Administrative Measures On Specified Animal Disease Free Zones In Chongqing

Original Language Title: 重庆市无规定动物疫病区管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen of specified animal disease free zones construction and management, effective prevention, control and eradication of specified animal disease, promote healthy development of the industry, maintaining public health and safety, the protection of human health, in accordance with the People's Republic of China on animal epidemic prevention law of the Chongqing Municipal animal epidemic prevention regulations of the relevant laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.

Second City regional management of animal diseases, the establishment of a city administrative area of specified animal disease free zones.

Of specified animal disease free zones in these measures (hereinafter referred to as non-endemic areas), means any State affected areas construction specifications construction and management, based on animal disease prevention and control measures, specified animal disease to achieve control of areas of the country.

Of specified animal disease mentioned in these measures refers to foot and mouth disease and highly pathogenic avian influenza, highly pathogenic blue-ear pig disease, swine fever, Bleu brucellosis, bovine tuberculosis in cattle and sheep, as well as the municipal regulations of other animal diseases.

Article no epidemic of specified animal disease prevention, combining prevention with treatment and the rule of law principle.

Within the area of specified animal disease-free immunization, quarantine, monitoring and purification, and the isolation of infected animals, blockade, culling, treatment and other control measures.

Fourth municipal people's Government-led construction and management of the city's SARS-free.

District (County) Government construction and management of non-infected areas within their respective administrative areas.

The township (town) people's Government within their respective jurisdiction, neighborhood offices shall organize the masses of specified animal disease prevention and control work.

Fifth of municipal veterinary departments in charge of the city's SARS-free construction and management.

District (County) no epidemic in the veterinary authorities responsible for the administration of construction and management.

Municipal, district (County) health and family planning, forestry, public security, transportation, and food and drug supervision departments, the animal health supervision institutions, animal epidemic prevention and control organizations, Township (town), streets and institutions in accordance with their respective responsibilities for specific areas of veterinary medicine SARS-free construction and management.

Sixth SARS-free construction and management level requirements included in the present budget.

Chapter II, article seventh SARS-free construction, veterinary department shall in accordance with SARS-free construction standards and relevant regulations of the State, developing the city's SARS-free building programme, approved by the municipal organization. District (County) people's Government shall, in accordance with the city's SARS-free building programme area can be enacted without the affected area and organize the implementation of the construction programme.

District (County) area-free construction implementation plan should be submitted to the municipal veterinary department records. Eighth article no area construction should reached following standard: (a) animal epidemic prevention barrier system perfect, animal and animal products into this city of specified crossing, and specified crossing animal health supervision check station, and animal isolation places, facilities construction meet national animal epidemic prevention barrier system construction requirements, has control city outside blight incoming of capacity; (ii) animal epidemic prevention supervision system perfect, levels animal health supervision institutions and quarantine, and law enforcement, and monitored, facilities equipment meet national animal epidemic prevention supervision system construction requirements, Has on animal feeding, and slaughter, and business, and isolation, and transport and animal products production, and business, and processing, and storage, and transport, link implementation effective monitoring of capacity; (three) animal outbreak monitoring system and animal blight control system perfect, levels cold chain system, and animal blight control information system, and harmless of processing places, facilities equipment construction meet national about construction requirements, animal blight prevention control institutions, and grass-roots veterinary institutions, and animal outbreak monitoring and epidemic learn survey laboratory (following referred to veterinary laboratory), and

Provides animal blight emergency disposal plans sound, outbreak emergency disposal material, and transport configuration meet national requirements, has effective monitoring prevention provides animal blight and on animal outbreak quickly reaction and timely fight of capacity; (four) city forced immune animal blight of immune effect reached national provides of standard, animal blight monitoring meet national requirements, in provides of period within no occurred provides animal blight; (five) State Veterinary competent sector provides of other conditions.

Nineth animals or animal products into the specified crossing published by the Municipal Government of the city.

Specify the place where the animal health supervision and inspection station by crossing district (County) shall be responsible for the construction, specified at the boot logo by the district (County) of veterinary authorities are responsible for the installation, traffic Administration Department shall assist in siting of signs and installation work.

Specified at the airports, railway stations, port management bodies should support and assistance of animal health supervision and inspection work, necessary for the animal health supervision and inspection of the workplace.

Article tenth animal quarantine sites centrally by the municipal planning and construction.

11th levels of cold chain systems, animal disease control information, veterinary authorities and district (County) under the people's Government is responsible for building the city's SARS-free construction programme.

Places of harmless treatment of animals and animal products set by the municipal government agencies, district (County) in accordance with the relevant plan under construction, and to determine the competent departments or operating units.

Encourage and support social unit and individual investment construction and operation of places of harmless treatment of animals and animal products. 12th municipal veterinary laboratories should be equipped with bacteriological, serological, molecular biology and bioinformatics analysis and through the competent veterinary authority assessment.

District (County) of veterinary laboratories shall meet the bacteriological, serological and molecular biological detection capability, veterinary authorities, and through examination.

Veterinary laboratory shall be liable for in the region of specified animal disease and other animal diseases animal epidemic surveillance and epidemiological investigations, provided commensurate with the detection of animal disease detection and diagnosis services. 13th SARS-free boundary should set the flag.

Border signs of SARS-free by the municipal veterinary department uniform set, by District (County), veterinary department management, traffic Administration Department shall assist in SARS-free border signs siting and installation work.

14th city veterinary departments are responsible for the district (County) of SARS-free construction Guide, and evaluation.

After the construction of the city's SARS-free standards, assess acceptance by veterinary authorities reported to the State Council.

Chapter III prevention of animal epidemics 15th area within animal disease-free control purification standards shall meet the national requirements. States have yet to develop control purification standards, control cleaning standards, according to the city.

Controlled purification standard by the municipal veterinary department, the City developed and published.

16th the provisions on animal epidemics of SARS-free compulsory vaccination or prohibit the immune. No epidemic of foot and mouth disease and highly pathogenic avian influenza, highly pathogenic blue-ear pig disease, mandatory provisions animal diseases such as classical swine fever immunization.

No epidemic animal diseases within municipal people's Government in accordance with prevalence increasing compulsory vaccination diseases and to the public.

Mandatory immunization provided by the Government free of compulsory immunization vaccines, animal signs, carried out by veterinary departments, veterinary authorities should provide immunization services.

Compulsory vaccination should take seasonal immune and immune measures combining all the year round, immunity density and quality should meet the State and city requirements. Article 17th area for cattle and sheep in Bleu brucellosis, bovine tuberculosis and other provisions animal diseases immunization ban.

Municipal people's Government according to state regulations, animal diseases, and the control, you can adjust the non-immune disease is prohibited in areas, and announced to the public.

No unit or individual shall implement municipal people's Government to prevent the immune the immune disease.

Prohibition of immune diseases to take regular tests and compulsory culling and other measures for prevention and control.

18th engaged in animal breeding, slaughtering, business, isolated, transportation and animal product production, management, processing, transportation, storage and other activities of units and individuals shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of immunization, monitoring, control, cleaning, disinfection and decontamination provisions of animal epidemic prevention and control work.

Article 19th epidemic animal disease prevention and control institutions shall carry out in immune response to animal disease surveillance, animal disease diagnosis, surveillance and epidemiological investigation and analysis of the work and to the veterinary department in charge of risk assessment reports.

Engaged in animal husbandry and animal product production, processing, storage, and operation of units and individuals shall be subject to animal disease prevention and control institutions of its animals and animal products of epidemic disease monitoring, and assist in sampling, sampling and other work.

, Transfer into and across the city, 20th district (County) of dispatching non-animals for slaughter, should be with the goods carry output issued by the veterinary authorities of forcing immune diseases immunization certificate and relevant animal disease monitoring (test) data for inspection.

Allocation of non-animal for slaughter on arrival, the owner shall, within 24 hours of the local district (County) the animal health supervision institutions to report, under the supervision of the animal health supervision and, in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and technical regulations of quarantine and isolation. 21st District (County) of animal health supervision institutions shall impose supervision on animal acquisition, trafficking, establish archives.

Units and individuals engaged in animal acquisition, trafficking, local animal health supervision institutions should record.

22nd animal farm (breeding), animal slaughter and processing plants shall comply with the laws and regulations on animal epidemic prevention, lawfully obtained of animal epidemic prevention certification.

Live poultry markets (including live poultry market) shall comply with the following conditions: (a) separately from other products business area and poultry products, (ii) waterfowl management area and other business area of relative isolation of live birds, (iii) slaughtering areas be closed management and sales regions to implement physical separation and (iv) establish and implement regular system closed for disinfection. The fourth chapter of specified animal disease control and eradication article 23rd, veterinary department shall timely revision of the municipal emergency plan for major animal epidemics, and submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation. District (County), veterinary department shall timely revision of this major animal disease contingency plans reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval the implementation.

District (County) of major animal disease emergency response plan should be submitted to the municipal veterinary departments.

, Veterinary department shall develop the city's cattle and sheep Blu brucellosis, bovine tuberculosis control programmes, district (County) of veterinary authorities in accordance with the city's cattle and sheep Bleu brucellosis, bovine tuberculosis control programme, development of local prevention programmes.
Article 24th of animal diseases of major animal epidemics in emergency plan should include the following:

(A) emergency response command structure related to the composition and duties of the Department, (ii) epidemic monitoring, information gathering and early warning, reporting and notification system, (iii) confirmation of the outbreak, grading, emergency treatment and work programmes and (iv) outbreak emergency response personnel, technology, materials, facilities, funds, and so on. 25th engaged in monitoring, inspection and quarantine, animal epidemic disease research and treatment as well as animal breeding, slaughtering, business, isolated, transportation and other activities of units and individuals, found animals infected or suspected to be infected, it should be immediately to the local veterinary administrative departments, animal health or animal disease control and prevention report of the oversight bodies, and to take control measures such as isolation, preventing the spread of animal disease.

Other units and individuals have found animals infected or suspected to be infected, shall promptly report.

Receiving the animal epidemic situation reporting units, should take the necessary control measures in a timely manner and in accordance with the procedures laid down in national reporting.

No unit or individual may conceal, misrepresent, late or prevent others from reporting animal epidemic.

Article 26th when a specified animal disease occurs, shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions, to take prompt measures, emergency response.

27th designated crossing animal health supervision and inspection station inspection found that infected or suspected contamination of animals and animal products, in accordance with the relevant provisions for the disposition of; related to major animal epidemics, the local district (County) shall organize departments concerned to implement the disposal.

28th occurring within the areas of specified animal disease-free animals should be made compulsory killing and destruction, and in accordance with the provisions of compensation.

Any of the following circumstances, of specified animal disease were forced to cull the destruction occurred, without compensation, and shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law: (a) refused to implement compulsory vaccination, (ii) violation of animal quarantine regulations, (iii) denial of animal disease monitoring, and (iv) of animals in our city transportation-related violations.

Fifth article 29th of supervision and management of animal health supervision institutions in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and these rules in any area within animal husbandry, slaughtering, management, quarantine, transport and animal production, management, processing, storage, transportation and other activities in animal epidemic prevention supervision and administration.

Food and drug supervision departments according to their functions and catering sectors and, frozen and circulation of animal products quality safety supervision and administration. 30th article animal health supervision institutions implementation supervision check task, can take following measures, units and personal shall not refused to or hinder: (a) on animal, and animal products according to provides sampling, and left inspection, and sampling; (ii) on infection provides animal blight or suspected infection provides animal blight of animal, and animal products and the related items for isolation, and seized, and seized and processing; (three) on law should quarantine and without quarantine of animal implementation fill check; (four) on law should quarantine and without quarantine of animal products,

Fill check conditions of repair check and fill inspection conditions do not have to be confiscated and destroyed (v) inspection and quarantine certificates and logos and animal identification (vi) into the investigation of the establishments concerned, check out, copy of animal epidemic prevention-related information.

Found harmless treatment should be carried out to check the animals or animal products for treatment, the costs borne by the owner; parties do not offer shippers, borne by the parties.

31st Expressway and the airport, station, dock freight agencies shall cooperate with the work of animal epidemic prevention supervision. Airport, station, dock freight agencies to produce quarantine certificate or exhibits of animals and animal products which are inconsistent, not carriers.

To enter in this city of animal and animal product without quarantine certificate or evidence is inconsistent, airport, station, dock freight Office shall report immediately to the presence of animal health supervision and inspection station, with the disposal.

32nd SARS-free animal and animal product traceability management system should be established.

The animal health supervision agency and food and drug supervision departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities of supervision of animal and animal product producers, operators to establish and preserve animal and animal product production and sales records account.

Sixth chapter legal liability article 33rd people's Governments, relevant departments and unit staff in SARS-free construction and management of abuse their powers, neglect their duties or who shall be given disciplinary action constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Article 34th animal unit and individual implementing municipal people's Government to prevent autoimmune disease immunity, the animal health supervision agency shall order rectification, and fined a maximum of between 1000 Yuan and 200 Yuan.

35th article live poultry market (containing business live poultry of supermarket), has following behavior one of of, by District (autonomous) Government determine of sector ordered corrected, can at 1000 Yuan above 10000 Yuan following fine: (a) not will poultry class products and other products of business regional separate of; (ii) not will waterfowl business regional and other live poultry business regional relative isolation of; (three) slaughter regional not implemented closed management, and and sales regional implemented physical isolation of;

(D) the failure to establish and implement regular system closed for disinfection. Seventh chapter supplementary articles article 36th these measures shall take effect on April 1, 2015.

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