By Means Of Which Articles 66 And 67 Of Law 136 Of 1994 Are Amended And Other Provisions, "by Which Dictate Rules Designed To Modernize The Organization And Functioning Of Municipalities"

Original Language Title: Por medio de la cual se reforman los artículos 66 y 67 de la Ley 136 de 1994 y se dictan otras disposiciones, "por la cual se dictan normas tendientes a modernizar la organización y el funcionamiento de los municipios"

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ACT 1368 2009
(December 29)
Official Gazette No. 47,577 of December 29, 2009 CONGRESS OF THE REPUBLIC

By which Articles 66 and 67 of the Act are amended 136 of 1994 and other provisions. Summary

Term Notes

ARTICLE 1o. Article 66 of Law 136 of 1994 shall read as follows: Article 66. Settlement
fees. In response categorization established by Law 617 of 2000, the value of the fee for each meeting attended councilors will be indicated in the following table: Category Fees per session

First Special $ 347,334 $ 294,300 $ 212,727

Second Third Fourth $ 170,641 $ 142,748

Sixth Quinta $ 114,967 $ 86,862
from the first (1st) of January 2010, each year the fees they indicated in the table above will be increased by a percentage equal to the change in the CPI during the previous year.
In municipalities special category, first and second, shall be paid annually hundred and fifty (150) ordinary shares and up to forty (40) Extraordinary sessions per year. In the municipalities of third to sixth categories, seventy (70) ordinary sessions and up to twenty (20) Extraordinary sessions per year they will be paid annually. PARAGRAPH 1.
. The fees are incompatible with any allowance from the public treasury of the respective municipality, except for those originating in pensions or pension substitutions and other exceptions under the Act of 1992. 4th PARAGRAPH 2.
. Exceptions of this Article the council of the city of Bogota, since Decree Law 1421 of 1993, regulating the matter.
Article 2.
. Article 67 of Law 136 of 1994, will read: Article 67. Recognition
transport. Hereby recognized the value of transport, during the plenary sessions and committee, council members residing in rural areas and have to travel to and from the county seat, headquarters of the operation of municipal corporations. These transportation costs will be borne, in the case of municipalities belonging to categories fourth, fifth and sixth under the budget section of the central sector of the municipality, and shall not be taken into account as operating expenditure of the administration, for the calculation indicators of operating expenditure limit set by Law 617 of 2000
for this purpose, the municipal councils on the initiative of the mayors shall issue regulations where transport recognition is set, taking reasonable criteria, prior to the period following the promulgation of this law sessions. Payments made to the council by transport costs which this article refers, are not subject to withholding tax.

ARTICLE 3. WITHHOLDING. The withholding tax to payments made for each period sesionado under the terms of Article 23 of Law 136 of 1994, corresponding to fees councilors non-filers of income tax and complementary, will be the result of applying these payments the following table:

0 100 0%> 100 150 2%
> 150 Thereafter 10%

ARTICLE 4. CONTRIBUTION PENSION. Councillors belonging to municipalities 4a, 5a and 6a categories that show no other source of additional income, unlike the perceived 'fees, will benefit from Solidarity Pension Fund.

The 5th ITEM. TRAINING AND TRAINING. Higher School of Public Administration will create free, on-site and / or virtual programs, and priority access to training and vocational training for mayors, councilors and members of local administrative boards.
PARÁGRAFO. Training and academic to do relation this article training will be extended to local and municipal ombudsmen, as well as those in these institutions, conduct judiciary or employment or professional practice as a requirement to access professional title or providing service legal assistant honórem ad in the terms of law 1322 of 2009.
the ESAP will have 1 year from the effective date of this law to implement the provisions of this article. Effective Notes

Matches Legislation Previous

ARTICLE 6o. The Ministry of Education will encourage the development of programs in the various institutions of higher education, aimed at training and training of councilors in the country, in areas and subjects in accordance with the functions that they exercise, under the Constitution and the law. These programs will be extended to mayors, members of local administrative bodies and Community Action Agencies. Effective Notes

Legislation Previous

ARTICLE 7. Institutions of higher education may establish, within the framework of its university autonomy, programs for the training and education of Mayors, councilors and municipal or local ombudsmen, judicantes and practitioners of careers related to public administration matters in accordance with the functions they exercise, under the Constitution and the law, giving easier access and permanence for them. These programs will be extended to members of local boards and community action agencies. Effective Notes

Legislation Previous

Article 8. EXERCISE profession or trade. Aldermen may exercise their profession or occupation, as long as this does not exert the functions interfere as such or in matters in which the municipality or its decentralized entities are party.

Article 9. VALIDITY. This law governs from its enactment and repeal the provisions that are contrary.
The President of the honorable Senate,
The Secretary General of the honorable Senate,
The President of the honorable House of Representatives
The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives,
published and enforced.
Given in Bogotá, DC, on December 29, 2009.

Alvaro Uribe Minister of Interior and Justice, Fabio Valencia Cossio
The Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Óscar Iván Zuluaga
The Deputy Minister Preschool, Basic and Secondary Education Ministry, in charge of the functions of the Office of the Minister of National Education,

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