Repealed - Whereby Article 202 Of Law 136 Of 1994 And Decree-Law 1678 1994 Repealing And Budget Appropriations For Personerías And District And Municipal Comptrollers Are Set

Original Language Title: DEROGADO - Por la cual se deroga el artículo 202 de la Ley 136 de 1994 y el Decreto-ley 1678 de 1994 y se fijan las apropiaciones presupuestales para las personerías y contralorías distritales y municipales

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LAW 166 1994
(November 25)
Official Gazette No. 41,615, of 28 November 1994

Whereby Article 202 of Law 136 of 1994 and Decree-Law 1678 1994 repealing and budget appropriations for personerías and district and municipal comptrollers are fixed. Summary

Term Notes
ARTICLE 1o. Repealed Article 202 of Law 136 of 1994 and consequently the Legislative Decree of 1 August 1678. 1994 "by which limits appropriated for operating expenses of the district and municipal comptrollers and ombudsmen are fixed".
Article 2.
. APPROPRIATIONS FOR BUDGET Personerías and district and municipal comptrollers. Municipal and district mayors and municipal and district to develop and approve budgets, councils will note that the appropriations for comptrollers and ombudsmen may not be less than budgeted, approved and adjusted for the effect in progress, and increased in a percentage equal to the consumer price index. PARAGRAPH 1.
. As the annual budgets of local authorities must be approved by the municipal and district councils during the sessions for the month of November, the index of consumer prices for the preceding paragraph shall be taken on the corresponding accumulated the last twelve months, cut to October 31 of the respective year. PARAGRAPH 2.
. For the purposes of this article, the consumer price index, will correspond to the total set for the national level by the National Administrative Department of Statistics, DANE.
If the consumer price index proves lower than the percentage declared by the Government to increase the legal minimum wage, the latter shall be taken as the minimum basis for setting budgets personerías and district and municipal comptrollers, for which mayors made changes and budgetary adjustments of the case.

TRANSITORY ARTICLE. If there is found the entry into force of this Act, in the course or has adopted the district and municipal budgets, they must submit to the respective councils within eight (8) working days, the relevant amendments to the draft budget or budget approved for the purpose of adjusting the appropriations of personerías and comptrollers in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

ARTICLE 3. VALIDITY. This Act governs from the date of its enactment and repeal the provisions that are contrary.
The President of the Senate of the Republic, Juan Guillermo Angel MEJÍA

The Secretary General of the Senate of the Republic, PUMAREJO VEGA PEDRO

The President of the Chamber of Representatives, ALVARO VARGAS BENEDETTI

the Secretary General of the Chamber of Representatives, DIEGO VIVAS TAFUR

published and execute.
Given in Bogota, DC, on November 25, 1994

Ernesto Samper Pizano Government Minister,

Horacio Serpa Uribe Minister of Finance and Public Credit, || | WILLIAM PERRY RUBIO