Benxi City Fireworks Safety Regulations

Original Language Title: 本溪市烟花爆竹安全管理规定

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Benxi City fireworks safety regulations

    (April 26, 2009 142th, Benxi City people's Government promulgated as of June 1, 2009) first to strengthen the city's fireworks safety management explosion prevention and ensuring public safety and people's lives and property safety, in accordance with the fireworks safety regulations, based on actual city, these provisions are formulated.

    Article in operating within the administrative area of the city, transportation, Fireworks, these provisions shall apply.

    Article city, County (district) production safety supervision and management departments are responsible for safety supervision and management in Fireworks.

    City, County (district) public security organs are responsible for road transport, setting off fireworks and firecrackers in public safety management.

    Industry and commerce, quality supervision, planning, construction, transportation, law enforcement and commercial departments shall, in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, fireworks safety management related work.

    City and County supply and marketing cooperatives are responsible for the system-owned Fireworks business activities management, assist relevant departments Fireworks market supervision.

    Fourth may not engage in Fireworks production activities within the administrative area of the city.

    Any unit and individual is prohibited production and management in the administrative area of the city of black gunpowder, gunpowder, fuse used in the manufacture of fireworks products such as raw material.

    Fifth business into wholesale Fireworks (storage) and retail (business, temporary sales outlets in the store).

    Fireworks wholesale, retail outlets in accordance with the "unified planning, ensuring security and total control, strict access, regional franchise, territorial management" principle a reasonable layout, layout plans and Fireworks business outlets and temporary arrangement of sales outlets permits, after determined by the municipal work safety supervision and management departments to the public and organizations.

    Sixth banned in urban areas or towns within the real Fireworks wholesale site.

    Prohibited in shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers ' markets, residential buildings, railway stations and other staff areas and main roads of the City set up Fireworks and operates retail and temporary sales outlets.

    Article seventh Fireworks wholesale businesses, must be issued by the provincial work safety supervision and management departments of the Fireworks business (wholesale) license.

    Fireworks retail (business, temporary sales outlets in the store, the same below) operators must obtain the County (district) issued by the work safety supervision and management departments of the Fireworks business (retail) license.

    Fireworks wholesale companies, retail dealers, the Fireworks business (wholesale) operating license or fireworks (retail) license to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce registration received after the business license, before engaging in the Fireworks business.

    No unit or individual shall not be transferred, sold, leased, lent, forging or altering the Fireworks business (wholesale) license and the Fireworks business (retail) license.

    Eighth article applies to engage in the wholesale Fireworks enterprises, an application shall be submitted to the municipal work safety supervision and management departments, and providing related materials to demonstrate compliance with the following conditions:

    (A) meet the corporate requirements.

    (B) establish and improve the responsibility system for production safety, and the safety management system, operating rules.

    (C) security management institution or full-time security managers.

    (D) the directors, in charge of head, security managers should possess the Fireworks business in security knowledge and management capacity and training qualified; the storekeeper, the guarding officer shall accept Fireworks expertise training and examination; other employees should be subject to the safety education and training.

    (Five) has and its business scale and products varieties phase adapted of business places and warehouse facilities; warehouse of both inside and outside Department security distance, and warehouse layout, and building structure, and security evacuation conditions, and fire, and explosion-proof, and anti-mine, and anti-electrostatic, security facilities and electrical facilities,, meet Fireworks firecrackers factory design Security specification (GB50161), national related standard of requirements; store regional and warehouse due obviously of security warning logo and identifies brand.

    (Vi) delivery service, transport vehicles in accordance with the relevant national standards.

    (G) the safety assessment was conducted according to law and pay a safety risk deposit.

    (VIII) accident emergency plan, emergency rescue organizations and personnel, and emergency rescue equipment, and equipped with the necessary equipment.

    (IX) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

    Nineth section engaged in the retail of fireworks operators shall be made to the seat of the County (district) of production safety supervision and management departments to apply and provide related materials to demonstrate compliance with the following conditions:

    (A) managers and sales staff safety training.

    (B) introduction of special shops or counters, special sales, should have special responsibility for security management; counter sales, counters should be relatively independent, and with additional counter space shall be not less than 2.5 metres, guarantee access to the security. (C) operating retail area of not less than 10 m; temporary sales booth should not be longer than 6 meters, width shall not exceed 3 m.

    No other fireworks within 50 meters of retail points, and with schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels, theaters and others gathering places, gas stations and other inflammable production or storage facilities as well as an important military area and cultural relic protection safety distance shall not be less than 100 meters.

    (D) retail and storage areas must have more than 2 extinguishers, and posted significant security warning sign warehouse area of not less than 10 square meters, separate closed set, no fire, power, heat, and interval 5 meters above the surrounding buildings or facilities and keep the fire exits.

    (E) law made the safety production risk mortgage payment.

    (F) the laws and regulations as well as counties (districts) other conditions stipulated by the people's Government.

    Tenth during the Spring Festival (lunar 15th to 15th of the first month, the same below), in the urban area and district towns to permit the establishment of provisional sales outlets for the fireworks.

    Every October, the County (district) production safety supervision and management departments of public security, law enforcement and city regulatory agencies according to the city's Fireworks temporary sales, network planning, permits and safe operating conditions within the designated area Fireworks temporary site location of sales outlets, take the form of public lottery after after publicity issued to eligible applicants in the Fireworks business (retail) license.

    Fireworks provisional sales managers obtain the Fireworks business (retail) after license, should road to urban management agency for temporary and approval procedures.

    11th fireworks shall practise the franchise. Access to Fireworks within the administrative area of the city (including Fireworks and fireworks activities), unified the city Fireworks wholesale business from the production units of the fireworks safety production license purchase.

    Other units and individuals engaged in the purchase, wholesale Fireworks business.

    Fireworks retail operators are required to purchase fireworks from where fireworks wholesale enterprise.

    The 12th article selling fireworks in the city, by wholesale Fireworks enterprises after pasting specializes in anti-counterfeiting marks, retail franchise in the region of fireworks operators responsible for unified distribution, ensure market supply, after expiration of the license, the timely recovery of retail operators, free storage of fireworks Fireworks products that are not sold out.

    Wholesale Fireworks enterprises to process safety and assume full responsibility for the quality of the product.

    The 13th section of the fireworks safety and quality (GB10631-2004) standard on the classification of fireworks products, wholesale Fireworks enterprises are not allowed to supply grade a Fireworks Fireworks retail operators, large fireworks and lighting of activity after approval by public security organs, before distribution to achieve class a discharge of qualified professional lighting units. Fireworks retail business operators shall comply with the safety regulations in sale places obvious locations operating licences, in accordance with the duration, location, type of business license sales of fireworks.

    Prohibited two wholesale operation, changing locations, remote set up marketing or mobile marketing.

    The 14th article of any unit and individual is prohibited procurement and sale of banned Fireworks products manufactured by the following States:

    (A) falling Cannon, guns, smashing shot, Flint paper, high sensitivity and chemical stability of the product.

    (B) contains a metal shell, glass products and other hard objects in the shell.

    (C) rockets, field mouse, sand blast, direction of rocket flight, such as unstable and may cause a fire products.

    (D) armed with flashing lightning and greater than 30 mm, length double gun products such as large doses greater than 200 mm.

    15th Fireworks operators of retail premises and warehouses storing Fireworks must not exceed the Fireworks business (retail) license provisions limit the amount of storage; Fireworks after the expiration of a temporary sales outlets permits should stop selling the remaining Fireworks you will have to destroy custody or handed over to the local Fireworks wholesale enterprises.

    16th by road into the city's Fireworks, carriers must be in possession of the city or County the fireworks and road transport permits issued by the public security organs shall be transported.

    17th engaged in the transport of fireworks must meet national standards, comply with the fireworks and transport regulations, flying safety warning signs, and road transport certificates issued by the traffic management sector; driver, handling management and escorts must be in accordance with the People's Republic of China Road transportation provisions of the Bill, after passing the exam by the traffic management Department, certified.

    18th prohibits carrying fireworks on public transport.

    Prohibiting the posting of fireworks and firecrackers, banned in checked baggage, parcels and mail carrying Fireworks.

    The 19th article Benxi County, Huanren Manchu autonomous county, and Benxi, nanfen district economic development zone and the Pingshan district, Mingshan district, and under the jurisdiction of qi, Qiaotou Town, North Street, Wolong subdistrict offices, and Niu Xin Tai Street, Tai Zi town, Huo Lian Zhai Zhen, head hill town, East Street, zhangqizhai Township for a restricted Fireworks zone.

    Other regions in order to limit the discharge area.

    20th in limiting the discharge of fireworks in the region, in addition to the annual Lunar from 23rd to 15th of the first month, and prohibit the discharge of fireworks.

    21st fireworks as well as other large fireworks or limited to Fireworks festivals in the region will be setting off fireworks, organizers in advance of 15th to the local municipal or county public security organ for, handling the Fireworks license and in accordance with the safety regulations for Fireworks, set off by operational programmes.

    City, County (district) public security organs should strengthen their risk level high Fireworks and other large fireworks Fireworks supervision and inspection activities. 22nd fireworks shall follow the setting instructions setting, setting must be immediately cleaned after setting off the remnants of the site.

    Not to endanger public safety and personal and property safety of fireworks and firecrackers.

    Ban on fireworks at the following locations:

    (A) cultural relics protection units and protecting such buildings.

    (B) train station, bus station and other transportation hubs, as well as railway lines within the protected area.

    (C) the oil depot, gas station, gas stations and production, storage, operation inflammable places and important materials such as grain, oil, hemp stores around the area within 100 meters.

    (D) transmission and transformation facilities in protected areas.

    (E) medical institutions, kindergartens, schools, old people's home and Park, dance halls, stadiums, commercial (field) stores, markets and other crowded places.

    (F) urban public green spaces, forests, nurseries and other key zones.

    (G) Government agencies (including subdistrict offices) offices, military facilities, military zone.

    (H) building and the building's roof, terrace, corridor, window.

    (I) the city and County (district) Government regulations prohibit the discharge of fireworks at the other place.

    The 23rd during the Spring Festival, organized by the municipal safety production supervision administration, public security, quality supervision, industry and Commerce and comprehensive law enforcement, business and other sectors fireworks safety management of joint enforcement coordination body, is responsible for investigating acts of illegal fireworks. 24th article units and personal illegal business, and store, and discharge fireworks firecrackers, State Fireworks firecrackers Security Management Ordinance and other legal, and regulations has has provides of, in accordance with its provides processing, has free CD volume right of should according to municipal Government determine of refinement standard implementation; caused national, and collective property loss or others personal hurt, and property loss of, should law bear compensation responsibility; constitute violation security management behavior of, in accordance with People's Republic of China security management punishment method provides processing; constitute crime of,

    Criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    25th work safety, public security, supervision, business, law enforcement and other staff, in fireworks safety supervision and management work, abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, sanctions by their work units or by the competent Department constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 26th article of the regulations come into force on June 1, 2009, the Benxi City fireworks safety management regulations (municipal government, 61st) repealed simultaneously.