Martyrs In Shenyang City Provisions

Original Language Title: 沈阳市拥军优属规定

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(October 29, 2007, Shenyang city people's Government of the 12th Executive meeting announced on November 15, 2007, Shenyang city people's Government, the 77th since as of January 1, 2008) first in order to further improve the work martyrs, strengthen unity between the army, promote the modernization of national defence, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.
    Article martyrs by Civil Affairs Department is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the people's Governments at all levels.
    Third municipal, district and County (City) people's Governments should work into local economic and social development plan and martyrs, martyrs work within their respective administrative areas.
    The fourth State organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions and other economic organizations, urban and rural grass-roots mass self-government organizations, social organizations and citizens fulfil their responsibilities and obligations in accordance with this.
    Article fifth stationed within the administrative area of the city people's Liberation Army and people's armed police forces servicemen, permanent residence in the city's disabled ex-service men, soldiers, veterans and martyrs survivors, survivors of the soldiers died while on duty military survivor, died, families of servicemen, according to relevant laws and regulations and the regulations on pensions and preferential treatments.
    Veterans ' refers to the October 31, 1954 to commence compulsory military service before enlistment, approved persons demobilized from the army.
    Sixth martyrs work combining national and Community policies, guaranteed pensions and preferential treatments for levels commensurate with the national economic and social development, security allowances does not lower than the local average living standards.
    The whole society should care, respect for allowances, and carry out various forms of martyrs activities.
    Article at all levels of people's Governments and relevant departments shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China National Defense Act, organizations carrying out defense education, mobilization of the national economy, civil air defense, national defense transportation, defence facilities protection work, strengthen the construction of militia and reserve.
    Eighth people's Governments at various levels shall establish contact garrison force systems, troop barracks, transportation, supply of rations, medical, shunt placement of workers of socialized logistics service.
    Priority Army National Defense, combat readiness training, barracks reconstruction using land; defense built barracks facilities exempt from urban infrastructure supporting fees (not including heating NET project costs), residential construction in the army of the urban infrastructure supporting fees collected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.
    Nineth telecommunications, railways, transportation, civil affairs departments should ensure military communications, military, military materiel transport flow.
    Tenth people's Governments and relevant departments at all levels shall actively carry out scientific and technological support, cultural support, legal support activities.
    Education, labor and social security, personnel departments should train scientific and technological talents and skills to work for the army and the introduction of national vocational qualifications certificate system, the costs related to training, expert assessment to be preferential.
    Universities, research institutes and technology-intensive enterprises, should be involved in military scientific research studies to help forces to solve technical problems.
    Tertiary institutions should be actively mobilized, sending student recruitment, improving the knowledge structure of the army team.
    Article 11th social news media should set up columns, features, and strengthening national defense education and of the martyrs reports.
    12th series military vehicles within the administrative area of the city roads, bridges, ferries, tunnels, parking in a public car park or residential area parking lots, free of charge.
    Active duty military with the soldiers, disabled military personnel holding certificate of disabled war veterans a free ride in the administrative area of the city bus and rail transport.
    13th article active soldiers, and disability soldiers, and forces retired cadres to this city the charges Park, Shenyang Palace, and Zhao ling, and Fu ling, Board mountain international tourism scenic (including Board Mountain Park, and Botanical Garden, and forest park), and Expo Park, and Shenyang blame slope, and "incident" History Museum, and Shenyang Zhang's handsome House Museum, at visit, by soldiers card, and officers card, and disability soldiers card, and retired card, effective documents, are from received first tickets. 14th railway, highway and civil aviation should be on active military personnel, disabled soldiers set up priority ticket window, conditional should set up special waiting room (seats).
    Disabled soldiers enjoy fare by the disability in accordance with the provisions of the military card privileges.
    Business, health care, culture, tourism and other services should be established "martyrs, disabled war veterans, active duty soldiers first" logo, and provide quality services. 15th establishing allowances pension benefits benefits standard synchronized with economic development, people's living standards improving the mechanism of natural growth.
    Specific standards by relevant departments according to the relevant regulations of the State, province, to develop. 16th active servicemen awarded merit or be granted the honorary title, victory by the municipal people's Government News; awarded the second order of merit, by the district or County (City) Government organizations celebrate Annunciation; awarded three order of merit and was named outstanding soldier, by the subdistrict office and township (town) people's Government organized a celebrity news.
    Celebrate good news at the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions of grant awards. 17th during compulsory military service, the Ministry gate to their families preferential, treatment standard not lower than the local average living standards.
    Specific standards stipulated by the relevant departments. 18th servicemen eligible for army families, families of the army cadre who live in obedience, retired military officers who live in families, given priority by public security organs set up procedures. Moved turned Qian is organ, and community, and Enterprise institutions workers of, personnel sector, and labor guarantees sector should received and properly placed, do employment service work; moved turned Qian no work units of, where district, and County (City) about sector priority on its for related skills training, and according to I reality priority made corresponding placed; on self-employment, and founded private or engaged in individual business of personnel, the about sector should according to where district, and County (City) home sector issued of about proved, priority handle approval procedures,
    Relief-related costs in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    The 19th article of no dependents eligible for army, by his employer in accordance with his or her own home buyers subsidy area control standards for priority housing allocation of funds. Disabled military persons, demobilized soldiers, in spite of martyrs of the returning veterans, survivors, died while on duty military survivor, died of the military family, active-duty military families living in towns, housing difficulties will be given priority to buy affordable housing, rental housing; receiving pension benefits allowances for housing the owner or lessee, enjoy the urban disadvantaged groups with regard to evictions, property rights Exchange preferential policies. Living allowances for rural and receiving pension benefits housing difficulties, the local people's Government to help solve.
    For concentrated-eligible allowances, can be placed in the city or district or County (City) concentrated glory. 20th servicemembers and spouses living apart, family leave their spouses in accordance with the provisions.
    To visit relatives during the salary issue, labor benefits unchanged. 21st article units on martyrs survivors, and disability soldiers, and demobilized soldiers and for public sacrifice soldiers survivors, and died soldiers survivors, and active soldiers family of work, and life should give priority care, ensure its wage, and pension full on time issued, timely paid pension, and basic medical, social security and housing Provident Fund; in labor personnel system reform in the, should properly placed above personnel of work and life, General cannot arrangements its laid off; where units occurred special economic difficult,
    Work and life of the above-mentioned persons is not guaranteed, the unit to which the authorities are responsible for solving. 22nd in the State organs, public organizations, enterprises or institutions of disabled soldiers, enjoyment and the unit to which the equal welfare and medical treatment of injured personnel.
    Unit to which the ground of their disabilities will be dismissed, dismissal or termination of labor relations. 23rd allowances meet the conditions for urban and rural minimum living guarantee first include urban and rural low range.
    Allowances pensions and grants preferential treatment to excluded income areas. 24th to six soldiers with disabilities in accordance with the principle of territoriality participating in basic medical insurance for urban workers, and receiving medical benefits on this basis.
    Specific security measures shall be formulated by the relevant departments. 25th seven to ten soldiers with disabilities suffered recurrence of medical costs, have participated in work-related injury insurance, paid from the work injury insurance fund; do not participate in work-related injury insurance, work by work units to address, no work by the local government responsible for resolving.
    Specific measures shall be formulated by the relevant departments. 26th receiving pension benefits of demobilized soldiers, in spite of returning veterans and martyrs survivors, survivors of the soldiers died while on duty military survivor, died, disabled military personnel, access to health care preferences.
    Specific measures shall be formulated by the relevant departments. 27th and enjoy the allowances and pension benefits in bankruptcy, poor disabled soldiers and martyrs in the enterprise survivors, died while on duty military survivor, died of the military family, active-duty military families, house owner or lessee, enjoy the heating subsidy policies of urban disadvantaged groups.
    Specific measures shall be formulated by the relevant departments.
    28th resident rural 60 years or age of 60 but I incapacity allowances shall not bear costs of labor and waive the burden of population.
    29th retired soldiers and disabled war veterans, children of martyrs, died while on duty soldier children, between one and four children of children of disabled war veterans, active military personnel, according to the servicemen's pension benefits Ordinance and regulations, access to educational benefits. 30th units shall in accordance with the national, provincial and municipal regulations veterans such as receiving and placement of army cadres.
    Contributions to serve a long time, larger, higher positions, due to battle public disability or long term in difficult places and to engage in flight, army officials working on submarine veterans, given proper care in the placement. 31st military enlistment before State organs, organizations, enterprises and workers or full-time college student, discharged, according to her will, allow return, reinstatement, reinstatement.
    Urban self-employed retired soldiers, a one-time financial compensation, and to give policy terms.
    Units of the 32nd for disabled veteran's priority should be placed and arranged according to their disability jobs suitable to their physical condition.
    33rd army cadre of veterans such as military time taken as the unit uninterrupted, and depending on the duration of social insurance payment, and enjoy the same personnel of equal treatment. After the 34th conscripts who lives in rural areas, by the township (town) people arrange their production and lives.
    State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions in the country to recruit staff, under the same conditions should give preference to veterans.
    35th people's Governments at various levels shall, in accordance with national and provincial regulations implement the transfer of the local people's Governments of retired retired military cadres of the political, and treatment of life; cadets do the forces not of the local administration retired and resigned workers to receive the work.
    36th army survivors of martyrs, died while on duty a soldier survivors and for death soldiers placed survivor transfer of local people's Governments, in accordance with the regulations on pensions and preferential treatments. The 37th through funding, social planning and personal donations to martyrs of the raising of funds, used to solve the practical difficulties of allowances.
    Martyrs guarantee special storage, earmarking of funds.
    Financial departments at all levels should give priority to ensuring special care and implementation of funds, pensions and subsidies to social issue.
    38th at all levels shall make outstanding contributions to the martyrs of the units and individuals that recognize and reward. 39th between the army and the dispute should be settled according to law.
    The Parties shall not in any way disrupt the normal working and living order of the force to ensure military installations as well as the surrounding environment clean and tidy upon.
    40th insult, defamation, violation of rights of military personnel and their families personal or to hinder the soldiers on duty and disturb the normal order of the camp belonging to acts violating the Administration, by the public security organs shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs. 41st article violates this provision hindered martyrs against legal rights of allowances, depending on their circumstances, criticized by their work units or by the competent departments of education or administrative sanctions constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    Violation of special care and priority access to legal assistance. 42nd article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2008.
      Martyrs, on February 24, 2000, issued by the Shenyang city regulations (municipal order [2000]44) repealed simultaneously.