Administrative Measures On Urban Greening In Inner Mongolia

Original Language Title: 内蒙古自治区城镇绿化管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to improve the ecological environment and landscape, promote the development of urban greening, according to State Council regulations on urban landscaping and other relevant laws and regulations of the State, combined with State practice, these measures are formulated.

Second autonomous region town planning of urban greening in the district planning, construction, protection, and management, application of this approach.

Article urban green should adhere to eco-priority principle, according to the Government-led, social participation.

Article fourth flag above the county level city green building should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plans, urban greening construction and maintenance funds are included in the financial budgets.

Article fifth municipality housing and urban-rural construction departments are responsible for town planning of urban green management in the region of the autonomous region.

UNITA Administrative Office, district and urban greening Department of the people's Governments at the county level responsible for the administration of town planning of urban green management in the region.

Development and reform, finance, forestry, land and resources, water resources, transportation and other departments shall, within their respective mandates, and urban greening.

Sixth urban green should strengthen scientific research, conservation of plant diversity, development and application of local plants, breeding of adapted plant species in the natural environment of the region, promoting biological pest control technology and micro-sprinkler, drip irrigation, irrigation, reclaimed water use, water-saving technologies such as rainwater, exploring and popularizing rainwater-green building.

Seventh municipalities encourage organisations and individuals to investment, donation, adoption, tree planting and other forms, participate in green construction and maintenance work encourages urban residents within its private courtyard, planting flowers and trees, green environment.

Donation, adoption of the units and individuals can enjoy the green space, trees, naming rights for a certain period. Eighth in towns and citizens with the ability to work should be in accordance with relevant regulations of the State obligations to plant trees.

Any unit and individual shall care for the outcome of the urban greening, right to stop the vandalism, complaints and reports.

Chapter II planning and construction of Nineth district of city and County Planning Department in conjunction with the competent departments administrative areas of the green space system planning of the urban greening, after approval by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, and publicize the implementation, and level on urban greening and urban planning departments departments. Green space system planning of specific preparation shall entrust a qualified unit.

Planning Authority shall, prior to the approval, to announce the draft green space system planning and feasibility study meeting, hearing or otherwise, seek the views of experts and the public.

Article tenth Government urban planning departments above the county level should be in conjunction with the competent departments under the control of the urban greening of detailed planning and green space system planning, determine the scope of each green line of control (hereinafter referred to as the green line), and to the public.

Green space system planning of established green spaces and green spaces that have been built, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State management system implementation of the green line. 11th no unit or individual is allowed to arbitrarily change the green space system planning, the green line and the green nature, purposes.

Really necessary to change, should be according to the original examination and approval procedures for approval. Shall not adjust the green line reducing the planning the amount of green space.

The adjustment of green line reducing the planning of green areas should be filled. 12th article various construction project of green rate, should reached following standard: (a) new residential of green rate shall not below 35%; (ii) new school, and hospital, and therapy rest hospital by, and public culture facilities, and organ, public facilities of green rate shall not below 35%; (three) new industrial park of green rate shall not below 35%, industrial park within the project of specific Green proportion, by industrial park management institutions determine; industrial park outside new industrial project and traffic hub, and Warehouse, project of green rate shall not below 20%; new produced toxic harmful gas project of green rate shall not below 30%, and should construction width many Yu 50 meters of protection belt; (four) new City Road red width 50 meters above of, green rate shall not below 25%; road red width 40 meters above insufficient 50 meters of, green rate shall not below 20%; road red width insufficient 40 meters of, green rate shall not below 15%; (five) town River, and

Around the Lake and other water bodies, as well as railways, roads should be in accordance with plans and specifications for green, and in accordance with the requirements for flood control, railways, road safety, transport, (vi) other Greenland rate of construction project, hosted by the AU Civil Administration, municipal and county authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and the autonomous communities to develop.

Green rate of transformation of the old city area construction projects do not meet these criteria may, in comparison with Greenland rate of lowering 5% in the preceding paragraph. 13th city and town people's Governments shall, according to the needs of the urban greening construction, rational determination of green space.

Production of green space with an area of not less than 2% in urban built-up area.

14th urban shade trees should be used well, wind resistance, disease resistance, strong drought-resistant and suitable for local species. 15th shall delimit a range of landscape around the Park area.

The landscape within the control area forbidden to build more than city and town people's Governments of high buildings and structures.

Park around the new construction project, shall be coordinated with green space landscape, and shall not affect the normal growth of plants.

16th construction subsidiary green project, should be the principal part of the project of construction project designed, built, and acceptance.

Article 17th subsidiary greening engineering design of the urban construction projects, according to the capital construction program approval, urban greening departments shall participate in the review. Affiliated units shall in accordance with the approved construction project greening engineering design and construction.

Design really necessary changes shall be approved by the original approval authority.

Article 18th urban greening project investigation, design, construction and supervision, shall entrust the unit with appropriate qualification, and relevant national and State technical norms and standards. 19th subsidiary greening projects construction projects should be included in the scope of construction engineering completion approval. Construction project completion and acceptance of the Organization, shall notify the competent sectors of the urban greening project.

Upon acceptance, and deliverables.

20th urban greening construction should take into account pipeline safety and trees grow, and pipeline and other town facilities maintain the safety distance provided.

Article 21st State encouragement, promotion and development of three dimensional greening, balconies, roofs, elevated highways, overpasses and other vertical greening of the vertical greening of buildings and building façade, but may not infringe upon the lawful rights and interests or affect the safety of buildings.

Vertical greening, green roof area can follow the prorated subsidiary green area for construction projects.

Third chapter protection and management 22nd article Town Green of protection and management, according to following provides Division is responsible for: (a) town government investment construction of town various green, by city and town government is responsible for; (ii) units subsidiary green and units since built of protection Green by the units is responsible for; (three) residential within law belongs to owners all of green, by owners or owners delegate of property service enterprise is responsible for; (four) railway, and highway, and river management range within of protection green, by corresponding of competent sector is responsible for;

(E) production of green, run by its unit;

(Vi) construction project within the green space during the construction period the unit is responsible for.

Urban green spaces other than those stipulated in the preceding paragraph, by Union Administrative Office, district and municipal people's Government, the flag according to law to protect the people's Government at the county level and management unit. Units and individuals is liable to green space protection and management, may appoint a professional maintenance of Greenland.

Greenland shall conform to the urban green maintenance technical specifications and standards. Article 23rd without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to occupy urban green space.

For urban infrastructure construction, maintenance or other special temporary occupation of urban green space, it should be agreed by the competent Department of urban greening and temporary use formalities according to law.

Temporary occupation of urban green space of trees need to migrate, users shall apply in conjunction with the temporary occupation of urban green space is proposed. Temporary occupation of urban green space in General, the term of one year, due to special reasons is absolutely necessary to continue a temporary occupation of urban green space, advance one month extension, extended periods of not more than one year.

After the expiry of temporary occupation, occupation should be cleared in a timely manner, the return of; caused by temporary occupation of urban green facilities damaged, their occupation shall be liable.

24th the development and utilization of underground space in urban green spaces shall comply with national building codes, margins should be set aside on the underground facility that complies with the requirements of plant growth overlaying, shall not affect the function of normal growth trees and green spaces.

25th article towns commercial service is offered within the park stands, shall go through examination and approval procedures, and operational activities of park management unit in a given place, comply with the relevant provisions of park management. Article 26th town engineering building, public facility security needs or seriously affect the living light, security of residence, absolutely necessary to transplant trees shall be advised in writing prior to the transplanting urban greening Department, and under the guidance of professionals. Reason and number of transplanted trees should be transplanted field publicity and public scrutiny.

Transplanting trees did not survive should be replanted the trees.

27th no unit or individual may unlawfully cut down urban trees.

Has following case one of of, by Town Green competent sector approved Hou can cut: (a) by identification has death of; (ii) endanger personal security of; (three) serious effect live lighting, and live security of; (four) on public facilities run security constitute threat of; (five) occurred quarantine sex pest, may endanger other plant of; (six) for trees growth tending need of; (seven) construction engineering with to range within cannot retained of.
A at once cut less than 50 strains of, by flag County Government Town Green competent sector approved; a at once cut 50 strains above less than 100 strains of, by AU Administrative Office, and set district of City Government Town Green competent sector approved, reported autonomous regions Government housing and urban and rural construction competent sector record; a at once cut 100 strains above of, by autonomous regions Government housing and urban and rural construction competent sector approved.

28th new construction, renovation or expansion town pipelines, transport infrastructure and other public facilities shall give way existing trees; does not give way, the relevant units shall, together with the competent Department of urban greening in front of construction to determine protection measures.

Article 29th urban green space protection and management units or individuals shall be in accordance with the urban green maintenance technical norms and standards, the trees were pruned on a regular basis.

Because of tree growth affect the safety of pipelines, transport facilities, pipelines or traffic facilities management unit shall apply to departments of urban greening, urban greening Department both pipelines, transport safety and normal tree growth principles of timely pruning.

Tree growth impact living lighting, ventilation and safety of residents, requesting trim urban residents, timely pruning maintenance unit shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Trees due to natural disasters, emergencies affecting the safety of overhead lines and ownership units for overhead lines can be pruning trees or take other measures, and reporting to departments of urban greening.

Article 30th flag urban greening Department of the people's Governments above the county level to ancient trees and ancient tree resources, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the unified management, graded protection.

Urban greening Department of ancient trees and potentiall resource survey, identification, classification, registration, numbering, and archive creation, establishment signs, delineation of the scope of protection, technical specifications for determining conservation, management.

Units in the eyes or in the private courtyard of the ancient tree and famous tree, or residents are responsible for maintenance of the unit.

31st article Town Green range within, ban following behavior: (a) in trees Shang carved designated, and coated dirt, hanging items or posted advertising; (ii) Park vehicles; (three) dumping garbage, and sewage, and harmful material, stacked debris, burning items; (four) planting vegetables, mining flowers, stocking livestock poultry; (five) quarrying, dug sand, take soil; (six) built buildings, and structures; (seven) damaged green facilities; (eight) legal, and regulations, and regulations provides other damage Town Green of behavior.

Article 32nd urban greening Department of the people's Governments above the county level shall establish a plant disease monitoring and forecasting network, prepare green disaster prevention and emergency plans, warning sound pest prevention and control system, strengthening quarantine and pest plant.

Article 33rd flag urban greening Department of the people's Governments above the county level shall organize census of urban green space, digital management system of urban green space, and dynamic management of urban green space.

The fourth chapter legal liability article 34th acts in violation of these rules, the State Council regulations on urban landscaping and other relevant State laws, regulations, administrative penalties had been made from its provisions.

35th disobey article 27th, cut down urban trees without permission from urban greening Department of the people's Governments above the county level shall be ordered to desist from the illegal act and a fine tree felling more than 1 time penalty of three times the value, but shall not exceed a maximum 30,000 yuan; losses caused, shall bear the liability for damages.

36th article violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by flag County above Government Town Green competent sector ordered stop violations, and according to following provides sentenced fine; should give security management punishment of, in accordance with People's Republic of China security management punishment method of about provides punishment; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) violation this approach 31st article first to second items provides, sentenced 200 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine;

(Ii) violation this approach 31st article third to fourth items provides, sentenced 500 Yuan above 1000 Yuan following fine; (three) violation this approach 31st article chapters v items provides, sentenced 1000 Yuan fine; which involved illegal business, has illegal proceeds of, sentenced illegal proceeds three times times of fine, but highest shall not over 30,000 yuan; no illegal proceeds of, sentenced 5000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine. 37th article flag County above Government Town Green competent sector and other about sector and staff violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) not according to provides organization prepared, and adjustment green system planning of; (ii) unauthorized change green line, change green nature, and uses of; (three) violation provides handle temporary occupied town green, and cut town trees approval procedures of; (four) other abuse, and engages in, and

Acts of negligence.

Fifth chapter supplementary articles article 38th green space in these measures, including parks, green space, protecting green spaces, the accessory Greenbelt, other green spaces.

Parks are open to the public, to open space as the main feature, combination of ecological, landscaping, disaster prevention green space, including parks, community parks, theme park and Street Green, small garden, and so on.

Green, refers to the urban landscape to provide seedlings, flowers, grass, seeds, garden.

Protective green block refers to urban health, quarantine and security features in Greenland, including sanitary barriers, road protection green space, high voltage corridor of the city green belt, Windbreak, etc.

Accessory Greenbelt refers to various types of land outside of urban construction land area subsidiary of green space, including land, residential land, public facilities, industrial space, storage space, traffic, road Plaza, adequacy of facilities and special land of greenery.

Other green, refers to the inhabitants of urban eco-environmental quality and recreational life, urban landscape and green space protection have a direct impact on biological diversity.

39th article of the rules take effect on May 1, 2015.