Implementing Rules For The Protection Of Military Installations In Liaoning Province

Original Language Title: 辽宁省军事设施保护实施细则

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(On April 22, 2004 Liaoning Province Government 33rd times Executive Conference considered through on April 30, 2004 Liaoning Province Government makes 169th, announced since on June 1, 2004 up purposes) first chapter General first article to protection military facilities security, promote defense construction and economic construction coordination development, according to People's Republic of China military facilities protection method (following referred to military facilities protection method) and People's Republic of China military facilities protection method implementation approach (following referred to
    Implementation measures) and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with the province, these rules are formulated.
    Article within the administrative area of the province, engaged in the protection of military installations and management activities related to the production, life and society, must comply with these rules.
    Article III the protection of military facilities, and safeguard the interests of national defense, is the joint responsibility of people's Governments and military organs at all levels, is the obligation of the citizen.
    Fourth of provinces, cities and counties (including County-level cities and districts, the same below) military installations protection committees, under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, responsible for the protection of military facilities supervision, examination, coordination, organization, publicity and education.
    Military installations protection committees, accept the guidance of the Shenyang military area command, cities, counties, military installations protection committees work, accept the guidance of military installations protection committees at a higher level.
    The fifth unit and individual have the right to impeach and accuse any violations against the destruction of military installations.
    Chapter II protection of military installations the sixth military restricted zones and military administrative zones, determine the scope and military zone perimeter security controls designated and is not included in the military restricted zones and military administrative zones of combat engineering defines the protection domain of, protection of military installations in accordance with the Act, the implementing rules and regulations of the State Council and the Central Military Commission.
    Military zone outside security control and defines the protection domain of combat engineering, adjustment, should fully take into account the nature of military installations, terrain and national military technology standards and take into account local economic development, the natural environment and people's living needs in ensuring the security of military installations and working efficiency of the case, as far as possible to a minimum.
    Without the prescribed procedures, shall not change the military restricted zones for perimeter security and the control of operational safety protection. The seventh military restricted zones and military administrative zones in accordance with the designated management units set a range of barrier or boundary markers.
    Set the barrier or boundary markers, should take into account the requirements of protection of military installations and the surrounding environment, in urban planning in the district, shall be coordinated with city construction, in line with the urban planning requirements.
    Units and individuals shall not hinder military restricted zones and military administrative obstacles or boundary markers set, damage, removal of military installations marked stones and signs.
    The eighth provincial, municipal and county governments prepare, adjust the plan for national economic and social development and urban planning, and should seek the advice of relevant military organs.
    Government and related departments approved the establishment of development zones and open areas, cities, highways, mountains, coastal waters, inland river routes, should consult with relevant military organs open up ports and cross-trade zones, tourism attractions, as well as the construction of roads, bridges, pipelines, may affect military facilities shall consult the relevant military authorities.
    Disagree with the relevant government departments of the military authorities, coordinated by the local military installations protection committees, coordinated agreement has yet been reached, superior military installations protection committees or by the people's Governments and military organs at higher levels to handle. Nineth military authority shall, from the date of receipt of the letter of comment, 30th in the written replies.
    Due to technical reasons such as surveying, measuring and testing extension of reply, written description shall be made to the comments, but the extension period shall not exceed 60 days.
    Tenth article without approval of the military facilities management unit or its parent bodies, prohibition of the management unit of the personnel, vehicles and vessels entering the military restricted zones and military administrative zones, prohibition of foreign personnel, vehicles and vessels entering or through a military zone outside security control areas of safety protection, combat engineering and other open areas.
    Persons, vehicles, ships enter or pass through the military restricted zones and military administrative zones, shall comply with the relevant passage routes, regional and access provisions of the registration and examination shall be placed on the military restricted zones and military administrative district within the military objectives and operational safety protection region for photography, video, sound recording, such as prospecting, surveying, drawing and description of activities.
    11th military airport obstacle clearance protection zone in the construction of tall buildings, structures or any other facilities, the construction units must apply in writing by the project to seek military airport management unit of the views of the competent military authorities at or above the Corps level; not military authorities design or construction project more than military airfield obstacle clearance protection standards, relevant government departments will not process the construction licensing procedures.
    Military airfield obstacle clearance protection zone already exists in the tall buildings and is located in the military airport clearance tall buildings, structures or other facilities outside protected areas, height over clearance requirements, you must set up obstacles to sign.
    Is prohibited in the military airport obstacle clearance protection zone within new construction, expansion, remodeling military communications, navigation facilities at the airport.
    The 12th army reserve combat readiness of airports, road emergency runway, runway clearance areas, should be protected according to the corresponding airport requirements. Construction of permanent buildings on the 13th article prohibited military airport, stacking storage or engaged in pastoral activities.
    Enter the airport cut the grass should be planned and conducted in an organized manner, and shall not damage the airport equipment and facilities. 14th prohibits the occupying military port, port access channel settings floating raft aquaculture activities, such as, fixed gear, or in the waters of military restricted zones and military administration building, provision of non-military facilities in the region.
    Military zone in waters engaged in fishing or any other activity within the perimeter security controls shall not impede the action of military vessels, damage, move all kinds of navigational signs. Non-military ships entered the military port, dock hedging, shall promptly inform the management unit and temporarily docked or moored at a specified location.
    Safe-haven staff on the ship shall be placed on the photography, video, drawing and description of military targets, without the approval of management units, not to shore activities.
    Section 15th of the military restricted zones and military administrative district within sealed military facility and is not included in the military restricted zones and military administrative zones and closure of operations engineering, without permission, no unit or individual is allowed to enable.
    16th engineering safety within the scope of protection in combat, no units or individuals shall engage in blasting, quarrying, mining, logging and forestry, land clearing, soil, sand dredging activities, may not be strong or electromagnetic facilities erecting high-voltage transmission lines over the combat engineering.
    Approved for construction of a permanent building or logo by the military authorities should not endanger or interfere with use of combat engineering efficiency and change the terrain around combat engineering. 17th local economic construction projects, should steer clear of combat engineering.
    Does not avoid, combat engineering for scrap processing or need to be modified for civilian use shall be subject to approval of the military authorities.
    18th in select foreign construction site, people's Governments concerned and the competent departments shall and combat engineering units above the divisional level authorities and local State organs, agreed to ensure that combat engineering security protection and effective utilization of distance measures.
    19th shall destroy military railways, roads and transmission lines, oil, gas, water pipe shall not be built within the scope of protection in its security endangers safety or affecting the use and maintenance of the buildings.
    20th article any units or personal shall not engaged in following damaged communications equipment, effect military radio fixed facilities electromagnetic environment, endanger communications security of behavior: (a) in communications line security range within blasting, stacked flammable easy burst items, cut military communications wire, and electric (light) cable; (ii) in military radio fixed facilities electromagnetic environmental protection range within, construction, and set or using launches, and radiation electromagnetic signal of equipment and electromagnetic obstacles objects; (Three) in underground electric (light) cable sides provides range within of ground Shang blasting, and drilling, and quarrying, and take soil, stacked heavy items, and garbage or dumping contains acid, and alkali, and salt, corrosion sex strong of liquid, built can caused underground electric (light) cable corrosion of buildings; (four) in rivers, and Harbour electric (light) cable sides provides waters within for broke down, and trawl fishing, and fish, and dug sand, endanger electric (light) cable security of activities; (five) in poles and the pull security range within quarrying, and take soil, and heap real; (six) in poles and the pull, and
    Antenna towers and other devices tied to weights, livestock, lodging at the military communication line radio lines, wires and TV antenna (VII) shooting at the Poles, wire, insulator, or thrown debris, to move poles or change lines.
    21st in military communication lines along the road construction, rigging lines, pipelines, construction of water conservancy and agricultural facilities, reforestation, tree cutting, transporting high goods or conducting underwater may endanger the safety of military communication lines, it shall first inform the military facilities management unit and take appropriate protection measures. 22nd article military facilities management units of mission level above competent organ, should through military facilities location of military facilities Protection Committee, to sibling Government unified provides military area peripheral security control range, and combat engineering security protection range, and military airport clearance protection standard, and military electromagnetic environmental protection spacing standard, and military underground (water Xia) pipeline location, and hub Taiwan (station) location and specific protection requirements, information.
    Information relating to Government military installations should be strictly in accordance with State secrecy laws, regulations, management and use.
    23rd chapter three military installations in ensuring military security and effective utilization of the premise, units and individuals may apply to the use of unused military installations in production, management and other non-military activities. Units and individuals who apply for the use of military facilities, it should be to the military facilities management unit that intends to use military facilities location, quantity, use, by military facilities management unit reported to the authorities for approval.
    Superior approval, military facilities management shall promptly advise the military installations protection committees. 24th unit and individual using military facilities, signed an agreement with military facilities management unit.
    Agreement shall set forth the scope, duration, purpose, facilities maintenance, financial compensation and the suspension of the license conditions and other provisions, specify the rights and obligations of both parties.
    Units and individuals shall be in accordance with the agreement provides for the use of military facilities, it needs to change the scope, duration, purpose, shall consult with the military facilities management unit, after the original examination and approval authority for approval, modification agreement or sign a new agreement. In circumstances of emergency preparedness, approved by original examination and approval organ, military facilities management unit is entitled to terminate the agreement. Abort Protocol, shall notify in advance the use of units and individuals, and according to the actual date, fee charged by a corresponding reduction in costs or return.
    Units and individuals shall be discontinued within the period specified. 25th combat engineering units and individuals shall not change the tactical and technical performance of combat engineering shall not be allowed to take pictures using the combat engineering, recording and plotting, or sublet shall not use use, others engaged in illegal production and management activities. Prohibit unrelated persons from entering combat engineering.
    Combat engineering units the right to use and personal inspection of operations, combat engineering and maintenance, and so on.
    26th due to economy, combat engineering scrap removal, relocation or converted to civilian use, handled by the provincial consultation with the Shenyang military area command.
    Combat engineering demolition, and relocation or modified for civilian, must while meet following conditions: (a) State or provincial government approved of focus construction project by involved of; (ii) economic construction does need and cannot avoid of; (three) on the combat engineering where engineering system of overall effectiveness and near other combat engineering of security confidential no serious effect of; (four) on national or place economic construction has major benefits of. 27th combat engineering was approved after the removal, relocation or converted to civilian, should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council and the Central Military Commission, according to operational nature and scale of the project, the current price situation, consultations determined the amount of economic compensation, and sign a severance agreement.
    In the compensation agreement was signed before or not according to the compensation agreement to fulfil obligations in the early, the construction unit shall not deal with combat engineering.
    28th approved implementation of combined civil-military ports, terminals, military and civilian parties shall sign an agreement, clear sharing of project size, facilities and to delineate their respective scopes of use, develop appropriate management Charter, jointly monitor implementation.
    29th combined civilian-military airport should be used in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Council and the Central Military Commission, can be managed by the property unit, or according to the needs and conditions, the two sides signed agreements, zoning, controlled separately.
    Fourth chapter Award and punishment 30th article in protection military facilities in the has following behavior one of of, by County above military facilities Protection Committee or Government give recognition and award: (a) seriously perform protection military facilities duties, results significantly of; (ii) in natural disasters in the rescue military facilities or stop damage military facilities of illegal crime behavior, makes military facilities from loss or damage of; (three) on protection military facilities proposed reasonable recommends, by used has significantly effectiveness of;
    (D) reveal destroyed military facilities violations or for the detection of illegal cases of destruction of military facilities to provide important clues.
    31st article violation this rules provides, has following case one of of, military facilities management units of duty personnel can seized for implementation violations of equipment, and tool and the other items, on illegal plot serious of personnel be detained, immediately transferred police organ or national security organ: (a) illegal into military area and combat engineering internal of; (ii) unauthorized enabled combat engineering of; (three) on military facilities illegal for photography, and camera, and survey, and measurement, and depicting and description of.
    32nd article violates this rule the 14th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st article, 43rd to 50th in accordance with the measures for the implementation of the relevant provisions of article.
    33rd article violation this rules of following behavior, plot serious, constitute crime of, law held criminal; yet constitute crime of, according to People's Republic of China security management Punishment Ordinance of provides give punishment: (a) theft, and damaged or directed others theft, and damaged military equipment, and facilities of; (ii) theft, and damaged military facilities line standard stone, and logo brand, and obstacles and other subsidiary equipment of; (three) for theft, and damaged military equipment, and facilities provides modus operandi tool or receiving stolen property, and fence of;
    (Iv) theft, destruction of military equipment, facilities, failure or shielding illegal personnel concerned; (v) theft repair military facilities, materials and equipment; (vi) military restricted zone outside security control and safety within the scope of protection for combat, engaging in activities endangering safety and effective utilization of military facilities, not to be stopped.
    The fifth chapter by-laws mentioned in the 34th article of the rules of combat engineering, is one that is not included in the military restricted zones and military administrative zones of military trenches, suits fortifications as well as ancillary road, bridges and culverts, pipes as well as water, electricity, combat readiness and other ancillary facilities. The 35th article of the rules come into force on June 1, 2004.
                                                                                                      Published on January 28, 1993 of the implementation measures for the protection of military facilities management in Liaoning province abolished at the same time.

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