Provisions On Administration Of Multiple Forms Of The Fire Troop Construction In Sichuan Province

Original Language Title: 四川省多种形式消防队伍建设管理规定

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Provisions on administration of multiple forms of the fire troop construction in Sichuan province

    (August 12, 2008, Sichuan provincial people's Government, the 12th Executive meeting on August 20, 2008, Sichuan provincial people's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2008, No. 228) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen various forms of fire troop construction, improving prevention, fire fighting and relief capacity, protect the lives and property of citizens and public property, under the People's Republic of China fire control law and the People's Republic of China Law on emergency responses and other relevant laws and regulations, combined with practical, Sichuan, these provisions are formulated.

    Provisions of this article apply to multiple forms of fire within the administrative area of Sichuan province's construction and management.

    Various fire teams in these rules refers to the other except firefighting teams undertake fire prevention fire-fighters, fighting and relief work, including full-time fire departments, enterprises and institutions full-time fire department, volunteer fire department and the mass fire fighting team.

    The third Government of the people's Governments at various levels shall be a full-time fire troop construction into local economic and social development plan, to form a Government by law full time fire brigade, and in accordance with relevant regulations, funding guarantees, ensure that changes in the economic and social development of fire prevention.

    Governments at all levels of development and reform, financial, planning, labor and social security, personnel, civil affairs departments should perform their duties according to law, and jointly promote the construction and development of fire-fighters.

    The fourth public security fire control institutions of full-time Government Fire Department management within their respective administrative areas.

    Public security fire control institutions on the implementation of other forms of fire brigade within the administrative area supervision and guidance.

    Fifth to encourage and support State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions as well as (villages) established enterprises and institutions full-time fire department, volunteer fire department and the people volunteer fire brigade.

    Encourage units and individuals to building multiple forms of fire brigades.

    Sixth in fire protection, social relief work made outstanding contributions or achieved positive results in many forms of fire-fighting teams and personnel, Governments at all levels and relevant departments should be commended and rewarded.

    Chapter II construction

    Article needs of Governments at all levels shall, in accordance with economic and social development, according to urban and rural overall planning and fire plan, to form a Government a full-time fire department.

    Following the local Government should be established full-time fire department:

    (A) fire station number below the National City fire station city under the construction standards;

    (B) national key town, the famous historical and cultural towns and built-up area exceeding five square kilometers, GDP exceeding 1 billion yuan or inflammable populated Township of enterprises;

    (C) away from the fire station of the State-level tourist scenic spot.

    The eighth municipal people's Government established a full-time fire department, site selection, building codes, equipment standards, staffing the city fire station construction should be in accordance with the national implementation of the standards.

    Fire protection, social assistance tasks relatively remote and poor counties form a Government professional fire brigade, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the provincial public security fire control institutions, can reduce construction standards.

    Full time fire brigade building of township government in relation to local conditions, implement construction standards under the provincial public security fire control institutions.

    The Nineth following units shall establish a full-time fire department:

    (A) nuclear power plant, large power plants, civil airports, large port;

    (B) large enterprises producing and storing inflammable or explosive hazardous goods;

    (C) the storing inflammable important goods of large warehouses and bases;

    (D) except as provided in the first, second, third fire danger of larger, farther away from the local fire teams of other large and medium sized enterprises;

    (E) the farther away from the local public security fire-fighting team as a national key cultural relics protection of ancient buildings, and the province of management units.

    Tenth full-time fire department establishment should be submitted to the provincial public security fire control institutions of acceptance. Full-time firefighters are not allowed to withdraw.

    Due to corporate restructuring or special reasons such as changes in the nature of production, absolutely necessary to revoke full-time fire departments of enterprises and institutions should be consulted provincial public security fire control institutions.

    11th streets, towns, settlements (villages) committees and bodies, public organizations, enterprises and institutions can be established by employees, according to actual needs (village) composed of volunteer fire brigade.

    Police stations should supervise and urge town community, town, fire work of the security and prevention force.

    12th Government public security fire control institutions at all levels in accordance with local economic and social development needs and the cause of the fire, according to fire from social recruitment of civilian personnel.

    Chapter III responsibilities and tasks

    13th full-time fire department shall perform the following duties:

    (A) the master's area of responsibility of fire safety basic conditions, establish the necessary operational data files;

    (B) improve the duty system, maintenance, maintenance of fire-fighting equipment, organize practice;

    (C) accept the unified dispatching public security fire control institutions, involved in the rescue of fire and other disasters, and protection to disaster sites to assist authorities investigating the cause of the accident;

    (Iv) fire safety education training, universal fire sense.

    14th fire fighting team responsibilities:

    (A) fire safety education, universal fire-fighting knowledge, improve mass self self-help capacity;

    (B) fire prevention inspection and reporting fire hazards, and put forward rectification opinions and recommendations;

    (C) be familiar with the area of responsibility of fire and organize regular training;

    (D) participate in fire fighting and fire protection to assist efforts to investigate the cause of the fire.

    15th enterprises and institutions full-time fire department is mainly responsible for the units of fire and other disasters and accidents disposal, accepted control of public security fire control institutions dispose of this unit fires and other disasters.

    People volunteer fire brigade, volunteer fire department and public security fire control institutions under a unified command to participate in rescue work and social assistance.

    The fourth chapter organization and management

    16th Government of public security fire control institutions are responsible for the full-time fire department personnel, funds, business and personnel management.

    Full-time firefighters from the district police station of township government management, public security fire control institutions professional guidance.

    Public security fire control institutions to enterprises and institutions full-time fire department, volunteer fire departments and the masses to supervise volunteer fire brigade.

    17th Government allied fire brigade staff identity and preparation is determined by provincial agencies and other departments; its people management approach by public security fire control institutions, together with the personnel, labor and social security departments.

    18th full-time Fire Department implements the on duty day and night system with reference to relevant provisions of the public security fire-fighting teams, established policing, training, work and life, assurance team on duty training, fire-fighting and the completion of other tasks.

    19th full-time fire officers on duty and equipment without authorization for matters other than firefighting, training and rescue.

    Chapter fifth safeguard

    20th Government established full time fire brigade barracks building, facilities, equipment, personnel and operational requirements into the budget at the same level; full time fire brigade requirements of enterprises and institutions by the formed unit responsible for solving.

    21st Government full time fire brigade building land is public land, administrative allocation.

    Government of the people's Governments and relevant departments at all levels in accordance with State regulations, full time fire brigade barracks building, fire-fighting vehicles tax relief. Average annual wages for the 22nd fire hiring civilian personnel level not lower than the local average wage of fully employed staff and full-time fire department personnel of the Government's annual average wage levels should be higher than the local average wage of fully employed staff.

    Other subsidies, subsidies to local industry with the age stage treatment of employees.

    The local people's Government shall, for full time fire brigade officers of various government social insurance and accident insurance. 23rd fire brigade personnel salaries, bonuses and other reference production staff of the unit standards.

    Enterprises and institutions shall, in accordance with the unit's full-time fire department personnel for the various types of social insurance and accidental injury insurance.

    24th volunteer fire brigade's equipment, training and attendance requirements for subsidies, by the team responsible for solving.

    Fire fighting team you should configure the complete safety protection equipment, protection of fire brigade personnel safety and reduce injuries in the fire-fighting and rescue.

    25th full time fire brigade fire engine (boats) should be installed warning lights, set up special signs is exempt from tolls (waterways conservation fee) mission and from exempt from tolls on the way.

    26th article outside the area of responsibility of various fire teams taking part in fire fighting and emergency rescue and disaster relief, the loss of fuel, such as extinguishing agents and equipment, after approval by public security fire control institutions, compensation in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) the insured by rescue unit, rescue fee paid compensation from the insurance company;

    (B) uninsured by rescue units, and compensation by the benefit unit;

    (C) insurance rescue inadequate compensation or benefit units incapable of compensation, benefit local government units should be given compensation;

    (D) trans-regional mobility in the province to conduct fire fighting and rescue mission equipment material consumption, finance departments can give appropriate subsidies. 27th many forms of fire brigade personnel in operational training, fire fighting or in social emergency rescue and other activities because of an injury, disability or death, in accordance with the regulations of the corresponding medical and industrial injury treatment.

    Meet the conditions for revolutionary martyrs to declare, in accordance with the prescribed procedures to declare.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    28th for failure to perform the duties of the people's Government, the superior people's Governments shall give notice and be ordered to perform their duties; fails to comply, the managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    The 29th State organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions failed to carry out the responsibilities, be ordered by the agency or Department that has jurisdiction within a rectification fails, directly responsible shall be disciplined in charge and other direct liable persons.

    Article 30th not formed in accordance with the professional fire brigades or established without permission after revoking, rectification by public security fire control institutions and units in charge shall be 1000 Yuan fine, fined officers directly in charge of 200 Yuan.

    The 31st fire brigade received the fire alarm or public security fire control institutions of fire-fighting and rescue deployment instructions, immediately rushed to the scene, by public security fire control institutions to the unit in charge shall be 1000 Yuan fine, and directly responsible for the charge and the other persons fined 200 Yuan fines; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    32nd Government full-time fire department specific management measures shall be formulated by public security fire control institutions in accordance with the provisions of the province. The 33rd article of the regulations come into force on October 1, 2008.

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