On The Minimum Wage And The Lowest Levels Of Guaranteed Wage

Original Language Title: o minimální mzdě a o nejnižších úrovních zaručené mzdy

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567/2006 Sb.


of 6 May 1999. December 2006

on the minimum wage, the lowest levels of guaranteed wages, on the definition of

difficult working environment and the amount of the payroll allowance for work in

difficult working environment

Change: 249/2007 Sb.

Change: 452/2009 Sb.

Change: 246/2009 Sb.

Change: 210/Sb.

Change: 204/2014 Sb.

Government decrees for the implementation of Act No. 262/2006 SB., labour code:

§ 1

Introductory provisions

This regulation lays down

and the level of the standard rate) of the minimum wage, the amount of additional minimum wage rate

the application of the limited staff and the conditions for granting

the minimum wage,

(b)) the low level of guaranteed wage and the conditions for its payment

employees whose pay is not agreed upon in the collective agreement, and for

employees who work provides salary,

(c)) the definition of difficult working environment for purposes of remuneration,

(d)) the amount of the payroll allowance for work in difficult work environment.

§ 2

The basic minimum wage rate

The basic minimum wage rate for a fixed weekly working time 40

hours are $ 55 per hour or 9 200 Czk per month.

§ 3

The lowest level of guaranteed wage

(1) the lowest level of guaranteed wage for a fixed weekly working time

40 hours are scaled according to the complexity, responsibility and achieving the

the work to be performed, classified in groups of 8, and shall be:


Group work the lowest level of guaranteed wage


at $ 10 per hour in € per month


1.55.00 9 200


2. the 60.70 10 200


3.67.00 11 200


4.74.00 12 400


5.81.70 13 700


6.90.20 15 100


7.99.60 16 700


8.110.00 18 400


(2) in the case of the employee, which is under the labour code provided

salary ^ 1) include a group of works referred to in paragraph 1 of the work included in the

each grade specific legislation ^ 2), namely:

a) 1. group work includes work in 1. and 2. the grade

(b)) 2. group work includes work at 3. and 4. the grade

(c)) 3. group work includes work in 5. and 6. the grade

(d)) 4. group work includes work on 7. and 8. the grade

(e)) 5. group work includes work at 9. and 10. the grade

f) 6. group work includes work at 11. and 12. the grade

g) 7. group work includes work in 13. and 14. grade and

h) 8. group work includes work at 15. and 16. grade.

(3) in the case of the employee, which is under the labour code provided by

salary ^ 3), are general characteristics of the work of the groups referred to in paragraph 1 and

examples of work in these groups set out in the annex to this

of the regulation.

§ 4

Minimum wage rate and the lowest levels of guaranteed wage limited

the application of the employee

(1) the minimum wage rate for a fixed weekly working time of 40 hours

for the employee who is the beneficiary of an invalidity pension, 48.10 Eur

per hour or 8 000 CZK per month.

(2) the low level of guaranteed wage for a fixed weekly working time

40 hours are scaled according to the complexity, responsibility and achieving the

the work to be performed, classified in groups of 8, and shall be:


Group work the lowest level of guaranteed wage


at $ 10 per hour in € per month


1.48.10 8 000


2.53.10 8 900


3.58.60 9 800


4.64.70 10 800


5.71.50 12 000


6.78.90 13 200


7.87.10 14 600


8.96.20 16 100


§ 5

Minimum wage rate and the lowest levels of guaranteed wages while the other length of

working time

(1) when the other length of weekly working time laid down ^ 5) than the 40 hours

the hourly minimum wage rate and the lowest levels of guaranteed wage in proportion

shorten weekly working hours increased.

(2) an employee who has subscribe to shorter working hours ^ 6) or that

has already worked in a calendar month the appropriate working time corresponding to

fixed weekly working time, the monthly minimum wage rate and

the lowest level of guaranteed wages reduce in proportion to the time worked.

§ 6

Difficult working environment

(1) the Difficult working environment for the purposes of the provision of the premium according to the

the labour code ^ 7) is an environment in which the performance of the work associated with the

subject to particular problems arising from exposure to ztěžujícího

the influence and the measures for their reduction or elimination.

(2) That the influence pursuant to paragraph 1 shall mean

and dust whose average) celosměnové concentration in the air

are higher than three times the exposure limit values for the permissible

provided for by specific legislation ^ 8),

(b)) of the chemical, the average concentration in the celosměnové

Air exceed maximum permissible concentrations in the

determined according to special legislation ^ 8) or, if for a given

the substance is not the value of the maximum permissible concentration in the air

determined, exceed three times the value of the permissible

exposure limit established by special legislation ^ 8),

c) mixtures of chemicals with the expected additive effect, if

the sum of the shares of the average concentrations of the individual celosměnových

the chemicals in the air from their values for the permissible exposure

the limit is greater than 2,

(d)) with a risk of worker processes of chemical carcinogenicity specified

special legislation, ^ 9)

e) stable and variable noise or impulse noise, whose equivalent

sound level LAeq, and 8 h exceeds the hygienic limit

established by special legislation ^ 10) or permissible exposure

limit set by special legislation ^ 11) at least 20 dB, or

impulse noise, whose peak sound pressure level averaged C

provided for in special legislation ^ 11) exceeds 145 dB,

f) hand-arm vibration or total horizontal or vertical

on the vibration of the employee whose average weighted rollup

The acceleration level, 8 h or average weighted acceleration Law, 8 h

exceeds the permissible exposure limit for an eight-hour working time

established by special legislation ^ 12) at least 17 dB,

(g)) the working environment in which the values are exceeded the allowable

microclimatic conditions laid down by specific legislation ^ 13) and

not applicable when using the available personal protective

labor resources and adjustments to the system of work damage cannot be excluded


h) conscious handling of biological agents or their sources or

přenášeči, Guanarito virus, fever Lasa, Junin virus

(Argentinian disease) Machupo virus, Amapari, Sabia, virus

krymskokonžské hemorrhagic fever, Ebola virus, Marburg virus

fever, all types of Variola, morbilli virus, Equine Brucella

abortus, Brucella melitensis, Brucella suis, Mycobacterium leprae,

Burkholderia pseudomallei (Pseudomonas pseudomallei), Burkholderia

mallei (Pseudomonas mallei), Rickettsia prowazekii, Rickettsia

tsutsugamushi, Rickettsia rickettsii, Rickettsia typhi (Rickettsia

mooseri), Yersinia pestis, monkey pox virus or viruses to the human

immunodeficiency, Avia influenza virus type A, subtype H 5 H 7

its a genetic mutation, Mycobacterium tuberculosis,

I) increased pressure over 400 kPa, which corresponds to the work under the surface

a depth of at least 40 yards,

(j)) radiation activities carried out in a controlled area workers

category A laid down in the specific regulation of ^ 14)

to) work activities associated with the investigation and treatment of persons

hospitalized at the clinical units specialised in the treatment of

infectious diseases.

§ 7

The amount of the payroll allowance for work in difficult working environment

The amount of the payroll allowance for work in difficult working environment for

each hamper the effect under section 6 (1). 2 at least 10% of base rate

the minimum wage laid down in § 2 and § 5 para. 1.

§ 8

Regulation (EEC)

Shall be repealed:

1. Decree-Law No 513/2005 Coll., amending Decree-Law No.

303/1995 Coll., on the minimum wage, as amended.

2. Government Regulation No. 514/2005 Coll., amending Decree-Law No.

333/1993 Coll., on the fixing of minimum wage rates and wage

benefits for work in difficult and harmful work environment

and work at night, as amended.

§ 9

This Regulation shall enter into force on 1 January 2000. January 1, 2007.

Prime Minister:

Ing. Topolanek in r.

The Deputy Prime Minister

and the Minister of labour and Social Affairs:

RNDr. Nečas in r.


The group works for the purposes of determining the lowest level of guaranteed wage

I. General characteristics of groups

1. group work

Individual work tasks of the same type with the objects (elements) that make up

simple all held on the exact specification and with well defined

outputs and with the framework, subject to other processes. Handling of work with

individual items with simple equipment and tools without links to

other processes and activities including work with any unilateral

loads of small muscle groups, in a possible forced labour

rhythm, when a slightly degraded working conditions and possible risk

an accident at work.

2. group work

Homogenous work with framework by specifying and with clearly defined outputs, with

greater choice of another procedure, and with the framework, subject to other

processes (hereinafter referred to as "professional work"). Working with units and

reports of several individual elements (objects) with logical (purposeful)

arrangement with ties to other units (the report). Work

assuming a simple working relationship. Long-term and unilateral

load the larger muscle groups. Slightly increased mental demands

associated with a separate group of homogeneous solution time steady

business operations in accordance with those procedures.

3. group work

Diverse, generally defined by specifying the work according to the normal procedures,

with the stated outputs, processes and linkages to other processes (hereinafter referred to as

"technical work"). Work with complete systems composed of many elements with

Sub links to a small circle of other systems. Coordination of work in the

variable groups. The streamlining of the simple routine and

manipulation services and processes in mutable groups, teams, and other

unstable organizational units and groups of employees without subordination

associated with the responsibility for the damage that cannot be removed by yourself

and in a short time.

Increased mental demands stemming from separate tasks with

a variety of specific phenomena and processes, and with the demands on the imagination and

predictability, the ability to compare, attention and flexibility. A considerable

sensory demands. A considerable burden of large muscle groups in a very

difficult working conditions.

4. group work

Professional work done with complete stand-alone systems with potential

breakdown on the component subsystems and with linkages to other systems. The provision of

broader file papers generally provided inputs and the way

the execution and defined outputs that are an organic part of the wider

processes (hereinafter referred to as "specialized works"). Streamlining and

coordination of simple technical work. Work within the complex

systems with the internal breakdown of the integrated subsystems with close links to

other systems and with the internal breakdown of and outside of the organization.

Psychological strain stemming from separate tasks, which are

evenly represented a concrete and abstract phenomena and processes a wide variety of

character. Demands on application skills and adaptability to different

conditions on logical thinking and some imagination. High intensity

on the identification of very small details, characters, or other visually impaired

important information and increased demands on the vestibular apparatus. Excessive

load large muscle groups in the most extreme working conditions.

5. group work

Specialized work, in which is the subject of a comprehensive

a separate system composed of several homogeneous units or

the most complex separate units. Coordination and administration of professional

the works. The provision of complex activities with generally defined inputs,

generally, the considerable variability and outputs set out how the solution and

procedures and specific linkages to a wide range of processes (hereinafter referred to as

"the system work"). The subject of the work is a complex system composed of

separate the diverse systems with the essential determinants of internal and

external links. Coordination and administration of professional specialist

the works.

Increased mental strain arising from separate systems

tasks, which are represented in more abstract phenomena and processes, with claims for

cognition, understanding and interpretation of phenomena and processes. High demands on

memory, flexibility, skills of analysis, synthesis and general comparisons.

High demands on the vestibular apparatus. An extraordinary burden on the nervous system.

6. group work

System work, whose activities are sub-disciplines

with a wide scope. A complex system of activities with variant

General inputs, outputs and generally laid down in advance, unspecified

the patterns and practices with wide ties to other processes (hereinafter referred to as

"the system of specialized work"), where they are the subject of the fields of activity

consisting of systems with large external and internal links.

With the performance of work of considerable psychological strain resulting from the large

the complexity of the cognitive processes and higher level of abstract thinking,

imagination, generalization, and from the need to make decisions according to the different


7. group work

The system of specialized work, whose business is to file

scopes or scope with a massive internal structure and external links.

Comprehensive coordination and administration of system works. Activities with

unspecified inputs, methods of solution and very generally defined

outputs with very wide linkages to other processes, creative development, and

conceptual activity and system coordination (hereinafter referred to as "the creative system

the work "). The subject is a set of disciplines or with extensive internal scope

breakdown and with numerous ties to other disciplines and with the competencies and the impact on

wide groups of people or a summary of the otherwise challenging areas.

Coordination and administration of the system of specialized works.

Discover new techniques and methods, and the search for solutions to non-traditional

way. Transmission and application of methods and ways from other industries and regions.

Decision-making within the considerably more abstract and combinable

diverse phenomena and processes from different sectors and disciplines.

High psychological strain resulting from the high demands on creative


8. group work

Creative system work when the subject is the industry as set

loosely coupled branches or most fundamental importance. The activities of the

with unspecified inputs and outputs with a way of addressing possible constraints

on a whole range of other activities, which are subject to individual branch

discipline and other disciplines and the broadest and most demanding systems.

Very high psychological strain resulting from the high demands on creative

thinking in a highly abstract plane when considerable variability and

combines the processes and phenomena and on the ability of unconventional

the system and the services in the broadest context.

II. examples of work in groups by industry

Administrative, economic, operational and administrative activities

2. the Group

1. Writing, receipt, picking and sorting of a limited number of homogeneous

items, keeping simple records, statements and lists.

2. the provision of diverse information, information and other documents

and materials according to the procedures in General.

3. Group

1. Cash handling cash.

2. Individual work on computers in the environment, database systems,

spreadsheets, text editors, etc.

3. Billing and invoices, store accounting disposal of documents and records

business units and their storage, the implementation of the various business

writes about the business cases, including collecting and checking requirements

document accounting cases, the calculation of travel expenses.

4. the Group

1. the calculation of the amount of the payment, clearing, provision of payroll, refunds, wages,

sickness and additional benefits provided to the employees, the calculation and

the implementation of the salary deductions, income-tax agenda of dependent

activities of employees, social security and health insurance.

2. Separate accounting of receivables and Payables, the clearing

relationships (customers, suppliers and employees) and the clearing of taxes and

subsidies, in the field of financing and resources, receivables and Payables.

Monitoring and registration of movement (financial operations), and the State financial

funds in bank accounts and checking bank balances and

cash. Implementation of the payment and billing contact with the Bank. The implementation of the

corrections in accounting documents. The provision of an inventory of the assets and


3. implementation of the intermediate specialized technical agendas or implementation

Professional operational and technical work, such as checking the implementation

investments, implementation of interoperation input, and output quality control,

management and administration of the service and supporting processes and operations,

ensuring uptime and simpler management of technical and

technological equipment and buildings.

4. Repairs, maintenance and commissioning of simple

machinery, vehicles, machinery, and other technical and operational

facilities, including the provision of servicing activities or organizations


5. the Group

1. The provision of personnel and payroll.

2. The accounting entity's state accounting coordination

movement and difference of assets and liabilities, costs and revenues, of expenditure

and revenue and the profit or loss, including the compilation of the financial statements and

the accounting books. The compilation of the budget. The provision of financing,

agenda financial resources, billing and payments, lending.

Analysis of receivables and Payables.

3. Separate provision of tax and tax management agenda with the administrator

the tax.

4. The provision of individual sections of a commercial activity, for example, survey

market supply and sales. Calculation.

5. The provision of extensive asset management.

6. Create and test application software.

7. Ensuring correct operation and running of the defined user sections

information and communication infrastructure. Establishing and organizing

arrangements and procedures for the use of means of communication, computing

techniques. To ensure the protection, maintenance, and updating complex database.

Ensuring the management, operation and safety of the local network

environment. Monitoring and diagnostics of networks, the definition and allocation of

addresses of users and linking to other networks. Ensuring security

provide data integrity data. Setting up the databases. The provision of

service users in the field of database management. Monitoring and adjusting the

parameters according to the requirements of users.

8. Ensuring work safety in hazardous work environment.

9. processing of project documents and reports design simpler

the solution of simple products, including determining the technical conditions.

10. Setting the technological processes according to the guidelines, or

standard procedures.

11. the preparation or the implementation of small-scale investment or of components parts

large investments.

12. Management of research works on specific technological production or

operational section (master, the Dispatcher).

6. the Group

1. creation of the concept of organizational relations, human resources and remuneration

or the preparation and training of staff.

2. The provision of business activities, including the processing of programs and

implementation of international business relations. Sales organisation. Creation

price proposals.

3. creation of the methodology of accounting.

4. The provision of the financing system.

5. coordination of the development of the application software,

system components, external interfaces, and databases and ensuring its

integration, including the testing and development of tests for authentication

reduced or combined information and development projects

communication systems, software or information services,

that are independent of other information systems or have them

limited bindings, or are combined with other external purchases, and

the introduction of information systems or the development of their operation and maintenance.

6. Provision of system management (Administration) of computer technology.

Methodological guide the users to define their problems and their

a solution with all parties. The provision of new settings.

systems access rights to specific users for access to the

applications of computing systems. The provision of traffic changes

information and communication systems projects or software

equipment, the processing of plans, standards and procedures, changes to operation and maintenance,

operational testing, preparation and implementation of modifications and ensuring

their integrity and the provision of support to users. The design and

optimization of databases, including their protection and maintenance, creating new

modules and new versions, solution of nonstandard problems with suppliers,

application of updates and changes. The construction, administration and provisioning

LAN traffic and creating custom applications for these networks and for

individual workstation.

7. creation of the concept of information and communication systems.

7. the Group

1. Fixing the financial strategy of the Organization, the implementation of the financial

operations in the financial and capital market, coordination of financial and other

activities and ensuring balance in resources and the needs of your organization.

Creating price concepts.

2. creation of the overall marketing strategies, marketing coordination

all activities. Processing of marketing forecasts.

3. creation of the concept of information and communication systems with extensive

hierarchical structure and links to other information systems, and with

large databases, where appropriate.

4. development of new application software and computing systems

techniques, such as operating systems and their extensions,

programming resources, programming languages, development tools

multimedia systems, communication systems, information systems,

database systems, scientific, scientific, technical,

Engineering, graphics, Office, and other applications for the end

users, networks, databases. Designing new tools and resources

the implementation of these systems.

8. the Group

1. Establishing the business, commercial and financial strategy of the Organization,

carrying out of financial operations in the financial and capital market

coordination of the financial and other activities, and ensuring balance in

resources and the needs of your organization.


2. the Group

1. Escorts of tour groups, domestic and foreign.

3. Group

1. the Organization of the programmes package in our country and in

abroad connected with the choice of routes and with expert commentary. Material and

financial provisioning actions.

4. the Group

1. organizational escorts tour groups at home and abroad

associated with interpretation when specialized or thematic tours,

material and financial ensuring of the whole event, and negotiations with foreign


5. the Group

1. organizational escort of tour groups abroad on routes

a few States, negotiations with foreign partners, sales and billing

additional services for the credit, qualified interpretation and interpretation.

To the right

2. the Group

1. Control and routine maintenance of accumulator trucks with the operation outside the public

communication, including handling costs.

2. Management of road motor vehicles with total weight up to 3.5 t.

3. The carriage of passengers on the ferry to the ferry-boat, without

custom drive with compliance with all safety regulations

including direct debit and billing revenue. The implementation of minor maintenance of the ship and

landing places.

3. Group

1. The management, maintenance and repair of road motor vehicles with more than 9

seats including the driver or vehicles with a total weight of over 3.5


2. implementation of the medium-sized cars including the overhaul and adjustment

engine operation, repair and adjustment of the air, hydraulic and

electrical systems.

3. Management and operation of the metro train sets in the transport of persons.

4. Assembly and repair of functional parts of motor vehicles, for example,

Carburetors, transmissions, distributors, starters and axles including adjustment


5. Carriage of passengers on ferries ships on waterways with

compliance with all safety regulations, including the collection and billing

revenue. Maintenance of the ship and ensuring the serviceability and maintenance

the engine.

4. the Group

1. the inspection of motor vehicles after repair or diagnosis of faults and

testing of engines and electrical and electronic accessories vehicles

including the removal of defects.

2. Control and maintenance of the regeneration of the column and the coordination of work activities

When you repair bituminous pavements.

3. the Management, operation and maintenance of the traction of passenger and freight trains

on the side of railway tracks.

4. the implementation of the most complex exchanges of aggregates of aircraft equipment or

their parts, fault finding and troubleshooting.

5. Separate management of the vessels, the control of the loading and unloading of goods from and to

vessels, professional and safe disposal costs and the captain's work on


Rubber, plastic

2. the Group

1. Vulcanization of rubber products on the storey of the press.

2. Combating textiles kaučukovými solutions for potíracích machines.

3. Moulding or injection of very complex products from plastics.

4. Mixing PVC on different types of mixing machines.

5. operation the welding lines.

3. Group

1. the management of the three-cylinder line to pogumovávání textiles.

2. Adjustment and control vyfukovacího machines with electronic control

each of the technological elements of blowing with the trimming on the přetoků

the production of barrels and complex technical containers.

3. Control of two-and multi-color printing lines of plastics.

4. operation and management of potiskovacích cylindrical machines, printing products

plastics including the preparation of colors.

4. the Group

1. The management and leadership of discontinuous lines for the production of laminated materials,

for example. clad with boards for PCB production.

Chemistry, laboratory work

3. Group

1. Separate the implementation of special laboratory analysis and

nonstandard substances.

2. A comprehensive analysis of non-standard samples instrumental


4. the Group

1. Separate lab work in research laboratories, including the

documentation, conducting an analysis of nonstandard substances on the most complex


5. the Group

1. remote control continuous fission of the monomer in the production of gasoline

vinyl chloride in acetone and ethylene and compact fission gas.

Ceramic production

1. the Group

1. preparation of materials, such as venting the vacuum ceramics

the press, the movement of materials and return waste collection.

2. Pouring products, for example. candlesticks, mugs, bowls, knee, mýdelníků, etc.

3. a Glazing medium-sized products by spraying, pouring, dipping applications and

application including manual glazing.

2. the Group

1. Make-table. " operation of semi-automatic moulding, casting

the a-pillars and similar products including their retouching, manual

Mattress Pads bowls, bidets, etc., the pouring of hollow products

vertical lathes, pouring and complete dohotovování decorative porcelain and

ceramics, dialing the disc flat products poloautomatech, etc.

2. the Glazing and burning products, for example. glazing of large or complex

figurative and utility ceramics products, servicing machines and glazovacích

setting up products on the deck of the tunnel kiln cars.

3. Group

1. Pouring the most complex products of mnohadílných molds, shaping

products of decorative and figurative ceramics and porcelain with a complex relief and

dialing or steering and dohotovování hollow products.

2. the Glazing and burning products, for example. Manual glazing products

medical ceramics, separate burning products odekorovaných precious

metals, separate burning of gas tunnel furnace products, etc.

Municipal services and small-scale production

2. the Group

1. handling of containers in the collection of municipal solid waste.

2. using the heat exchange stations without automatic control and reduction

district heating stations.

3. Shooting black and white documentary images with informative and

potential channel for films and the production of photographs.

4. implementation of domovnických and školnických work, including minor maintenance.

5. operation the hot-water boiler hot water system or the Central

heating of the boiler output to 5.8 MW or low pressure steam boiler on the

rated output up to 8 t/h.

6. operation of wastewater treatment plant, including the waste pits.

7. storage of solid municipal waste in landfills, including the collections


3. Group

1. Repair of electrical Rotary and thermal appliances, for example,

blenders, vacuum cleaners, irons, cooking robots, machines and grills.

2. Chimney work when cleaning of boilers, furnaces, chimneys, furnace, stove,

their repair including the lining of chimneys.

3. Professional Barber and hairdressing.

4. Supervision of the operation of the sports and recreation center including supervision

in the application of exercise plans.

5. repairs and adjustment of bicycles including racing and other

Special wheels, for example. the mountain.

6. the total fix wristwatches.

7. Shooting color images including reportage.

8. Raise the negatives for color photography, including preparation

developer solutions and implementation of negative retouching.

Leather manufacture

1. the Group

1. simple machine sewing.

2. Sticking whole areas, gluing, gluing of shape

more demanding parts.

2. the Group

1. Manipulation and manual cutting, cutting out leather parts for less

technologically intensive products and parts made of other materials.

2. complete the splicing simple fancy products by stitching or

setting up.

3. Group

1. A comprehensive splicing machinery products by stitching or setting up through


2. Comprehensive making models of complex of luggage products, cable,

bags, balls, hockey or boxing gloves.

3. manual mízdření kožišin on kožišnické kose.

4. Machine sewing on special machines, manual hard saddlery sewing

saddlery products (harnesses, ohlávek, pobočin, etc.).

4. the Group

1. Comprehensive making models of complex of luggage products, cable,

bags, balls, hockey or boxing gloves.

2. A comprehensive work, e.g. kožišnické. sorting before discharge,

deployment, transplanting and subsequent discharge of including the calculation and

rozkreslování areas and sections, sorting and splicing of bars in the manufacture

of pallets, and galleries of fine materials.

3. Cutting out and manipulating all kinds of parts made of pressed svrškových

leather materials die-cutting machine.

4. complete the manufacture of uppers of footwear fashion designs by sewing or gluing

including slicing and manipulating workpieces.

5. Do the skin chrome and tannins.

Forestry production

2. the Group

1. Pruning of trees associated with the output in the Czech Crowns, felling of trees in the

difficult driving conditions.

3. Group

1. the gathering of firewood machinery (tractors, forestry

sets), including the use of artificial raking and slash after

the extraction.

2. motor saws, including logging, limbing with technological

to further the work of mining production.

Business operations and the hospitality industry

1. the Group

1. the preparatory and intermediate work in commercial service, including manual transport

the goods and the purchase of bottles.

2. Assistance in the manufacture of foods, for example, the collection, washing and cleaning

dishes, service manual kitchen machines.

3. services to hotel guests, including baggage handling and issuance of

keys from rooms.

2. the Group

1. A separate sale of goods and hot meals in company canteens and canteens

associated with the adjustment plates.

2. production of simple kinds of hot and cold dishes prepared from

semi-finished products according to established work practices, production of soups and

the annexes to the main dishes.

3. operation in canteens and other catering facilities with

any direct debit.

4. Care of the entrusted to the rooms, their accessories and equipment in

International Hotels, taking care of the guests. Dealing with small claims,

keeping storage of clothes and supplies.

5. Sale of fuel, lubricants and accessories for gas

stations, collection of revenues in cash or by credit card.

6. grading and quality inspection of goods at the packing station, service packages

machines or lines.

3. Group

1. offer and a separate sale of goods, inspection, storage, exposure

and arranging of goods in the shop, including direct debit.

2. the inspection of purchased goods, the collection of money in cash or on credit

card, for example. in supermarkets.

3. production and distribution of common types of warm dishes, such as stews,

soups, fruit dumplings and the annexes to the main dishes.

4. the production of technologically demanding specialties, hot dishes, such as

Special roller shutters, atypical dishes of game and fish, complex

filled and baked meals.

5. A separate sale of goods or services requiring special professional

knowledge, the separate complaint handling.

6. production of technologically demanding hot dishes such as sirloin,

filled with meats or cold cuisine specialties.

7. adjustment of the slaughter and processing of meat, download, the evisceration of poultry and fish

for kitchen process including sorting by species.

8. the Organization and provision of cleaning and ancillary services in

accommodation operations, dealing with common complaints of hotel guests.

9. Separate receiving and order fulfillment and other accommodation

Hotel services, collection of foreign currencies and credit cards.

10. Customer service according to their order in a restaurant

facilities or at the bar, including mixing drinks, table setting and collection


4. the Group

1. production of demanding specialties of the Czech cuisine and cuisine of foreign Nations,

production of specialties of the cold dishes for banquets and receptions, including

build custom recipes.

2. The provision of catering, operation with the production of hot meals, keeping the

administrative-economic agenda.

3. Purchase and sale of works of art and antique items, including their

valuation or purchase gold, other precious metals and stones.

Clothing manufacture

1. the Group

1. Small sewing work, sewing on pockets, belt loops, crimping, stitching


2. the Group

1. install the sleeve into the social and fashion clothing with regard to

the diversity of materials and shape of garments including armhole.

2. Making and sewing pants.

3. Group

1. Making of the whole product when an individual order.

4. the Group

1. Manufacture of tuxedos, tailcoats, historical clothing, jackets and coats according to

individual measures in the model and manufacture.

Printing industry

3. Group

1. Carrying out of expert bookbinding work on book-binding and

převazbách, processing non-industrial binding, including the making of plates by hand,

cardboard and řezačské work.

2. the Cartographic processing of drawing or engraving including bonding

Description, brands and repairs simple publishing of originals.

3. the processing of challenging one-and two-colour (for example, autotypií.

intensive journals, publications and promotional puzzles), simple

the three-colors and even barvotiskových reproductions of magazines, postcards,

books, etc. with the use of a stable process and masking


4. Repair and adjustment of loading or unloading equipment, including the

passing on two-colour and multi-colour printing machines.

4. the Group

1. Breaking, including proofs of magazines for both single and dvousloupečných

combined with images, formulas, tables and the like with dokreslováním

atypical characters and foreign liter.

Operational and technical work

4. the Group

1. Determining the technical conditions of technological processes and comprehensive

parts of the production using common universal machines and equipment, limited

the range and quality of materials, instruments, medicines, etc.

2. Separate the implementation of demanding comprehensive technical work or

the provisioning component of technical agendas. Stand-alone provisioning

technical operation, installation, servicing and commissioning

technical and technological equipment. Technical assurance and

Organization of the maintenance and repair of technological equipment, buildings and other

extensive property files.

5. the Group

1. Determining the technological processes or organization of the production and

operating systems with high demands on accuracy and reliability,

for example, forming and machining of metals, chemical treatment of surfaces, repair

the means of transport.

2. The provision of training or implementation of investment projects, processing

investment plans according to the specification, financing, project

training, etc. Solution property relations based on investment projects

and technickoekonomických requirements. Processing of budgets and plans

the cost of preparation, research and project work, surveillance during

the realization of investments, the selection and coordination of suppliers and other participants

the construction, taking over the work, the preparation, conclusion and implementation of treaties,

examining and ensuring the completeness of the documentation and investment

the processing of registrations and protocols on the handover of the buildings, the provision of

Elimination of deficiencies in the course of their implementation. Ongoing review

withdrawing funds from the budget. Technical and economic evaluation

the efficiency of investment, including proposals for measures of changes. The assessment of the

technickoekonomických entering the investment in terms of financial security.

3. Ensuring the proper technical condition of the selected technical

device. The provision of maintenance and repairs of the entrusted organization

device. The provision of spare parts, plans, and plannnig

normal and medium repairs conferred on the device.

4. the drawing up of technical, sanitary and other norms and normatives

including arrangement of compilations of norms and normatives (cataloging).

5. Separate the processing or examination of the projects of construction,

technological equipment or arrangement of operating processes, including

the processing of project documentation and planning documents.

The processing of projects of construction and technological parts.

6. Design of complex products and equipment. Individual creative

solution types, models, shapes, and designs. Implementation of construction supervision.

6. the Group

1. Comprehensive provision of technological preparation or organization

challenging productions and operations, for example, the production of special single-purpose

machinery and equipment investment units.

2. Coordination of the preparation and implementation of investment, processing investment

projects, coordination of the financial investment and project assurance,

technical, operational, commercial and organizational preparation and resolution of conflicts,

and processing of technical reports, organisation of the settlement

property relations.

3. organisational provision of technical operation. Provisioning and

coordination of the development of technical and technological equipment.

Processing of analyses, studies and forecasts of development of technical concepts and

technology devices according to the needs of the organization.

4. Separate the elaboration and discussion of preparatory documentation and

projects of large, significant and technically demanding buildings and

technological equipment, including discussions with the relevant

authorities and organisations. The design of substantial changes and reconstructions

operations and projects on the new layout of plants with high mechanization and

Automation. Provision of General Designer at the relevant function

construction and author supervision. 1. Architectural ztvárňování, buildings

both urban and rural areas. The assessment of architectural solutions in

the area of the project and investment activities of the Visual point of view.

The creation of the concept of urban solutions and the availability of towns and villages.

5. The individual creative solutions to design new technical devices or

products based on new principles, for example, functional prototypes

new machinery and equipment and the modernisation of technological equipment.

7. the Group

1. coordination of the preparation of the initial projects, the most difficult and extremely

complex structures of progressive technological units and the and

similar works at this level. The architectural solution and design

very complex constructions and technological, territorial and urban

units. Methodological guide the handling of urban policies and

conditions for construction and building files.

2. coordination and creative solutions to the most complex design tasks

for example, the coordination group of engineers in the design

large investment units, unique technological complexes and


Glass production

2. the Group

1. hand sanding, sámování, jemnění and polishing top edges

products and preparations for the free brusivu.

2. Paint the simple themes in an area the implementation of precious metals with

předškrábanou or předkreslenou.

3. the manual cutting of shaped glass of thick glass.

4. Scooping and small stamping products beta (e.g. bowls,


3. Group

1. Deep cuts v-belts and grooved (straight and curved)-generating

the basic division of the cut surface of the shape.

2. Plastic decorating six-part flowers, white daisies, etc. high

enamel in combination with relief.

3. The Assembly, pájkování and soldering fashion jewellery products in combination

weak and strong wire or filigránových and massive compacts.

4. Multiple scooping, blowing and shaping molten glass products (eg.

bowls, vases, etc.).

4. the Group

1. hand engraving deep floral and figural motifs, complex

letters and ornaments to glass.

2. Winding and difficult types of pieces from blowing more kinds of colors

individual character (for example, the characters and the most complex animals).

3. Shaping different types of art glass of the free hand.

Social care

2. the Group

1. the provision of direct care to clients, promoting their

self-sufficiency, training of simple daily activities and the provision of

help with personal hygiene and dressing up clients, handling,

equipment and linens and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene on the clients.

2. implementation of acts of care services. Picking and delivery to clients.

Implementation of incremental social care acts for clients.

3. Group

1. Routine work in creating and strengthening, deepening of the basic

health and work habits, and taking care of clients, collaborate on

strengthening the social and societal contacts clients.

2. implementation of the nursing work connected with direct contact with citizens, with

physical and psychological difficulties, complex care of their household

including care for lingerie, fuel deliveries, implementation of motion activation


3. The implementation of the assistance services and personal assistance to persons disabled

the affected.

4. the Group

1. Fixation of the obtained social and work habits in adults

mentally disabled clients. Developing work activities. The implementation of the

vocational training work, including job search

for the treatment of the work. Development of individual manual skill of the clients.

Assurance of the Leisure and cultural activities in social care facilities.

2. Searching, organizing and carrying out leisure activities

with particular emphasis on the development of personality, interests, knowledge and creative

the ability of the clients in the form of artistic, musical, dramatic, or physical


3. the provision of partial social assistance of fundamental assurance

social agendas. The provision of information and technical documents for

social work, including their processing, implementation of partial social

the investigation. Comprehensive provision of direct care, basic

Educational, interactive services, compiling individual plans

development of the personality of the client.

5. the Group

1. Social consulting, analytical and methodological activity in

social care. Creating the conditions for the involvement of clients in social

process. The provision of systematic social assistance in direct contact with citizens,

who got into unfavourable social situation.

2. the solution to the social and socio-health problems clients

the application of professional methods of social work, history, advice; the participation of the

negotiations with public authorities and other organisations in the interests of clients.

Social work in the facilities of social intervention (asylum houses, homes

for mothers with children, dormitories, etc.).

6. the Group

1. the provision of crisis intervention. The provision of sociálněprávního

counseling and social work with families or individuals in crisis

situations. A professional activity in the centres of drug and other addictions.

2. the implementation of challenging methodological and specialized contact

activities with a focus on individuals and groups at increased risk

social exclusion or the emergence of problems in the personal and social development

and on a conscious, targeted and timely searches of individuals and groups in

the social situation and the analysis of their social needs in their communities.

The construction industry

1. the Group

1. manual handling of goods, products, material, packaging and raw materials

up to 15 kg in weight with the use of simple mechanization


2. the Group

1. Manual handling of materials, materials, semi-finished products and products or

items weighing over 15 kg.

2. Kopáčské work in excavation trenches, pits and průkopů without

the rail.

3. Přidavačské work, such as preparation of mortar, movement building

materials, operation of simple construction mechanisms, conveyor belts,

mixers, mechanical shovels.

4. Repair of paving sidewalks and roadways cast asphalt, coated crunches with

any use of construction machinery.

5. Assembly and disassembly of pipe and similar to a height of 10 m of the scaffolding.

3. Group

1. the lining of partitions from all kinds of materials, including design and repair

zatřených on plaster.

2. implementation and fixes calcium, klihových and LaTeX painting in white,

bright and polosvětlých tones, paintings of roller coating or

simple šablonováním including scratching.

3. Lining masonry of stone, including the processing of the brickwork lining

masonry and simple arches.

4. Design and repair of combined indoor floor and wall tiles of all

types of materials.

5. manufacture, repair, and assembling the most complex shape plumbing

products such as roof gutters, roofing, and other elements from the copper

and the aluminium sheet.

6. the Manufacture and installation of roof trusses and beams of saddle and rack


7. Troubleshooting, repair and adjustment of the gas heating units.

8. installation and heating work, such as a separate installation of the House

gas pipelines with accessories, separate Assembly and repair systems

Central heating with kotelnami, mounting and repair pipe House

water supplies and accessories, including the execution of the tests.

9. Final inspection of chimneys, flues and appliances fuels.

10. make sure that the Masonry masonry brick, block and luxférů.

11. Paving Contractors in laying line, ring or cast

asfaltobetonových pavers.

12. Design and repair of jednovrstvých smooth plaster.

13. the implementation and repair of coverings in different bindings inclined roofs.

14. The management, operation and routine maintenance, skrejprů, dozers, grejdrů

Road cutters, and so on, with the engine performance to 132 kW.

4. the Group

1. Rozměřování and the creation of all types of masonry with the front foundations score from

construction drawings, heights, the implementation and the control of masonry in

crossing and the like.

2. the Manufacture, Assembly and repair of coverings special roof shapes,

for example, pyramid, cone, dome, domes, works or

styles of attachments and features according to historical masters.

3. installation and heating work, such as a separate Assembly and repair

wiring and equipment in complex reduction stations or boiler rooms with the

a combined divorce and installation testing with vyregulováním and

putting the device into operation.

Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering

1. the Group

1. installation of equipment on the boards or panels, for example. switches, circuit breakers,

switches and gauges. Linking the devices wires to

a total of 50 conductors.

2. routine manual work when deburring, grinding, cutting, sawing

Threading and bending components manually, when you work with hand power tools.

2. the Group

1. measuring and setting of all parameters, including corrections servomechanizmů

detected faults.

2. Balancing the wheels of cars, including Assembly and dismantling.

3. the final cumshot or painting by colours, lacquers and enamels with

high demands on the quality and appearance of the surfaces.

4. the Blasting of castings in a closed Chamber in protective clothing.

3. Group

1. the mechanical and manual machining materials in the workplace IT 10 and tolerance

higher with a functional requirement.

2. Stamping parts from plastic materials including no machine.

3. Forming of metallic materials with a thickness of 8 mm singles.

4. Electric Arc welding or gas welding of steel grades

10, 11, 12 in all positions.

5. Mechanical and manual machining material tolerance lower than IT 8 out

other special requirements.

6. Welding of steels grades 15 and 17 with the requirement to control the weld

X-RAY or ultrasound.

7. hand forging in the range of one or two forged works, for example.

Punning, extension, bending, nakrucování, chopping, etc.,

compliance with the requirement of a tolerance.

8. Repair of electrical installations in industrial buildings and civil


9. service repair of radio receivers, music towers and under.

10. the Assembly and repair of spark-ignition or compression-ignition engines or braking

the braking engines of various kinds, including stations adjusting their


11. repairs considerably deformed body manually or hydraulic


12. The establishment and adjustment of anaesthesia, and respiratory and surgical

investigation and monitoring devices.

13. Final Assembly and adjustment of Dioptric telescopes.

14. Closed-die forging with předkováváním or předlisováváním default

materials, for example. with the promotion, extending, mounting

předkováváním in the rolling die.

15. the total repair of mechanical alarms including setting accuracy


16. Melting of cast iron in classic cupolas of diameter nístěje to 1150 mm.

4. the Group

1. Grinding of four or more surfaces on various machines in the accuracy of a planar IT 5

paper requirement of compliance with the flatness, parallelism, or angular


2. Milling spiral bevel gears to the arrow in the

a precision of level 5.

3. Cut five and multiple disparate areas in IT 6 in

use a splitter device.

4. Turning six or more diameters on Conventional lathes including

vertical and with turret in IT 6-accuracy of workpieces and

paper requirement compliance with deviations of shapes or positions.

5. Internal vícechodých shape with a length of thread above the 500 mm.

6. The management, maintenance and repair of automatic measuring devices, control and

signaling technology with applied mikroelektronikou.

7. Grinding on planar and skewering grinders or grinding on the holes in the

the accuracy of IT 4-2.

8. shape accuracy milling of threads in the 5 h and higher.

9. Planing in accuracy IT 6 when using a splitter device.

10. Machining on Conventional lathes including vertical, with turret

and horizontal vyvrtávačkách in IT 5.

11. Cutting external threads on vícechodých shape up to 500 mm.

12. accuracy of reaming holes in IT 7 and higher when machining four and more

diameters and machining in four and more positions.

13. Repair of failures, the setting of values and the revival of the television

to receive the color signal.

14. Check the operation of the engines and other functions of the vehicle diagnostic


15. A highly professional work in the mechanical processing of optical components

including finishing operations, for example. multilayer steaming, engraving

fibre optic crosses and polishing střechových prisms.

5. the Group

1. the making of prototypes of products.

2. the procedure of tests and reactivation of prototype systems to the most complex


3. Repairs of digital control systems.

4. Control the process of production of different grades of steel in steel

furnaces (e.g. the type of MB or in the community), and checking the technical condition of the


Textile production

2. the Group

1. operation-winding machines.

2. Weaving the ribbons and straps.

3. Group

1. Weaving fabrics to very demanding conditions with listovkou or žakárem,

for example. Terry fabrics, heavy Brocade, dvojplyšů, krojových, scarves.

2. the Knitting high clothing on kotonových Jacquard machines.

3. Management of continuous lines for the preparation of the textile material to


Artistic production

3. Group

1. Trim the scenic elements, decorative works, brochures, carpets


2. Blowing of glass products to the Rotary moulds.

4. the Group

1. Separate manufacture and repair all styles

uměleckořemeslných upholstery individual products and separate

work in the Interior with the use of materials processing-intensive

According to the suggestions of artists and architects.

2. the making of clay and plaster casts of architectural elements and

articles by original and cutting each part sculptures to

Stone models or castings.

3. the Manufacture of two-leaf doors with lighting according to the mesh cable

fine design with a custom solution to mechanical functional parts.

4. the making of stained glass artwork and intensive colours of the colour or

painted glass in the profiled lead bullion, including joining, and


5. the Group

1. Manufacture and restoration of challenging ornamental and figural

inlays including their corrections all the techniques.

2. Making proposals and separate making designs artistically

challenging technologies products.

3. Reconstruction of the historically valuable pasířských products (e.g. helmets,

shields, etc.).

4. figurative carvings of the subjects of folk and applied art while using

various techniques and draining and pouring of metal.

Art and artistic realisation

2. the Group

1. Constructing and dismantling the decorations, fundusových elements, practical,

stairs, doors and Windows, save them to a warehouse in order and kind,

folding and carrying decorative elements, stairs, and other practical

elements of scenic trips. Operation of the stage machinery, such as hard

turntables, the strokes on the provazištích and trap doors.

3. Group

1. monitoring of texts in parallel with music recording and suggestion

performers and performances in the tests.

2. the Organization during the tests, shows and concerts on the

the stage, the stage and behind the scenes. The issuance of a written progress reports

of the tests.

3. Video Capture for documentation purposes, including determining the

the conditions for the acquisition and implementation of trim.

4. Ensuring cultural and awareness-raising actions of local importance, the activities of the

clubs, files, and other interest groups focusing on culturally

education activities.

5. Separate building complex and large stage scene

the adjustments also during the performances, including servicing large and complex

mechanization. Complete technical facilities and operational

conditions for artistic activity, smaller chamber ensembles, Opera and

Symphonic files.

4. the Group

1. Edit the translations of the texts for librettos surtitling equipment and its operation

during the performances.

2. operating the technical work in the sound recording by electronic means,

for example, the setting up and operation of equipment for the production of sound by electronic

Road and traffic management and electronic file transfer Studio

equipment and devices for magnetic recording and reproduction of sound.

3. Adjustment and setting of the luminous flux and the light trails with respect

on the intensity and distribution of light distribution and stoků

mechanical and electrical parts or service forming and

reportage and headlamps.

4. Separate the provision of cultural and educational events and programs

of regional importance, the activities of clubs, files, and other interest


5. the Group

1. the interpretation of the role of dramatic works.

2. the interpretation of the collective parts of the intensive Ballet,

instrumental, vocal or vocal-instrumental works.

3. Production of singing parts or the Ballet of the music

dramatic works and vocal-symphonic works or ballet works with

soloists and chorus. Musical accompaniment of conditions or public execution

Ballet or dance work.

4. Filming of audiovisual programmes, editing and processing overhead.

Independent creative compilation of short programmes, including the processing of

the screenplay, editing, captioning, or additional sound reinforcement applications.

5. Organizational Design and intricately designed, intensive

national and international shows, festivals, symposia, conferences

and other events.

6. the Group

1. the Director of dramatic or dramatico-works.

2. Production of folk dances, dance bands, feature dance

performances or dance or ballet part of the dramatico

and dramatic works.

3. Production of choral and vocal-symphonic and choral works

singing parts dramatico works.

4. Arrangement and conducting symphonic, Chamber, Opera and

Ballet works (music page) and musicals.

5. Creative interpretation of the main dramatic roles or challenging works.

The interpretation of solo roles for Opera, Ballet, Operetta and


6. the interpretation of the collective parts of challenging instrumental or

vocal works with tool or vocal group, including the provision of

the artistic level of the group. Interpretation of the solo parts of musical works.

7. the Group

1. the Director of the most demanding of dramatic or dramatico-

works or staging ztvárňování Ballet and pantomime works, in

the theater, which has achieved high artistic level of the contributing

to the development of artistic genres.

2. formation of the artistic conception of a great Symphony or the Grand Opera

the Orchestra, including staging and conducting the most complex symphonic

and Opera works on the domestic and international stages.

Food production

2. the Group

1. production of all kinds of ice creams (such as milk, cream, etc.).

2. Drilling of dough in the manufacture of biscuits, crackers, gingerbread, Biscuit and


3. adjustment of the slaughterhouse meat for cooking, including sorting processing

Depending on the species.

3. Group

1. The slaughter of cattle for slaughter and meat processing.

2. Betting, předpékání and fusing bread and pastries in the planting and

retrieval, preparation and servicing furnaces furnaces.

3. Separate the manufacture of all kinds of pastry products of a wide

range (e.g., almond biscotti, biscotti for dessert, pineapple-tips with

liquid fillings, cakes, etc.) including determining the suitability of the raw materials for the

the use of.

Research and development

6. the Group

1. Separate solutions research and development tasks or

implementation of research and development work in the implementation of the tasks of science and

techniques under the guidance of the team leader. The solution exactly factually and temporally

set out the specific research and development tasks, usually

components of larger units with specific follow-ups on all other

systems under the guidance of the team leader.

7. the Group

1. Standalone solution research and development tasks or separate

implementation of the demanding and difficult research and development tasks

solution and implementation of the tasks of the development of science and technology research highlights

team. A comprehensive research and development tasks solution with defined

inputs and outputs in the generally designated by the specified time and with ties to the

related disciplines.

8. the Group

1. Creative solutions to the most difficult research and development tasks or

the implementation of a very challenging and difficult research and development tasks

the creative solution of tasks of national importance for the development of the industry, or

Science and, where applicable, the management of the research team. The solution in principle

new r & d circuits with generally very vaguely defined

the inputs and outputs of the nespecifikovatelnými generally parallels the excess

very long time horizons (generation) with implications for a wide range of

other activities that require a very high degree of generalization of the phenomena.

Education and upbringing

4. the Group

1. Education activities in extracurricular courses.

2. Vychovatelská pet training activity.

5. the Group

1. Practical training in management, technology and maintenance of vehicles for driving

getting a driving licence to drive motor vehicles.

2. Educational activities focused on training and practical training

in a specially-designed courses closed by a final exam.

3. Training and educational activities aimed at the acquisition of knowledge,

skills and habits of preschool children.

4. Training and educational activities in practical teaching in the fields of

secondary education with a GCSE or vocational training in the

branches of secondary education with re-training.

5. Comprehensive vychovatelská, methodical, consulting and other pedagogical

activity advancing interests, knowledge and creative ability or

developing the child's personality, or specifically the pupil and student including

the use of alternative educational methods and evaluating their effectiveness.

Coordination of the work of educators.

6. Educational and training activity developing previously acquired habits.

The strengthening and further development of the fixation of the residual abilities of the mentally

affected individuals, including developing their extracurricular activities with the use of

specific educational methods based on knowledge

special education.

6. the Group

1. Training and educational activities aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and

skills in general or technical courses.

2. implementation of the pedagogical work specifically.

7. the Group

1. the educational and creative activities for teaching students or graduates

universities, conducting exercises, seminars, follow-up studies,

the provision of consultation, where appropriate, lecturing and addressing scientific,

research and development tasks, performing creative activities in the field of

art or other creative activities.

2. creation of policies and programs of training and perform other

specialized methodological work in the field of education and


3. the methodological and specialised consulting activities, creation of vychovatelská

educational documents, evaluation tools and

preventive programs. Preventive, diagnostic and primarily

consulting activities, coordination of application specifically teaching

procedures of new educational methods.

4. The creation of the concept of social rehabilitation of disabled

disabilities. Providing therapeutic care to clients and their family

Members in a difficult life situation.

8. the Group

1. the Creative development of the critical trends of the development of science and research or

Art associated with the application of the results of scientific, research and development activities

in the education of students or graduates of universities and in the preparation of the

scientific or artistic staff.

Agricultural production

1. the Group

1. treatment of public green watering, hoeing, and so on.

2. packaging and preparing seedlings for shipment.

2. the Group

1. Auxiliary work in the treatment of the animals.

2. manual physically strenuous work in agriculture, operation simple

the suspension device, handling work for agricultural machinery.

3. preparation and cultivating the soil of small mechanization, planting of ornamental and

fruit trees, soil disinfection sprays and execution, manual


4. using the drilling machine in the sowing of corn and grain and using adapters

for planting clover.

3. Group

1. The cultivation of ornamental plants and their grafting and vaccination,

the treatment of particularly difficult species, such as cacti, including the possible


2. the management of the harvesting ponds including the preparation of (work product) ponds to výlovům.

3. treatment and fitting horses ' hooves, edit, horseshoes, forging healthy and

nedeformovaných hooves.

4. treatment and regulation of plant growth or treatment rychleného

tropical plant species.

5. the implementation of the education and maintenance of the cut tree species by species or

classification of the varieties and nursery crops. Application of chemical

resources and fertilizer all horticultural cultures.

6. Control and maintenance of wheeled tractors.

7. A separate treatment of the animals, including feeding, support center at

Veterinary procedures.

4. the Group

1. Comprehensive care for rare and endangered species of animals including

artificial rearing their young.

2. the Management, operation and adjustment of self-propelled machines and devices, and

combined harvesters for harvesting forage, straw, technical crops

root crops, vegetables, etc.

Health care

2. the Group

1. the exercise of the profession of a medic.

3. Group

1. the exercise of the profession of a nurse, dental instrumentářky or


4. the Group

1. the profession of medical laboratory or nutrition

Assistant or Assistant dental technician, orthotic-prosthetic

technology or the protection of public health. Profession of the General

nurses, midwives, nutritional therapist, medical

rescuers, optometrist, ortoptisty, lumbar scoliosis-prosthetics,

an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, Assistant public health protection,

medical lab technician, biomedical equipment, radiological

an Assistant radiological technology, pharmaceutical Assistant or

dental technician under expert supervision.

5. the Group

1. the exercise of the profession of General nurse, midwifery, nutrition

the therapist, medical rescuers, optometrist, ortoptisty,

|-prosthetics, an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, Assistant protection

public health, medical lab technician, biomedical equipment,

the radiological, Radiological Technology Assistant, pharmaceutical

Assistant or dental technician without professional supervision.

6. the Group

1. the Separate profession of psychologist in the health sector,

the conceptual, methodological, and particularly demanding specialized activities in the

the profession of a physical therapist, the profession of a specialist in the protection of

public health, biomedical engineer, specialist in

laboratory methods and in the preparation of medicinal products or

Radiological Physics.

7. the Group

1. the exercise of the professions of doctor, dentist, pharmacist, clinical

clinical psychologist or therapist.

Wood processing

2. the Group

1. the management of the open-top dewatering processes in the drying of timber, chips and friezes

including the operation mechanisms of the dryers and the implementation of the weighting tests.

2. operation of simple single-purpose machines including their adjustment.

3. Group

1. Carpentry repairs of office furniture.

2. Planing lumber, cut, friezes and printed materials on

tloušťkovacích three-and four-sided milling (hoblovkách) and Planar

milling, including their adjustment.

3. the Lining walls and ceilings, the implementation of záklopů and podbíjení of the


4. the Group

1. Manufacture of period style furniture, walls and ceilings including cartridge

making templates and furniture with distinctive elements including folk art

artistic production.

2. the management, operation, maintenance and routine maintenance of multi-purpose machines for

timber harvesting.

The other, and common work activities

1. the Group

1. implementation of the ordinary cleaning, garbage, the implementation of disinfection,

carpet cleaning an electric vacuum cleaner.

2. Tagging and minor repairs of laundry and clothing by hand and machine,

or weighing of benefits for a specified way of washing and types of washing machines.

3. operation of simple reproductive equipment.

4. Delivery of various types of shipments.

5. Check the arrival and departure of employees and other people, arrivals and

sailings vehicles, issue keys.

2. the Group

1. implementation of the comprehensive heavy cleaning after with possible variants

using a variety of machinery, cleaning machines or cleaning of large

using self-propelled mechanisms.

2. Gas readings in businesses and homes.

3. the implementation of landscaping slopes and ditches in the roads and paths including

removal of bushes and branches by hand.

4. operation branch exchanges.

5. Ticket sales and promotional material on sports, cultural

or other actions including the Bill.

6. the offer and sale of limited range or range with a lower

demands on his knowledge of, for example, printing, stamps, tobacco products,

frozen food, drinks and souvenirs stalls and pochůzkovým

the sale.

7. the levying of charges for the performance of a narrow circle of services.

8. operation the hot-water boiler hot water system or the Central

heating of the boiler output to 5.8 MW or low pressure steam boiler on the

rated output up to 8 t/h.

9. operation of wastewater treatment plant, including the waste pits.

10. The implementation of the domovnických and školnických work, including minor maintenance.

11. operation operation of the steam boiler with a nominal or postgraduate performance

up to 60 t/h or hot water boilers with a rated or postgraduate performance

the 35 MW.

12. To ensure the protection of the objects, collections, and similar devices, discovery

and a preliminary investigation of the theft and damage, cooperation with the police.

13. the implementation of the survey and the operation of the security system, including

camera, evaluation, and monitoring of shooting around the buildings, archiving

scanned records.

14. Separate quantitative or qualitative acceptance of the goods,

products, materials and raw materials, the operator of storage mechanisms with

using computer technology, Assembly and shipping to the customer.

15. Maintenance works of electrical, machinery or building of character,

carpentry, painting, painting, plumbing and maintenance work

including carrying out less demanding repair.

16. the tightening of fur products.

17. An armed escort cash and valuables.

4. the Group

1. Upholstery repair and restoration of antiques and heritage


2. Making models or individual orders fur coats and

of pallets.

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