Whereby The Realization Of The Census Of Population And Housing Is Regulated Throughout The National Territory

Original Language Title: Por el cual se regula la realización de los Censos de Población y Vivienda en todo el territorio nacional

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79 OF 1993

(October 20)

Official Journal No. 41,083., October 20, 1993

For which the implementation of the Population and Housing Censuses is regulated throughout the national territory.



ARTICLE 1o. The National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE, will perform Population and Housing Census on the dates that, by means of Decree, point out the National Government. You can also, as part of the census program, carry out enlargement surveys or to measure the coverage of the Census.

The National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE, will be able to conduct surveys and experimental censuses, which will serve as the basis for the official census. Your results will be for informational purposes only.

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ARTICLE 2o. For the purposes of the implementation of the National Population and Housing Censuses, in urban areas, people living in urban and rural areas will remain in their homes during the hours to be determined by the Government.

In the rural areas, the censuses will be carried out in the periods and with the methodologies that the government indicates, according to the programming established by the DANE.

The National Government will dictate the rules on the issue of laissez-passer for people who, in a special way, need to mobilize and, credentials, for the people who participate in the implementation of the Censuses.

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ARTICLE 3o. The Government shall state by regulation the authorities to which the monitoring of compliance with the rules contained in this Law shall be carried out.

Departmental Governors and District and Municipal Mayors, as well as the indigenous authorities, will lend to the National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE, all necessary collaboration, at the departmental, district and for the implementation of the Censuses and Surveys.

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ARTICLE 4. Public servants, teachers, and high school students of the last degrees, and university students to be determined by the government, will act as instructors, supervisors and managers.

The National Government will determine the form of compensation to those involved in these census activities, which may consist of economic bonus, recognition of academic credits or compensatory time.

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ARTICLE 5o. Natural or legal persons, of any order or nature, domiciled or resident in the national territory, are required to supply the National Administrative Department of DANE statistics, the data requested in the development of Censuses and Surveys.

The data provided to the National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE, in the development of censuses and surveys, may not be made known to the public or to the official entities or bodies, nor to the public authorities, but only in numerical summaries, which do not make it possible to deduct from them information of an individual character which could be used for commercial purposes, tax taxation, judicial investigation or any other of the actual statistic.

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ARTICLE 6o. The National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE, may impose fines for a fee between one (1) and fifty (50) minimum monthly salaries, as a penalty to natural persons or the legal status of the article 5or. of this law and that do not comply with the provisions of this law or hinder the conduct of the Census or of the Surveys, after administrative investigation.

In the case of public servants, failure to provide proper collaboration shall be a cause of misconduct that will be punishable by suspension or removal from office.

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ARTICLE 7o. Within the three, (3) months following the processing and evaluation of the data obtained in the census, the National Government shall submit to the Congress of the Republic the draft law by means of the the results of the census. In any case, between the date of realization of the Census and the date of the presentation to the Congress of the aforementioned draft Law, no more than twelve (12) months may elapse.

Once the law adopted by the Census, the National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE, has been sanctioned, it will have to destroy the forms of the Censuses and Surveys, prior to their memory.

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ARTICLE 8o. This law governs from its enactment and repeals the provisions that are contrary to it, in particular Article 11 of Law 67 of 1917.

The President of the Honorable Senate of the Republic,


The Secretary General of the Honorable Senate of the Republic,


The President of the Honorable House of Representatives,


The Secretary General of the Honorable House of Representatives,


Publish and Execute

Santafe de Bogota, D.C., October 20, 1993


The Minister of Government,


The Director of the National Administrative Department of Statistics,


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