Dalian City Park Management Practices (As Amended In 2008)

Original Language Title: 大连市城市公园管理办法(2008年修正本)

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(March 8, 1993, Dalian City people's Government after trapping [published in document 1993]12 on December 31, 1997 after trapping [1997]111 file of the Dalian City people's Government decision on the amended 26 government regulations amendments under the Dalian municipal people's Government on March 31, 2008 to amend 14 second amendment of the decision of the municipal regulations) first in order to strengthen the planning, construction and management of city parks and create a good ecological, living environment,
    The maintenance of public order, according to the regulations on the management of urban greening in Dalian and relevant provisions of these measures.
    Second approach applies to urban planning area and is open to visitors in the town comprehensive Park and Botanical Garden, a Zoo and theme park.
    Article city and County (City), the management of urban construction management is a people's Government at the city park authorities, should organize Park management organs, good job in urban planning, construction and management of the Park.
    Planning, industry and commerce, public security departments at all levels should actively assist the management sector, urban planning, management of the Park.
    Fourth City Park was approved by the State, city, and province set up for people to rest, recreation and other landscape and ornamental plants and animals in public places, any units and individuals have the obligation to protect the park environment and facilities, and to acts of suppression of parks and facilities. Fifth in city parks should be in accordance with the requirements of urban green space system planning, develop detailed planning of the Park and the phased implementation of the scheme.
    Detailed planning and phased implementation of the scheme, separately for the affiliation of the Park by the city and County (City) and district urban construction management Department is responsible for the preparation and after approved by the approval authority as prescribed, organization and implementation.
    Park planning and phased implementation plan modifications, shall be subject to the examination and approval authority for approval. Sixth city parks must comply with the detailed planning of the Park and the phased implementation of the scheme.
    Greening engineering design of programmes and projects within the Park should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on urban virescence in Dalian and approval. Strictly control the construction of the various buildings within the City Park.
    Ban has nothing to do with the park or to interfere with the construction of the parks attractions, landscape, buildings, structures, and other facilities.
    Article seventh City Park building, should inherit and develop China's excellent traditional garden art, garden art of absorbing foreign advanced, combined with the city's natural and geographical conditions.
    Eighth article City Park within, ban following behavior: (a) damaged trees flowers and the various facilities; (ii) tease, and harassment, and hurt ornamental animal; (three) dumping sewage, and dirt real, anywhere spit, and soil, mess threw fruits skin nuclear, waste; (four) stacked items, take shed building, dug sand take soil, cut grass grazing, fishing hunting, wasteland Ken plant; (five) unauthorized stall business; (six) for superstition, and immoral, and gambling, activities.
    Nineth urban parks management agencies should strengthen the maintenance of plants, trees and garden facilities management, ensure the lush, beautiful shape; strengthen the keeping of pet animals, breeding, speed training, management and epidemic prevention work, improve the animal's ornamental value.
    Tenth in city parks management agencies should strengthen health management within the Park, earnestly green spaces, playgrounds, public toilets, cleaning the cleaning of public places such as animal feeding and viewing sites, guarantee to yuanrong look tidy.
    11th city parks agencies, should establish security inside the park system, full-time security personnel with the necessary, improving public security management in the Park. 12th in larger urban parks, guides its management should have the Park Board and landscape signs indicating attractions, sites and parks within the cruise line and security considerations.
    Storyboards and scenery sign specifications, handsome in harmony with the landscape, and to ensure sound, neater and more elegant.
    13th in urban parks, recreation, business units, and individuals, subject to institutional arrangements to manage the park location, business license issued by the administrative departments for industry and commerce, and is subject to park management agency management.
    Urban parks, business trips, business units and individuals should pay attention to professional ethics, civilized business, fair dealing, quality service.
    14th urban parks, business unit and individual amusement facilities, business service management and equipment maintenance should be strengthened, robust security systems and procedures, and safety agreement with the Park. 15th urban parks, food, catering units and individuals, should be strictly for food processing, packaging, storage, distribution and other aspects of health quality management.
    Prohibiting the sale of untested shelf life, over, filthy dirty and rot, mildew, does not comply with the food hygiene standards of the food.
    16th urban parks, heritage sites, historic sites, rock zhenshi, rare animals and scenic resources, according to relevant laws and regulations should be strictly protected, managed, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to develop, use and destruction.
    Article 17th all units based in urban parks, should obey the unified management of the Park Authority, compliance with the Park's management system, strict implementation of the Dalian City people's Government on the "front five packets" accountability regulations and have an obligation to assist the Park Authority's area of responsibility in addition to the snow, fire, police, and health management.
    18th serious administrative measures for the implementation of this article, in the city park planning, construction and management work units and individuals that have achieved outstanding successes, by the city and County (City) and district people's Government or the management departments to give recognition and rewards.
    19th article violation this approach of behavior, by urban construction management sector or by its delegate Park management institutions ordered corrected, and according to following provides sentenced fine: (a) violation eighth article provides of, at 200 Yuan following fine; (ii) violation 13th article first paragraph provides, not by park management institutions specified locations business of, ordered corrected, at 100 Yuan above 500 Yuan following fine; (three) violation 14th article provides of, at 1000 Yuan above 5,000 yuan following fine; (four) violation 17th article provides of, at 200 Yuan fine.
    20th article violates this permissions involving other administrative departments, by the relevant administrative departments according to law.
                                                                                                                          21st article this management approach, since as of the date of promulgation.