Whereby The Advisory Commission On Foreign Affairs Reorganizes And Article 225 Of The Constitution Of Colombia Regulates

Original Language Title: Por la cual se reorganiza la Comisión Asesora de Relaciones Exteriores y se reglamenta el artículo 225 de la Constitución Política de Colombia

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LAW 68 OF 1993

(August 23)

Official Journal No. 41.003 of 24 August 1993.

For which the Foreign Relations Advisory Committee is reorganized and Article 225 of the Colombian Constitution is regulated.



ARTICLE 1o. The Foreign Relations Advisory Commission will be composed of:

1. The Expresidents of the Republic elected by popular vote.

2. 1 of Law 955 of 2005. It applies from 20 July 2006. The new text is as follows: > Twelve members elected from the members of the Constitutional Second Commissions thus: Three (3) by the full Senate with their respective alternates and three (3) by the full House of Representatives with their respective alternates.

3. Two members appointed by the President of the Republic.

PARAGRAFO 1o. The members elected by the National Congress and those appointed by the President of the Republic shall have their respective alternate.

PARAGRAFO 2o. The Designate to the Presidency until 1994 and the Vice President of the Republic from that year will attend the meetings of the Commission with a voice.

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ARTICLE 2o. to be a member of the Advisory Committee on Foreign Relations, it is necessary to have been Minister of the Office, Head of a Permanent Diplomatic Mission, University Professor of International Law or Foreign Trade. 10 years, or have a University degree with specialization in International Law or Foreign Trade, recognized by the Colombian State, before at least ten years to the date of election or designation.

PARAGRAFO 1o. Of the members who are responsible for choosing each Corporation, at least one and their respective alternate members, must belong to a party or political movement other than that of the President of the Republic.

PARAGRAFO 2o. The qualities required in this article for members of the Foreign Relations Advisory Committee shall not be applicable to members of Congress who are elected in their representation.

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ARTICLE 3o. FUNTIONS. The Advisory Committee on Foreign Relations is a consultative body of the President of the Republic. In such a way, it shall examine the matters which it submits to its consideration, inter alia:

1. Colombia's International Policy

2. Diplomatic negotiations and the conclusion of public treaties.

3. External security of the Republic.

4. Land and sea limits, airspace, territorial sea and contiguous zone and continental shelf.

5. Regulation of the Diplomatic and Consular Career.

6. Draft Law on the subject of the Foreign Affairs sector.

PARAGRAFO. When international negotiations are ongoing and the Government considers it relevant, the Government will report to the Foreign Affairs Advisory Committee on the matter.

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ARTICLE 4. ADVISORY CHARACTER. The concepts of the Commission are not binding, they shall be reserved except where the Commission, in agreement with the President of the Republic, orders its advertising.

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ARTICLE 5o. Meetings. The Commission will have two types of meetings: Ordinary, as a consultative body, which will be convened by the President of the Republic, and the information, the ones convened by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The latter shall be performed at least once every two months, provided that an ordinary meeting has not taken place in the same period.

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ARTICLE 6o. INSKILLS AND INCOMPATIBILITIES. Members of this Commission cannot be elected members of the public at the time of the election or appointment, or within six months of their appointment, are intervening or have intervened in the management of business with the Government, in its own interest or in the interest of third parties other than those of the institutions or institutions.

PARAGRAFO. The exercise of the position of member of the Advisory Committee on Foreign Relations is incompatible with the representation, agency or advisory of entities governed by public law or persons of any nationality, when such entities or persons have interests that relate to the competition issues of the same Advisory Commission.

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ARTICLE 7o. PERIOD. 2 of Law 955 of 2005. It applies from 20 July 2006. The new text is as follows: > Members representing Congress, will have the same period of the Chambers that they have chosen. Those appointed by the President of the Republic shall have the same period. Some and others will continue in the exercise of their duties as long as they are not replaced.

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ARTICLE 8o. TECHNICAL SECRETARIAT. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall act as the Technical Secretariat of the Commission.

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ARTICLE 9o. VALIDITY. This law governs from the date of its promulgation and repeals the provisions that are contrary to it.

The President of the Honorable Senate of the Republic,


The Secretary General of the Honorable Senate of the Republic,


The President of the Honorable House of Representatives,


The Secretary General of the Honorable House of Representatives.


Republic of Colombia-National Government

Publish and execute.

Dada en Santafe de Bogota, D.C.

at twenty-three (23) days

of the month of August of a thousand nine hundred

ninety-three of 1993.


The Foreign Minister,


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