Changzhou City Commercial Delivery Management

Original Language Title: 常州市商品房交付使用管理办法

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  First in order to strengthen the delivery of commercial property management, maintenance of housing the legitimate rights and interests of both sides, according to the regulations on urban real estate development and management under the State Council, the State Council for construction engineering quality control and related laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Delivery of the second new commercial housing within the administrative area of the city and the related regulatory activities, these measures shall apply.

Third municipal construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of housing delivery in the city.

City (district) construction Administrative Department in accordance with administrative privileges is responsible for the supervision and administration of housing delivery within their respective jurisdictions.

By letter, education, land, planning and housing, gardens, urban management, sport, civil protection, the post office and other administrative departments and the city (district) people's Government according to their respective duties, is responsible for the delivery of commercial property management related work.

Article fourth real estate development enterprises shall, in accordance with the statutory procedures, construction standards, land development and construction, delivery documentation and related provisions of commercial housing, and supporting the delivery of infrastructure and major public facilities.

Phased construction of housing, in line with the basic conditions of use, can be delivered in phases.

Article water supply, power supply, gas supply, drainage, lighting, information, cable TV infrastructure projects such as professional and business services units shall in accordance with the contract and the relevant regulations and complete construction and real estate development enterprise certificate file or put into use.

Sixth real estate development enterprise should be in accordance with the planning requirements, construction education, health, culture, sports, administration, community services, municipal utilities, parking facilities and other major public facilities. Seventh article housing delivered using should meet following basic conditions: (a) has completed housing building engineering completed acceptance record; (ii) according to provides construction water facilities, to water professional business service units handle official water procedures and completed loaded table measurement, shall not to construction water or temporary water water; (three) according to provides construction for distribution facilities, to power sector handle official electricity procedures and completed loaded table power, shall not to construction temporary power or external turned power source power; (four) rain, and sewage implemented shunt, In accordance with the planning requirements are incorporated into the city stormwater, sewage disposal systems; (e) the construction of information infrastructure in accordance with the provisions in place; (vi) greening project, according to the review by green design construction is completed. Phased construction projects, shall, in accordance with the planning requirements, within the scope of green building (VII) in accordance with the requirements to complete the main supporting construction of public facilities and transfer of relevant departments and units to use in accordance with regulations.

Staging construction of, supporting of parking facilities, and property service with room or management with room, main supporting public construction Shi is not this period project within of, should implementation transition using programme, meet basic using conditions; (eight) meet land transfer file requirements, and by land resources administrative competent sector nuclear inspection qualified; (nine) according to legal, and regulations, and regulations should meet of other conditions. Eighth residential deliveries of goods, article seventh should adhere to these measures, but should also meet the following basic criteria: (I) gas pipeline into gas pipeline and gas supply.

By gas competent sector confirmed temporarily no gas conditions of, should completed project with to red range within of gas facilities construction; (ii) wired TV port laying to households; (three) function lighting facilities installation finished, engineering quality meet standard, and has daily operation maintenance conditions; (four) post letter reported box according to provides set, meet links conditions; (five) signed early property service contract.

Nineth real estate development enterprises in housing delivery basic conditions, shall apply to the construction Administrative Department delivery record, and submit the following materials: (a) the present article seventh, eighth documents or use, (ii) other documents required by laws, rules and regulations.

Article tenth construction Administrative Department shall accept delivery within five working days from the date of filing the application to review the related materials submitted by the real estate development enterprise, materials are complete and meet the requirements, issued housing notice of delivery record; materials are incomplete or do not meet the requirements of, and informed real estate development companies and explain the reasons in writing.

11th commercial housing completed delivery record, building competent administrative departments shall, in a notice on its Web site.

12th commercial delivery use, real estate development enterprises ought to Vendee express notice of commercial delivery record.

13th the format shall be stated in the text of the contract of sale of commercial housing, secure the commercial real estate development projects delivered notice of filing shall not be delivered to the buyer.

14th real estate when you first register, real estate registration agency shall examine the notice of commercial delivery record.

15th commercial housing was not in accordance with the relevant provisions of article record of acceptance or acceptance, by construction administrative departments will be punished according to law.

16th real estate did not complete the delivery record, unauthorized use of real estate development enterprises, the construction Administrative Department shall order rectification of real estate development enterprises and 30,000 yuan fine, its directors, who are directly responsible can be fined 500 Yuan.

17th specialized service units shall be issued without issue, delays in issuing documents or put to use, by the competent authority in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations for punishment.

Article 18th relevant Administrative Department staff in the supervision and administration of housing delivery in the abuse, negligence, malpractice, shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

19th Government implement the delivery of affordable housing management, in accordance with the measures implemented.

 20th these measures come into force on January 1, 2017.

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