Whereby The Advisory Commission On Foreign Affairs Reorganizes And Article 225 Of The Constitution Of Colombia Regulates

Original Language Title: Por la cual se reorganiza la Comisión Asesora de Relaciones Exteriores y se reglamenta el artículo 225 de la Constitución Política de Colombia

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LAW 68 OF 1993
(August 23)
Official Gazette No. 41003 of 24 August 1993.
Whereby the Advisory Commission on Foreign Affairs reorganizes and Article 225 of the Constitution regulates from Colombia. Summary

Term Notes
ARTICLE 1o. The Advisory Committee on Foreign Relations shall consist of:
1. The presidents of the Republic elected by popular vote.
2. Twelve members elected from the members of the Committees Second Constitutional as follows: Three (3) by the full Senate with their alternates and three (3) by the full House of Representatives and their alternates. Effective Notes

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3. Two members appointed by the President of the Republic. PARAGRAPH 1.
. The members elected by Congress and appointed by the President of the Republic shall have a substitute. PARAGRAPH 2.
. The Designated to the Presidency until 1994 and Vice President from that year to attend meetings with the voice of the Commission.
Article 2.
. QUALITIES. To be a member of the Advisory Committee on Foreign Affairs is required to have been Cabinet Minister, head of a diplomatic mission permanent, University Professor of International and Law Foreign Trade for 10 years, or have a university degree majoring in International and Law Trade Exterior, recognized by the Colombian State, prior of at least ten years from the date of election or appointment. PARAGRAPH 1.
. Of members is to choose each corporation, at least one and one alternate, you must belong to different party or the President of the Republic political movement. PARAGRAPH 2.
. The qualities required in this article for the members of the Advisory Committee on Foreign Relations shall not apply to members of Congress selected by it in their behalf.

ARTICLE 3. FUNCTIONS. The Advisory Committee on Foreign Affairs is a consultative body of the President of the Republic. As such, it will examine the issues that this submitted to it, among others, the following topics:
1. Colombia International Policy
2. diplomatic negotiations and conclusion of international treaties.
3. external security of the Republic.
4. land and maritime borders, airspace, territorial sea and contiguous zone and continental shelf.
5. Regulation of the Diplomatic Corps and Consular.
6. Bills on matters of the bouquet of Foreign Affairs.
PARÁGRAFO. When there is ongoing international negotiations and the Government considers it appropriate, it shall inform the Advisory Committee on Foreign Affairs on the matter.

ARTICLE 4. Advisory capacity. The concepts of the Commission are not binding, they will be reserved unless she herself, according to the President of the Republic, order your advertising.

The 5th ITEM. MEETINGS. The Commission will have two types of meetings: Ordinary, as a consultative body, which shall be convened by the President of the Republic, and fact, those called by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The latter are held at least once every two months, as long as a regular meeting in the same period has not taken place.

ARTICLE 6o. Ineligibility and incompatibility. They can not be elected members of this Committee citizens at the time of election or appointment, or within the past it six months are operating or have been involved in business management with the Government, in its own interest or third party other than entities or institutions.
PARÁGRAFO. The tenure of a member of the Advisory Committee on Foreign Affairs, is incompatible with the representation, agency or counseling public law entities or individuals of any nationality, when such entities or individuals have interests that relate to matters of competition Advisory Commission thereof.

ARTICLE 7. PERIOD. The members representing the Congress shall have the same period of the Chambers who have elected them. Designated by the President of the Republic shall have the same period of it. Both sides continue to exercise their functions until they are replaced. Effective Notes

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Article 8. TECHNICAL SECRETARY. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will act as Technical Secretariat of the Commission.

Article 9. VALIDITY. This law governs from the date of its enactment and repeal the provisions that are contrary.

The President of the Senate of the Republic,
The Secretary General of the Senate of the Republic,
The President of the Chamber of Representatives,
The Secretary General of the Chamber of Representatives.
Republic of Colombia - National Government
published and execute.
Given in Bogota, DC
at twenty (23) days of August
nineteen hundred ninety three

César Gaviria Trujillo Minister Foreign Noemi Sanin RUBIO

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