Zibo City Energy Conservation Supervision Approach

Original Language Title: 淄博市节能监察办法

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(December 22, 2006 Zibo people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2007, 58th), first to standardize the energy saving supervision promoting saving social construction, according to the People's Republic of China Law on energy saving, energy saving regulations of Shandong province and the Shandong province energy-saving supervisory measures, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    II implementing energy saving supervision within the administrative area of the city, these measures shall apply.
    Third energy saving supervision should be fair, open, adhere to the supervision and services combined, the principle of combining education with punishment.
    Fourth of municipal, district and County Economic and trade sector is energy conservation Administrative Department within their respective administrative areas, responsible for the administration of energy conservation monitoring efforts, its specific energy-saving energy saving supervision institutions, monitor work shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities of other departments should work together on energy saving monitoring work.
    Article fifth energy conservation Administrative Department shall promptly publish advanced energy conservation information, promotion of energy-saving products, new technologies, new processes, new equipment. Sixth article energy-saving monitored content including: (a) established and implementation energy-saving work accountability, and energy-saving management system and related measures, and carried out energy-saving education, and organization about personnel participate in energy-saving training of situation; (ii) fixed assets investment project (containing new, and alterations, and expansion project, with) of energy-saving assessment and review situation; (three) fixed assets investment project of design and construction in the (Hou) about energy-saving policy, and reasonable with can standard and energy-saving design specification of implementation situation; (four) large with can equipment added, and Update or transformation Shi, through energy-saving review approved of situation; (five) production, and sales, and using national and province expressly eliminated of with can products and with can equipment of situation; (six) implementation integrated energy, and units products energy, and main with can equipment energy, limit provides of situation; (seven) supply energy of quality status; (eight) energy measurement management, and energy fixed management, and energy consumption statistics and energy using status analysis system of established and implementation situation; (nine) energy products implementation energy efficiency limited value standard and about energy efficiency identifies, and
    Logo system of situation; (ten) energy-saving products certification logo using situation; (11) using biological quality resources production of gas and thermal of network situation, oil sales enterprise will meet national standards of biological liquid fuel into sales system of situation; (12) energy using test, and test, and assessment, institutions carried out energy-saving service of situation; (13) used energy-saving technology measures of situation; (14) legal, and regulations, and regulations provides of other situation.
    Seventh energy saving shall be drawn up by the Administrative Department monitor and organize the implementation of the plan.
    Energy saving supervision plan shall be submitted to energy conservation Administrative Department at a higher level for the record.
    Energy saving supervision for on-site monitoring of the eighth article, or you can take the monitor in writing or by other means to implement monitoring.
    Nineth article has following case one of of, energy-saving administrative competent sector should implementation site monitored: (a) energy-saving monitored plans provides should for site monitored of; (ii) was monitored units main energy equipment, and production process or energy consumption structure occurred effect energy-saving of major changes of; (three) need on fixed assets investment project for site monitored of; (four) need on was monitored units of energy using status for site monitoring of; (five) need site confirmed was monitored units implementation energy-saving rectification measures situation of;
    (F) according to reports or other means, was monitoring unit is found to have violation of energy conservation laws, rules, regulations and standards, and (VII) other circumstances as stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.
    Article tenth energy conservation Administrative Department when implementing on-site monitoring shall be carried out jointly by 2 or more energy-saving supervisory personnel, administrative law enforcement documents show, and will monitor the contents, methods and specific requirements to inform the monitoring unit. 11th conduct supervision over energy conservation Administrative Department shall make on-site monitoring record.
    Monitor the record shall be recorded to implement energy-saving of time, place, content, participants, and monitored the situation, and monitored by energy-saving supervisory personnel and is in charge of the unit, or is signed by client of the monitoring organization; refused to sign it, energy-saving supervisory personnel should indicate in the monitor record. Energy saving monitor the writing of 12th, was monitoring unit should be monitored in accordance with energy conservation Administrative Department and the time required to submit reports on their use of energy or other relevant information.
    Is not required to submit, by energy conservation Administrative Department of correction or implementation monitored.
    13th article energy-saving monitored personnel implementation energy-saving monitored Shi, can take following measures: (a) requirements was monitored units truthfully provides and monitored about of file and information, and for check out or copy; (ii) requirements was monitored units on monitored matters by involved of problem truthfully made explained and description; (three) according to need on about equipment, and facilities, for video or photo, involved process of, needed by was monitored units agreed; (four) according to need on was monitored units of energy using situation for monitoring;
    (E) other measures stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.
    14th has been monitoring units to monitor disagrees with the conclusions issued by the energy-saving process, can require retest. Monitor unit requires retest should be monitored by a qualified energy agencies to retest. Retest not conducted by the same institution.
    Survey findings demonstrate that the objections set up monitoring units, survey costs borne by the competent administrative Department of energy-saving; not established, retest fee shall be borne by the monitoring unit.
    15th energy saving supervision is found in the monitoring unit are in violation of or any other conduct violating the energy-saving regulations, energy conservation Administrative Department shall be punished according to law, release energy saving monitor submissions, order a monitoring unit to take rectification measures.
    Energy-saving administrative departments should monitor to monitor and supervise the implementation of the implementation of the submissions. 16th was monitoring unit should be in accordance with the deadline set by energy saving monitor submissions for rectification.
    Absolutely necessary to extend the period of rectification, was monitoring unit shall, before the expiration of the term in writing an extension of the application in the 10th, energy conservation Administrative Department shall, within 7 working days of receipt of the application for extension of decision on whether to allow.
    17th under supervision shall cooperate with saving monitoring personnel shall monitor the implementation of energy-saving, and may not refuse or impede the normal progress of energy conservation supervision work. 18th energy saving supervision ended, energy-saving Administrative Department shall form a monitoring report.
    Energy saving monitor the reports should include the implementation of energy-saving of time, place, content, modalities, the handling of illegal measures, implementation of the corrective action or improvements.
    19th no units and individuals for offences or other acts in violation of energy conservation provisions, are entitled to energy conservation Administrative Department reports and complaints.
    Energy conservation Administrative Department should be receiving the report or complaint within 15th of processing and processing of timely feedback to the informant or complainant.
    Energy conservation Administrative Department should telephone hotlines, and the informer confidential.
    20th clause on investigating and dealing with major violations in the process of providing key clues and evidence of the informer rewarded in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    21st energy conservation Administrative Department found to be monitoring units are in violation of, but not processed, it shall transfer the competence to deal with the Department for processing or treatment recommendations to the competent to deal with the sector.
    22nd saving inspectors have an interest in being supervised units or other relations, may affect the impartiality of monitoring should be avoided.
    Think energy-saving supervisory personnel should avoid being supervised, in writing or orally to the energy conservation Administrative Department, and state the reasons.
    Energy-saving supervisory personnel to avoid, by energy conservation Administrative Department in charge of decisions. Article 23rd energy conservation Administrative Department when implementing energy saving supervision, not to be monitoring units free of charge.
    Energy saving supervision costs included in the budget at the same level.
    Energy conservation Administrative Department and its energy-saving effect supervisory personnel shall not engage in monitoring of business activities.
    24th article was rejected by the monitoring unit implemented energy saving supervision according to law, given by energy conservation Administrative Department warned that a rectification; fails to make corrections, shall be punished according to law.
    25th rectification within the time limit provided by the monitoring unit without any justified reason, refuses to fix and give a warning, and serious cases punishable with a fine of 3000 Yuan.
    26th article energy-saving administrative competent sector and the energy-saving monitored personnel has following case one of of, law give administrative sanctions; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) leaked was monitored units of technology secret and commercial secret of; (ii) using positions of will seek illegal interests of; (three) illegal to was monitored units charged costs of; (four) engaged in effect energy-saving monitored work of business sex activities of; (five) has other violations and caused serious consequences of.
      27th article this way come into force on February 1, 2007.