Chongqing Municipal People's Government On The Cancellation, Discontinuation Or Adjustment Of The Sixth Group Of Administrative Approval Items Decision

Original Language Title: 重庆市人民政府关于取消、停止实施或调整第六批行政审批项目的决定

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(On December 25, 2006 Chongqing Government 89th times Executive Conference considered through on January 8, 2007 Chongqing Government makes No. 202, announced since on February 1, 2007 up purposes) for further change government functions, innovation government management, improve administrative efficiency, improved development environment, effective promoted rule of law type Government and service type Government of created, according to municipal, and Municipal Government carried out "ruling for people, and service development" learning rectification activities of deployment, according to administrative license method     And the State Council's administrative examination and approval system reform, cancellation, discontinuation or adjustment of 333 municipal departments implementing administrative approval items (including administrative license and non-license approval or non-approval record, same below) of the decision are as follows. Administrative approval items, cancellation, discontinuation of a number of (a) the cancellation or discontinuation of a number of regulations and regulatory documents of the administrative approval items.     A total of 57, specific projects, see annex 1.     (B) intends to cancel or stop the implementation of the 22 administrative approval items, specific projects to be approved by the State Council and the municipal people's Congress announced separately after adoption. Second, modified prior approval for subsequent filing (a) to approve project to record the project. 12 approval project to record project (informational filing).     Specific projects, see annex 2.     Projects included in annex 2 by laws, administrative regulations, local regulations set, to record project is to take effect, the official reply of the State Council, or the Standing Committee shall prevail. (B) the specific nature of the record item. From the date of entry into force of this decision, all projects implemented in the city, are informed of a legal nature for the record, no longer have the permission properties.     Implemented after the connector to send only materials are complete and whether compliance with the statutory form of identification, materials are complete and in compliance with the statutory form, shall be filed, materials are incomplete or do not comply with the statutory format but to ask the correct archival materials, and shall not record the name of the license approval in practice. Third, for some administrative approval items for merger approval (a) the implementation of merger approval. 108 of 11 departments administrative approval to combine with other approved projects in this sector. Multiple approval of the merger project, by the approval authority in accordance with the "apply, review, and approve" the principles be implemented together.     Implementation of merger approval of specific projects, programmes, see annex 3. (B) the introduction of parallel approval. 4 departments (sponsor) 8 administrative approval for the main and the other 14 departments (assisted by departments) parallel the 24 items of administrative examination and approval, by the sponsoring departments in accordance with the "accepted, separate approval, limited-time finish, and replies" principle, co-organised by the relevant Department to implement parallel approval.     Implementation of parallel approval of specific projects, programmes, see annex 4. Four, and authorized or delegate a administrative approval project permission to district (autonomous, and city) exercise according to administrative license method of provides, will 16 a sector of 89 items administrative approval permission, to authorized (limited non-administrative license class approval project) or delegate (limited administrative license class approval project) way decentralization to district (autonomous, and city) Government or district (autonomous, and city) counterpart sector exercise.     Authorized or commissioned for specific projects and their permissions, see annex 5.     In addition to projects included in annex 6 and its permissions, and municipal people's Governments, and qianjiang, wanzhou, Fuling, jiangjin and the hechuan, yongchuan 6 regional central city otherwise provided by the relevant administrative permissions from its provisions. Projects listed in annex 5, municipal departments by delegation of authorization, the authorization should be based on laws, rules and regulations.     Used delegate way decentralization of, delegate of city level sector should and by delegate of district (autonomous, and city) Government or district (autonomous, and city) counterpart sector signed delegate agreement, on both of right, and obligations, and responsibility for clear, and on by delegate party implementation approval of behavior is responsible for supervision; by delegate party should in delegate range within, to delegate of city level sector of name implementation approval, shall not again delegate other organization or personal implementation. Five, simplifying administrative examination and approval procedures (a) innovation in construction project approval. On geological disaster risk assessment review, and pressure covered mineral resources approval, and earthquake security evaluation report approval, and soil and water conservation programme approval, 4 items involved construction project of administrative approval, various zone, and industrial park management institutions by tablets district handle has approval procedures of, tablets district in the of specific construction project no longer separate handle (but if specific construction project is located in tablets district within geological disaster in the easy sent district above regional of, the project still needed separate handle geological disaster risk assessment review procedures)     And administrative law enforcement agencies at all levels are allowed to specific construction projects without obtaining the approval from the project owners, developers, construction units, such as imposition of administrative punishment and administrative compulsory measures concerned shall not be refused on grounds of this project-related follow-up procedures. (B) simplify examination and approval procedures. Through the narrow approval of the project scope, cancel, to streamline the material means in the first instance, to simplify examination and approval procedures.     Facilitation projects total 13 items, specific projects and its simplification programme see annex 6. Set of six, strict examination and approval items (a) establishment of administrative approval items.     This project intends to continue to implement the reform of administrative examination and approval by the municipal people's Government in accordance with the "legitimate administration and reasonable administration, rights and responsibilities as a unified, dynamic management" principle, prior preparation of the Chongqing administrative license and non-license class approval and non-approval of the class file to your project directory (hereinafter referred to as the catalogue), to the public, subject to community supervision. (B) approval of the project basis.     Administrative license only by law, the State Council administrative regulations, local regulations and municipal rules, other regulations and regulatory documents of the administrative licensing shall be invalid.     Since directory announced of day up, in I city implementation of non-license class approval project and non-license approval class record project, should by legal, and State administrative regulations, and State normative file, and local regulations, and city government regulations set; state sector regulations, and normative file and City Government normative file set of non-license class approval project and non-license approval class record project, does have necessary implementation of, should in accordance with statutory program into Directory rear can implementation, no into of, are shall not implementation. (C) the strict approval of the project set procedures.     Future, city government drafting local regulations, and developed Government regulations in principle no longer new set administrative approval project; does have necessary new set of, implementation sector should to municipal government legal institutions submitted approval project set of special argument report, by municipal government legal institutions through public hearing, and experts review, and online vote, way on set of need and feasibility for topic review, without topic review agreed of, are shall not new set. VII other provisions (a) this decision applies to the jurisdiction of the municipal people's Government and its administrative approval activities in various sectors.     Counties (autonomous counties, and cities) the jurisdiction of the people's Governments and their departments, Township people's Government according to his own approval authority, reference to the implementation of the present decision, however, the parallel consideration of provisions of this decision, applies to areas incorporated into the construction of "five-step parallel approval" reform pilot counties (autonomous counties and municipalities) organised sector.     This decision does not apply to administrative approval items dealing with religious affairs.     (B) in this decision say the jurisdiction of the municipal people's Government departments including municipal departments, affiliated institutions, ad hoc bodies, offices, agencies, departments, management agencies, as well as with municipal public affairs organization. (C) decided not to be involved in bidding activities into the scope of the reform of the administrative examination, after treating the local regulations issued, further adjustments and standard.     However, this decision except for the cancellation, discontinuation of the project. (D) setting up a compressed natural gas vehicle conversion maintenance license project, and by the city, district (County) traffic administrative departments responsible for implementation.     , Traffic, specific conditions and procedures for authorization of licenses shall be formulated by the Administrative Department.     (E) at all levels of government legal agencies, administrative approval service Hall management institutions to enhance research on the implementation of this decision, timely detection of problems, lessons learned, reports regularly to the people's Government at the administrative examination and approval work situations. Administrative supervisory organs and other bodies with inspection functions to strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of the present decision.     On not implementation this decided of, monitored organ to strictly according to Communist Chongqing City discipline, and Chongqing City monitored Council on administrative approval in the disciplinary violations behavior responsibility held of provisional provides held about personnel of discipline responsibility; situation serious of or caused bad social effect of, to timely reported to the city, and district (autonomous, and city) Government in accordance with, and reference Chongqing Government sector administrative heads asked accountability provisional approach of provides held related sector administrative heads of responsibility.       (F) this decision shall take effect on February 1, 2007.       Annex 1: canceled or stop implementation of by regulations and normative file set of administrative approval project directory (total 57 items) Annex 2: modified prior approval for after record of administrative approval project directory (total 12 items) Note: above approval project in the by legal, and administrative regulations, and local regulations set of, to record project of entered into force time, to State reply or city Standing Committee decided for associate.       Annex 3: implementation of merger approval of administrative approval items list (total 108) Annex 4: list of administrative approval items that implement parallel approval (32) Note: the attachments directory limits the scope of implementation of the project in the construction of the pilot programme for the reform of the administrative examination and approval system in Chongqing (Chongqing Municipal People's Government, the 190th) within a specified range.    Annex 5: authorized or delegated to the counties (autonomous counties, and cities) of administrative approval items catalog (total: 89) Annex 6: simplify examination and approval procedures of administrative approval items list (13)