Changchun Elevator Safety Management

Original Language Title: 长春市电梯安全管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of Elevator Safety, prevention and reduction of elevator accidents, protection of personal and property security, according to the people's Republic of China special equipment Safety Act, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second lift production within the administrative area of the city (including manufacturing, installation, renovation, repairs), operation, use, maintenance, inspection, testing and safety supervision and management, application of this approach. Elevator in these measures, including manned (goods) elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and so on.

Species, category, variety in accordance with the national special equipment list and special equipment safety technical code for sure.

Non-public places except for elevator installation and only for single family use.

Article city and County (City) district people's Government (including the development zone management committee, hereinafter the same) Elevator Safety management coordination mechanisms, coordinate and solve safety problems existing in the management.

The township (town) people, neighborhood offices assist with the relevant departments in elevator safety management within their respective jurisdictions, Elevator Safety management in grid management system, supervise the elevator use find and report Elevator Safety hidden trouble management, urging implementation of elevator social systems, organization and coordination of the owners ' Committee raising funds for elevator repair, alteration, renewal.

Fourth municipalities and counties (cities) and districts of special equipment safety supervision and management departments (hereinafter referred to as special equipment regulator) supervision and administration is responsible for safety within their respective jurisdictions.

Building departments are responsible for the elevator in the building specifications, quantity of design review and elevator shafts, machine rooms, pit, monitoring housing construction quality supervision and management, push unit performance in making the transfer elevator to use management safety management responsibilities.

Housing authorities are responsible for guidance and supervision and was entrusted with the management of property lifts service companies to perform their duties; in accordance with the law, the use of special maintenance funds used for residential property lifts repair, renovation, updating work.

Communications the competent authorities and the authorities responsible for supervision and implementation of elevator shaft communication signal coverage.

Work safety, public security, planning, business, prices, education, health and family planning, administration for industry and commerce, transport, tourism, sport, and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a elevator safety supervision and management related work.

Fifth of elevator production, distribution, use, management should comply with the relevant State laws, regulations, safety technology specification and standard provisions, establish and improve the safety responsibility system, ensure the safety of elevator production, distribution, use,.

Sixth encourages elevator production, maintenance and use of management units cover Elevator Safety liability insurance.

Article seventh regulators and lift production of special equipment, maintenance, administrative units and the media should take a variety of forms, strengthen safety education, popularize the knowledge of Elevator Safety, increase public awareness of safety and the ability to protect themselves.

Article eighth of the elevator industry associations shall strengthen self-discipline, promoting the construction of credit system, improve safety management level and service level.

Nineth chapter II production and operation of elevator production unit shall obtain elevator production licenses, in accordance with the relevant national standards and safety technical specification for production activities, responsible for the production of elevator quality.

No unit and individual shall forge, used, alter, resell, lease, lend elevator production license.

Article tenth of the elevator manufacturing units of its manufacture of lifts and their components should be in charge of safety, and to fulfil the following obligations: (a) provide elevator inspection qualified for not less than two years from the date of the warranty period, to lift the quality warranty issues, free repairs or replacement of parts. (B) offer products manufactured to specifications, quality certificates, installation and maintenance instructions, type test certificates and other related technical information.

Product description should be clearly marked in the elevator or the main part of the factory design life.

(C) provide the necessary lift to elevator management unit spare parts, technical training and other technical assistance.

(Iv) to track the situation in the safe operation of lifts, make recommendations for improvement on the problems existing in the operation.

(V) found the elevator when there is a serious accident, inform management units to use elevators, and to report to the local special equipment regulator.

(Vi) the design, manufacture, endanger the identity of security flaw caused the elevator shall immediately stop producing, a voluntary recall and related responsibilities.

(G) to lift scrap, updated technical guidance, design changes.

11th elevator manufacturers should be in public gathering places and residential new passenger elevators equipped with running parameter acquisition and network transmission function of detection devices, and to the elevator using free elevator failure detection signal interface management units to facilitate fault detection analysis of the elevators and emergency rescue.

Encouraging manufacturing unit on the implementation of the measures before the installation of elevators opening elevator failure monitor signals interfaces.

Elevator failure monitoring signals should be networked with the day-to-day maintenance units. 

12th elevator construction project needs to be installed, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards set the elevator to ensure lift specifications and quantity configuration and structure, adapt to the needs of the building.

Railway stations, airports and other public transport sites of escalators and moving walkways, the construction unit shall use public transit elevator.

Employer to the elevators using the management transfer elevator, security technology shall be handed over to full archive, safe use of warning signs and elevator use flags. 13th elevator installation, alteration, repair shall be by elevator manufacturers or their delegate shall obtain appropriate consent from the unit.

Authorized agencies shall not lift installation, alteration, repair business, subcontracting and subcontracting.

Manufacturing units have been cancelled or no longer has a corresponding type of construction permits, management agreed by the owner of the elevator the elevator can delegate access to qualified unit elevator renovation or repair.

Article 14th units elevator installation, alteration, repair, shall comply with the following provisions: (a) construction, construction, such as the time, place and content should be, notify the local special equipment regulator. 

(B) the construction, should inspect the elevator engine room, shaft, pit, the channel works, such as compliance with the safety requirements, implement security measures. (C) in accordance with the laws, regulations and requirements of security technical specifications for the construction, authentic records of the construction process, and completed after 30th inspection supervision, inspection reports, quality documentation, materials, and construction of built-in works records, major technical problems processing files and other technical information and handed over the keys to the elevator the elevator owner or their authorized management units to use elevators.

Elevator before the deliveries, steps should be taken to prevent the elevator from being used.

(D) the process of installation, renovation and major repairs, supervision and inspection shall be subject to inspection and testing bodies, without supervision, inspection or failed to pass the inspection shall not be delivered.

15th lift business units sales lift, Elevator design files should be identified, quality certificates, installation and maintenance instructions, main components of type test reports and inspection certificates and other documents, and establish a check acceptance and sales records.

16th prohibits operating elevators and related products listed below: (a) does not meet the national mandatory standards and safety specifications.

(B) defective product may endanger the safety of persons and property.

(C) assembled using used parts.

(D) have been banned, out, obsolescence or laws and regulations prohibit the sale. 

(E) not manufacture license of manufacturing.

(Vi) non-manufacturing unit with elevator technical data.

(G) laws and regulations prohibit operation of elevators and related products. Chapter III management article 17th of the elevator with administrative unit safety management responsibility, management units that is not explicitly an elevator shall not be put to use.

Elevator with administrative units in accordance with the following provisions: (a) the unit has not yet handed over the elevator the elevator owners, construction management units used for elevators.

(B) entrusting the Realty service enterprise or any other entity management of Elevator, the Realty service enterprise or any other entity commissioned management units used for elevators.

(C) the Realty service enterprise or any other entity not delegate management of the elevator, there is only one owner, the management units to use proprietary artificial lift; there is more than one owner, shall consult together to determine management units to use elevators; cannot be determined through consultation, the elevator is located the township (town) people, harmonization of the subdistrict office elevator with administrative units.

(D) rent, lend with elevator sites, leasing or lending shall be stipulated in the contract management units to use elevators; no agreement or the agreement is uncertain, the elevator management units to use proprietary artificial lift. 18th elevator management unit shall perform the following management responsibilities: (a) in an elevator before use or should the elevator is located in 30th special equipment supervisory Department for the elevator and use registration.

Elevator using the change management unit, shall from the date of change within the 30th for registration of changes and transfer elevator management documents are complete take over the unit.

(B) lift scrap, lift with administrative units should be special equipment in abandoned elevator is located in the 30th before regulators for cancellation of registration.

(C) the perfect elevator accident risk prevention, safety management systems and safety technologies such as emergency rescue files.

(D) specifying or equipped with safety management of special equipment safety management qualified elevator, supervise their management and use the elevator keys.

(E) in the elevator the elevator use signs prominently posted in force, safety, warning signs, emergency telephones, escalators, moving walkways shall expressly inform the emergency stop button.

(F) ensure the elevator emergency alarming equipment used, during the elevator attendant in the elevator runs on the job.

(VII) commissioned a qualified manufacturing, installation, alteration, repair units in accordance with the provisions of elevator maintenance and periodic inspection, and make records.

(VIII) assist elevator update, modification, repair, testing and risk assessment, writing timely maintenance unit stopped running notification and corrective action recommendations.
(IX) to daily check the elevator use, unsafe elevator, prevented in time.

(J) the carrying construction materials, construction waste, as well as lifts are easily damaged items, safety protection technique measure or arrange for on-site management.

(11) the elevator car decoration may affect the safety of elevator use, should be guided by the elevator manufacturing units, after the renovation is complete, it shall notify the elevator manufacturers to test, tested in accordance with the relevant national safety technical specification, may be put into use.

(12) the elevator malfunction or accident, immediately stop using the prominent positions at the elevator deactivated flag is set, and promptly notify the elevator maintenance unit maintenance.

(13) Elevator passengers trapped when rushed to the scene immediately and take measures to soothe trapped passengers and rescue organizations, do not have the emergency condition, immediately notify the elevator maintenance units or reported fire rescue and other specialized relief agencies rushed to the scene.

(14) the lift when the accident occurred, shall organize and remove danger, rescue, protect the scene of the accident, and report elevator is located within an hour of the special equipment supervision Department and related departments.

(15) compliance with other laws, rules, regulations or national security provisions relating to safe use of lift technical specifications.

19th residential elevator management should also comply with the following provisions: (a) shall establish the Statute of owner-managed day-to-day management, maintenance, repair, alteration, inspection, testing, and safety assessment, updates, and other costs of collection and use of the rules.

(B) development owner or owners and property services companies signing the Realty service contract, shall establish safety management rights, obligations and responsibilities. (C) property service management of enterprises should be public safety related records and use of elevator operation and maintenance costs, separate accounts, earmarking elevator operation and maintenance costs.

Owners, owners ' committees and owners should monitor the elevator management of property services companies.

(D) the owners shall coordinate with the property management service elevator management, supervision and property service enterprises to fulfill their responsibilities. 20th elevator management unit is the main responsibility of Elevator Safety, personal and property damage accident or fault caused the elevator, Elevator management units used for accident or fault liability first to pay the injured party.

Elevator management unit and elevator owners had the right to recourse related liability for accidents caused the losses. Article 21st public gathering places the elevator using the administrative unit shall set security management institution or full-time safety Manager.

Hospital provides patients with private elevator and directly used for sightseeing and passenger lift speeds greater than 2.5 m/s, should be qualified as a special equipment operator.

Management unit should be set up where the other elevator safety authorities or with full-time and part-time safety management personnel.

22nd public gathering places and residential elevators, shall be equipped with video surveillance facilities, and ensure the normal operation of the facility. Article 23rd lift elevator safety inspection using the management units should be one month prior to the expiry of, apply to the inspection and testing bodies periodic inspection.

Untested or elevators which test failed, may not continue to use it. Disabled elevators or special equipment regulators ordered to stop using the lift, lift using the administrative unit should be in a prominent position setting disables the ID, take the necessary protective measures, and cut off the elevator to the main power supply.

Period of suspension has been out of date of next inspection of the elevator should be examined and passed before the inspection and testing bodies can be re-enabled; period of suspension does not exceed the date of next inspection of the elevator, Elevator maintenance units should be maintained and inspected the rear can be re-enabled.

Lifts need to be removed, the elevator by elevator owner or their authorized administrative units, delegate unit with appropriate installation license and enter into a construction contract, developing safe removal scheme.

24th daily maintenance costs from the elevator the elevator owners or users pay fees were charged to the elevator. Residential elevator needed repair, alteration, renewal, property management service and the owners ' Committee shall promptly implement, the owner shall comply with funding obligations.

Property of special maintenance funds have been established, in accordance with the relevant provisions from the property in a special maintenance fund expenditures; property or special maintenance special maintenance fund of funds has not been established, in accordance with the "who benefits, who should pay" principle, by the owners.

Residential elevator exists serious accident hidden, not take major repair, and transformation or update to elimination hidden and related party on funding raised, and rectification programme, up not consistent views of, by elevator location Xiang (town) Government, and subdistrict offices organization property service enterprise, and owners representative County (City) District room to (live built), and special equipment regulatory, sector common consultations, determine elevator repair, and transformation or update programme and costs raised programme.

25th passenger passenger elevator shall comply with the safety instructions and notes shall not be any of the following acts: (I) passenger Express is not the normal state of the elevator.

(B) using abnormal means open door or car door.

(C) the dismantling, destroying parts of the lift or mark, mark.

(D) by exceeding the rated load of the lift or carry more than the rated load of the cargo.

(E) violations of Elevator Safety warning labels operating elevator.

(Vi) other acts that endanger the safe operation of the lift.

Preschool children should be accompanied by the full civil capacity person ride elevators.

Passenger elevators fail, passengers should get in touch with elevator safety managers in a timely manner, and obey the command of elevator safety management personnel.

26th fourth chapter maintenance maintenance of the elevator by elevator manufacturers or legally obtained license is responsible for the installation, alteration, repair units.

Elevator maintenance in the city engaged in routine maintenance operations shall faithfully the Office addresses, job titles, qualifications, personnel, equipment management, maintenance customers, information such as emergency phone, input of special equipment safety management system information changes, should re-entry in a timely manner, and be responsible for the authenticity and integrity of the information.

27th elevator maintenance unit maintenance contracts with the management units to use elevators, maintenance contract shall include the following information: (a) in elevator maintenance rights, obligations and responsibilities.

(B) construction of elevator maintenance nature, contents, implementation of standards.

(C) lift maintenance dates and frequency of maintenance.

(D) assist lift using administrative units lift emergency and emergency preparedness duties.

(E) the malfunction and emergency rescue response time.

28th maintenance elevator units and elevator control units signed before elevator maintenance contracts, should the proposed maintenance Elevator Safety, reliability and maintenance of staffing, technology, equipment and spare parts supply, conduct a comprehensive assessment and validation, maintenance to ensure its ability to safeguard the safe operation of the lift.

29th elevator maintenance unit should be responsible for the maintenance of Elevator Safety, and perform the following duties: (a) in accordance with the safety specifications, standards and instructions for use maintenance requirements, introducing a safety management system, maintenance plan.

(B) prominently in an elevator, indicate the name of the entity, as well as emergency rescue and complaint phone number.

(C) residential use of the elevator, elevator or import the latest maintenance information information shall at least include maintenance personnel, maintenance time and content.

(D) maintenance of site operations personnel should have appropriate qualifications and implement site safety measures to ensure safety; regularly for security education and technical training for maintenance personnel, establishment of workers ' education and training records and archives.

(E) reserve a number consistent with maintenance of common parts, replacement of elevator parts should have quality certificates, safety accessories and safety devices should have the type test certificate.

(Vi) ensure that emergency phone answered 24 hours, passengers trapped rescue police arrived on the scene within 30 minutes. (VII) to find fault or after receiving the fault notification and shall timely troubleshooting.

Failure to exclude for the time being, solutions should be written notice to the elevator using management and inform the shall not be used before troubleshooting; security breaches to the elevator, elevator control units is not timely rectification, Elevator maintenance unit shall promptly to inform the owner or user public. (VIII) is responsible for the maintenance of the elevator at least once every 15th maintenance check at least every six months, and elevator use self test report issued by the management unit. 

Fill in the maintenance and failure records, record of maintenance shall be approved by the elevator management confirmed in writing that is used.

(IX) establishment of maintenance and fault disposal of records kept for at least four years.

(10) Elevator maintenance operations not subcontract, subcontractor, or subcontracted, subcontracting in disguise.

30th public gathering places using high frequency of elevator and elevator of the useful life of more than 15 years, lift with administrative units and maintenance units should be increased according to the actual condition of the elevator maintenance times and maintenance projects.

Fifth chapter of inspection, testing and safety assessment article 31st elevator inspection and testing service providers, shall obtain the permission, to be engaged in inspection, testing, security assessment.

Personnel engaged in the inspection and testing of elevator inspection and testing should be eligible.

32nd inspection and testing institutions shall comply with the following provisions: (a) the inspection, testing, security assessment activities comply with relevant national and provincial regulations.

(B) the inspection certificate and test report or security assessment report, and take responsibility for reports issued by.

(Iii) inspection, testing, security assessment activities in the clients ' commercial secrets confidential.

(D) inspection, testing, safety evaluation activities found in the elevator accident, shall notify the management units to use elevators to take corresponding measures is a serious potential cause of an accident, should also be in writing regulators report of special equipment of the elevator is located.
Article 33rd elevator inspection and testing agencies and employees shall not engage in the following activities: (a) engaged in elevator production and business.

(B) in the name of inspection and testing bodies recommending, supervising, supervision of sales lift, or recommend elevator production and maintenance units.

(C) the use of inspection and testing work to intentionally lift production and administrative units.

Article 34th of the elevator, one of the following circumstances, management units to use elevator inspection and testing bodies can delegate security assessment: (a) the useful life of more than 15 years.

(B) for lift failure resulting in casualties.

(C) flooding, fires, lightning, earthquakes and other disasters.

(D) the failure rate is high, use the manager considers the need for security assessment and the owner's consent.

(E) the need for safety assessment.

After security assessments, the 35th, lift meet the requirements of safe operation shall issue can continue to use the assessment cannot meet the safety requirements, or continue to use high cost, do not meet the energy efficiency requirements, shall issue a repair, alteration or replacement assessment. Safety assessment of units or institutions should be responsible for assessment of authenticity and integrity. Assessment conclusions can apply for the use of premises as basis for special maintenance funds.

After security assessments, the residential elevator, Elevator management units to use evaluation findings should be posted in the elevator or entrances and prominent position. Sixth chapter, supervision, administration and emergency management article 36th city, County (City) regulators should develop safety supervision of special equipment inspection program and reported to people's Governments at the same level and higher regulatory filing of special equipment.

Regulator in accordance with the plan of special equipment for production, distribution, use, maintenance and inspection and testing bodies conducting supervision and inspection, information and complaints related to elevator safety shall promptly investigate and deal with.

37th special equipment should regulators be lifts focus on safety supervision and inspection of the following ranges: (a) use in public gathering places.

(B) the useful life of more than 15 years.

(C) the frequency or complaint rate higher.

(D) the laws, rules, regulations and safety specifications required to implement focus on supervision and inspection. Article 38th when regulators in the supervision and management of special equipment, found any violations of laws, regulations and safety specifications of behavior or in the elevator there are serious potential cause of an accident, should be special equipment safety supervision instructions, order the relevant units and reform, to eliminate hidden perils.

Overdue rectification of elevator production, use, management, maintenance, and inspection and testing bodies, to interview the main owner.

39th special equipment supervision departments should establish uniform safety information management system to record elevator manufacturing, installation, renovation, repair, maintenance, inspection, testing, security assessment information, and provide query services to the community.

40th supervisory departments in the implementation of safety supervision of special equipment inspection process, found in one of the following circumstances, should be brought to the local relevant authorities to investigate and punish: (a) after the elevator manufacturing units were cancelled or revoked license, and need to be revoked.

(B) the property management service does not implement safety management responsibility, by issuing a safety instruction book refused to correct or nonperformance of the Realty service contract Elevator Safety accidents, need to process property management service.

(C) use and administration of project construction and elevator unit fails to perform lift safety management responsibilities, need to be investigated for responsibility.

(D) the building or structure there are factors that affect the safe operation of the lift. 41st no units or individuals found that jeopardize the safety of elevators or elevator for security breaches, you can complain to the elevator where regulators, reports. Related complaints received, reporting should be accepted by the Administration, belongs to the duties of the Department shall verify, process, respond in a timely manner; not part of the duties of the Department shall promptly transfer the right to deal with the sector, will be transferred to inform the informers.

Competence to deal with the sector should be processed in a timely manner, no excuse.

42nd elevator management unit, maintenance unit elevator accident emergency special plan should be developed, organizations emergency drills at least once a year.

Article 43rd on the seventh chapter law responsibility for acts in violation of these rules, laws and regulations on penalties from its provisions.

44th article violates these rules, the construction unit failed to complete the transfer of management units to use elevator security technologies archive, safe use of warning signs and elevator use flags, a rectification by the supervision of special equipment sector; it fails to mend, has illegally obtained, confiscation of illegal gains and fines of between 30,000 yuan; no illegal gains and fines of between 10,000 yuan.

45th article violation this approach provides, Elevator using management units has following behavior one of of, by special equipment regulatory sector ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected, has illegal proceeds of, confiscated illegal proceeds, at 30,000 yuan following fine; no illegal proceeds of, at 10,000 yuan following fine; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) Elevator using management units occurred change, original elevator using management units not will elevator management archives full transfer took over units of.

(B) lift emergency alarm device is not effective or officer on duty in the elevator runs during the absence.

(C) the public gathering places frequently used the elevator and elevator of the useful life of more than 15 years, not according to the actual situation increases the number of maintenance and maintenance projects.

(Iv) deactivate the elevators deactivated identification and protection measures is not set, or not cut off the elevator main power supply.

46th article violation this approach provides, maintenance maintenance units has following behavior one of of, by special equipment regulatory sector ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected, has illegal proceeds of, confiscated illegal proceeds, at 30,000 yuan following fine; no illegal proceeds of, at 10,000 yuan following fine; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) Elevator exists security hidden, maintenance maintenance units not timely to property people or using people publicity told of.

(B) lift maintenance operations subcontracted, subcontracting or subcontracted, subcontracting in disguise.

(C) emergency phone 24 hours is not an effective answer, or passenger were trapped inside the alarm 30 minutes after failing to rescue.

47th article violates these rules, and supervision of special equipment sector abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engages, shall be ordered by the unit or have the right to correct, to managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

The eighth chapter of the by-laws mentioned in the 48th article of the measures "public gathering places" refers to schools, kindergartens, old-age care institutions, hospitals, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, sports complexes, tourist attractions, exhibition halls, and so on.

This approach is known as the "elevator management units", that is, the provisions of the special equipment safety law "unit" refers to the practical implementation of safety management obligations of Elevator, take elevator to use security responsibilities.

This approach is called the "serious accidents", including elevator using the following scenarios: (a) illicit production or using used parts and assembling of elevators.

(Ii) major components, safety protection equipment failure or lack of elevators.

(C) after an accident without a comprehensive inspection of the elevator.

(D) countries has been officially eliminated by elevator.

(E) for lift equipment causes unqualified elevator.

49th article this way since January 12, 2017.

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