Through Which The Recovery, Adaptation And Development Of The Sinu River Basin, Especially Its Left Bank Seeks, In The Department Of Córdoba

Original Language Title: Por medio de la cual se busca la recuperación, adecuación y desarrollo de la Cuenca del Río Sinú, especialmente su margen izquierda, en el Departamento de Córdoba

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50 OF 1993

(April 30)

Official Journal No. 40,853 of 30 April 1993

Through which we seek the recovery, adaptation and development of the Sinu River basin, especially its left margin, in the Department of Cordoba.



ARTICLE 1o. The National Government will promote the recovery, adaptation and development of the Sinu River Basin, especially in its left margin, in the Department of Cordoba.

For this purpose, the National Government, through the entities assigned to the Ministries of Public Works, Agriculture, National Education, and those that it deems appropriate, must formulate the different programs and projects of public investment, to execute the works listed below.

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ARTICLE 2o. The priority development works, to meet the objectives set out in Article 1o, are:

(a) Construction of land adaptation works, such as: water supply, irrigation, drainage channels and containment dams, which will allow an important area of the region to be incorporated into the agricultural process according to the studies that forward the relevant institutions;

b) Construction of roads linking all the populations of the left margin of the Sinu River;

c) Construction of a road from Valparaiso, to the junction with the road Monteria-Monitos;

d) Construction of a bridge over the Sinu River at the height of the boundaries of the municipalities of Cerete and San Pelayo, which serves as a splice on the road proposed in point (b) of this article, thus allowing effective communication between the Sinu River margins and the incorporation and transportation of all goods and services that originate there, especially agricultural products;

e) Construction of a bridge over the Sinu River, on the road from K. 15 Municipality of Tierralta, part towards the Municipality of Valencia;

f) Construction of schools, schools and other educational establishments, according to the needs of the population;

g) Construction of aqueducts and sewers, depending on the population needs of the region;

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ARTICLE 3o. This Law shall be incorporated into public investment in the general budget of the Nation for the periods of 1994, 1995, and 1996, and in the additional budgets of 1993. It will also be part of the National Public Investment Plan under the terms of Article 341 of the National Constitution.

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ARTICLE 4. The National Government will make the necessary budgetary appropriations to carry out the pre-investment studies, and to carry out the construction of the works proposed in this Law.

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ARTICLE 5o. This Act governs from the date of its enactment.

The President of the honorable Senate of the Republic

Tito Edmundo Rueda Guarin

The Secretary General of the honorable Senate of the Republic

Pedro Pumarejo Vega

The President of the Honourable House of Representatives

Cesar Perez Garcia

The Secretary General of the Honourable House of Representatives

Diego Vivas Tafur


Dada en Santafe de Bogota, D.C., a los thirty (30) days of the month of April

of 1993.


The Minister of Agriculture

Jose Antonio Ocampo Gaviria

The Minister of National Education

Villamizar's Maruja Pachon

The Minister of Transport

Jorge Bendeck Olivella

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