Through Which Declared National Monument Temple Of The Parish Of Calvary In The Neighborhood Campo Valdes, Located In The Northeastern Part Of The City Of Medellin, And Dictate Other Provisions

Original Language Title: Por medio de la cual se declara Monumento Nacional el Templo de la Parroquia del Calvario en el Barrio Campo Valdés, ubicada en la zona nororiental de la ciudad de Medellín, y se dictan otras disposiciones

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ACT 74 OF 1993

(October 5)

Official Journal No. 41,065., October 6, 1993.

By means of which the National Monument is declared the Temple of the Parish of Calvary in the Barrio Campo Valdés, located in the northeastern part of the city of Medellín, and other provisions are dictated



ARTICLE 1o. Declare National Monument to the Calvary Parish located in the Campo Valdés neighborhood of the City of Medellín, which is turning 50 years old.

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ARTICLE 2o. This temple as a National Monument and historical heritage will be the object of special care by the Local, Departmental and National administration.

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ARTICLE 3o. Create a conservation and care board for this integrated historical relic: A member of the Public Improvement Society of Medellín, a member of the Antiocha Society of Engineers, a Member of the Antiocha Academy of History and Mr. Cura Parroco of El Calvario; this board will have legal status under this Law and will manage everything relative to the purpose of it.

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ARTICLE 4. According to the ordinary of the place, a Museum of Religious, Cultural and Liturgical Art administered by the Board, which in the previous article is created, is established in the Temple of the Parish. whose pieces in addition to the donations that individuals can make to him are the ones that all the parishes of Antioquia and Medellin will give him in comodato by mandate of this Law.

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ARTICLE 5o. The Board created by this Law will collect the spiritual, religious and sociological history of the northeastern area of the City of Medellín whose edition and publication will be carried out in charge of the budget. of the honourable House of Representatives ' publications fund in a total of five thousand copies.

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ARTICLE 6o. On the main facade of the temple of El Calvario of Campo Valdés Parish in the city of Medellin, a marble plaque will be placed with the text of this Law and the names of the parish priests. that in the present half century they have fed spiritually from this parish to the inhabitants of the northeastern area of Medellin whose costs will also be borne by the fund of publications of the honorable House of Representatives.

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ARTICLE 7o. This Act governs from your sanction.

The President of the honorable Senate of the Republic,


The Secretary General of the Honorable Senate of the Republic,


The President of the Honorable House of Representatives,


The Secretary General of the Honorable House of Representatives,


Republic of Colombia-National Government

Santafe de Bogota, D.C., 5 (5) de october

of a thousand nine hundred and ninety-three (1993)

Publish and execute


The Minister of National Education,


The Minister of Finance and Public Credit,


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