By Which The Exercise Of The Profession Of Agricultural Business Administrators, Administrators Or Administrators Agricultural Agricultural Regulating And Other Provisions

Original Language Title: Por la cual se reglamenta el ejercicio de la profesión de Administradores de Empresas Agropecuarias, Administradores Agrícolas o Administradores Agropecuarios y se dictan otras disposiciones

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ACT 398 OF 1997
(August 11)
Official Gazette No. 43,107, of 14 August 1997
Whereby the exercise of the profession of Agricultural Business Administrators regulates, or Administrators Administrators Agricultural Agricultural and other provisions.

ARTICLE 1o. For purposes of this Act, the Administration of Agricultural Business, Agricultural Management and Agricultural Management is a career at University level that is based on scientific, technical and humanistic training in accordance with the requirements especially for this by the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Higher Education -ICFES-.
Article 2.
. From the effective date of this law, they can only obtain professional license to practice the profession Manager Agricultural Business, Agricultural Agricultural Administration Administrator or in the territory of the Republic who:
a) obtained Hayan or obtain, before or after the enactment of this law, the professional title of Managers of Agricultural Enterprises, Administrators Agricultural or Administrators Agricultural Institutions of Higher Education officially recognized, whose educational syllabus and academic background are approved by the Colombian Institute for the Promotion of Education superior -ICFES-;
B) Those who have obtained or obtain the professional title Agricultural Business Manager, Administrator or Manager Agricultural Agricultural abroad for the validity of the professional title shall be governed for this purpose by the Decree Law 2150 of 1995.
PARAGRAFO. After satisfying the requirements of subparagraphs a and b of this Article, professionals dealing with article 1. of this law must register with the Ministry of Agriculture.

ARTICLE 3o. Will not be valid for the exercise of the profession of Agricultural Business Manager, Administrator or Manager Agricultural Agricultural diplomas and degrees issued by correspondence or purely honorific.
PARAGRAFO. Agricultural Technologists Administration, Agricultural Agricultural Administration Administration Higher Colleges and Universities Public or private, will not seek professional card as Agricultural Business Administrators, Administrator or Manager Agricultural Agriculture.
. For all legal purposes it is meant by exercise of the profession Manager Agricultural Business, Agricultural Agricultural Administration Administrator or the application of technical and scientific knowledge in the following activities:
a) Manage production processes, utilization, processing and marketing of goods and services generdos activities agricultural enterprises, livestock, agribusiness, forestry and fishing;
B) Advise and assist in the training of farmers, government officials and new professionals of the agricultural sector;
C) Develop, implement and analyze financial projects, in order to process the necessary credits offered by public and private banking especially on the different credit lines for agricultural and agroindustrial development;
D) To design, propose and implement strategies in the proper management of marketing functions of different goods and services offered by the Agricultural Companies, Livestock and Agroindustrial order to achieve greater efficiency, profitability and management efficiency ;
E) To organize and plan the production and marketing of agricultural and livestock products due seeking the optimization of land resources, labor and capital and profitability of investments;
F) To guide and direct agricultural activities in the various operating units;
G) Plan and make decisions related to the farm; according to the economic conditions of the person concerned;
H) Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial projects;
I) Select and manage human resources in farm units and Livestock;
J) To investigate on the ground the main difficulties encountered in technical matters and manage and suggest alternative development;
K) Create, manage and promote solidarity economy enterprises, associations and community enterprises;
L) Perform financial projections and streamline the management of monetary resources invested in agricultural and livestock exploitation, seeking higher returns;

M) To promote the organization of small producers in the countryside for better planning and management of the rural economy;
N) Further research activities advisory and consultancy in agriculture and agribusinesses;
O) Develop diagnoses related to the potential and limitations of natural resources, based on strategies for efficient use and development of resources and technologies to ensure self-sustaining processes of production, ensuring ecosystem conservation within the environmental policies by the Ministry of Environment and the Autonomous Regional Corporations.

The 5th ARTICLE. Fields of practice as defined in article four of this law are understood as those of the agricultural management, Agricultural Administration or Agricultural Administration without prejudice to professions, legitimately established, develop actions in these areas.
. For professional tuition Manager Agricultural Business, Agricultural Agricultural Administrator or Manager must meet the following requirements:
a) be a national exercising Colombian citizens or foreigners residing in the country with no less than three Rights (3 ) years prior to the respective application for registration or that otherwise has approved the title in accordance with the provisions of article two of this law;
B) To accredit the professional title of Agricultural Business Manager, Administrator or Manager Agricultural Agricultural obtained a higher education institution recognized and authorized by the State to grant it or any other consecrated in the second article of this alternative law.

Article 7. To hold the position of Manager Agricultural Business, Agricultural Agricultural Manager or Administrator, public or private entities should require the worker to the Professional Card.
. A person exercising the profession illegally Administrators Agricultural Business, Agricultural Agricultural Manager or Administrator shall be imposed the penalties prescribed by law for the illegal practice of professions.

Article 9. Administrators Agricultural Business, Agricultural Administrators or Administrators may group together and form Agropecuarios the National College of Profession, which will be given its own regulations and issue such cards Professional.

ARTICLE 10. The Directors of Agricultural Business, Agricultural Administrators or Administrators Agricultural legally registered must be creditworthy by the Fund for Financing the Agricultural Sector (FINAGRO), provided they are within the circumstances contemplated Laws 16 1990 and 101 of 1993 and the compliance by it provided and may develop, evaluate and process agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial projects to the Fund or to the banks public or private.
Article 11.
derogated all provisions contrary to this law, which governs from its sanction and promulgation.
The President of the honorable Senate,
The Secretary General of the honorable Senate,
The President of the honorable House of Representatives,
The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives, DIEGO VIVAS
published and execute.
Given in Santa Fe de Bogota, DC, on August 11, 1997.

Ernesto Samper Pizano Minister of National Education,