Why The Nation Is Linked To The Celebration Of The Four Hundred And Fifty Years Of The Founding Of The City Of Valledupar And Dictate Other Provisions

Original Language Title: Por la cual la Nación se vincula a la celebración de los cuatrocientos cincuenta años de la fundación de la Ciudad de Valledupar y se dictan otras disposiciones

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1996 ACT 343

(December 27)

Official Journal No. 42,952 of 8 January 1997

For which the Nation is linked to the celebration of the four hundred and fifty years of the foundation of the City of Valledupar and other provisions are dictated.



ARTICLE 1o. The Nation is associated with the commemoration of the 450 years of the foundation of the city of the Santos Reyes of Valledupar, which was founded on January 6, 1550 by Don Hernando de Santana, who honors the memory and declares such a day of celebrity for the Nation at the beginning of the 21st century.

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ARTICLE 2o. The National Government, based on the provisions of Articles 365, 366 and 367 in harmony with Article 150 (3) and (9) of the National Constitution, will include in the General Budget of The Nation, fiscal vigencies of 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, respectively the appropriate appropriations for the execution of the following works of social interest in the municipal header of Valledupar, Department of Caesar.

a) Cofinancing for the recovery and reforestation of the Guatapuri River Basin, for which the necessary land can be acquired for sustainable development forest reserves that guarantee vital water;

b) Co-financing for the construction and endowment of the Public Library and Museum of General and Cultural History of Valledupar and Cesar Department;

c) Co-financing to boost the assembly of family businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises;

d) Cofinancing for the design and construction of the Valledupar Industrial Park;

e) Co-financing to establish undergraduate and graduate professionalization agreements with the People's University of Cesar;

f) Provide the co-financing of national, departmental and municipal governments for the construction of the Valledupar irrigation district;

g) Cofinancing for the design of an infrastructure that allows the community to have programs geared to the development of recreational activities and the practice of sport;

h) Co-financing to provide continuity to the Parks Plan in the popular and correct sectors;

i) Cofinancing for the design and construction of collection centres to facilitate the storage and marketing of agro products;

j) Cofinancing for the implementation of the Road Plan for the Municipality of Valledupar.

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ARTICLE 3o. The Department of National Planning, will advance the studies and develop the necessary plans for the constructions, extensions or realizations of the works that indicate the text of this law.

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ARTICLE 4. In order to coordinate the celebration of the commemoration, it is a meeting that will be integrated like this: The President of the Republic or his delegate who will preside over it, the Ministers of Hacienda, Educación, Medio Ambiente or their respective delegates; the Senators of the Republic whose political origin is from the Department of Cesar or its delegates, the representatives of the House, elected by the territorial constituency of the Cesar Department or their respective delegates, the Governor of the Department of Cesar or his delegate, the President of the Departmental Assembly of Cesar or his delegate, the Mayor of Valledupar or his delegate, the President of the Municipal Council of Valledupar, the President of the Integral Committee of Valledupar.

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ARTICLE 5o. Authorize the National Government to carry out the budgetary operations and the credits; to conclude the interadministrative contracts and agreements between the Municipality, the Department and the Nation, which are necessary for the implementation of this Law.

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ARTICLE 6o. This Law governs from the date of its sanction and enactment.

The President of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The Secretary General of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The President of the honorable House of Representatives,


The Secretary of the Honourable House,



Publish and execute.

Dada en Santa Fe de Bogota, D.C., at 27 December 1996.


The Minister of Finance and Public Credit,


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