities and fire protection

j) signature and stamp of the revision technique

k) in the event that the review conducted by the beneficiary organisation, its name and

the number of the permission.

§ 9

The test device

(1) the test device is its examination after completing the installation or

reconstruction from the perspective of whether it conforms to regulations and requirements

safety at work and of technical equipment, fire protection and

projected technological values. The test device shall ensure

an organization that carries out installation and reconstruction of equipment.

(2) before starting the test device shall draw up audit trail techniques authorised by the

its based on the project's documentation

technological test procedure, which includes, in particular:

and the test range and detailed) description of operations carried out during the test,

(b)) the measures necessary for the safe performance of the test,

(c)) the conditions under which the test is to be recognized as successful.

(3) If a test was not successful, your device must be repeated after

defects are not corrected.

§ 10

Preparation for the test device

Before the start of the test device performs the organization measures under paragraph 5 and

further ensure that:

and the establishment and clear) security zone in accordance with the requirements of the

project equipment in cases that are crossed during the tests

operational values or artificially created emergency conditions, where applicable, are

equipment overloaded, in the short term

(b)) in the cases referred to in point (a)) others in the course of

tests in the security zone of the adversary,

(c)) in order to staff carrying out tests in the course of the

tests in a secure place provided for technological procedure,

d) measuring and control device during the test

used, was placed in a safe place,

e) to connection pipes and pressure vessels required to perform

the tests were tested in advance to the specified test pressure,

(f)) in order to ensure the accuracy of the main measuring instruments according to the

the specific legislation. ^ 9)


Revision techniques

§ 11

The competence of the

(1) the Organization shall be bound to the worker wants to delegate implementation

revision of the test device, or log on to an examination of the professional

competence of the Inspectorate.

(2) a worker who is logged on to the credentials of professional competence must be

the disabled eligible ^ 10) and shall:

and higher education) have a technical direction and at least one year

professional experience or

(b)) to have full secondary vocational education, technical direction, and at least three

years of professional experience, or

(c)) to be trained in the appropriate field and have at least 10 years of experience; in this

If, however, a worker may be commissioned only tests the device.

(3) a request for the examination of professional competence must include:

and the worker's) name and surname,

(b) education and) details of the length of professional experience of a worker,

(c)) indicate the nature and scope of required certificates and marking of the equipment,

the revision or the worker will perform tests,

(d)) kind of work and place of work of the worker,

(e) the name and address of organization), stamp and signature of the head of

the organization.

(4) the date and place of examination of professional competence shall notify the Inspectorate of

organisation of at least 30 days in advance.

(5) in examining the proficiency test the Inspectorate

a worker from a knowledge of regulations to ensure safety at work and

technical equipment and with theoretical knowledge in the field of gas

the device taking into account the nature and scope of the requested certificate.

(6) If an organization asks for extension of the scope of the certificate, shall examine

Inspectorate of the competence of the worker's examination referred to in paragraph

5 and he shall issue a new certificate. The request for extension of the scope of the certificate

must be connected and current certificate of the worker.

§ 12


(1) on the basis of a successful examination under section 11 (1) 5 issues

Inspectorate of the operator within 30 days after the examination of the certificate in which

indicate the nature and extent of acquired professional competence.

(2) the type of certificates shall be fixed according to the type of equipment referred to in paragraph 1 of the

paragraph. 2.

(3) Review the technician who performs the review or test the device in

contrary to this decree or with regulations to ensure the safety at work

and technical equipment, can remove the certificate, where applicable, the Inspectorate

to limit its scope.

section 13 of the

Obligations of the revision technique

(1) Audit technician responsible for the revisions must in particular:

and make revisions to the device), the scope of its certification,

(b) develop a technological procedure revision),

(c) to prepare a revision of the result) report on the review,

d) in the event that the device immediately endangers life and health

personnel or assets, to propose immediately shut down the equipment from


(e)) on the basis of the outcome of the revision to propose measures to eliminate

discovered of faults and shortcomings

f) cooperate in the training of personnel, who operate the equipment, and

to attend the examination.

(2) Revision of techniques responsible for test equipment is required to

in particular: a) perform tests equipment in the scope of its certification,

(b) develop a technological test procedure) (section 9 (2)),

(c)) within the Organization's credentials to steer the preparatory work for the test

device and check if they are in the test, complied with the applicable rules,

technical standards and technological process,

(d)) of the outcome of the tests make the registration,

(e)) based on the examination results to recommend the commissioning.


Transitional and final provisions

§ 14

For equipment put into service before the effective date of this order is

the organisation required to carry out the first revision of operation within one year from

the effective date of this order.

§ 15

Exceptions to the provisions of § 11 (1) 2 may allow, at the request of the Organization

The Czech Office of work safety, if there are serious grounds for doing so and

It recommends Inspectorate.

section 16 of the

This Decree shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1979.


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