Laying Substantive Individual Trades

Original Language Title: o obsahových náplních jednotlivých živností

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278/2008 Sb.


of 23 December 2003. July 1, 2008

laying substantive individual trades

Change: 288/2010 Sb.

Change: 368/2012 Sb.

Change: 365/Sb.

Government orders under section 73a of Act No. 455/1991 Coll., on trades

business (Trade Act), as amended by Act No. 130/2008 Coll.:

§ 1

The subject of the edit

This regulation lays down

and the contents of the trade, craft), which are listed in annex No.

1 to this regulation,

(b) the contents of the trades-bound), which are listed in annex No. 2

to this regulation,

c) content of business franchises that are listed in the annex

# 3, to this regulation,

d) content trades free by business sector,

which is given in annex 4 to this regulation.

§ 2

Regulation (EEC)

Shall be repealed:

1. Government Regulation No. 474/2000 Coll., laying down the content of

individual trades.

2. Government Regulation No. 491/2004 Coll., amending Decree-Law No.

469/2000 Coll., laying down the content of individual trades.

3. Decree-Law No. 100/2005 Coll., amending Decree-Law No.

140/2000 Coll., laying down the list of scopes trades free, as amended by

amended, and Government Regulation No. 474/2000 Coll., which

lays down the content of individual trades, as amended by regulation of the Government

No 491/2004 Sb.

4. Government Regulation No. 324/2006 Coll., amending Decree-Law No.

140/2000 Coll., laying down the list of scopes trades free, as amended by

amended, and Government Regulation No. 474/2000 Coll., which

lays down the content of individual trades, as amended


§ 3

The effectiveness of the

This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication.

Prime Minister:

in z. Čunek in r.

1. the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for regional development

Minister of industry and trade:

Ing. Roman v. r.

Annex 1

The contents of the trade craft

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Business content trades

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Butcher's Comprehensive income, slaughter and cutting of animals for slaughter,

and shop for grading, boning, slicing, packaging and storage of meat

slaughter animals for sale or further processing and custom

the sale of fresh meat. Mining and conservation side

slaughter products. Preservation of meat salting,

cooling and deep freezing, heat processing and special

modifications. Processing of meat preparations and meat products.

Production of animal fats. Modifying bowel for further use.

In the framework of the trade can be further carried out slaughter processing

poultry, rabbits, wild game meat and processed eggs, including the production of

preparations, canned, polokonzerv and other products from them.

Processing fish, including the production of semi-finished products, canned foods,

polokonzerv and other products from them. Sales and cutting

kuchyňsky edited cuts of meat. The preparation of the

and hot meats and sausages for immediate consumption

in the form of fast food and related supplementary

sale of food (bread, pastry, mustard, horse-radish, cucumber

and so on) and drinks (beer, soft drinks), if

are carried out in the establishment in which the subject is operated


------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Dairy industry Inspection and technological processing of raw milk.

Manufacture of dairy products and semi-finished products, in particular milk

liquid and powder and flavoured, concentrated, cream,

butter, cheese, tvarohů, fermented products and yoghurts, frozen

creams, ice cream mixtures. Production and processing of protein

dairy products, lactose, whey and milk feeding


In the framework of the trade can be further carried out production of ice creams on the

a milk base. Adjustment of dairy products to the immediate

consumption (cocktails, spreads, ice cream), and an additional sale

baked goods, when carried out in the establishment in which the

operated business in question. Mixing milk feed


------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Milling industry inspection, cleaning, sorting, storage of raw materials

and technological process (mechanical-physical, šaržovým

or continuous manner) of grain into flour and other grain mill products

products (flour, dehydrated meal, fortified

products, bulk blanks, flakes, Pearl barley, millet, and so on)

and their mixing.

In the framework of the trade can be further carried out the production of feed

compositions based on grains, grain mill by-products and mixtures

on the basis of flour.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Bakery, Acceptance, storage and preparation of raw materials, production of dough

pastry and materials, their processing (for example, vyvalováním,

pressing, by spraying, by dividing, whipping, modelling,

cutting), heat treatment (for example, baking, drying,

frying, boiling, roasting, microwave heating), the performance of

(before or after heat treatment), surface treatment (for example,

sprinkles, pouring, Glacé, employs, decorations,

lubrication) of bakery and confectionery products. Production of ice cream.

In the framework of the trade can be further to produce a mixture of cereals,

products from a variety of mixtures, expanded and extruded products,

confectionery, chocolate and chocolate candies, further implement the

adjustment of confectionery and bakery products, ice cream

and frozen creams and specialties and sell coffee, tea

and non-alcoholic beverages, and those to the immediate

consumption on the premises, which is operated by the subject


------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Brewing Control and operation of chemical-physical and biological

and malting of technological processes in brewing and malting

the production. Production of basic raw materials, malt-acceptance

malting barley, cleaning, sorting, treatment,

steeping, germination, hvozdění, odkličování, for special kinds of

roasting and finishing of malt. Brewing-scrapping

malt, mashing, wort filtration, vystírání, chmelovar,

wort clarification and cooling, zakvašování, the main fermentation at

spilkách, the secondary fermentation in Lager cellars (Alternatively,

control of the fermentation in tanks), filtration, stabilization,

pasteurization, of beer. Manufacture of beverages based on beer.

In the framework of the trade can further implement the sales draft

of beer in establishments which are part of the brewery.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Handling skin expert work in the processing of all types of skin

and skins (hovězin, konin, teletin, Adobe, kozin, skopovic

and so on) and finishing of furs leather physico-

chemical and mechanical processing

of leaching, odchlupování, mízdření, do,

coloring, postruhování and stinging. Then in fur dyeing

and coloring, grooming, epilování, purification, lubrication,

trimming, ironing, postruhování, uprooting top coat,

trim the fur from the noble and breeding animals

and wilderness. Tanning hides and fur skins.

In the framework of the trade can be further carried out cleaning and dyeing

leather and fur products.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Application, production unit of Subscription materials for orthopedic shoes,

manufacture and repair of castings including the positive and negative correction

Orthopedic shoes and hooves, production, editing tests, modifications and repairs

Orthopedic shoes, check its functionality, including

and dispensing of individual orthopedic shoes.

In the framework of the trade can also carry out repairs and modifications

other footwear.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Sanding and Grinding of commercial glass etching sodnodraselných, leaded,

glass color and this received on hladinářských machines,

kuličských and drilling, including processing of the downs

even the day products, edge grinding, sanding, kuličských decors,

start with high necks, mechanical polishing, and patch. Matting

and etching glass etching and matovacími bath or salts on

basis of fluoride and hydrofluoric acid, including creating

topcoats and their removal. Engraving glass

sodnodraselných, leaded, coloured and inbound

to create reliefů, including plastic.

In the context of trades can also perform commercial painting

glass sodnodraselných or lead bullion,

color surfaces of glass lustres and lazurami, the coating

high enamel on glass surfaces including follow-up

burn burning furnaces and produce in stained glass.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Processing Preparation and mixing of rubber compounds, rubber-coated,

rubber compounds and campaign materials. Preparation of raw materials or

semi-finished products. Preparatory, ready-made, machine tools, curing,

Press and the classification of activities in the production and repair of

tires, soul, gumotextilních conveyor belts, hoses

and fittings, production of rubber-metal elements, rubber-coating of different

parts and components.

In the framework of the trade can be further carried out preparation of textile

and steel cord, reinforcement of serifs and other preparations

for the processing of rubber mixtures. Tyre repair

and other rubber products cold along the way. Making of

products from thermoplastic materials.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Stone stone work, with the exception of activities falling under the

preparation and refining of minerals carried out in the context of

with their conquest, associated with manual or mechanical preparation,

treatment and processing of natural and artificial stone,

preparations and products Division (for example, cutting, splitting,

breaking), machining and surface finishing of stone

(for example, polishing), maintenance and decorative finishes

and commercial products from stone, making profiles

and inscriptions, assembling and jointing mortar parts and blocks.

Making of architectural, figurative and monumental products

by special request, the design Assembly

construction and architectural products in restoring heritage


In the context of trades can make tiling

construction of objects of natural or artificial stone

(exterior, Interior).

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Foundry, Casting the melt into molds and mold spores in the manufacture of castings

modeling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic

materials, including the production of foundry moulds and cores

from the sand or other material, or metal moulds and moulds

including continuous casting and special ways of casting.

Melting, editing and maintenance of the molten material. Preparation,

repairs, maintenance of refractory technology aggregates.

The release of castings from moulds and moulds. Troubleshooting

surface defects and repair of castings or pickling, bonding,

seal and other technologies. Heat treatment

castings, surface protection and modification of castings. Checking of castings

and processing of technical documentation for production. Production

and repair of casting, core models and model

equipment made of wood, metal, epoxy resins, PVC

and plaster, for manual and machine manufacture of sand casting

Forms. Making metal molds (moulds) for casting.

In the framework of the trade can be further cleaning of the castings,

removing burrs of casting systems and urážením, uřezáváním,

the burnings, trimming and other special

surface treatment technologies of castings applying a non-metallic

metal coatings and various technologies, making forms

for plastics processing, simple moulds for pressure casting

metal and metal Foundry models technology manual

for processing metals and plastics, and basic operations

machine for machining. Making wooden mockups

and perform simple carpentry work and cooperage.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Blacksmith, expert work in the manufacture and repair of machinery

podkovářství components, instruments, tools, or other products

manual or mechanical fittings, including loose

forging and die forging materials, rolling in forging

cylinders and pressure profiles, vaulted and flat day

made of steel or of non-ferrous metals and their alloys, shaping

leaf pens and springs, straightening of forgings, snips, cut shapes

and Weldments. Heating of the charge material in furnaces

and výhních. Machine and hand-made horseshoes and thanking someone for something.

In the framework of the trade can also carry out activities

for the removal of burrs, Burr and the like, including basic

work manual machining materials, hot pressing

cold, simple Assembly and disassembly work necessary

to complete the product made by kovářskýchpracích,

surface treatment of blacksmith, gas or

arc welding, the basic work of heat treatment

of the material, editing, and care of the hooves of cattle, sheep, goats

hooves and pigs.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Obráběčství production and repair Technology of semi-finished products from different

materials, parts and products in all ways

machine for machining, turning, especially

milling, grinding, hoblováním, obrážením, drilling,

vyvrtáváním, stretching and other special ways

machining on machine tools, including the newly introduced

machining technology of materials (for example, laser).

In the context of trades can also perform basic ways

manual machining materials necessary to

completion of production components, blasting, material forming

cold (thread rolling), including surface protection

the final product.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Metal fitting, technical work aimed at making parts and components

manufacture of the necessary for installation and repair of the engine or

machinery manual and simple mechanical machining,

mounting and dismounting works in maintenance

and adjustment of machines and machinery, in addition to machineries

and machinery falling within the scope of other

craft or trade-bound, manufacture, Assembly,

Disassembly, assembling, repairs, maintenance and adjustment of construction

locksmith products and structures of metal materials

with the use of unified and standardized parts and products

in the construction sites. Making, dohotovování, build, repair

and adjustment of the cutting and forming tools, clamping,

Assembly, welding inspection and other products

moulds for plastics processing, metal and metal die casting

Foundry technology of manual for models

treatment of metals and plastics, and basic machine operations

for machining.

In the framework of the trade can also make simple

components and parts for Assembly and repair of machines and machine

device processing of metals by heat and cold,

engage in activities for surface protection products

to flame or arc welding. Heat treatment of metals

to secure the necessary characteristics of the products. New

metal processing technology (for example, spark,

laser). The work of precision mechanics. Production and installation tools

and AIDS for human and veterinary medicine, manufacturing,

adjustment, repair and installation of measuring instruments.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Galvanizérství, chemical and electrochemical surface treatment of components

smaltérství machinery and machinery, utilitarian items, music

tools and objects of art individual technique or

in a massive way on flights, pickling, degreasing facilities

Electropolishing, phosphating and deposition

(chrome-plating, copper plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, tin plating,

Silver plating, gold plating, anodizing and the like) in the metal bath.

Preparing for the spa for chemical and electrochemical

surface treatment and preparation of smaltovacích suspensions,

application of fundamental overlays on metal parts, components

in particular, technologies and products, dipping, pouring, squirting

or dusting, and the subsequent burning of the glass or

the ceramic coating in furnace smaltérské, including the preparation of

surface and coating layers of different finishing techniques

as the spraying through templates, shading, silk screen printing,


In the framework of the trade can also carry out manual and machine

machining necessary for the preparation of semi-finished products, parts

and products to the chemical, electrochemical or enameled

surface modification and hot-dip or plasma spray coating of metal and

non-metallic materials. Basic methods of surface protection

products, paints, sealants, and so on.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Production, installation, fabrication, repair, installation, commissioning, the involvement of

repair of electrical and non-electrical machines, testing equipment

machinery and equipment, and electrical equipment, especially electric motors,

electronic transformers, regulators, switches, rectifiers,

telecommunications and electric lamps, batteries and batteries, and

equipment as the equipment working on alternating voltage higher than

50 V or DC voltage higher than 75 in.

and repair of electrical appliances for the home. Production

and repair of the electrical parts of the rolling stock

and trolleybuses, electrical sources of heat, electrical

heavy-current regulatory, supervisory and control

equipment and appliances. The implementation of the revisions and controls

electrical appliances. Manufacture of electronic products

and consumer devices, industrial, medical and investment

Electronics, office machinery and computers, connecting

the low-voltage networks, their installation, repair, maintenance,

removal and installation. Reconstruction of electronic devices,

disassembly and Assembly of the investment management of electronics. Assembly,

maintenance and servicing of equipment for the broadcast, transmission and reception

information of any nature by keeping radio, optical

or by any other means using electromagnetic waves.

The fundamental groups of telecommunications equipment are

in particular, wired telecommunication lines in local area networks

including cable, wired telecommunication management files

in long-haul networks, including cable, cable files

wires with fiber-optic local and long-haul networks

including cable, telephone exchanges, including files

the appropriate cable (telephone exchanges of the public,

Branch Office, facilities for data network integrated services),

radio relay equipment (analog, digital), transmission

systems (analog and digital, including line-tract,

construction of the line-tract), telecommunications terminal

devices (telephones, answering machines, telex

machines, fax machines, fax, modem) card, the cable network for

one-way dissemination of television and radio signals

(common tv aerials, including domestic,

telecommunications cable network), radio equipment for

radio and television broadcasting (radio transmitter

with frequency modulation and amplitude modulation, TV

the transmitter and radio devices, converters, distribution

antenna systems, mnohabodového system, transmitter

mnohakanálového distribution system), special

telecommunications equipment (classic signal distribution systems

and devices, communicators for alarm systems), broadcast

and receiving radio equipment (station and a network of terrestrial

moving services, civil radio, telemetry

the station, radio transmission device for alarm systems,

systems for the transmission of messages, radio transmitters for transmission

data, moving the broadcasting digital radio station

the radio telephone system and analog radio telephone

system, base station and digital devices

the radio telephone system and analog radio telephone

the system). Repairs and unlocking mobile phone


In the framework of the trade can also carry out repairs and manufacturing

electrical machinery and apparatus operated on alternating

voltage of less than 50 V or DC voltage lower

than 75 in, repair, modification and exchange of electrical

and electronic groups and subgroups of road motor

vehicles and machinery and carry out production

electronic components.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

The watch production, assembling, adjusting, diagnosis and repair

mechanical, electromechanical and electronic

watches and clocks. Assembly, disassembly, maintenance, cleaning,

deleting, testing and adjusting the clock machinery and production,

repair, modification and maintenance of the various mechanical parts

These devices with the use of technological processes

from the field of precision mechanics manual or mechanical machining.

In the framework of the trade can be further exchange of hourly

slides, thongs, strokes and batteries including their sale.

An additional sale of barometers and hygrometers for home,

jewellery and goods of precious metals.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Jewellery Making and repairing jewelry, jewels and small

ornamental objects and jewellery in all permitted combinations of precious

and base metals. Precious metal plating, advocacy

fine jewellery stones. Production of plastic ornaments of precious metal,

production of hand-crafted products (cassettes, trays and the like)

and jewelry and their surface treatment and cleaning of all sorts

working techniques and technologies. Historically, corrections

valuable jewels. Determination of the fineness of precious metals.

In the context of trades can make buying and selling

goods of precious metals, including fractional gold and precious

stones and an additional sale of jewelry, small souvenir

items, clock and watch.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Cabinetry, Craftsmanship expert work and work on woodworking

the machines in the production of furniture, furniture, construction and joinery products

(Windows, doors, walls, and the like), wooden structures

and a variety of industrial and commercial products from wood.

Repairs and reconstruction of all kinds of products throughout the entire

the range of joinery technologies. Selection, rozměřování, Division of

and processing of timber and building parts or components to

final products, including surface treatment. Construction

joiner's works (installation of construction carpentry

products, the built-in furniture, making palubového,

plate cassette, lining the walls and ceilings, Assembly

and edit partitions, wooden stairs, wooden acoustic

panels, cabins and lining). Laying and repair of floors of different

kind, such as parquet, was, palubkových,

Cork, mosaic, stěrkových and cast on a wooden,

concrete, škvárobetonovém or underlay.

Laying, bonding and welding of floor coatings, the implementation of the

insulating layers, and balancing the implementation of spawn

grinding, polishing and impregnation of the surface, the consolidation of the cover

the slides and the like. Bonding of floor coatings on the stairs,

tiling skirtings. The making of veneered panels,

the implementation of stěrkových, cast or sprayed, etc.

Laying floating floors from different kinds of materials

(laminate, wood, and so on).

In the framework of the trade can continue making

wooden superstructures of the vehicles. Simple

Coopers ' model activity. Installation of serially produced

furniture. Laying of carpets and other floor coverings.

Preparation of documents for the laying of floors, carrying out their

insulation and levelling.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Production and repairs of technical work in the manufacture and repair of accordions

musical instruments and colour of harmonicas of various kinds, manufacture and repair of their

part of wood, metal, leather, canvas, felt, celluloid

and plastics, coating and pickling products, components

coating, coat, měděním, with nickel, chrome plating

and similarly, the adjustment function and adjustment of the running of accordions

and the colour of harmonicas, accordions tuning and intonation.

Professional work in the manufacture and repair of wind and percussion

musical instruments made of wood, metal, plastic and other

materials, surface treatment of parts and whole products

chromium plating, nickel, silver, brass and polished to

Mirror-polished, debugging. Professional work in the manufacture and repair of

keyboard musical instruments-upright pianos, grand pianos and organ

made of wood, metal and other materials, repair their part of the

made of wood, metal, leather, felt, ivory, plastic

and similarly, pickling, finishing by applying varnish

and polishing, tuning and intonation. Professional work in the production of

and repair string, drnkacích, and trsacích music

tools from wood, metal, mother of Pearl, plastic and other materials,

surface finishing tools, including artistic processing

wood marquetry and unloading ozvučných holes and parts

mother of Pearl.

In the context of trades can make debugging tools

at a customer site.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Repair of other Repairs other than road vehicles (e.g., trucks

transport for invalids with manual or electric cars), railway

devices of vehicles, cars, motor vehicles, locomotives, ships, work

and working machines (it is machines that are equipped with

used to perform work activities). Marketing

fixed machinery into operation. Perform basic manual

and machine operations for disintegration, joining and repairing

of machine parts. Disassembly, repair and Assembly of individual

parts, components, functional units and groups.

In the context of trades can make bicycle repair

and means of transport designed especially for sports

purposes, maintenance work and the exchange of defective parts electric

the armament of the device.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Implementation, bricklaying and masonry kladečských tiling,

concrete, šamotářských, and komínářských work

construction, reconstruction, conversion and repair of modern

and historical objects. This is a professional work aimed

on the lining and filling of walls, partitions and ceilings

of brick, block and stone lining of sewer

and water objects, the implementation of internal and external

plaster, guniting. Installation of prefabricated translations,

stairs, door frames, Windows, railings, Cove records,

chimney of the door, and so on, including the laying of concrete construction

structures. The implementation of the construction of sklobetonu, the implementation of the

additional insulation masonry historical and other objects,

challenging plaster or multi-color graffiti. Making of

and repair of internal and external floor tiles from tiles and mosaics

different kinds and sizes, internal cladding walls, ceilings

and the pillars in the current implementation, compresses treads,

implementation of the terrazzo floors or terrazzo tiles,

paving of stone slabs or so-called Venetian

paving, the implementation of the internal wall tiles mosaic (the swimming

swimming pools, operating rooms, and so on) or outdoor tiles

the skirting boards or the façade all kinds of facing materials

traditional and newly implemented technology, the implementation of the

tiles with shapes and inscriptions or works by artistic

proposals. Implementation support and non-load bearing Assembly

partitions, straight and sloping ceiling suspended ceilings,

dry floors and cladding of the walls and pillars of the dry construction systems

According to established technical procedures, including structures

with the fire resistance requirements for reconstruction,

types of equipment is installed and new residential

and industrial objects. The implementation of thermal insulation of exterior

shells of buildings, contact and nekontaktními warming

systems. Art-craft fine plaster processing

the construction work, when the manufacture of Interior

and exterior decorations of buildings of plaster, artificial stone, or

other materials, modelling and casting complex sculptures, reliefs

and sculptures, creating complex mockups and miniature models

for film and theatrical purposes, the making of artistic work.

In the framework of the trade can be further carried out the demolition of a building

construction or rehabilitation, fire-clay works including

repair lining of industrial furnaces, chimney lining

ceramic materials, manufacture of light přestavitelných

partitions, double installation of floors, installation bays,

partitions of plaster or other similar blocks or panels

and special acoustic design, surface treatment

construction materials containing gypsum (screeding,

stucco and the like), installation of Cove, window blinds, blinds, ventilation

grilles, trim, and so on.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Installation, repair, installation, repairs, revisions and tests of electrical

revisions and tests of technical equipment intended for the production, transformation, transfer,

electrical distribution and the electric energy consumption (especially power plants,

device transformation stations, substations, overhead lines, distribution lines

electric power, equipment supply and switching stations and

fixed installations of electric traction), electric installation

(in particular, the implementation, installation supervision and verification tests

the proposed systems, networks, circuits and installations) and equipment

designed to protect from the effects of atmospheric or static

electricity (lightning rods and surge protection devices).

Maintenance of public lighting.

In the context of trades can also perform basic and finishing

work related to the implementation of the elektroinstalatérských work.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Installation, repair and replacement parts, repairs, or subsets of the

and reconstruction of refrigeration and freezing equipment and heat pumps,

building and repair of refrigeration appliances refrigerators, refrigeration

and thermal circuits of pipelines, building, repair and testing of cooling

pumps and refrigeration equipment, building, repair and testing

air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, autoklimatizací

compiling, testing and revision of the vacuum and the cascade

the cooling circuits of refrigeration, refrigeration units

and heat pumps, the implementation of the prescribed pressure

tests and leak tests, repair and functional tests

Frost sublimation equipment with relay or

electronic control including adjustment program

and registration elements.

In the framework of the trade can continue to carry out the Assembly, disassembly,

repair, adjustment and comprehensive testing of components of cooling

circuits. Repairs of electrical and electronic

part of the refrigeration equipment, air-conditioning equipment

and heat pumps.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Auto global, installation, maintenance and repair of internal wiring (including

air-conditioning connections), cold and hot water, sewage, gas, including

installation of fittings, appliances, implementation of the pressure testing

(including commissioning) at the premises of residential, civil

and industrial construction for the use of a mechanical joining,

gluing, welding, soldering or other technologies. Assembly,

the reconstruction, maintenance and repair of internal heating,

heat exchange and domestic stations regardless of the used

media, including installation of fixtures and appliances (including marketing

into operation), testing and control systems

Central heating in residential, civil and industrial

construction using all mounting technology.

In the context of trades can also perform basic

and finishing works related to the implementation

plumbing work, including air conditioning,

work related to the settling of boilers, radiators

and pipelines, including ancillary structures.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Installation, repair, installation, repairs, revisions and tests of reserved gas

revisions and tests of equipment, namely equipment for the production and treatment of gases

pressure equipment, storage and transport of gases, lling, including

and filling the containers pressure stations, liquefaction and evaporation of gases,

increasing and decreasing pressure gases gases, gas distribution, consumption

gas combustion. For gases for the purposes of this regulation,

consider the substance, whose critical temperature is lower than the

+ 50 ° c, or substances for which is at a temperature of + 50 ° c

absolute pressure (vapor pressure) is greater than 0.3 MPa. Filling containers

gases, operation of filling stations on the propane-butane

and compressed gases. Implementation of plynoinstalatérských

the work, making connections for gas appliances, Assembly

domestic natural gas pipelines with accessories, installation of appliances

permanently connected to the gas distribution and any filling station

on propane, natural gas, and so on.

In the framework of the trade can continue to perform the installation, repair,

revisions and tests of non-reserved gas devices

and preparatory work related to the implementation of

plynoinstalatérských work.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Installation, repair, Assembly, repairs, reconstructions,

revision and exam revisions and tests of reserved pressure equipment,

pressure equipment such as steam and fluid boilers, whose design

and gas containers overpressure exceeds 0.07 MPa and temperature of fluids

exceeds the boiling point when this pressure, pressure vessels

stable, of which the maximum working pressure exceeds

0.07 MPa and that contain gases, steam or corrosive, poisonous

and explosive liquids of any temperature, or any

the liquid at a temperature above their boiling point at

0.07 MPa, metal pressure vessels for the transport of gases

gases with a critical temperature is lower than + 50 ° c, or

gases which at a temperature of + 50 ° c, the absolute pressure (tension

par) higher than 0.3 MPa. Repair and revision of fire


In the framework of the trade can continue to perform the installation, repair,

revisions and tests of non-reserved pressure equipment

and preparatory work related to the implementation of

installation and repair of pressure equipment.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Installation, repair, installation, repairs, revisions and tests of reserved

revisions and tests of lifting devices such as hoists and mobile

lifting device lifting gear with a load capacity of 5 000 kg (for example, hoists,

cats), cranes with a load capacity of 5 000 kg, moving

work platforms with a height of over 3 m, lift construction

the lifts with lifting height of 3 m, which also transported

the person lifts that are a permanent part of the buildings,

with a load capacity of 100 kg and with a height of over the lift

2 m and the shelf vertically movable unit spreaders

of the operator.

In the framework of the trade can continue to perform the installation, repair,

revisions and tests of non-lifting equipment

and preparatory work related to the implementation of

installation and repair of lifting equipment.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Izolatérství Insulation of buildings, structures and other devices

the adverse effects of heat, cold, noise or vibration, against

natural and atmospheric humidity, pressure and aggressive water,

acid-proof and fire-proof insulation using various

types of insulating materials. Implementation and correction of soft

coverings, complex roof coats of flat roofs,

thermal insulation of roofs, tile installation Panel shields

different plates made of insulating materials and the implementation of the

thermal insulation of exterior pipeline. The implementation of the

protiotřesových insulation of walls and floors, thermal insulation of walls

insulating materials, lining the walls of the insulation boards

or partitions of pěnobetonových blocks. Implementation and fixes

acid resistant insulation, for example in factories

the metal, chemical and textile industries

and food, traditional and newly imposed by the

technologies. Coating of steel structures, insulation


In the context of trades can also perform basic bricklaying

and other work in the preparation of surfaces for insulation work.

The implementation of thermal insulation plasterboard wall.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Painting, painting, painting and decorating services in the Interior

lakýrnictví, and the exterior of the modern and historical objects; the preparation of the

natěračství materials for painting, removal of old paintings, edit

surfaces with paint mixtures and compounds, their smooth,

Regrinding, bandaging, penetrování and the isolation of the stains.

Implementation of the paintings, klihových, calcareous, dispersion,

silicate and other, including their toning; the implementation of the

and the restoration of the ornate linkrust, painting techniques, rolling,

linking, loft, batik, decorative coatings,

special painting techniques. Painting and coating of metals, wood,

plastics, plaster, concrete and other materials. The application of special

varnishes, paints and techniques (patina, graining, marbling,

spray coating and so on).

Within the trade, you can perform all the work tapetářské

with the adjustment of your handouts, bonding of decorative elements (mouldings,

rosettes, edgings, and other), gilding, písmomalířské work,

preparing under the varnishes and coatings (sealing, grinding,

filling and so on), removal of old paint and coatings

a mechanical or chemical process and hot-dip or plasma

spray coating of metallic and non-metallic materials.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

In thatching, Manufacture and repair of soft and hard covering of roofs

carpentry and roof constructions of different materials, such as

cardboard, of plates, wavy lines, bags,

natural slates, laminates, asphalt and a variety of insulation

inserts to the formwork, concrete surfaces on the roof lathing

different shapes and slopes. The adjustment on the ridges, coverings

street corners, in úžlabích and in gutters. The execution, repair,

assembling and metal gear obekrývání atypical nástřešní

(ornamental korouhviček, spikes, crosses, roof Windows,

dormers, volských ok and other) with the use of original technology

opacity or by historical styles and designs in the restoration

monuments. Manual and machine processing of wood with the implementation

all kinds of carpentry joints, manufacture, fitting

(the Assembly) and fixes various carpentry products and structures

and work in the restoration of monuments. Carpentry construction according to the

drawings, formwork and construction in foundation engineering

design and construction features, making and assembling

roof trusses, beams, and trusses nailed, forming the roofs under the

covering the implementation of the ceilings. Implementation of the material on the walls

wood-based panels, outdoor or interior trim hoblovanými

boards, laying and repair of floors, carpentry construction

and cast the stairs and the like. Manufacture of wood products,

for example, a draught of tables and benches, the carpentry of doors,

window blinds, žebříkových stairs, sliding and rotating

doors, wooden wagons and sleighs, different kinds of historical

coverings, copies of historic roof Windows, dormers

and the like.

In the context of trades can also perform simple masonry

work in repairing of roofs, coverings disposal of de-icing

roofs and roof cleaning, make, rake, tiller s

and kosišťata, to perform simple joinery

and Coopers ' work (such as the making of shelves, splicing

and gluing mosaic parquets simple designs, hand

breaking boxes, cutting, punching, riveting and

hoops for barrels and vats of light). Laying of planed

palubových floors to sports facilities (Hall,

bike lanes and so on). Podbíjení or tiling walls

and ceiling insulation plates.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Sheet metal work manual and machine cutting and forming of fine steel

and repair the bodywork sheet metal and sheet metal, non-ferrous metals. Manufacture, installation

and repair of the building plumbing products from these materials

cutting, bending, punching, certify and splines,

for example, waste pipes and gutters, elbows, roof Windows,

then the roof sheeting, fabrication, installation and repair

sheet metal coverings and the like. Manufacture of products

and preparations for the profile material smaller cross sections.

Assembling the parts to assemblies by soldering, welding

and riveting. Manufacture of sheet-metal containers, tanks,

air-conditioning equipment, guards and various sheet metal

parts of machines. Body repair of motor and non-motor

passenger, cargo, special and trailers,

self-propelled machines and trailers, special purpose

bodies and their parts, repair of damaged parts manual

or mechanical forming, straightening out, cleaning, vyklepáváním

or vyvařováním, their finishing and equipping.

In the context of trades can also perform simple

handmade metalwork, spot, seam, flame

and arc welding, assembling and repair of plastic gutter

and gutters and other construction elements. Lining of chimneys

metal inserts. The finish on the body and their

part of the bonding, grinding and coating (spraying), the exchange of

windscreens and Windows of vehicles and sealing elements of the bodywork.

Antikorozivních application resources. The implementation of protection

bodywork, including additional parts against weather


------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Stove-making the design, building, reconstruction, mounting, dismounting

and repair of tiled stove, stoves on solid fuels, fireplaces,

Prague and fireplace inserts, smokehouses, ovens, grills, including

equipment for flue gas discharge, and other individually

designed and mass produced in the local space heaters

solid fuels. Construction, repair and reconstruction of historical

local heaters. Connecting local space heaters, including

hot-air and hot-water heat exchangers to the chimney


In the context of trades can be made to the design, installation

and testing of hot-air distribution systems, chimney lining,

simple masonry, tiling and fire-clay works

and repair of lining of industrial furnaces.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Diagnostics, repair of road repairs, maintenance, service and warranty

tours of mopeds, vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles,

passenger cars, buses, trucks,

special vehicles, tractors, trailers and tractors;

Diagnostics, repair, modification and replacement of mechanical,

pneumatic, hydraulic groups and subgroups of the vehicles.

Business includes the repair of vehicles, repair and renovation of systems,

components and separate technical units

vehicles, installation of equipment, accessories and car alarms cars,

diagnosis and adjustment of the operating parameters of vehicles

including emissions.

In the framework of the trade can continue to make corrections, modifications,

and exchange of groups and subgroups, electrical installation and repair

equipment for the propulsion of motor vehicles gas (LPG), the exchange of

tyres, wheel balancing, application antikorozivních

resources, the exchange of fluids and maintenance of the surface

vehicles. Body repair of road vehicles, in particular

Assembly and disassembly of demountable interchangeable way

parts, flame or arc welding.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Barber Shop, men's, women's and children's hairstyles

Barber, including in particular the implementation of plastic, blunt or

Special fashion cuts hair, wash your hair and their

forming water-, foukanou, permanent and another waving,

bleaching, toning, streaked and hair dye.

Shaving your beard and moustache and plnovousů fit adjustment and their

tinting and staining. Dyeing of eyebrows. The implementation of different types of

massage the scalp with the use of cosmetic products.

Preparation and regeneration of hair. Edit the eyelashes and eyebrows. Creation

development of cuts and hairstyles.

In the framework of the trade can continue making

simple (polovlásenek) wigs, headpieces and

hair additions.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Dyeing and chemical Dyeing of all kinds of textile materials and their

Edit in different fabric (free material, yarn in Hanks, on

spools or warp songs, fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven

fabrics and the like) on all kinds of machines and equipment

with the use of different types of dyes. Preparing chemicals,

colours and colouring of Spa and solutions according to prescribed

recipes. The making of patterns for textile colouring

materials with the calculation of the required recipe. Free personalization

material, yarn and fabrics by calendering,

egalisováním, the kalandrech, drainage foulardech

and odstředivkách, vyvářením, bleaching, pressing,

postřihováním, impregnováním, mercerováním, drying,

sunbathing, softens, wash and developing, sanforizováním,

valchováním, and so on. Preparation of apretačních Spa,

pattern design and coating or covering can technical textiles.

Management and operation of the combined finishing lines including

zušlechťovaných testing of textile products.

In the framework of the trade can also carry out dyeing textile

products batik, printing.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Cleaning and laundry cleaning processes Chemickotechnologické area

textiles and apparel fabrics and ready-made textile metrical products, including

preparation of basic chemical substances and Excipients,

technological process of cleaning, dyeing, and any subsequent

additional chemical treatment (impregnation, finishing and so on).

Laundering of textiles and apparel for wholesale customers.

In the context of trades can make money for

household, ironing, clothes and other products manually

or a machine, manufacture of plizovacích forms and plizování.

Cleaning of raw wool, feathers, yarn, non-woven textile, leather

and furs.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Kominictví Cleaning, testing, control and inspection of chimneys, flues

and appliances, fuels, cleaning and checking the smoke draws boilers

solid fuel, liquid and gas, cleaning and inspection

technological appliances-bakery, confectionery

and other industrial furnaces, including steam and cremation services.

Cleaning and checking the smoke channels, implementation of technical

tours of the furnaces and heating equipment fault detection

in industrial buildings. Implementation of the occupancy permit inspections

chimneys, flues and heating equipment, inspection

the safety devices of the smoke travels, check

the reliability of all the chimney structures; issuing messages

on the implementation of the inspection or cleaning of the flue gas path, and messages

on the revision of flue gas path. Installation, repair and revision of the device

used for the control and optimization of the chimney.

In the framework of the trade can be further carried out minor repairs

heating equipment on solid fuel, repair, flues and chimneys.

Assembly and repair of chimney footbridges and stupadel. Basic

fire-clay works when correcting space heaters. Lining of chimneys.

Assembly and disassembly of the modular ceramic and metal

chimneys and chimney systems. Measure the effectiveness of the combustion

resources, measurement of quantities of substances discharged.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Catering Activity consisting in the preparation and sale of meals

and drinks to immediate consumption on the premises in which they are


In the context of trade, it is possible to provide accommodation in the

all accommodation establishments (such as hotel, motel, campground,

Hostel) and in blocks of flats, family houses or in

construction sites for family recreation. If it is maintained

the nature of the business, the sale can be performed using machines

(beverage, refreshment), additional sales (for example,

tobacco products, souvenirs, basic health

If necessary), the sale of food and beverages across the street, lending

newspapers and magazines, lending table party games

(for example, cards, chess), the operation of games (for example,

Billiards, bowling).

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Beauty cosmetic products intended for application to care

the skin of the whole body in order to improve and maintain its

appearance, slow signs of aging (plant-care cosmetics)

with the exclusion of massage procedures. The decoration of the body including the skin

version and decorating with special pencils and colours

probarvujících the surface of the skin temporarily (make-up).

Application of masks and wraps, nezahřívajících finishing,

Professional make-up, colouring eyelashes and eyebrows, sticking the eyelashes, edit

eyebrows, hair removal and hair removal. Cosmetic massage in the area

the face, neck and Décolleté Massage, exclusive of the eyeball

through the eyelid. To pursue the beauty services are used

matching cosmetic devices, cosmetic products,

cosmetic procedures and technologies (for example, Diagnostics

the surface of the skin, skin cleansing, peeling, napářka,

removing comedones and bloodless way mílií). Cannot be

to carry out the treatment of mucous membrane, the manipulation of the parent

signs, violation of the integrity of the human skin vpravováním

foreign matter, manicure, pedicure and massage services.

In the framework of the trade can be further carried out consultancy services,

including advice color typology, make-up for modeling,

Photo, film, tv, theatre, evaluation

cosmetic products.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Pedicure, manicure, foot care and skin softening hand and editing,

painting, cutting and sanding the nails. Nail art nails.

Application of masks and massage of the hands, the forearms, including the implementation of the

Special baths of legs and hands. Special operations during care

about the nail and the skin (for example, the release of the ingrown nail,

grinding the hardened skin of pat and nails). Professional advice.

In the context of trades can also perform hair removal, massage

the feet and foot pads, with the exception of specific massages, such as

massage pressure, lymphatic, and so on.

------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Annex 2

The contents of the trades the bound

The subject content of trades is also advising factually

content-related trades, if another law

provides otherwise.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Business content trades

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Geological work activities associated with the study, evaluation,

by documenting and showing the development and composition of

geological structures of the territory and their laws,

searching and exploration of non-reserved minerals deposits,

If not related to the exploitation of such minerals, verifying

their inventory and processing of geological data for

their use and protection, search and exploration

groundwater resources including natural medicinal water,

table, mineral and thermal, verifying their

usable inventory, by examining the adverse effects on

their quality and quantity, as well as the processing of

geological bases for their exploitation and protection,

establishment and verification of inženýrskogeologických

and hydro-geological circumstances territory, in particular for the purposes of

land-use planning documentation carried out by the buildings

including the stabilization of landslide areas, identifying

and verification of the geological conditions for the establishment, operation

and disposal of the equipment for the storage of gases, liquids

and waste in the rock environment and underground spaces,

for industrial use of the heat energy the Earth's crust

and for securing and disposing of old mine workings,

detection and evaluation of geological factors

affecting the environment, identifying

and the removal of anthropogenic pollution in the rock


------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The processing of tobacco and production of technological processes and operations, which

tobacco products from tobacco leaves gets raw tobacco suitable for

manufacture of tobacco products (in addition to primary agricultural production).

Tobacco processing to the final products for smoking

or sniffing.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The production of dangerous chemicals and chemical mixtures,

chemicals that have one or more of the hazardous properties,

and dangerous chemical for which they are directly applicable European law

mixtures and the sale of Union governing the classification of chemical substances and chemical

mixtures of chemicals classified as explosives, flammable

and chemical mixtures of gases, flammable aerosols, oxidizing gases, the gases under

classified as pressure, flammable liquids, flammable solids, spontaneously

very toxic and toxic reactive substances or mixtures, pyrophoric liquids,

pyrophoric solids, self-heating substances, or

mixture, substances or mixtures which, in contact with water, emit

flammable gases, oxidizing liquids, oxidizing solid

substances, organic peroxides or corrosive substances

for metals, acutely toxic, corrosive or irritant for

skin severely affecting the eyes, sensitising or irritating to eyes

the respiratory system or the skin, mutagenic in germ

cells, carcinogenic, toxic for reproduction,

specific target organ toxicity in single

or repeated exposure, hazardous if inhaled,

hazardous to the aquatic environment or dangerous for

the ozone layer. Sales of chemicals and chemical

mixtures, which are directly applicable legislation

The European Union provides for the classification of chemical

substances and chemical mixtures classified as acutely toxic

category 1, 2 or 3 or toxic to specific

target organs when one-time or repeated exposure

category 1. 1. from 1 June 2015, this is also about production

chemical mixtures that have one or more dangerous

the properties for which there are other legislation

governing the classification of chemical substances and chemical

mixtures classified as explosive, oxidizing,

extremely flammable, highly flammable, flammable, very toxic,

toxic, harmful, corrosive, irritant, sensitising,

carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction

and dangerous to the environment, and the sale

chemical mixtures, which are based on different legal

override the governing the classification of chemical substances and chemical

mixtures classified as highly toxic or

toxic. The content of the trade is not dealing with highly dangerous

substances under other legislation

governing the measures related to the prohibition of chemical


In the framework of this trade can make the purchase of the chemical

substances and chemical mixtures for the purpose of their further

sale and their sale.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Production and repairs of series-serial production of prostheses, orthoses and soft bandage after

the species of large, structural and material. Editing and

-dentures, repairs of series-produced prostheses, orthoses and soft

-fuselage braces, bandages.

-limb braces

-soft bandage

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Opticians, dispensing Individual fabrication and repair of correction

Ophthalmic equipment, identify the location of the pupils, inclination, and

pinch brýlového Wednesday, and other parameters needed

kezhotovení correction AIDS intended to distance, reading

or other working distance. Measurement and evaluation

the parameters of the head needed to manufacture corrective

glasses or other corrective devices, conversion

doctor or optometrist diopter values declared

astigmatic correction and calculation of the correction in view of changes

to its final position before the eye, customizing

made the correction to the dimensions of the head of the user AIDS

in order to meet functional, hygienic, safety

and aesthetic requirements. Submission of technical information

about how to use the correction tools and their

maintenance advice in the selection of corrective eyeglasses frames,

recommendation of appropriate species and adjustment of lenses.

In the framework of the trade can be performed whether or not the sale and repair of

spectacle frames, a large bulk of the correction

Ophthalmic equipment, Sun and protective glasses. Sale

eyeglasses accessories, gadgets and devices intended

for the maintenance, to protect the correction of eye cues and

eye protective equipment (for example, cases for

glasses, wipes and liquid for cleaning of


------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Business in the field of Collecting, gathering, collecting, purchasing, sorting,

management of hazardous transport, storage, treatment, recovery and disposal

management of hazardous waste. Operate the equipment to modify,

the use, disposal, collection or purchase of dangerous

the waste. Cross-border transportation of hazardous waste.

In the framework of the trade can operate spojenése

the collection, control, collection, purchase,

sorting, transporting, storing, treatment, use and

disposal of other waste. Additionally, you can run

transportation of faecal faecal coliform cars.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Project activity processing of spatial planning documentation,

in the construction of territorial studies, documentation for issuance of zoning and planning decision

or documentation for the conclusion of the public

the Treaty, replacing the planning, project

documentation pursuant to the building Act.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Implementation of constructions, their implementation of construction and Assembly work in

changes and removal of the completed buildings and renovations, changes (superstructure,

additions, alterations), maintenance of buildings and their

delete according to the building code, including the keeping of

the realization of buildings and their changes. In the implementation of those

the works can be executed as well as the activities of the

related to the realisation of the buildings, which are the subject of

craft trades, or trades free.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Purchase and sale of cultural Purchase for the purpose of further sale and sale of cultural

monuments or objects, sites, and objects of cultural value, based on their

cultural values assessment in terms of the age, origin, destination, copyright

materials, techniques, building and maintaining state

and in the context of determining the prices of the corresponding

the nature, quality and State of conservation of the cultural heritage

or the subject of cultural values, process documentation

for the realization of their purchase or sale and sledovánícen

objects of cultural value in the internal and international

the market. Compliance with the climatic and other conditions,

necessary for maintaining the status of objects before their

sales, and knowledge of, and compliance with other legal

the provisions governing the purchase and sale of cultural monuments

and objects of cultural value. Purchase mediation

and sale of cultural monuments and objects of cultural


------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Trade in pet animals for the purpose of their further sale

for extracurricular education and sale of animals intended for breeding (Aquarium of interest

fish, small rodents and rabbits, dogs, cats, exotic

animals, especially birds, reptiles, amphibians

and invertebrates, and the like), and in connection with the sale of the

animals on his own holding and purchasing, supply and sale

animal feed, livestock equipment, and equipment for animals

in the pet food industry.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Activities of accounting consultants, providing advice on issues of accounting

accounting, management and tax accounting under the law, in particular

tax records in the issues of the use of accounting methods, preparation of

accounting documents, compiling a chart of accounts, accounting,

about the business cases in the books, compilation

financial statements and consolidated financial statements, the annual

reports and consolidated annual report analysis

the financial situation of the business units, as well as the processing

supporting documents (instructions) for the accounting system.

Implementation of the accounting transactions in accordance with other legal

prescription. Keeping tax records.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The provision or activities associated with the provision of or přislíbením

mediation of consumer credit, which means a deferred payment,

consumer credit loans, loan or other similar financial services

consumer lender or broker

According to the law on consumer credit.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The implementation of the voluntary implementation of the voluntary public auctions of movable

auctions of movable assets according to things according to the law on public auctions, and

the Act on public auction is a public hearing, the purpose of which is the transition

auctions of property or other rights to the subject of the auction,

held on the basis of the proposal of the applicant that

the auctioneer turning to advance to an unspecified group of people

present at a predetermined location, or in the environment

public data network to a designated address, prompting

for the submission of tenders, and in which the person

the specified conditions will make the highest bid, goes

impact of ownership or other right auctioneer

to the subject of the auction, or the same public hearing, which

licitátorem was terminated because of that has not been done

even the lowest of administration. Activities for the security

preparation and organization of the auction (in particular to ensure

the publication of the auction auction announcement, ensure the estimate

the price of the lot, keeping records on auctions

and ensure the saving of documents of the business establishment,

If the subject of the auction).

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Valuation of assets for activities related to the valuation of movable assets

-movable property, immovable (buildings, flats and non-residential premises, land,

-immovable, enduring growths including forests), intangible and financial

-intangible assets, property and business establishment (for example, the valuation of property

-financial assets, the rights deriving from industrial property rights and rights in the mark

-commercial plant and production and technical knowledge, the valuation of the rights

the relevant material weights). The activities of the United

with the valuation of receivables, appreciation for taking over liability

and evaluating the provision of security. According to the requirement

the contracting authority under the law on price valuation

assets or market price, or in any other way.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Surveying Activities in building, rebuilding and maintenance point

the activities of the fields, detailed measurements of the boundaries of local and regional authorities

and real estate, and other cartographic content items

works of art, geometric plans and setting

land borders, charging the State borders, creation,

renewal and issuance of cartographic works, standardization

the geographic nomenclature, identification of spatial relations

methods of Engineering Geodesy and remote sensing,

data management in information systems of surveying, including

documentation and archive the results of the survey activities.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Design File processing activities in the processing

cataloging data characteristics about the product manufacturers and suppliers

According to a uniform system of classification for the purposes of another

legal regulation.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Revision, Revision, inspection tours and tests technical equipment

and the test pressure (gas, electrical, lifting,

technical equipment of the means, to protect from the effects of atmospheric

in the traffic and static electricity, for protection against negative

the effects of rear traction currents), which is used

to secure the operation of railways or railway transport or

the ski lifts.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Restoration works in the field of the implementation of the non-destructive survey works for the purpose

of fine arts, which determine their status, structure and material and the extent of

are not cultural damage with the use of historical sources and present

monuments or their information and the determination of the method of preservation or

parts, but restoration is stored. Preservation of works in such a way that

in the collections of museums, slowing the decline of the material substance of secure works

and galleries, or it is and keeps it as close to the carriage's preserved State. Restoration

on the subjects of cultural works in the scope that is necessary for their preservation or

the values for the restoration of their original appearance, based on

from a comprehensive knowledge of their original condition with the use of

verified technology material and in agreement with the

the sponsor of restoration. Processing of documentation all over the

the procedure of preservation or restoration of works by issuing

photographic documentation of works before and after the preservation or

restoration and during these processes, the description of the used

technical and technological procedures and all the

materials and processing instructions for aftercare

a preserved or restored the works.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Special protective professional activity, targeted on infectious diseases

disinfection, disinsection and vectors of infectious diseases, epidemiological

and rodent control of significant and harmful arthropods, rodents, and other

-without the use of toxic animals, to protect the health of individuals and the protection of

or highly toxic living and working conditions. Business is

the chemicals in the inactivation of pathogens and vectors of disease, teen

and the harmful chemicals and epidemiologically important arthropods,

with the exception of special rodents and other animals without the use of chemical

protective disinfection, chemical substances and mixtures that are classified

disinsection, and disinfestation as toxic or highly toxic in the teen agents

in the food and the carriers of infectious diseases, harmful

and agricultural operations, and epidemiologically important arthropods, rodents

-in food and other animals in food or agricultural

or agricultural operations, and in the teen agents and carriers of infectious

plants, diseases, harmful and epidemiologically significant

-toxic or highly arthropods, rodents and other animals with the use of

toxic chemical substances and mixtures classified as

substances or chemical toxic or highly toxic, with the exception of the Special

products, with the exception of protective disinfection performed by medical institutions

Special protective on his premises and professional activities in the field of

disinsection, and disinfestation of the plant health care.

in food or

agricultural operations

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Guiding the activity of the mountain guide consists in organizing

the mountain and the execution of individuals or groups in the mountain environment,

with the exception of areas of glaciers, rocks, kaňoningu and all

other terrains in which requires the use of

climbing equipment, climbing equipment and material

(in particular, crampon, ice axes, ropes, safety

resources), when in the snowy mountainous terrain is

the implementation of the only possible in the rolling terrain of the Nordic

the type and implementation of any ski is excluded,

skialpinistických and similar activities, with the exception of the walk

Snowshoeing on marked hiking trails.

The activity of the mountain guide, which is organizing the

and implementation of individuals or groups in the high

environment, including glaciers, while rock climbing

and climbing on the klettersteig, artificial climbing

the walls, skialpinistických, leadership

and organizing high-altitude expeditions, including

providing security.

In the context of trade, it is possible to carry out the activity

information, lending the climbing, climbing,

and similar armament and equipment.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Water rescue service services associated with providing assistance and ensuring the

Prevention of accidents and drowning in swimming pools, artificial

and the natural pools in the recreation, sport

and competitions on large surfaces of water and on the tourist

sporting events and boating competitions at running

("wild") water.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Technical-organizational technical-organizational activities that are

activities in the area of fire provided the obligations of legal entities and operating

the protection of individuals provided for by another regulation,

for example, some of the documentation-processing fire

protection, implementation of training and training

the staff of the fire protection, the establishment of conditions

fire safety activities operated, check

compliance with regulations on fire protection.

For the technical-organizational activities in the area of fire

protection does not constitute the provision of an organization

and operational management of units of fire protection.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The provision of services associated with security tasks arising

in the area of safety regulations to ensure safety at work and safety

and health at work of the technical equipment, the increased level of threat to life

and health regulations laying down the working conditions of

and the basic requirements for the working environment and the protection of

health at work, in particular activities related to the prevention of

risks, including designing measures to minimize

and removing risks on their resources, administration specialist

opinions on the safety level of the machine

and technical equipment in the design, construction,

manufacture, Assembly, operation, servicing, repair and maintenance.

Activities associated with the introduction and implementation of elements of the

in the system of management of safety and health at work

in the given object. The implementation of training in the field of safety

and health at work, including validation of knowledge

legal and other regulations to ensure safety

and health at work, consulting and organizational

activities in the field of safety and health

at work, assistance in investigation of accidents at work.

The provision and implementation of the tasks in the assessment

and prevention of the risks of a possible threat to the life or health

employees. Activity and safety coordinator

health at work at the construction site in the preparation of the construction and

its implementation.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The provision of physical education Teaching skills relevant to the sports industry

and sports services and the related organizing sports activities for

in the area of individuals and groups, including lending sports

Tools, kits and technical sports resources.

Management of public physical education and sports schools.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The pursuit of announcements Providing teaching in the regulations on the use of vehicles,

control and maintenance of vehicles, control theory and policy

safe driving and teaching medical training, training

in control of the vehicle, in a practical vehicle maintenance

and medical preparation to obtain a driving licence.

The basic training of applicants for the professional certificate within the meaning of

other legislation.

In the framework of the trade you can do fitness

and advanced training of the holders of driving licences

and improvement of the professional competence of drivers.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Courses to obtain the organisation of specialised courses to gain knowledge

knowledge for the performance to the performance of special protective disinfection, disinsection

special safety rodent control, in particular the provision of these

disinfection, disinsection, courses, ensuring the content and scope of the course in accordance with the

rodent control and other legislation, provision of lectors and custom

lecturing. The issue of proof of completion of the course.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Care of a child under three years of Educational care for children under three years of age

age in day mode in day or week services aimed at developing mode

the reasoning and speech, movement,

working, music, artistic skills and cultural

hygiene habits of reasonable age of the child. The provision of

the health and safety of children, their stay in the fresh

air, food, sleep in the corresponding hygienic

environment and personal hygiene of children, including the provision of

first aid.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Psychological counseling Activity aimed at overcoming the psychological

and diagnose problems of the individual and the development of his personality. Help for children

and youth with behavioural disorders, the disabled, and when

choice of profession, marital counseling,

sports and other. The use of relaxation techniques when you

pedagogic-psychological counselling, as additional

services, but not with a therapeutic aim or effect.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Dressage Training animals, animals whose aim is their performance

before the public (for example, in circuses, variety show)

and in the image media.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Activities in which is the decorative feats on healthy human skin in order to

violated the integrity of the aesthetic adjustments of its appearance, which is

human skin violated the integrity of the skin. Vpravování approved

biocompatibility of foreign substances such as pigments,

metal objects and other materials into the skin using a

sterile instruments and special devices or equipment

for single use. The implementation of permanent make-up,

tattoos, body piercing, earpearcing

and the like.

The content of the trade is not vpravování other substances

used in medical treatments, such as

for example, hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Massage, rehabilitation and the provision of sports, reconditioning

and restorative and regenerative massages services (which are carried out on healthy

individuals and nenavodí treatment process), to the exclusion of

the technique reflex massages, and the provision of regeneration and

reconditioning services (for example, paraffin wraps).

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

The operation of solariums, operation and maintenance of the device the solarium to instantly

the use of the consumer so as to prevent its use

to exceed the allowed dose of radiation, and thus to damage

a person's health.

------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------

Annex 3

Content of business franchises

The subject content of trades is also advising factually related

with content trades, if another law provides otherwise.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Business content trades

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Manufacture and adjustment of fermented alcohol, production of ethyl alcohol by distillation or other separation from fermented

drinking alcohol, spirits sugars solutions originating from the starchy or sugars

and other alcoholic beverages, raw materials, or other materials containing alcohol fermentation, adjustment

(with the exception of beer, fruit wines, alcohol thus obtained its enhancement or denaturing and production

other wines and Mead and fruit alcoholic drinks, the production of which directly arises from the distillation

distillates obtained cultural materials listed above at least part of the ethanol contained in those

Tan) and sale of fermented alcohol, beverages (spirits of genuine, destilátůřezaných and spirits

drinking alcohol and spirituous beverages produced a special in the traditional way), with the exception of the production of

fruit spirits derived type of Tan. Production

drinking alcohol and spirit drinks cold on the way (blending) and production

other alcoholic beverages, beer, fruit výjimkouvýroby

wines, other wines and Mead. The sale of fermented alcohol, drinking

ethyl alcohol and spirits.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Manufacture and adjustment of alcohol Production of ethyl alcohol by distillation or sulfitového other departments from fermented

or ethyl alcohol synthetic solutions derived from cellulose alcohol production by synthesis and editing

alcohol thus obtained its enhancement or denaturing.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Research, development, production, destruction, research, development, production and processing of explosives.

disposal, processing, purchase, disposal and destruction of explosives. Purchase and sale of explosives.

and sale of explosives

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Development, manufacture, repair, modification, development and production of weapons, repair, and modification of weapons, in particular

transporting, buying, selling, renting, trouble shooting weapons and change their properties according to the

alone, the undermining of the order. Performing maintenance, installation and adjustment of weapons,

the destruction of weapons and ammunition and arms shipments to the specified location. Purchase and sale of weapons,

lending arms, storage, retention, and proper care

weapons taken into custody. Degradation and destruction.

Development and production of ammunition, repairs, modifications, purchase, sale

and lending ammunition transport ammunition in the designated location

and the issue of a specific recipient, storage, retention, and proper

custody to the custody of ammunition destruction taken

and the undermining of the ammunition.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Buying and selling, lending, development, purchase, sale and hire of things which might be available to the defence and

manufacture, repair, modification, security purposes under other právníhopředpisu (hereinafter referred to as

retention, storage, transportation, "material"). Storage, retention, and proper care

degradation and destruction of the safety material taken into custody. Development and production of

safety material safety material, corrections and adjustments to the safety material,

in particular, the removal of his faults and change its properties according to the

the order. Maintenance and installation of safety material,

his transport to the indicated place. Degradation and destruction

safety material.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Production and processing of fuels and lubricants and maintenance Management of technological processes for the purpose of processing

and distribution of fuel oil and the production of oil products (fuels and lubricants) using

mass storage units or jednotlivýchčástí technology

complexes with common elements of automation, měřenía control, including control

technological production mode. Process control of chemical-physical

transformations in all physical States of manual or mechanical control elements

control. Operation of filling the device with pipeline distribution systems, storage

and handling work. The use of chemical reagents and compounds for

tempering preparations and products. The collection, processing and transfer of

information about the progress of production and about changes to the chemical and physico-chemical

the properties of the intermediate products and finished products in the implementation of technological

tasks and integrated management of the production process. The production of biofuels blending

a mixture of hydrocarbon components and neuhlovodíkového (plant)

origin (for example, mixed oil). The production of lubricating oils and greases

lubricants. Production of liquid hydrocarbon fuels from raw materials neropného

origin. The reprocessing of waste hydrocarbon products (for example,

used and waste mineral oils), nakapalná (heaters

oil) and reusable lubricating oils (engine and transmission).

Fuel distribution, which rozumíjejich the sale, with the exception of

sales of fuel from a service station and sales of compressed natural

gas, if the dealer holds a valid licence to trade

with gas under the Energy Act.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Production and distribution of thermal energy production and distribution (transportation, accumulation, conversion of parameters

the heat energy, not subject to thermal energy distribution and supply of heat) heat

a license from the energy sources implemented that does not license under another legal

thermal energy with the prescription. The installed power one source for this business is

the performance of a single source over 50 kW means the total power of the boiler room, which can be installed one

a source with an output of 50 kW or more resources on a lower performance

that, in aggregate, exceed the value of 50 kW.

The contents of the trades is not delivery the heat energy that

provide home owners (landlords) for their own

the tenants.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

A summary of the activities of road transport, which provides the přepravaosob,

-freight operating vehicles of things and animals of road motor vehicles or articulated vehicle

or combinations of kits for hire or reward, as well as the movement of

the maximum permitted weight of road motor vehicles or combinations of vehicles

exceeding 3.5 tonnes if they are themselves after the highways, roads, local roads

designed for the transport of animals or of public purpose and komunikacícha free

things, terrain. Road freight transport can be operated

-passenger vehicles operated as a passenger transport or freight.

used for the carriage of more than passenger transport is broken down into personal operated vehicles

9 people including the driver, designed for carrying more than 9 persons, including the

-truck operated by the driver and passenger vehicles operated by vehicles used for the

or combinations of carrying not more than nine persons including the driver; freight transport

maximum permitted weight is divided into cargo operated by vehicles or

not exceeding 3.5 tons, are combinations of maximum permitted weight

intended for the transport of animals or of more than 3.5 tons, provided these are intended for the transport of animals

things, or things, and cargo operated by vehicles or articulated vehicle

-passenger vehicles operated the largest combinations allowed weight not exceeding

used for the carriage of no more than 3.5 tons, provided these are intended for the transport of animals or

9 people including the driver of things.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Inland waterway transport, which is a summary of the activities of the zajišťujepřeprava people, things

where appropriate, animals, as well as the přemísťováníplavidel themselves after

inland waterway for hire or reward, except

floating equipment, floating devices and other controllable

floating bodies under other legislation.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Testing of professional Review of the performance of professional equipment

equipment for preparations for the application of plant protection products for the correct application

of plant protection products in accordance with technological requirements

established by other legislation and the issue of the proof of the functional

the eligibility of the device.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

The implementation of a pyrotechnic survey Purposeful search for ammunition or explosives by the detection

techniques and their identification of the set procedure, or

their pickup, or oversight in the zemníchpracích, in which

expected to find ammo or explosives. Identification of the found ammunition

or explosives.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Implementation of public auctions of the activities associated with the implementation of voluntary public auctions

-voluntary under other legislation, while the auction is voluntary

-involuntary auction carried out on the request of the person entitled to dispose of the assets,

and the implementation of public auctions of captive under other

the legislation, while the auction is an involuntary auction

be carried out on the design of auction of the creditor whose claim is

granted in an enforceable judicial decision or enforceable

arbitration or accompanied by a notarised writing enforceable

or enforceable exekutorským writing that contains the

requirements provided for by other legislation, or documented

other enforceable decision, which the Court admits the performance

the law, including the payment of assessments and statements of arrears. The auction is

means the public hearing, the purpose of which is the transition of ownership or

another right to the subject of the auction, held on the basis of a proposal

the applicant, in which the auctioneer turned to advance to an unspecified

persons present at a predetermined location, or in the environment

public data network to the specified address with a call for the submission of tenders and

in which the person who makes the highest under the specified conditions

the menu, navigates hammering auctioneer or other ownership rights to the

the subject of the auction, or the same public hearing, which was licitátorem

terminated on the ground that has not been done nor the lowest submission, while

the subject of the auction can be a matter of immovable, commercial establishment or its

organizational folder, transferable ownership rights to the subject of

the auction was designed to their vydraženía fulfil the conditions

established by other legislation and then a thing or set of things

movable assets, if the applicant is not the owner of the auction of these things.

The subject of the auction may be involuntary everything can be a pledge

under other legislation, in addition to items of cultural value

in the field of archaeology and sacred objects of cultural value

and iconic character that are not accompanied by a certificate to permanent

export. Further activities for the security organization of the auction

(in particular to ensure the publication of the auction auction announcement,

ensure the estimate price of the subject of the auction, record keeping

on auctions, security, storage of documents of the business establishment,

If it is the subject of the auction). The content of the trade is not the implementation

public auctions in the securities field.

In the context of trades you can make a voluntary auction of things

movable assets.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

The operation of travel agents Organizing tours, offering and sale. A package means

the combination of services under other legislation. Additionally, you can also

market, sell and mediate the sale of individual services

tourism and organize or offer to sell

and facilitate the sale of a combination of individual services

tourism. Individual tourism services

refers in particular to the security of transport, accommodation, catering,

guide services, sales and booking tickets, sales

and booking of railway and bus tickets including seat reservation,

sales and booking ferry tickets including cabins, intermediation

visas, deals and sales to spa services for the purpose of relaxation

and recondition, supply and sale of sports activities for the purpose of

relaxation and recondition (such as horse riding, bike hire

and other sports equipment, stay fit-centres),

mediation and participation in sports and social

events and facilitating the sale of additional services associated

with recreation, relaxation and professional commercial negotiations.

In the framework of the trade can be further sell stuff related

Tourism, in particular, tickets, maps, schedules, timetables,

the printed Guide and souvenir items.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Guarding of property and persons Providing services associated with security and protection

immovable and movable property, security during transport of money and when you

processing, valuables or other property, the protection of people,

ensuring order in the locations of public gatherings,

the celebrations, sports undertakings, or follow the instructions of the folk entertainments

customer evaluation of the security risks and operation

Central ticketing desks of protection.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

The services of private detectives services associated with the search for persons and property, with detection

facts, which may serve as evidence,

obtaining information relating to natural or legal persons

or their matrimonial property regime, receiving information in connection

with the recovery of debts, the search of the infringements

threatening trade secrets and related data collection and

their evaluation.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

The provision of technical services to design, installation, inspection, maintenance and repair

to protect the persons and property of electronic alarm systems (in particular systems

security, emergency, fire protection, access control,

call for help, integrated and camera)

to protect persons and property against unauthorized access, including

alarm systems and equipment to help monitor the movement of

and expressions of people in buildings and their surroundings. Installation, repair,

maintenance, revision and management of mechanical barrier systems

In addition to increasing the effectiveness of the security běžnýchstandardů

persons and property.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Management of the archieves and Ensure professional document management agent, where applicable, its

legal predecessors, in the range of tasks related to conservation

These documents, performance, and to allow for the implementation of agenda nahlédací

the selection of the records, and to the same extent related

obligations that are the law on Archives and records

the service determined that the originator.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

The operation of shooting ranges and training operation of the shooting range for teaching and practicing shooting and implementation

and training in firing weapons sharp shootings of firearms. Výukateorie of fire including

teaching related legislation, safety

and the medical leadership training and implementing minimum, firing from the

arms and weapons under the supervision of the custody.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Blasting and blasting Fireworks, which mean the professional activity,

work which uses chemical energy conversion explosion of explosives

involving file operations, in particular in charge of explosives,

preparation and charge the roznětných cartridge, making roznětné network

launch the load (hit) and blast bombs (blast). Ohňostrojné

the work, which means a professional activity, which uses energy

chemical conversion of explosive pyrotechnic articles which are considered as

explosive articles to the invocation of the lighting, or sound effects.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Operation of funeral services the provision of services associated with negotiating the contract

about the burial of human remains, transporting, storing it in

coffin, modifying, storing it in a temporary premises intended for that purpose

and the funeral ceremony (reverent Act) and other activities of the United

with bury, with the exception of the operation of the cemetery, the implementation of the

balzamací and preservation and human remains or ashing

exhumovaných human remains, ash and his editing store

to the urns. Human remains at the disposal of conveyance of the medical

the device, police authorities and other law

in criminal proceedings.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

The implementation of balzamace and conservation activities associated with the adjustment of lidskýchpozůstatků prevention

the development of posthumous changes induced by bacteria or hnilobnými

insects. Intake of antiseptic substances to avoid

decomposition (balzamace). Activities related to modifying the human

the remains of retarding the development of posthumous changes induced by

hnilobnými bacteria or insects (conservation), which do not consist

only human remains in the cooling in the cooling devices.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Operation of a crematory Operation includes providing services cremation services

the zpopelňováním of human neboexhumovaných human remains

of the remains and related waste, ash, his editing

saving to the urns and burial records by passing to the customer

operation of the crematorium, as well as other related activities

(for example, music, security storage of URNs

and so on).

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Annex 4

Free business content according to the individual fields of activity

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The content field of activity

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

1. The provision of services for the provision of services for farmers farming entities

Agriculture, horticulture, agricultural technology, in particular in seasonal work and the implementation of the

fish farming, forestry, post-harvest crop modifications of plant commodities. Operation of irrigation

and hunting systems and amelioration of the device. Implementation of the garden and Park

editing (particularly trees and other vegetation, planting

flowers, editing, lawns, felling of trees in the parks and orchards),

with the exception of architectural modifications. The binding of the wreaths and bouquets of flowers. The collection of mushrooms,

collection of plants. Sheep shearing, treating the hooves of cattle and small

ruminant animals. Supply of services in farming and fishing. Services

associated with the growing activities in the forest, timber harvesting and transport, forest

in particular, wood skidding, storage of wood and its removal after

forest roads and other roads or places of nasklady

consumption, if this is associated with mining, zooming

and storage of wood in the forest. The provision of services in the context of

with the protection of the forest. The provision of services in hunting, which means

in particular, the provision of equipment for the movement of odchytových

trapped or killed game, připrodukci (download, services

cleaning, turn off and so on) to hides and skins from wild game killed

and adjustments to the hunting trophies, artificial breeding drobnézvěře, if they are not

made in the exercise of the right myslivostia are not farmed

breeding game. Other similar activities.

The content of the activities are not activities of forest care,

preparation of forest management plans and management aosnov

with reproductive material of forest tree species.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

2. the activities of the professional provision of professional level of forest management of forests, monitoring

the householder and the drawing up of the State forest, the provision of advisory services and provlastníky of the forest,

forest management, in particular in the area of protection, mining, rehabilitation and education of forest stands,

plans and curricula, and recommending ways and terms of implementation of the measures required when

forest management. The granting of consents and issuing opinions and

observations on the activities for which it is required by law

management of forests. Assessment of žádostemvlastníků forest

subsidies and assistance in the preparation of projektůzalesnění.

Preparation of proposals for forest plánůa changes and

Re-engineering of proposals for forest plans on the basis of

the opinions of the public authorities. Preparation of proposals

economic curriculum and their changes. Other related activities.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

3. Diagnostic, testing and Detection and diagnosis of harmful organisms, plant

consultancy products and disturbances caused by the plants as a result of physical

in the protection of plants and chemical factors, the monitoring of the occurrence and development of harmful organisms

plant care, plants, including foresight activities and determining the optimal

plant products, in terms of protection measures, the concept of integrated pest management

objects and soil against for agricultural business. Consultancy relating to methods

harmful organisms to combat harmful organisms, including the provision of data on the economic

plant protection effectiveness of the treatment plant. Treatment plants (crops) against

plants or biocides harmful organisms and abiotic disorders of origin (spraying

products of the land with the help of a tractor products or self-propelled

sprayers, air treatment, spraying shoulder sprayer,

pickling seeds at mořičkách, topping the plants with a solution of

and so on), the treatment of plant products against diseases and

abiotic disorders of origin (wood, spraying against pests

treatment of corn pest control when loading or

the findings of their occurrence, potato protiklíčení and treatment

Similarly, the treatment of objects) against harmful organisms of plants

and plant products (treatment of empty bramboráren before harvest

potatoes, the treatment of grain silos after cleaning, treatment of warehouses

seeds and the like) and soil treatment (incorporation of granular preparations

into the soil against soil pests and diseases, and so on)

plant protection products or biocides.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

4. Collection and management of reproductive reproductive materiálulesních trees collection

material of forest tree species for the purpose of putting it into circulation. The marketing of forest reproductive material

into circulation, this is the offering of the reproductive material for sale, sale

or delivery to a third party, including delivery on the basis of the Treaty

for the provision of the services, or any other form of transfer of rights

dispose of the reproductive material to another person when doing business,

imports for the purpose of sale or provision of samples of genetic

resources and other related activities.

The content of the activity is not a transfer of the right to dispose of the reproductive

material in respect of the first transfer of the rights of the owner of the source

reproductive material to another person and the owner of the source or its

employees in connection with this transfer is not taking part in the production,

and the treatment of reproductive material, if should be used for other

purpose than to rehabilitate the forest and reforestation.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

5. Animal husbandry and their training, Breeding dogs, cats and other small animals or animals

(with the exception of animal in companion animal establishments, Zoo and laboratory animals or

production and sale of animals animals) or animals from this custom.

Dog training and possibly other small pets for other

purposes than artistic performances. Training riding horses,

where appropriate, the training of horses for purposes other than the circus artistry

performances. The operation of hotels, shelters and jinýchobdobných device

caring for the animals. Implementation of hairdressing and other beauty

adjustments of small domestic and other animals. Other activities

domestic farming and Zoo animals.

The content of the activity is not to trade in animals intended for interest

breeding, dressage animals, veterinary activities and operation of the

Zoological gardens.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

6. treatment of minerals, conquering the next edit already the compensating and depleted of minerals,

of peat and mud brick and ceramic processing, for example, clays, production

Bituminous mixtures from nadrceného previously. Processing salts

the stone for the food and non-food purposes, especially

preparation of the brine, crushing, cleaning and refining salt. Processing of materials

for the production of porcelain. Mining of peat and manufacture

peat briquettes. Removal of mud from the bottom of water ponds

and other similar activities.

The content of the activity is not mining and quarrying (except

peat) and those raw materials and coating carried out

in the context of their exploitation.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

7. Manufacture of food products manufacture of food processing plant

and starch products and animal ingredients and food supplements, additives and processing AIDS

substances to foods intended for human consumption, in particular the processing of

poultry, rabbit, venison, fish, aquatic animals, eggs, honey,

fruits, nuts, vegetables, including the production of pure juices

and concentrates from fruits and vegetables, mushroom, potato processing and production

edible fats and oils, sugar, and natural sweeteners, cocoa

the powder and the mixtures of cocoa with sugar, confectionery, chocolate and chocolate

sweets, modifying rice and pulses, tea, coffee, spices, production

food supplements, additives, and Excipients, food

intended for particular nutritional uses (baby, baby food, for

gluten-free diets, slimming, nízkoproteinové etc), fermented

vinegar and yeast, pasta, Granola and cereal mixes, canned

and dehydrated products. Manufacture of soft drinks, bottling

and edit the bottled water and the production of other beverages. The production of wine,

fruit wines and Mead. The production of starch, starch-based foods

and other starches and starch products, in particular dextrinových

and starch adhesives, hydrolysed and the modified starches for

impregnating, solidification and other non-food purposes. The production of food

without the ability to direct the consumption in the premises of the restaurant.

The content of the activity is not large and small meat processing

slaughter animals, other than poultry, rabbits and wild game meat processing

meat preparations and meat products, processing of grain into flour

and other milled products and processing mlékaa production of milk

products, production of bakery and confectionery products, ice-cream,

fermented alcohol, spirits, alcoholic beverages produced by cold

along the way, and beer.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

8. Production of fruit growers ' distillation of spirits for growers of fruit cultivation


------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

9. The production of feedingstuffs, feed the production of feedingstuffs, compound feedingstuffs and premixtures for doplňkovýchlátek

mixtures of additives for livestock. The production of feedingstuffs, additives and premixtures

and premixtures (granules, mixtures, and stews) and feeding for domestic animals

for birds, aquarium fish, and other animals.

The content of the activity is not the production of industrially unprocessed feed

for farm animals produced agricultural primary producers

(forages, hay, grain, feed, and so on).

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

10. Manufacture of textiles, textile manufacture of textile yarns and cotton spinning takes place

products, garments and clothing fibres, wool yarn, chemical fiber and other textile

supplements fibers (flax, jute, hemp, vigoňových, paper

and so on), soukáním and editing the silk, soukáním and the shaping of the

synthetic and artificial yarns, manufacture of sewing threads. Production of fabrics

cotton, flax, silk, vlnařských, jutařských,

woven fabrics of man-made fibres and other fabrics. The production of linen

underwear from a variety of fabrics, children's zavinovaček, residential

and table of made-up textile articles, namely quilts

blankets, pillows and sleeping bags, the residential unit of textiles

(blankets, curtains, drapes, rugs, notice boards and the like),

textile products (cloths, dusters, towels, sheets, tents,

bags, bags of textile material, parachutes, battalions, flags

and so on) and haberdashery, carpets apodlahových coverings

of textile fabrics, ropes, ropes, netting

(fishing nets, ropes, ropes, and so on), non-woven

textile materials including impregnated, knitted

and crocheted fabrics, coated and other textiles

(cord fabrics for tires, conveyor belts, cotton wool

and so on). Production of outer clothing (including social clothes)

made from woven, knitted and crocheted fabrics

and materials, both industrially and in the form of custom production.

Production of work and protective clothing, underwear,

hosiery, leather clothes and clothing accessories (leather

even imitation), millinery products and clothing accessories hats,

caps and clothing for sport and leisure (Tracksuits,

Ski clothing and other sports clothing). Production

fur garments, accessories, blankets, rugs and various items

of furskin, artificial fur and products made from them. Manufacture of knitted

apparel, clothing accessories and other goods manual or mechanical

knitting, manufacture of crocheted apparel, accessories, blankets, curtains

and other goods. Embroidery, bobbin, drhání and other handmade

the processing of textile materials. Decorations for clothing application

apparel and clothing accessories. Painting on fabric, batik and other

art-craft processing, textiles and manufacture of wearing apparel

and other products from these materials. Editing service.

The content of the activity is manufacture of wearing apparel, clothing accessories

and textile goods orthopaedic nature, finishing of textiles

(dyeing and chemical treatment), spinning and fiber tkaníazbestových

and manufacture of glass fibres, processing of hides and skins.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

11. Manufacture of footwear manufacture of bags, briefcases, handbags and the like

brašnářského saddlery and luggage of leather, substitutes or other materials, if

item uses the same technology as for the leather products, non-metallic straps

Watch bands and other products made from leather or their substitutes (drive

belts, seals, and so on), saddlery products, shoes and parts

footwear. Coloring of these products from the skin.

The content of the activity is not the production of orthopaedic resources in nature,

clothing of leather, tanning leather, manufacture of Orthopedic shoes.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

12. Wood processing, sawmilling production (cutting and obráběnímdřeva and similar

of wood, Cork, material on the saws), manufacture of wooden railway sleepers,

straw and straw nepoložené floor coverings, wood wool, wood briquettes

products, raw materials, shingles, and so on. Drying, impregnation or chemical

Timber preservation and similar resources. The operation of

wood dryers.

Manufacture of veneer sheets, plywood products and agglomerated

timber products, wooden packing cases, boxes, pallets or

the cost of wood shims, barrels, kegs, tubs, tubes and other

cooperage products, kolářských products, wooden spools for cables

and other products made of wood (wooden holders and handles

for instruments, footwear hooves, kuchyňskýchvýrobků of wood,

spindles and the like). Natural cork-processing and production of goods

from natural agglomerated Cork. Výrobaslaměného wire

and products from it (mats, rugs, and so on). Production of basketball

goods and košatin. Activities associated with the processing of uměleckořemeslným

wood creation wood products (figurines, ornaments, marketerie,

bushings, cabinets and the like). Manufacture of wooden

architectural models for different purposes.

The content of the activity is not the production of stavebnětruhlářská, production

furniture, or furniture making, manufacture of wooden

toys and jewelry.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

13. Manufacture of pulp, paper production of bleached, unbleached and polobělenépapírové fiber,

and cardboard and goods made of these manufacture of pulp from waste paper, production of paper and paperboard

materials (including coating, coating and impregnation of paper and cardboard),

cellulose wadding, corrugated paper and packaging material made of paper

and cardboard, household goods, health products atoaletních

from the paper, Office and school supplies from paper, wall hangings (including

wallpapers-coated plastics and textile wall hangings), furniture and other

goods of paper and paperboard (filter papers, paper

and cardboard rolls, and so on).

The content of the activity is manufacture of games, toys, playing cards

of paper and paperboard.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

14. Publishing activities, activities related to the issuance of newspapers, journals and other

printing production, periodicals, books and brochures, sheet music and music manuscripts,

Bookbinding and copying photos, greeting cards, dictionaries, phone books, maps, atlases,

posters, catalogues, advertising brochures, diaries, calendars,

the forms and other printed materials. Publishing on the

The Internet. The implementation of the corrections and technical editors. All kinds of

printing production. Implementation of all printing techniques, in particular

printing, rotogravure, offset printing and lithography. Traditional

or the newly introduced technology in the production of newspapers, magazines, books,

Cartographic works, posters, envelopes, notes, or other

printed matter, on their respective machines and devices. The binding of books,

paspartizace, current xerografické work. Reproduction print

photocopying machine or počítačovýmitiskárnami templates (including

scanning), printing on various materials, tamponovýmtiskem, and so on.

The content of the activity is not a reproduction and audio software

and sound-recordings, issuing and recording audio

and sound-recordings.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

15. production, reproduction, production and reproduction of audio and sound-recordings,

distribution, sale, rental, in particular activities associated with the acquisition of the original phonographs

audio and visual recordings and audiovisual works-for commercial use

recordings and production of copies thereof. The activities of publishers and producers of Phonograms

blank media data of audiovisual works and other films. Distribution, sales and rental

and records sound and sound-recordings, výrobanenahraných media

data and audio and Visual-obrazovýchzáznamů, personal

magnetic cards and other unrecorded nosičůúdajů.

The content of the activity is not the provision of computer software

and the production of paper.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

16. Manufacture of Coke, raw Activities associated with the production of Coke, tar from black

tar and other hard and brown coal and other solid fuels (such as coal).

fuels Containing activity is not manufacture of chemicals and chemical


------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

17. Manufacture of chemicals, the manufacture of chemicals and mixtures or articles, such as plastics,

fibres and synthetic rubber products, paints, dyes, detergents apigmentů

and cosmetic powders, chemical substances and mixtures for laboratory purposes. Production

synthetic endless fibres, filament, simple

fibres, including highly tough and textured yarns, monofilament,

staple fibres, cables, inserts and strips of pulp and natural

polymers containing nitrogen and other chemical synthetic fibres.

Processing of basic organic and inorganic raw materials,

semi-finished products and processing AIDS in the production of semi-finished products and individual

kinds and forms of solid and liquid cosmetic products, their

modification and refinement in different technological and heat

modes. Cosmetic products are substances or mixtures according to the right

of the applicable legislation of the European Union relating to cosmetic

products such as toilet SOAP, bath oils, shampoos

for hair, hair dyes, skin and body creams, toothpastes,

shaving, make-up, perfumes, medicines

for sunbathing, Nail Polish and removers, preparations for hair,

products for external intimate hygiene. Within the scope of activities can be

perform the appropriate development activities and laboratory analysis

of chemical substances and mixtures for the production of cosmetic products.

The content of the activities is the production of dangerous chemicals

and chemical mixtures or articles, fuels and lubricants, synthetic and

fermented alcohol, medicines and fertilizers.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

18. the fertiliser production Activities linked to the production of mineral, organic

organic-mineral fertilizers, Assistant půdníchlátek, Assistant

herbal products and substrates.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

19. Production of plastic manufacture of semi-finished and finished products made of plastic (the plastic

and rubber products plates, blocks, sheets, profiles, films, hoses, tubes, food

artificial casings, etc.), packaging of plastics, plastic products for

construction (doors, Windows, shutters, panelling, flooring, plumbing

goods, and so on), plastic utensils and other household goods

and similar use, the plastic toilet, Office and school

needs, part of clothing, machine components fabricated from plastics,

production of plastic furniture and nábytkovéhokování of plastics

and the like. Manufacture of rubber products manufactured by cold along the way.

The content of the activity is manufacture of plastics in primary form

processing of rubber mixtures vulcanisation. Production of plastic

toys, sports equipment, medical and dental equipment

and AIDS.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

20. production and processing of glass manufacture of tempered or laminated flat glass, glass

mirrors, laminated insulating glass elements, hollow,

the packaging, production, lighting, and decorative glass, glass

fibres including glass wool and fiber glass yarn, glass products

for laboratory, technical and sanitary purposes, hour glass,

optical glass, glass insulators, rods, tubes and the like.

Commercial glass paint or leaded, sodnodraselných

color surfaces of glass lustres and lazurami, the coating of high

enamel on glass surfaces including follow-up burning in

burning furnaces. Laser processing of glass.

The content of the activity is not grinding, etching and engraving of glass.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

21. manufacture of building materials, the production of ceramic products prosanitární purposes,

porcelain, ceramic non-refractory ceramic tiles, tiles, mosaic

and plaster bricks, tiles, structural non-refractory construction

materials of baked clay (bricks, roof coverings, pipe

chimney piping tubes, floor fittings), stoneware for

construction, cement (clinker, hydraulic cement, scoria

cement, phosphate, aluminozního, and so on), lime, mortar

plaster, dry powder mortar, building elements made of concrete, products

of cement or artificial stone, plaster products for construction

the purposes, concrete, building materials, transport of asbestos or

from vegetable substances associated with cement or plaster or

other mineral binders, objects from the beginning of the fibrous cement

and the like. Manufacture of Refractory cements and fireproof

ceramic products (thermal insulation of ceramic goods

Quartz-Earth, refractory brick, fittings, ceramic

retort, cups, muffle, tubes, keramickébižuterie, toys

and so on), insulators, asoučástí

Laboratory of chemical and industrial products made of ceramics,

ceramic vessels used for the transport and packaging of fluids and other

ceramic products for technical purposes. Manufacture of household

and decorative porcelain, ceramics, pottery products, asádrových

decoration of porcelain and ceramics.

The content of the activity is not processing přírodníhokamene.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

22. Manufacture of abrasive products and other production of millstones, ostřicích and polishing stones

non-metallic mineral from natural or artificial abrasives, abrasive products (including on

products soft basis) and the production of fibres, fabrics, clothing, protective helmets,

shoes, cords, rope, twine, ropes, felt of mineral materials

mineral insulating materials produced from slag wool,

rock wool and similar mineral wool, vermikulitové,

expansive clays and similar thermal insulation materials, soundproofing

insulation or sound absorbing materials and articles from a variety of

mineral substances (revised mica, MICA products,

peat and graphite for non-electrical purposes).

The content of the activity is not the production of glass wool, work related

with manual and mechanical processing of natural and artificial stone (for

construction, cemeteries, roads and similar purposes).

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

23. the technical Grinding Grinding of technical and šperkového stone, in particular, splitting,

and šperkového of stone cutting, grinding and polishing of natural and synthetic gems

and technical stones. Grinding of special manifold according to the drawing

or prototype.

The content of the activities are not work related to the processing of

natural stone (for the construction industry, and so on) and jewellery work

associated with the assembling of šperkového stone.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

24. production and processing of metallurgical Production of pig-iron, Foundry pig iron,

iron, precious pig iron for steelmaking, houbovitéhoželeza (in pieces,

and non-ferrous metals and their granules, etc.), steel production in the community, electrical

and open-hearth furnaces alloys and other methods, vysokouhlíkového

ferro-manganese, blast furnace zrcadloviny in basic shapes and cast iron.

Production of hot-and cold-rolled steel products

from ingots, in particular the wide and narrow belts, plates, sheets, foils,

wire, rods, profiles and sheet piles, Rails and other products for

the railroad. Production of cast iron and steel atrubek all kinds of

Metallurgical technology, the production of fittings, welded steel tubes

and pipes and steel pipe couplings. Production of bars and profiles

fittings. Production of steel wire by dragging or pulling for

cold. Other metallurgical material processing, in particular the production

ferro-alloys, iron powder and granular iron, a material for

rail tops, metallic sand for sand blasting. The production of precious

metals (production and refining of gold, silver, Platinum, etc.), production

metallurgical products and semi-finished products made of precious metals. General plating

silver metal, base metal or silver plating with gold,

plating of gold, silver or Platinum metal (or metals

her group). The production of alloys of precious metals for technical,

jewelry and dental purposes, including raw materials, přípravyvýchozích

melting and refining, production of semi-finished products manual or mechanical

by casting into moulds and the subsequent mechanical and thermal processing

operating and laboratory diagnosis, including the setting of purity

alloys. Production of aluminium and aluminium alloy metallurgical products

semi-finished products of aluminium and its alloys and alumina. Production

lead, zinc, Tin, copper from ore and purified waste

and scrap, manufacture of alloys of these metals and products from these apolotovarů

metals and their alloys. Production of chromium, manganese, nickel, and other

non-ferrous metals from ores, oxides or electrolytically

and aluminotermicky purified waste and scrap metal, alloys of these metals

and metallurgical products and semi-products made of these metals and their alloys.

Manufacture of nickel mattes.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

25. Manufacture of metal structures production of metal parts and components for industrial purposes (for

and fabricated metal products blast furnace, lifting and handling equipment), production of metal parts

and structures for construction and prefabricated building parts

mostly made of metal, metal doors, Windows and their frames,

shutters, blinds, gates and the like. Production of pressure vessels, tanks,

reservoirs and containers of metal, including the metal containers on

compressed or liquid gas, heaters and boilers Central

heating, steam generators and other auxiliary equipment,

steam generators (capacitors, přehřívače, steam collectors

and accumulators) reactors. Production of nožířskéhozboží (kitchen

cutlery, razor blades, razor blades, scissors, Pocket knives and working

and so on), mass produced ručníchnástrojů (tongs,

screwdrivers, saws and the like), forging tools (hammers, palic,

casted anvils and the like), the agricultural hand tools and hand tools

for the construction industry, mass produced klíčůa, small

metal packaging (cans, churns, tube etc, metal

closures), products from wire (metal wires, strips, barbed

wire, wire mesh, grates, netting, nails,

and so on), the coupling devices (rivets, washers, bolts,

screws with nut, nuts), springs, chains. Výrobakovového the goods for

household utensils (frying pans, deep fryers, table of metal utensils, kitchen

metal machines, small metal tools, and metal

Add-ins, and so on), metal products (sanitary baths, sinks,

sinks and the like), small metal goods for Office use,

decorative objects made of metal, production of safes,

safety cabinets, armoured doors, metal connectors, fasteners,

hooks, patents, tables with indicative signs, ladders, stairs,

cages, baskets, shopping carts and the like. Production of metal


The content of the activities are not activities relating to the Assembly, repair

and reconstruction of reserved pressure equipment, boilers and pressure

containers and lifting equipment, further restricted the content of activities

It is not the making of tools and products for engineering production.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

26. Uměleckořemeslná handicraft activities, which are traditional,

special metal processing technologies (for example, mostly handicraft

kovolijectví, metalworking, artistic blacksmithing and Locksmithing,

cizelérství, Bell, pasirstvi, platnéřství, medal making

and engraving metals, Tin) processed metals to create

piece of metal objects, such as bells, sculptures, liturgical

objects, helmets, shields, rektorských chains, medals and badges,

candlesticks and pots of historicist character.

The content of the activities is not jewellery, jewels, ornaments and manually

crafted products made of precious metals and their combinations with the General


------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

27. the implementation of the individual surface treatment methods of heat treatment of metals

and welding of metals and other (hardening, annealing, and so on) and other methods of surface treatment

materials products, in particular the sandblasting, sandblasting, the implementation of the basic

surface protection products, non-metallic coating of kovovýchpředmětů

materials, heat and plasma spray coating of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Each technology of fusion and submerged-arc welding of metals and

other materials.

The content of the activity is not chemical and electrochemical modification

the surface of the metal plating on the metal baths and associated technology

preparation and application of smaltovacích suspension avypalováním glass

or ceramic coating in furnace smaltérské.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

28. The production of complete measuring, Production or nekompletovaných optical elements

test, navigation, (especially lenses, optical mirrors, circular polarizing elements

optical and photographic optical fiber and cable for transferring images from them or their

instruments and apparatus of lighting), optical equipment (in particular, optical microscopes,

equipment for photomicroscopy and mikroprojekci, magnifying glass,

telescopes), photographic and cinematographic equipment

and the like. Manufacturing of measuring, testing and navigation devices

and equipment, measuring instruments, measurement standards, measuring instruments provided for

(The Office for standards, metrology and

testing) for mandatory verification of certified reference

materials and other reference materials are intended

to the standard or provided for, or the work of the gauge. Production

Working gauges not provided.

The content of the activity is not making the correction of eye cues.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

29. Manufacture of electronic manufacture of electronic components, in particular the incandescent or

components, electric cold cathodes or fotokatodových tubes or screens,

equipment and production and repair of television screens, laser tubes, electronic

electrical machines, převáděčů and multipliers of microwave electron tubes, acceptance

instruments and amplifiers and electronic lamps or tubes, diodes, transistors,

devices operating on thyristors and similar semiconductor elements, semi-conductor elements

a small voltage sensitive to light, including the gate photocells, installed

piezoelectric crystals, electronic circuits installed

and mikrosestav, monolithic integrovanýchobvodů, hybrid

integrated circuits and electronic mikrosestav in cast

mikromodulů, circuits, printed circuits, electrical capacitors

and resistance including rheostats and potentiometers. Switchboards of low

and high voltage and electrical equipment and protection prospínání

electrical circuits, or for making connections to or inside the

electrical circuit (in particular, switches, fuses, voltage limiters,

the shock absorbers, power surges, sockets, plugs, sockets, control

panels). Manufacture of wires, cables, blades and jinýchizolovaných wiring

ending or nezakončených connections, cables, optical

fibres for the transmission of encoded data for telecommunications, video

and the like. Manufacture of primary cells and batteries. Production of antennas.

Production and repairs of electrical machines and apparatus, and electronic

devices operating on alternating voltages of less than 50 V or

DC voltage of less than 75 in the manufacture of electronic

equipment, in particular for road motor vehicles and industrial machines.

The content of the activity is not fitting of electrical equipment, manufacturing

electric machines and apparatus operating at alternating voltage

greater than 50 V or DC voltage higher than 75 in, production

telecommunications equipment and electrical toys.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

30. Manufacture of non-Production of non-electric household appliances, in particular the production

household appliances as examples of devices for cooking and heating for the home

(non-spatial warmers, kitchen stoves, stoves,

water heaters, cooking equipment, heated plates and so on).

The content of the activity is not stavbakrbů, tiled

and historic stove.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

31. Manufacture of machinery and equipment manufacture of internal combustion engines and their parts (except the air,

automobile and motorcycle), marine engines, engines for

locomotives and stationary engines and their parts, steam,

gas, and hydraulic turbines, water wheels, and regulators

blowers and exhaustorů, compressors, pumps, equipment

hydraulic or pneumatic drive or motor on a windy

drive, and regulatory parts of pipeline (cocks, valves,

gate valves), outflow valves and fittings for heating. Production of rolling

bearings and their parts, equipment for converting rotational motion

(shafts, pins, sleeve bearings), gearboxes and other

types of devices for converting speed, couplings and connection shafts,

flywheels, articulated connections, chains, hydraulic equipment

transmission, and so on. The manufacture of kilns, dryers, industrial

Laboratory, burners, incinerators, mechanical translation

the device, in one of the ash. Manufacture of hand-held, motor

lifting, handling, loading and unloading equipment

hoists, elevators, cranes, mobile lifting frames,

work trucks equipped with or without the lifting or other

handling equipment with private or not self-propelled

used for "on-site" transport, mechanical manipulators or

industrial robots specially designed for lifting,

handling, loading and unloading conveyors, elevators, liquid

elevators, escalators or pohyblivýchschodišť. Production

cold and freezer of industrial equipment,

air-conditioning equipment, heat exchangers, fans,

dispersing and spraying liquids or powders (water works,

fire extinguishers, machines for sandblasting and steam-cleaning).

The production of filtration and purification devices, packaging and packaging

machines (filling, closing, sealing, forming,

kapslovacích, mark-up and similar equipment), machinery for

cleaning and drying bottles and carbon dioxide for carbonation of beverages,

equipment for distillation or rectification of oil vrafinériích,

in the chemical or the beverage industry, gas generators,

calender and other rolling strojůa cylinders for them,

centrifuges, vending machines and similar devices. Production

equipment for fairs and other means of popular entertainment

(carousels, swings, shooting ranges, and so on). Production of tractors

and controlled tractors used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry

and other machinery for agriculture and forestry (in particular the mowing

machines, samonakladačů and samovykladačů, trailers and semi-trailers,

agricultural machines for soil modification, growing plants or

fertilizing, harvesting machines and threshing machine, a milking devices

dispensers for agricultural use, machinery for

poultry, bee-keeping, feed mixing, cleaning, sorting

and marking of eggs, fruits, seeds, and similar devices). Production

machine tools (especially machine tools for machining particle

including machines that work with laser, ultrasound, electrical

discharge, machine tools, which are drawing material, machining

machines for assembling nails, wire bonding, the machines for

welding, brazing and soft soldering, manufacture of jigs and fixtures, tool holders

and special equipment for machine tools, mechanical tools

with its own motor or pneumatic drive), machinery and equipment

for metallurgy (especially machinery and equipment for handling

with molten metals and mills and rolls for them), machinery

and equipment for the chemical industry, building and mining machines

(continuous elevators and conveyors, drilling, cutting,

hloubicího and tunneling equipment, machinery for

mineral processing, sieving, sorting them, manufacture of mixers at the

concrete and mortar, odstraňovánízeminy, Rams

and the vytahovačů pilot, syringes to Malta, sprinkler feldspar,

machines for concrete surfaces, furrows for the bulldozers and the like),

machinery and equipment for the food industry and for processing

tobacco (particularly agricultural dryers, machines for the processing of milk,

cheese production, machines for industrial grinding grains, presses and shredders

the production of wines and fruit juices and juices, machinery for

Pakistan, a non-electric bakery ovens, hnětačů,

porcovačů dough, machines and equipment for processing meat, poultry,

fish, fruits, nuts, vegetables, machinery for the manufacture of confectionery, cocoa,

chocolate, sugar, drinks, for the extraction and processing of fats or

oils, machinery and equipment for breweries, strojůpro meal preparation

in restaurants), machines for textile, leather and oděvnický

industry (in particular of textile machinery, auxiliary machinery for textile

machinery, machinery for processing fibres, machinery for

velkoprádelny, sewing machines, needles for sewing machines, machines for

processing of finished fur products or leather, leather

machines), machines for the paper industry (especially the machines in

preparing the equipment for manufacture of pulp, paper and cardboard, machines

and equipment on paper products and cardboard), machinery and equipment for

processing of rubber, plastic and products from these materials, machinery

and apparatus for printing, binding, stitching machines and equipment

for the production of tiles, bricks, formovacíchdesek, and other

special machines and devices. Production of equipment for disposal

of radioactive waste.

The content of the activity is manufacturing of pressure equipment, manufacturing

machinery and equipment for the home, and the manufacture of electrical machinery

and equipment.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

32. Manufacture of motor production of cars and trucks, buses,

and trailers, tractors and special vehicles, engines for motor

the bodywork of vehicles and other motor vehicles (in particular transport

resources to driving on snow, obojživelnýchvozidel, fire

cars, cleaning cars, mobile knihovena etc.). Production

trailers. Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor

vehicles and production of bodywork including cabins, motor vehicle,

external facilities for all types of motor vehicles (including

tractors), trailers, podvalníků and shipping containers.

Production of driving railway vehicles and housing skříníželezničních cars,

body of machinery for various industries, and so on. The activities of the

associated with the production of motorcycles, mopeds, and other two-wheeled vehicles,

motorcycles with sidecar, parts and accessories for


------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

33. The construction and production of Construction and production of ships, vessels, small boats, yachts, floating

machinery, floating devices (for example, the floating Harbour

bridges, floating garages), and so on.

The content of the activity is not the production of amphibious vehicles, engines

for vessels and the production of navigation equipment.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

34. The manufacture, development, production, development, design, testing, installation, maintenance,

designing, testing, repair, modifications and design changes of aircraft, aircraft engines,

installation, maintenance, propellers, parts and equipment intended for the use of

repair, modification in civil aviation and aircraft ground equipment referred to in

and structural changes to the special legal regulation.

aircraft, aircraft engines,

propellers, parts

and equipment and air

ground installations

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

35. manufacture of railway traction units manufacture of electrical and diesel locomotives, rolling stock

vehicles and railway vehicles self-propelled railway and tramway cars, cars of cableway installations,

on the track of the railway and tram, tram Park unpowered (notably

trolleybus and cable cars, trucks and tank cars, samovykládacích cars

and rail Park and carriages, repair and crane vozůa tenders). Production

specialized parts of railway and tramway locomotives or

fleet (particularly of bogies, axles and wheels, brakes and parts to them,

hooks and connecting elements, bumpers), and similar devices.

The content of the activities is the production of electric motors, engines and turbines,

Electrical signalling and traffic control devices

nesmontovaných tracks and the like.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

36. Manufacture of bicycles, bicycle production without motor and other wheeled vehicles

wheelchairs for people with disabilities and other medical devices without a motor-carriages for disabled persons

non-motorised transport with motor and without a motor, roller chairs for the disabled, wheels,

resources trakařů, Luggage trolleys, hand dvoukolek, cars towed

animals and other non-motorised means of transport. Production of parts

and accessories for non-motorised means of transport and

disabled persons with a motor.

The content of the activity is manufacture of bicycles with auxiliary

engine, production of children's tricycles and other wheeled toys.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

37. Manufacture of manufacture of upholstered furniture (especially the upholstered seats

upholstery products the seats, sofas, pouffles) and the production of promatrace and skeletons.

Custom manufacturing of upholstered furniture and upholstery already made

furniture, or its parts, doors and interiors of buildings, making

curtains, drapery, including their location in the interiors and more

decorating activity. Upholstery and interiors of transport

resources. Repair of upholstered products.

The content of the activity is not zhotovovánídřevěného furniture

and job-order manufacture and repair of wooden parts of chairs, seats

and the like.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

38. production, repair and maintenance of Production, repair and maintenance of goods and equipment for sport (in particular

sports goods, games, balls, rackets, bats, skis, Poles, bindings, ski poles, sledges,

toys and children's strollers bean, sport fishing, loveckýchpotřeb, rock climbing

equipment, sports gloves, skates, bows, bows, crossbows),

equipment for gyms and athletic equipment, sport flying

equipment, diving breathing apparatus. Production, repair

and maintenance of the dolls and their clothes, animals, hračkových equipment

household, mechanical toys, in particular trains, toy cars, wheeled

Toys used to ride tricycles, hračkových music

Tools, goods for fairs, table games, nebospolečenských

playing cards, models, electric trains, toy construction sets, puzzles,

electronic games and so on. Production, repair, and maintenance of children's

strollers and prams for dolls.

The content of the activity is not sportswear, footwear,

Helmets, saddlery and brašnářského of goods, resources, orthopedic

nature, weapons and ammunition, boats and sports boats, bicycles

and sports vehicles.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

39. Manufacture of medical Production of medical devices, in particular

elektrodiagnostických resource equipment, mechanoterapeutických equipment,

massage apparatus, apparatus for psychological testing,

respirators, gas masks, listening devices,

pacemakers, syringes, needles, mirrors,

reflectors, endoscopes, medical or veterinary

the device (operating tables, chairs and the like is).

The content of the activity is not the production of prostheses, orthoses, fuselage

limb braces, bandages, spectacles and soft lenses, akontaktních

thermometers and other measuring instruments.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

40. production and repair of Production sources of radioactive emitters, which are substances or

ionizing radiation in objects that contain radionuclides. The device, which production

contain radioactive heater and equipment whose operation

radionuclides originate. Production of equipment for which operation produces

ionizing radiation of energy greater than 5 keV.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

41. Production of school Production of pens and pencils, pens, and pencils to pens, stamps,

and office supplies, small printers, or labeling machines, potiskovacích kits

In addition to paper products, and other school and office supplies. Manufacture of imitation jewellery

manufacture of imitation jewellery and ornaments of base metal, glass, wood, leather or other materials.

brush and clothing manufacture of brooms and brushes, manual, mechanical brooms, mopů

goods, umbrellas, and feather dusters, brushes, paint rollers, brushes,

souvenirs, and the like. Manufacture of made-up zapínadel (buttons, press studs,

zip fasteners, sewing supplies and the like), walking sticks, umbrellas,

umbrellas, awnings, blinds, with the exception of wood,

and the like. Manufacture of matches, cigarette lighters, pipes, racks,

vacuum bottles, vacuum flasks, candles, artificial flowers, production

souvenir and decorative objects, and so on.

The content of the activity is not the production of Office paper, school

workbooks and brašnářského goods.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

42. The manufacture of other products, manufacture of other products of the processing industry.

the processing industry

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

43. the operation of water supply a summary of activities, which ensures the supply of drinking water or

and sewerage systems, and modifying collection and treatment of waste water for public and non-public

and distribution of water use, in particular, the operation of equipment for sampling, preparation and transport

drinking water, including the handling, removal, cleaning and emptying

waste water treatment, the management of operational documentation, operational and billing

measurement supervision of water supply and sewerage systems, provozuschopností

preparation of data for the calculation of the price for sewerage and other vodnéa

related activities. Activities associated with the collection, cleaning

and the divorce process water.

The content of the activity is not asset management, or development in the field of

water supply and sewerage systems.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

44. Waste Management (except for activities related to the collection, control, collection,

dangerous) purchase, sorting, transporting, storing, treatment, use of

and the removal of waste, with the exception of hazardous waste. Furthermore, it is

possible to transport human waste, faecal coliform cars.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

45. the preparatory and finishing Editing the terrain for construction and around buildings and preparatory work

construction work for buildings, especially groundwork, landscaping carried out

specialised construction activities in connection with the construction, excavation work, exploratory

drilling activities are used to obtain additional data for documentation

buildings, drainage of construction sites, the implementation of technical reclamation

(use of skrývaných Earth, landscaping of land, hoppers, waste heaps

including the preparation of land for biological reclamation, edit

the water regime, ameliorative measures), and so on. The activities of the United

in particular, with the completion of the construction, alteration, and reconstruction to be carried out without

direct links to the actual construction activity, especially wallpapering,

laying of textile floor coverings, window mount

and door seals, window blinds, awnings, blinds, foils, façade

cleaning of the facades of houses hot steam, sand, a pair of panels and more

similar work. Specialized stavebníčinnosti, especially

water well drilling (cleaning and disinfection of wells, pipelines,

It's drilled wells to 30 m in length, if it is not

the influence of hydrological survey, pipe wells

reconstruction of surface wells, spring pits of precast outlet,

talent management and the removal of the sources of the pipes, the capture area

vybetonováním seepage and so on), dlaždičsképráce (making of

paving roads and so on), pipe work,

fire-clay works, including the implementation of vyzdívekprůmyslových ovens

lining of chimneys and other similar activities. Implementation of scaffold

work (Assembly and disassembly of scaffolds and work platforms). The activities of the

related to the implementation of minor demolition pracía cleaning

on construction sites.

The content of the activities are not earthworks, which are mining

activities or activities carried out using mining techniques, or

removal of buildings under the building Act. The content of the activities further

are masonry, construction-carpentry, roofing, stove,

cladding, stucco, painting, varnishing and glazing,

tiling in plasterboard and other works, which are the subject

craft trades, or the laying of floors, parquet, was

palubových, Cork, mosaic, stěrkových and cast.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

46. Glazier, glazier, including framing, picture framing, editing

and mounting of the glass for cabinets, tables, editing and framing mirrors and the like.


------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

47. Mediation Mediation of purchase and sale of movable assets, including

and services to any possible implementation of a commercial transaction for the account of others, or

on behalf of another. Mediation services in transport (transport

dispatching and so on), in the field of handicrafts (such as

fast services, locksmiths, plumbers and the like), mediation

building savings, credit intermediation (for example, for

business purposes), foreign-study visits (for example,

language courses, au-pair) and other mediation services.

The activities of agents or agencies representing another person for the purpose of

obtain participation in feature films, theatre productions,

concerts or other kinds of art and entertainment performances,

Search publishers or producers of books, plays,

artistic works of art, and so on.

The content of the activity is not zprostředkovánínákupu and sales

real estate, buying and prodejekulturních monuments

and objects of cultural value, intermediation activities

in the insurance sector and in the field of reception and transmission of orders

relating to investment instruments, mediation

consumer credit, employment mediation, activities

mediators and arbitrators of collective disputes, the performance collective

management of copyright and related rights law to the law of copyright,

facilitating the sale of tours and other tourism, služebcestovního

transportation costs (freight forwarding), and so on.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

48. Wholesale and retail trade activities associated with the purchase and sale of the goods for the purpose of

resale to other business activities (wholesale)

and activities associated with the purchase and sale of the goods for the purpose of

sales direct to the consumer, and the sale of such goods (retail).

The operator of service stations, petrol operation assurance

stations in accordance with safety, fire, environmental

regulations and Czech technical standards, ensuring small

Advisory services in relation to the sold product range.

The content of the activity is not buying and selling cultural relics, or

objects of cultural value, real estate, livestock

sold by their owner, the interests of animals intended for breeding,

firearms and ammunition, explosives, safety material,

toxic and highly toxic substances and mixtures, fermented alcohol, drinking

alcohol and spirits, audio and sound-recordings, used

goods with the exception of used vehicles, drug distribution, fuel distribution

materials, zastavárenská activity, the content of the activity is not running

petrol stations on the compressed gas to power motor vehicles.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

49. Zastavárenská lending activity against arrest and any subsequent sale

and retail trade with the pledged things (zastavárenská activity), the purchase of second-hand

goods, consumer goods, secondhand books, and dalšíchtiskovin and another

the used goods for the purpose of its further sale and sale

(retail sale of second-hand goods).

The content of the activity is not the sale of the pledged things, that is

cultural monument and the subject of cultural values, an animal designated

hobby farms and the like, toxic or highly toxic substance,

medicine, security equipment, střelnouzbraní, ammunition,

the bomb and the like. Further content is not

purchase and sale of real estate, cultural relics or objects

cultural values of used motor vehicles, used firearms

weapons safety material and so on.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

50. Maintenance of the motor vehicle Washing and routine maintenance of motor vehicles, consisting in the protection of

These vehicles and their accessories against weather conditions, in particular the operation of the

car washes, the implementation body bonding surface treatment,

grinding, in exchange of windscreens, Windows, vehicles, sealing elements

the bodywork. Repair of tyres and tyre fitting the way cold,

wheel balancing, exchange of fluids, Assembly

car accessories and similar activities. Installation, repair, service,

exams and revision of LPG gas equipment to drive the motor

vehicles and other similar activities.

The content of the activities are not repair of road vehicles and repair

other transport and working machines. (in particular,

repair of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric

groups and subgroups), body repair vozidela repair of tyres

associated with vulcanization.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

51. Pipe and ground transportation pipelines of oil, other products, or other

(except for the rail and road shipments. To the right people and other nemotorovými transport

motor transport), transport costs cover resources and other nemotorovými

means of transport, the transport of loads including the transport carrier

furniture and home accessories when moving, transport of consignments of Messenger and

other related activities. The right people ski lifts. To the right

non-standard vehicles.

The content of the activities are not an operation consisting of gas distribution

and the heat energy, the operation of postal services and foreign

postal services or activities consisting in the execution of repairs,

revision, inspection and testing of ski lifts.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

52. The storage, packing, loading and unloading of rail cars and containers, marine

cargo handling costs, the transhipment of bulk and general cargo, regardless of how

and technical activities of the transport. Cargo handling, for example autojeřábem or

in transport fork lift. The operation of freight weights. Storage of all

types of goods. Packing of goods using the way manual

assembling packaging, manual packing of goods and other similar activities.

Technical activities associated with the transport of people, animals and goods,

in particular, the operation of parking lots and garages without surveillance, ensuring

and implementation of road markings, prověřovánítras for the transport of

particularly heavy and bulky objects and use of vehicles, the

size or weight exceeds the rate set out in other regulations,

logistics services (search for the optimal transport routes) and other


------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

53. Forwarding forwarding stuff from určitéhomísta to a specific

and representation in customs of the place, with at least either the place from which they are transported, or for the

the proceedings in which it is transported, it must be in the territory of the Czech Republic

and activities connected with it, in particular the conclusion of contracts for the carriage of goods

to the agreed destination, the procurement documents (náložného or

the Bill of lading), ensure the loading and saving of the consignment, escorts

consignments, equipment of transport claims. Representation of the people in the management of

about UCR on the basis of a mandate in the form of

direct representation, in which the representative acts on behalf of and for the benefit of

the persons represented. Filling, validation and submission of customs

the Office of the customs declaration for release to the appropriate

Customs procedure, or requests by another customs-approved

determine together with the necessary documents and providing the necessary

synergies at the Customs Office in connection with the production of a customs

the Declaration or request.

The content of the activity is not its own transport costs.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

55. Accommodation Services the provision of accommodation in all tourist accommodation establishments

(for example, hotel, motel, campsite, hostel) and in apartment buildings,

family houses or buildings for family recreation.

In the case of accommodation in blocks of flats, family houses or in

construction sites for family recreation with a capacity of 10 beds (including

extra beds) breakfast for the guests.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

56. provision of software, Provision of use (sale and rental) and implementation

consultancy in the field of software. Reproduction of computer programs. Advice

information technology in the field of hardware and software. Advice in the area of communications

data processing, hosting and computer networks. Data processing using the programme, in particular

and related activities for the complete processing of data services for data entry, management and leadership

and Web portals data processing activities, or in any other way.

Activities related to the operation of the data bank (build database, collection

data, data storage, preparation of a computer record for the requested

information, select data from the database, allowing the availability of data for

users sort the data according to the requirements, and so on). Managing

computer networks, software debugging and other activities related

to the computer. Web hosting and other related activities.

The content of the activity is not the sale and repair of hardware.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

57. the activities of the information activities of the information and intelligence agencies, including the

and intelligence agencies providing support for administrative activities

with their operation.

The content of the activity is not radio and television coverage

neither by the activity of journalists within the meaning of the use of the results of intellectual creativity

the activities of their agents and authors.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

58. Real estate activity, managing the purchase of real estate for the purpose of their further sale, sale

and maintenance of real estate brokerage real estate purchase, sale and rent

real estate, housing and commercial space. Administration, and basic maintenance

real estate for third parties, in particular the administrative ensuring

the proper operation of real estate, domovnická activity, cleaning of apartments

and non-residential premises, cleaning the Interior and exterior of buildings, cleaning

Windows, cleaning of sidewalks and the like.

The content of the activity is not short-term accommodation of persons in accommodation

installations in family houses, apartment houses and buildings

family recreation. The content of the activity is not cleaning the exterior

buildings with water vapour, the sand and the like, fixes aúdržba real estate

requiring craftsmanship or special professional qualifications

(for example, repair of elevators, masonry, tiling, roofing,

plumbing, elektroinstalatérské work, chemical cleaning

carpets and fabrics).

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

59. The rental and lending of movable assets Lease things with subsequent purchase of the leased thing

movable assets (financial leasing, and so on). Rental and lending of movable assets,

in particular, the transport equipment without operators (passenger and freight

cars, bicycles, etc.), machinery and equipment without

the operator, consumer goods, clothing, sportovníchpotřeb, technical

devices for the home. Horse rental (work, sport

and similar purposes) and other animals, zejménahospodářských, without

of the operator.

The content of the activity is not the rental of property, the provision of

consumer credit, lease of movable assets, lending

weapons, ammunition and safety material, software rental,

lending of audio and visual-recordings and webhosting.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

60. Advisory and consulting advisory services of a technical nature in the specified

the activity of the processing area of activity, in particular in the construction industry and architecture,

professional studies and opinions on mechanical engineering, metallurgy, energy (for example, the activities of the

energy specialist), chemistry, food industry, textile

and clothing industry and other industrial sectors, agriculture

and forestry, consultancy services in the field of financial affairs

(lending, capital appreciation and the like),

business, organizational, and economic questions

in business matters, in the planning, organization, control,

in the field of management and the like. The provision of technical assistance, assessments,

advice, recommendations and opinions on security for the preparation and implementation

buildings. The environmental assessment prepared by the constructions, their changes and amendments

in their use, activities and technologies on the environment, it

means report documentation about the evaluation of the impact of the construction,

activities or technologies on the environment. The assessment of the

It includes in particular the detection, description and evaluation of the anticipated

the direct and indirect effects of the construction, business or technology

climatic conditions, air, surface and underground water, soil,

the rock environment, way of use of landscapes, protected areas,

the flora, the fauna, the functionality and stability of ecosystems, population,

use of natural resources, cultural heritage, environment

in villages and cities, comparing the proposed variant solution and selection

the most suitable variants, designing measures and conditions that exclude

or reduce the projected adverse effects, or increase the

the positive impacts of the construction, business or technology, reviews

the consequences of a possible failure of the building, business or technology.

Processing of expert opinions in the field of air protection and processing

dispersion studies. Consultancy in the field of the social sciences

(sociology, philosophy, history, demography, Linguistics and so on),

in the area of social manners, character development and maintaining

physical fitness, visage, colour consulting, speech therapy

with the exception of clinical speech therapy and the like.

The content of the activity is not a custom implementation of technical activities,

the design of the buildings, or their implementation, technical-organizational

activities in the area of fire protection, consultancy in the protection of

plants, consulting in the field of safety and health

at work, tax and financial advice or legal advice (in particular

representation of the interests of one party against the other in front of the zájmůmstrany

by a court or other legal institutions or under the supervision of lawyers

or other staff of the Court), psychological counselling.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

61. Land Planning Summary of activities involving a variety of disciplines aimed at

adjustments to your space and functional arrangement, in particular the agricultural, based on

necessary, also of forest and other land, so that they were created

conditions for the rational management of the soil, taking into account the

the ecological needs of the landscape. Scelení, where applicable, distribution, land,

the security of their accessibility and the settling of boundaries,

arrangement of property rights and the related g/l

loads. Ensuring the conditions for improving the environment,

protection and fertilization of the soil, water management and fund raising

the ecological stability of the landscape. Processing of the results of editing so that

were used for the recovery of land operátu and as a basis for

land-use planning.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

62. Preparation and elaboration of preparation and elaboration of technical designs of the machine

technical proposals, and technological equipment for different economic sectors, in particular

graphics and drawing konstruktérská activity in the engineering, development

the work of technological proposals and projects equipment for the chemical, metallurgical,

the food industry and other sectors for agricultural průmyslua

production, drafting of fire-fighting equipment operations

and distribution of computer networks. Zpracovánígrafických designs

editing of texts and graphics, and the sheets, design sketches,

proposals, preparation of digital inputs, transfer of digitized data

from the database to the processors and other graficképráce. Making of

technical drawings, sketches and Web pages. Písmomalířství.

The content of the activity is not a project activity in construction,

design of land consolidation, aircraft, jejichsoučástí and products

aviation technology, electrical equipment, nor the development of firearms

weapons, ammunition, explosives and safety material.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

63. Design of electrical design and control design of electrical

device device, it is in the field of electrical distribution systems, networks

and installation of, equipment designed for direct connection to the device

the public power and the involvement of other dedicated

even non-reserved equipment for the production, transformation and use of electric

energy. Conceptual designs, calculations and the preparation of circuit diagrams,

technological and material budgets.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

64. Research and development in the field of research and development within a specified area of the natural,

the natural and technical sciences or social sciences (in particular, research and development

or social sciences applied or implemented based on third-party contracts

and so, while the freedom of scientific inquiry and the possibility of using

results of intellectual creative activity of authors will remain in this

intact). The implementation of the structural and historical surveys.

The content of the activity is not research in the field of geological work,

health, including research on drugs, weapons, ammunition, development

explosives safety material and aviation technology.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

65. Testing, measuring, Testing, measurement and analysis of the chemical, physical and microbiological

and control analysis in different areas of human activity, in particular the operation of the

calibration service centres, the performance of the Hydrometeorological

and meteorological activities, chemical materials, analýzyrůzných

microbiological analysis of food, water, radon measurements, services

personal dosimetry, the assessment of sources of ionising

radiation, noise and vibration measurement, materiology tests and the like.

Review of the technical and sporting facilities. Activities that are

metrological performance whose result is issued by the authorized

Organization of the document, which is a public document. Protection and use of

naturally occurring mineral waters, gases or peloids use,

that have properties for therapeutic use, in particular for the purposes of

Spa care and for the production of bottled mineral water. Search for

resources, provision of hydrological supervision nadzdrojem, monitoring

the chemical, physical, microbiological and radiological

the properties of the source and of the proceeds and their health certificate

and monitoring of compliance with other obligations laid down in the authorization of the

to the use of resources. Measurement of efficiency of combustion of small internal combustion

sources of air pollution, the verification of the amount of greenhouse

gases, a one-time measurement of emissions, pollution, supervision of měřeníúrovně

thermal processing of waste.

The content of the activities are not tests of reserved pressure,

lifting, gas equipment, technical equipment in railway

operation, revision and control of flue gas path, the test aircraft and

aeronautical products, motor vehicle emissions measurement, performance

survey of activities, diagnostic activities in plant protection,

testing equipment for plant protection products.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

66. Promotional activities, processing and production of advertising proposals, dissemination of advertisements in different

marketing, media, in particular by placing them on methods of outdoor banners,

the representation of the spread of the media, Internet, distribution or

delivery of promotional materials and samples, the provision of places for

advertising and advertisements and the like. Market research in order to determine

outlets, fitness and běžnosti products and shopping

habits of customers in order to support the sales and the development of new

products and poll (collective opinions

the public about the political, economic and social issues)

and their statistical evaluation. Media representation.

The content of the activity is not to print promotional materials.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

67. Development, design, designer, activities associated with the preparation of módníchnávrhů, in particular in the

aranžérská activity related to textiles, clothing, footwear, jewellery, furniture and drafting

design and modeling of design of all products. Proposals for aesthetic Interior modifications

for various occasions, shop Windows, including the implementation of these

adjustment and similar to the aranžérská activity. Activity models (modeling).

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

68. All photographic services acquisition, processing and editing photos analog

and digital technologies, the equipment and the technology related thereto.

The making of black and white and color images of industrial,

advertising, portrait, figurative and reportage.

Photo processing manually or using machinery. Editing

photographic images by using the retouching, copy, shrink,

magnifying the positives and slides of all formats, throwing

and edit movies, colorizing, and induced the preparation of photographic

solutions. The making of images in the studios, interiors

even with an artistic focus, and this on all kinds of

photographic materials. Washing, cleaning, drying, polishing,

cutting, installation and further adjustments both positive and diapozitivních

photos and photographic film. The operation of self-service

photographic machines.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

69. Translation Translation from one language to the jinéhojazyka for the purposes of

and activities of tourism, international trade, trade negotiations and other

commercial purposes. Interpreting from one language to another and interpretation

to and from sign language for the purposes of tourism, business

meetings and the like.

The content of the activity is not interpreting, serving the needs of the proceedings before the

courts and administrative authorities or in the context of the legal acts

natural and legal persons, translations of literary works such as

the use of the results of intellectual creative activity of their authors.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

70. the services in the area of services in the field of the administrative authorities, in particular the secretarial

administrative management and similar services. Organizational services of an economic nature, in particular

and services, provision of credits and loans of the organisational and non-bank entities from their own

the economic nature of resources (for example, for business purposes), the purchase of receivables,

the transposition of the liabilities and their remuneration, assignment of receivables,

the operation leading to the solution of insolvency, provision of a guarantee

for bank loans to non-bank entities, the settlement of intercompany

accounts payable and accounts receivable. The provision of services during the performance of the processing

activities for the award of public contracts and similar dalšíslužby

nature. Technical activities, the content of which is the performance of the technical

surveillance, including the implementation of the relevant records, journals, vestavebních

cooperation with the supervision of the designer and the representatives of the future

users and operators of buildings and other related activities.

The provision of certification services in the field of electronic signature

(this is the performance of the functions of a trusted third party in electronic

communication with the use of an electronic signature, issuance of certificates,

which combine data for elektronickéhopodpisu authentication with signing

person and enable you to verify her identity, preservation of certificates,

revocation of the certificate, the operation of a publicly accessible list

issued certificates and the list of certificates that have been

void Management documentation on issued certificates,

ensuring the safe operation of the electronic systems and tools

the signature of the security and safety of the procedures, that these systems and tools

support, and so on). Certification of quality management systems

and verification of the technical competence of the staff.

The content of the activity is not poskytovánínebo mediation

consumer credit, construction supervision, engineering performance

buildings, or their implementation.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

71. Operation of a travel offering, selling and brokering the sale of individual

agencies and tour operators services tourism and organisation, offering

activities in the area and facilitating the sale of a combination of individual travel services

Tourism tourism, except for the sale of tours. Individual travel services

tourism means, in particular, transport security, accommodation,

meals, guide services, sales of airline tickets, arezervace

sales and booking of railway and bus tickets including

seat reservation, sale and booking ferry tickets including cabins,

mediation of visas, menus, and the sale of spa services

the purpose of relaxation and recondition, menus, and prodejesportovních activities

for the purpose of relaxation and recondition-such as horseback riding,

lending bicycles and other sports equipment, stay in fitcentrech,

mediation and participation in sports and social

events and facilitating the sale of additional services associated

with recreation, relaxation and professional commercial negotiations.

Accompanying a group of people or individuals, at which Adolf is in the language of the

of their choice provided the interpretation of cultural and natural

heritage of the country. The interpretation contains in particular information about the culture

(historical, artistic, archaeological, ethnological, folkloristické,

gastronomic and so on), the environment (geological,

natural, climatic and so on), each site

(historical, industrial, urban centers and so on),

places (museums, churches and the like) and areas (tourist

regions, counties, and so on). Securing other necessary

activities related to the accompaniment of groups of people or individuals,

the direction and control of the itinerary, ensuring program, obtaining

basic information during the trip, including practical information

relating to the place of residence, and the provision of basic assistance

accompanied by persons.

In the framework of this activity can be prodávatvěci related

Tourism, in particular, tickets, maps, schedules, timetables,

the printed Guide and souvenir items.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

72. Extracurricular education Education of children over three years of age in preschool facilities,

and education, good teaching in private schools and establishments serving the vocational

courses, training, including training, if this is not included in the register of

teaching and school facilities. Other extracurricular education,

tutoring pupils and students, educational activities on children's

camps and other recovery operations, in particular the keeping of these actions,

the provision of educational, relaxing, and educational programs for

the participants in these actions, child supervision, and so on. Language teaching,

Alternatively, sign language, teaching music, art tool

Art (painting, sculpture, photography and so on),

the ballet, art, acting, dance, MIME, speech, and so on.

Civic education and related teaching ballroom dance.

Organization of specialized courses (for example, specific

computer science, sewing, cooking, growing plants), and organizing

seminars and training in various fields, in particular organisational

provide courses and training, provision of space for the event,

preparation of materials and handouts for training, provision of lectors

and private lecturing. Fitness and advanced training

holders of driving licences, improvement of professional competence

drivers. Teaching and management of the technical equipment used for the

a variety of purposes (lifts, industrial trucks, the ski lifts and other

technical equipment). The teaching management of sports flying

equipment and vessels.

The content of the activity is not education in schools,

preschool and school facilities included in the register of

and educational institutions, education in undergraduate

and doctoral study programmes and programmes of the lifelong

education under another law. The content of the activities further

There is no supervision of children in families, mediation or sale

tours, provision of guest activities, accommodation, or

courses and training bodies established for that purpose by the

other legislation, training of fire from weapons, teaching management

motor vehicles, aircraft, the provision of physical education

and sports services, the organisation of courses and training in accordance with other

law schools and schools included in the register

schools and educational institutions. The content is also training activities

the servicing of technical equipment by the manufacturer in the context of

with the commissioning, operator training for technical installations

operated in schools and school facilities included in the

Register of schools and educational institutions.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

73. Operation, operation theatres and concert halls, cinemas, video

cultural and educational performances for the public, in particular the organizational, Chairperson of the

and entertainment facilities, and technical. Ensure the operation of these devices. The operation of museums,

Organization of cultural or natural history specimens in particular the collection of human creations,

production, pastimes, exhibitions, museum collections and cataloguing the nature of their making

fairs, shows, public in constant exposures and on thematic exhibitions,

sales and similar events cultural-educational, guide and publications (the issue of

catalogues and promotional printed materials) and the sale of related products

with its own funds and exhibitions, collection or collection

funds and exhibitions to other museums. The operation of art galleries, in particular

the collection of works of fine art, their processing,

making available to the public in the form of permanent exhibitions and

temporary exhibitions, cultural-educational, guide and publication

(issuing of catalogues and promotional printed materials) and sale

products related with their own funds and exhibitions, collection

where appropriate, other funds collection galleries and mediation

the sale of works of fine art, and selling them. The operation of

Botanical Gardens. The operation of libraries, in particular the acquisition,

storage, protection and access to library collections and the provision of

library information services, lending, document

the provision of information and bibliographic and factual with

related organisation cultural-vzdělávacíchakcí. The operation of

other cultural and cultural-educational facilities. The organisation of

theatre performances, concerts, film and audiovisual

performances and productions, daughter of zejménaveřejné hits

theatre performances, concerts and audiovisual, daughter of

and other production models on the permanent stage and as a guest on the

various events of its kind. Organisation of film

and audiovisual performances (projection and side events

the promoter of the film performances, if not by the operator

the cinema). Organising dances and discos. The activity of master of ceremonies

and disc jockey, moderation of the different cultural, social events.

The activity of the sound engineers, light booth, cinematographers, production,

garderobiérů and other supporting activities related to the implementation of

artistic performances. The operation and organisation of circus performances,

variety shows and similar events. The operation of attractions, entertainment

parks, pool halls, bowling lanes, minigolfových

Center and kuželen, if used commercially, computer

gambling, gaming machines, the activity of the stunts and other devices

and events serving entertainment. Exhibitions, fairs, shows,

sales and similar actions of the Organization

and technical to ensure their progress.

The content of the activity is not the pursuit of zoos,

theatres, museums, libraries, and other cultural and educational facilities

established under other legislation (performed in accordance

with the purpose for which it was established), pořádáníaukcí, providing

other services in connection with the provozovánímuvedených device

(the operation of bars, snacks and the like), in addition to the operation of the

the necessary social facilities (dressing rooms, toilets, car parks and so on).

The content of the activities further the activities of established under

other legislation carried on in accordance with the purpose for which

have been set up, the activity performers in terms of the implementation of

an artistic performance or dressage animals. The content of the activities also

It is not the organisation of lotteries and other similar games, operation

slot machines, or production and printing of promotional materials.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

74. the operation of physical education physical education equipment and operational Assurance device

and sports equipment to the regeneration and recovery (for example, athletic

and organizing sports and winter stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, swimming pools,

activities fit-center, saunas) and their hiring to immediate use

consumers to engage in sports and physical education activities

and for the regeneration and recovery. In the operation of physical education

device and device for the regeneration and recovery in addition to the above

those activities as well as activities associated with the guidance and methodology

the services offered. Organizing and holding sports competitions

and activities for the support and promotion of the sport. The activities of agents

and agencies representing performance athletes in order to ensure

participation in sports competitions and the like. The activities of the Executive

athletes or referees, operated separately, and for the purpose of

to make a profit.

The content of the activity is not the provision of sports services

(the work of trainers), or the activities of amateur high performance athletes.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

75. household, Money-Laundering, ironing and clothes pressing, plizování,

ironing facilities, repair and maintenance of repair of wearing apparel and accessories, underwear and stockings, repairs, cleaning

clothing, household linen (excluding chemical) and maintenance of home furnishings, including carpet,

and personal goods pulling deček, and other textile products. The activity of recycling

textiles and clothing for laundry and dry cleaning. Cleaning feathers,

raw wool, yarns and nonwovens. Repair and storage

fur clothing and fur accessories. Repair of umbrellas,

umbrellas, and maintenance and repair of other personal goods.

The content of the activity is not chemical čištěníplošných metre

textiles and finished textile products apraní fabric for

wholesale customers.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

76. the provision of technical provision of technical services and other similar activities

services, in particular street cleaning and maintenance of public spaces,

the maintenance of the infrastructure, production and distribution of thermal energy

not subject to license under any other law or

concession-free, cleaning boilers and pressure vessels, surveillance

and lubrication of lifting equipment, dive jobs, jobs with work

machines and mechanisms, digging graves, simple preparation and installation

work, toner refills, activities associated with the management of the marketplace,

with the exception of security guards, and other similar services.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

77. repairs and maintenance needs for repairs and maintenance needs for the home, in particular grinding knives

household, scissors and other items of cultural tools to use consumption. Repair

the nature of the product, fine mechanical sewing machines, mechanical typewriters

mechanics, machines, optical and photographic, projection and optical

instruments and gauges, instruments, repairs and maintenance of other mechanickýchstrojů and instruments

mainly for the household, including repairs of electrical and electronic

machines and apparatus operating at voltages of less than 50

AC or 75 VDC. Repair and maintenance of toys

and children's strollers; repairs, maintenance and servissportovních needs

and bicycles. Repair and maintenance of things from a variety of fields of human

activity, illustrating the historical development, cultural maturity

and the lifestyle of the society and social layers, and designated

in particular, consumer usage, in order to ensure their continued

preservation. Repairs and installation of measuring instruments, measurement standards and employment of the measuring instruments

set (the Office for standards, metrology

and State testing) for mandatory verification of certified

reference materials when they are intended for standard or feature

laid down or work on the gauge. Repairs and installation work

gauges not provided.

The content of the activities are not repair telecommunications equipment,

repair of sports motor vehicles. The content of the

further restoration works is not in the field of fine arts,

which are not cultural monuments or their parts, but they are

stored in the collections of museums and galleries or in the case of articles

cultural values and the content of the activity is not the restoration of cultural

sites, or portions thereof, that are parts of fine arts or

objective work.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

78. the provision of services, the provision of services of a personal nature, in particular the activities of the

of a personal nature and for dating and wedding agencies, graphologists, astrologers,

personal hygiene kartářek and numerologů, drawing up of family trees, operation of the dressing rooms, work

shoe cleaners and other services of a personal nature. Accompanying services

(the hostess, companions, and so on) and the provision of basic assistance

accompanied by persons. The provision of services for personal hygiene

and services related to the care of the appearance of the people, in particular the operation of the

salt caves, public baths, washing facilities, a TOILET, laundromats

and the like. The provision of services and custom production related

care for the appearance of the people, in particular, for modeling, photos,

film, television and theatre, vlásenkářství,

character masks for theatre and film, and so on.

The content of the activity is not the provision of beauty services,

manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, activities in which

human skin integrity is violated, the operation of solariums

providing massage, regeneration and recovery services or

the operation of swimming pools, saunas, fit-center and other sports facilities

and small-scale regeneration and recovery. The content of this

activity is not to tour operators or the provision of services

aimed at immediately to satisfy sexual needs.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

79. The provision of services for the provision of services for the family and household, in particular

family and household operation household (cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, taking care of

Garden, and so on), the individual care of persons, in particular children over three

years of age in families, occasional short-term child care (including

children under three years of age), purchases and other matters

associated with running the household and other procurement activities.

The content of the activity is to provide social services in accordance with the law

on social services, care of children under three years of age in daily

mode, security people and objects (personal guards, watchmen, and so on)

and other activities related to the running of the household, which are

the subject of trade, craft, bound and franchises.

------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------

80. production, trade and services production, trade and services in the areas that are not subject

n.e.c. trades franchises, bound and craft, nor does not fall under

Another activity listed in annex No. 4 to the Act

No. 455/1991 Coll., on trades (Trade Act),

in the wording of later regulations.

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