Trial Measures For The New Residential Delivery Management In Harbin

Original Language Title: 哈尔滨市新建住宅交付使用管理试行办法

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(January 12, 2006 Harbin municipal people's Government at the 47th Executive session on January 20, 2006, Harbin municipal people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2006, 137th) first to strengthen the new residential delivery management, standardized construction, protect the living conditions of residents in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second this approach applies to the urban planning area of State-owned land in new residential delivery management.
    Third new house construction shall conform to planning requirements, quality assurance, meeting rooms at the residents ' living conditions.
    Four new residential construction, should stick to the who, who is responsible for, the principle of combining management and supervision of the Government.
    Fifth city, new homes, real estate administrative departments in charge of the delivery of management and responsible for the Organization and implementation of the measures.
    District people's Government and municipal construction, planning, urban management, fire, civil air defense, environmental protection, heating, health, radio and television, water supplies and other related departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a residential delivery management. Sixth article new residential reached following conditions Hou, party can delivered using: (a) subject engineering and supporting facilities construction meet planning requirements, and by acceptance qualified; (ii) engineering of survey, and design, and construction and supervision, meet legal, and regulations and national mandatory standard of provides, engineering completed acceptance qualified, and by construction administrative competent sector record; (three) environmental protection facilities has built and by environmental protection sector acceptance qualified; (four) life water facilities and water meet health, and water related standard,
    Using city public water of into city public water tube network, and official water; (five) drainage facilities meet related standard and by acceptance qualified, rain, and sewage emissions into city rain, and sewage emissions system; (six) electricity into city power network, and official power; (seven) heating system meet heating distribution built standard, using city concentrated heating of, into city concentrated heating tube network; (eight) completed indoor gas pipeline of laying and outdoor gas pipeline of convergence, guarantee gas supply; (Nine) phone communications line and the wired TV line laying to households, wired TV line into municipal regional wired TV network; (ten) Garden of green, and road, supporting facilities construction meet design requirements, and by acceptance qualified; (11) Garden do clean, and flat, staging delivered using of, should take effective measures and construction site isolation; (12) has selection early property management enterprise, and handle property undertake acceptance procedures; (13) related public service with room and the supporting facilities should meet design requirements,
    Undertake inspection formalities and (14) of resettlement has been implemented (15) other conditions stipulated by laws, rules and regulations. Seventh article on new residential construction administrative departments with regulatory responsibilities, shall fulfill its regulatory responsibilities, according to who, who approved, who is responsible for the principle of full and dynamic management of the construction project, in time to stop or correct acts in violation of planning and building requirements.
    Upon completion of the works, relevant administrative departments shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the acceptance or for the record. The eighth power supply, water supply, drainage, heating, gas supply, telecommunications and cable television units, should guide the special facilities, with the units to complete new residential construction.
    After completion, an application under construction for delivery acceptance in a timely manner, guaranteed rooms at the normal life of the residents needs. Before Nineth residential deliveries, the new housing should be whether the intended conditions of use for community review.
    Without a community assessment or community reviewing nonconformities shall not be delivered.
    Delivery does not meet the conditions of the residential, urban real estate administrative departments shall not handle real estate sales record.
    Social review funding included in the municipal budget.
    Article tenth social assessment work by owner representatives, experts, representatives of property management companies, district people's Government and the new residential delivery Review Committee composed of community representatives (hereinafter referred to as Committee). Review Committee a total of 9 people, among them representatives of the owners and experts that the 3 people, property management companies, the District Government and community representatives and 1. While elected Chairman of 1 person from experts, from among the representatives of the owners elected Vice Chairman of the 1.
    Accreditation Committee members each have one vote. Owner's representative and relevant experts, organized by the social review units from new home buyers, real estate administrative departments, and the establishment of expert database randomly.
    Draw and results should be made public, and notarized by the notary.
    Jury members of the implemented system.
    11th Review Committee reviews the following: (a) whether new homes intended conditions of use of the documentation available, (ii) issued by the relevant departments and units of proof consistent with the actual situation.
    12th article new residential delivered using Qian, units should to city property administrative competent sector application for social review, and submitted following file: (a) by approved of project planning figure and by planning acceptance qualified of proved file; (ii) engineering completed record of proved file; (three) environmental protection facilities acceptance file; (four) power, and water, and drainage, and heating, and for gas, and telecommunications, and wired TV, engineering facilities reached delivered using conditions of proved file;
    (E) Garden facilities intended conditions of use of documents; (vi) the prophase Realty service contract documents; (VII) relevant public service buildings and facilities to undertake inspection procedures; (VIII) documentary proof of resettlement has been implemented and (IX) other documents required by laws, rules and regulations. New residential landscaping, Garden facilities such as roads, due to seasonal reasons cannot be used concurrently with the new residential delivery, should also be provided of the new residential garden facilities delivery guarantee.
    Bonds should contain a courtyard facilities delivery time, delivery should be used to meet the standards, and so on. Units shall source responsible for the authenticity of the application file.
    Documents issued by the relevant department or unit shall, not fraud.
    13th Department of municipal real estate administration received a construction unit after application, shall, within 2 working days to inform new residential district people's Government of the location of the specified organizations for community review, and hand over the relevant documents.
    District Government designated agencies should form a jury, within 3 working days. 14th Review Committee is established, shall examine supporting documents issued by the relevant departments and units, to the scene to conduct on-site review and organization of the review, according to the assessment conclusions on the review.
    Shall notify the employer participate in the assessment process.
    Review during the review process, the Commission needs to the relevant departments and units of information or view related materials, shall cooperate with the relevant departments and units shall not be refused and prevarication.
    Review work should be completed within 5 working days.
    15th Review Committee to review conclusions, should be more than 6 (6) members to pass.
    Review Committee should review the conclusions issued by the Harbin city new homes delivered social of the review submissions (hereinafter referred to as the opinion on the review).
    16th Review Committee of the review submissions should be submitted to the municipal real estate administrative departments. Municipal real estate administrative departments upon receipt of the filing, of the review submissions should be new residential project is located in the 3rd of publicity. Units and the owners of the object of the review submissions, you can appeal to the municipal real estate administration authority. Opposition reasons established and set up review committees for community review.
    Conclusions final conclusions of the review.
    The 17th member of the Review Committee is not in accordance with the provisions of the social assessment or fraud in the assessment process of the municipal real estate administration authority shall order the termination of the review; of reviews have been completed, review conclusions shall be dismissed and set up review committees for community review.
    Experts in the review process in deception, cancel their social reviewer qualifications. 18th district people's Government designated agencies are not in accordance with prescribed procedures and conditions established Accreditation Committee, notified by the Department of municipal real estate administration district people's Government reorganized the community review.
    Has completed the review of the municipal real estate administrative departments review conclusion shall be dismissed. 19th City real estate administrative departments shall have no objection or objections unfounded conclusions of the review in time for the newspapers, websites and other media reported.
    Review conclusion on reviewing nonconformities and review non-eligible projects and construction units should be name, issued by relevant departments and units of the supporting documents is true and so on were also released.
    Review conclusions shall be entered into after the publication business credit profile.
    20th Commission reviewing nonconformities of new residential projects, the construction unit shall promptly correct, correction to reapply social review, costs borne by the employer.
    21st due to seasonal reasons delivered concurrently with the new residential yard facilities after completion, the construction unit acceptance report shall be submitted to the municipal real estate administration departments.
    22nd construction violates these rules, without community review or the review of failed residential deliveries, relevant administrative departments shall not handle new project examination and approval procedures for construction units.
    Units in violation of this regulation, in accordance with the commitments of the new residential delivery yard facilities guarantee construction yard facilities, the Department of municipal real estate administration rectification; fails, the relevant departments for the administration of the construction unit shall not handle new project examination and approval procedures.
    23rd building unit in violation of planning, construction and other provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, the relevant administrative departments shall punish.
    24th review during the review, the Commission found that administrative organs and their staff in accordance with the statutory duty of construction project supervision or regulation is not in place, to the supervision authorities. 25th relevant administrative departments and staff, is not in accordance with statutory responsibilities, supervision of construction projects and poor supervision caused consequences, competent leadership according to the relevant regulations of administrative accountability accountability. Persons who are directly responsible, monitored by units or departments to be disposed of in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. False materials issued by the relevant departments or units of the 26th article of the municipal real estate administrative departments should timely attention of supervision organs to deal with.
    Losses shall bear liability.
    27th the County (City) of new residential delivery management, in accordance with the measures implemented.
    28th City real estate administrative departments in accordance with this regulation the development of implementing rules.
                                                                                                                        29th these measures shall come into force on March 1, 2006.

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