Why The Profession Of Audiology And Rules Regulating Its Exercise Are Held In Colombia

Original Language Title: Por la cual se reglamenta la profesión de Fonoaudiología y se dictan normas sobre su ejercicio en Colombia

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LAW 376 1997
(July 4)
Journal No. 43079 of July 9, 1997
Whereby the profession of Audiology regulates and rules for their exercise are held in Colombia.

ARTICLE 1o. DEFINITION. For all legal purposes, it means Fonoaudiología, autonomous and independent profession of university level with scientific. Its members are interested in, cultivate the intellect, exercise academia and provide services related to its subject. Man communicative processes, language disorders, speech and hearing, variations and communication differences, and communicative welfare of the individual, human groups and populations.
PARAGRAFO. For all legal purposes it is also considered professional in Speech Therapy, anyone that before the enactment of this law has obtained university level degree in speech therapy.
Article 2.
. AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE. The professional Fonoaudiología phonoaudiological develops programs in research, teaching, management, assistance and advice in the following areas of performance, language, speech and hearing.

ARTICLE 3o. GENERAL WORKCAMPS. The exercise of the profession in Speech Therapy, is aimed at the realization of professional activity within the following general areas of work and / or service thus:
a) Design, execution and management of scientific research;
B) Participation and / or address of interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research to clarify new facts and principles that contribute to the growth of knowledge and understanding of its subject from the perspective of the natural and social sciences;
C) Teaching programs in colleges and Speech Therapy, and related programs;
D) administration and management of academic programs for the training of professionals in speech therapy or other;
E) phonoaudiological management services in the sectors of health, education, labor, communications, welfare and community;
F) design, implementation, management and control of fonoaudilógicos prevention, promotion, diagnosis, intervention, rehabilitation, counseling and consulting services aimed at individuals, groups and populations with and without communication disorders;
G) consultancy in design and execution and management in the fields and areas where knowledge and disciplinary and professional contribution of speech therapy is required and / or desirable social benefit;
H) Design, implementation and management of training programs and non-formal education in the area;
I) Any professional activity arising from the above and having regard to the field of competence of Speech Therapy.
. OF REGISTRATION AND REGISTRATION OF PROFESSIONAL COLOMBIA speech therapist. The Colombian Association of Speech Therapy and Speech Therapy, ACFTL shall be authorized for registration and the Single National Registry who works as a speech therapist Colombia body.
As such, without prejudice to its own organizational structure the ACFTL, establish the organization and mechanisms for fulfilling the purpose of these functions, in accordance with existing legislation and under the supervision of the national government.

The 5th ARTICLE. REQUIREMENTS. The ACFTL registered as a professional in Fonoaudiología who meets the following requirements:
1. Accredits university degree Phonoaudiology issued by an institution of Colombian university higher education, recognized by the national government.
2. Attesting the validation title of university level Fonoaudiología issued by foreign university studies corresponding to that level.
3. Who prior to the effective date of this law has obtained professional card as a college or Speech Therapy Speech Therapy, issued by the Ministry of Health or the respective Ministries of Health.
PARAGRAFO. Registration as a professional in Fonoaudiología be credited with the professional card to be issued in accordance with the relevant regulations.
. PRACTICE OF INADEQUATE. Understood by improper practice of the profession of Audiology, any action that indicates non-compliance with the provisions of the code of ethics established by the Colombian Association of Speech Therapy and Speech Therapy.

Article 7. ILLEGAL EXERCISE. Understood by illegal exercise of the profession of Audiology, all activity within the field of competence stated in this law, those who do not bear the quality of Phonoaudiologist the university professional or equivalent level of speech therapist and is not duly authorized to perform as such.
PARAGRAFO. Those without fulfilling the requirements of this law, exercising the profession of speech therapist country will receive sanctions that ordinary law sets for the case of illegal exercise of professions. The same provision shall apply to employers who do not comply with the principles of this law.
. OF ADVISORY BODIES AND ADVISORY. Federations, the Faculties of Speech Therapy, scientific associations and unions of professional therapists speech therapists or university level language officially operate in the country, will be advisory and consultative bodies of the national government, departmental, district and municipal.

Article 9. COMPULSORY SOCIAL SERVICE. The national government taking into account the nature of social and humanistic content of Speech Therapy, may regulate compulsory social service professionals Fonoaudiología, when the community needs require.

ARTICLE 10. RECOGNITION OF PROFESSIONAL LEVEL. The national government taking into account the professional nature of the race Phonoaudiology through various public bodies, shall establish the necessary mechanisms for the hearing healthcare professional is given the treatment according to their training.

ARTICLE 11. EFFECTIVENESS OF LAW. This law will be in force the day after its publication in the Official Journal and repeals other provisions that are contrary.
The Senate President Luis Fernando Londono
The Secretary General of the Senate, PUMAREJO
The President of the honorable Chamber
The Secretary General of the honorable House of Representatives, DIEGO VIVAS
published and execute.
Given in Santa Fe de Bogota, DC, on July 4, 1997.

Ernesto Samper Pizano Minister of Health, MARIA TERESA
SAADE Forero.
The Minister of National Education,