Act 95, 1993

Original Language Title: LEY 95 de 1993

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1993 ACT 95

(December 17)

Official Journal No. 41.143. of 20 December 1993.

For which the Nation is associated with the celebration of the ninety years of the town of Rozo, Municipality of Palmira Department of Valle del Cauca, pays homage to the peasant community of the region, the construction of the Regional aqueduct and other provisions are dictated.



ARTICLE 1o. The Nation is associated with the celebration of the ninety years of administrative life of the Corregimiento de Rozo, jurisdiction of the Municipality of Palmira, Department of Valle del Cauca and pays tribute to the peasant population of the region that has contributed, with its effort and dynamism, to the agricultural development of Valle del Cauca and the rest of the country.

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ARTICLE 2o. The National Government, taking into account the provisions of Articles 365 and 366, in Article 200 and article 150 of the National Constitution, will include in the National Plan of Development and public investment in 1994, the construction of a Regional aqueduct, served by waters of the Amaime river that limits the municipalities of Palmira and El Cerrito, with its treatment plant and the driving networks to the urban area of the corregimientos of Rozo, La Acequia, La Torre, Matapalo and Obando located all in the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Palmyra.

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ARTICLE 3o. The Department of National Planning will advance the studies and develop the plans necessary to advance the construction of the regional aqueduct in the Corregimiento de Rozo, Palmira Municipality, its treatment plant and water-driving networks up to the towns of each of the corregimientos determined in the previous article.

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ARTICLE 4. For the construction of the regional aqueduct, the treatment plant and the water management networks, to which this Law refers and the constitution of the easements that result necessary, the National Government may request the assistance and economic cooperation of the Department of Valle del Cauca of the Municipality of Palmira and the privileged individuals, taking into account the social benefit of these works.

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ARTICLE 5o. Authorize the National Government to conclude contracts that are necessary to comply with the provisions of this Law.

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ARTICLE 6o. Authorize, likewise, the National Government to include in the National Budget of the following two years from the validity of this Law, the items necessary for its compliance and also to make the budget transfers that are necessary to secure their financing.

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ARTICLE 7o. This Act governs from the date of its sanction and enactment.

The President of the Honorable Senate of the Republic,


The Secretary General of the Honorable Senate of the Republic,


The President of the Honorable House of Representatives,


The Secretary General of the Honorable House of Representatives,


Republic of Colombia-National Government

Publish and execute

Dada en Santafe de Bogota, D.C., a los seventeen (17)

days of the month of December of a thousand nine hundred and ninety-three (1993)


The Minister of Finance and Public Credit,


The Minister of Economic Development,


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