Low-Rent Housing, Wuhan City Approach

Original Language Title: 武汉市廉租住房保障办法

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Low-rent housing, Wuhan City approach

    (November 2, 2009, the 88th meeting of the people's Government of Wuhan municipality passed on November 27, 2009 order No. 202, promulgated by the people's Government of Wuhan municipality as of January 1, 2010) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to improve the urban housing security system and to solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second this approach applies to the jiangan district, jianghan district, editors, note: (this stone by the left, the right for Joe) mouth area, Hanyang, Wuchang district, Peak District, Hongshan district (hereinafter referred to as downtown) and Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zone, East Lake ecological tourism scenic area within the scope of the housing difficulties of urban low-income families and low-rent housing, supervision and management.

    Housing difficulties of low-income families in these measures refers to the family income, housing conditions meet the requirements of the municipal people's Government low-rent housing conditions of families.

    The third municipal people's Government, the formulation of the housing difficulties of low-income families and low-rent housing, planning and the annual plan, clear the low-rent housing targets, measures, and integrated into the city's economic and social development plan and the housing construction plan.

    District people's Government is responsible for the development of this area of low-rent housing plans and annual work plans (including new low-rent housing investment plan), the municipal housing and housing management Department (hereinafter referred to as the City Housing Authority) the municipal development and reform, Department of finance, territorial planning and balanced, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Fourth, low-rent housing, municipal people's Government is responsible for the policies, systems, safeguard decisions on important matters such as planning and project management and coordination, conduct oversight and low-rent housing in the city.

    District people's Government is responsible for implementation of this area of low-rent housing construction, distribution and rental management.

    Fifth of municipal housing management departments of supervision and management is responsible for the city's low-rent housing and daily work of the housing security of its institutions.

    Housing and housing sectors (hereinafter referred to as housing authority) responsible for the low-rent housing within their respective administrative areas of implementation.

    Civil affairs departments are responsible for qualification for low-rent housing for low-income families.

    Financial sector to raise the funds and low-rent housing and to monitor their usage.

    Development of reform and construction, land planning, statistics, monitoring the sector in accordance with their respective responsibilities, responsible for low-rent housing related work.

    Subdistrict offices according to the provisions of this approach to low-rent housing related work, and to identify specialized personnel is in charge, be guaranteed work funded by the financial Department of the district.

    The sixth Government target responsibility system of low-rent housing, municipal and district people's Government, signed goal responsibility management; district and subdistrict offices, District Government signed goal responsibility management, clear Governments at all levels and related departments annual targets for low-rent housing work and responsibilities.

    Chapter II protection and standards

    Seventh, low-rent housing mainly clearances are leasing and rent subsidies, and so on.

    Clearances are leasing is to comply with the low-rent housing conditions housing difficulties of low-income families, the deployment of a housing for its tenants, rent according to the standards prescribed by the Government.

    Rent subsidies is to meet the housing difficulties of low-income families and low-rent housing conditions, difference in security area and present housing area, rental subsidies.

    Eighth of municipal housing management Department shall, jointly with the Municipal Department of Civil Affairs, finance, comprehensive urban economic development, housing prices, the disposable income of urban residents and the per capita housing area and other factors, development of low-rent housing income criteria and housing standards submitted to the municipal people's Government announced to the public.

    Nineth low-rent housing standards established in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) rent subsidized housing space standards, according to the city's per capita housing floor space does not exceed the previous year's 60%.

    (B) rental subsidy subsidies per square metre, low-income families established in accordance with 80% of the average market rent for the last year; other low-income families established in accordance with 60% of the average market rent for the last year. (C) clearances are leasing floor space standards in households determined.

    1 person household does not exceed 20 m; 2 person household does not exceed 40 m; 3 or more less than 50 square meters.

    (D) rehousing rental rents, low-income families according to the 50% standard of the public housing rent to pay; other low-income families according to the payment of public housing rents.

    Above criteria can be based on the city's economic development levels and affordability for low-income families, the Municipal Housing Department reported to the municipal people's Government for approval to make proper adjustments.

    Chapter III protection of funds and sources of affordable housing Tenth Article low-rent housing funds, various financing channels graded.

    Sources of funds include:

    (A) the financial budget special funds;

    (B) value-added receipts less total of housing accumulation Fund loan risk provisions and the full balance of management expenses;

    (C) net income from land leasing arrangements in a proportion of not less than 10% funds;

    (D) superior financial arrangements of the special purpose grants fund;

    (E) rental income to low-rent housing;

    (Vi) social donation funds;

    (VII) legally raised money through other channels.

    Municipal finance departments according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph to raise funds, according to the annual plan for the low-rent housing in the city, according to the work schedule allocated to the Finance Department in the Center, from the district people's Government consistently use and management.

    11th rehousing rental listings include:

    (A) the Government building, purchase of housing;

    (B) make certain public housing;

    (C) public donations housing;

    (D) other channels to raise housing.

    All clearances are ownership of rental housing owned by the district people's Government.

    12th new low-rent housing projects should be according to the fixed assets investment project management procedures and according to construction plans, supply and construction procedures.

    A new area of low-rent housing should be controlled within 50 square meters. New low-rent housing, and focused primarily on building affordable housing, and the ordinary commodity housing, reconstruction of shabby housing projects constructed in manner.

    Supporting building low-rent housing, affordable housing, the ordinary commodity housing, reconstruction of shabby housing project, on State-owned land allocation decision or land transfer contract, construction project planning permit, housing construction contract expressly supporting the construction of low-rent housing in total area, number of sets, and after the completion of the transfer of such matters.

    13th article low rent housing construction project insufficient or construction with to shortage of part Center City can to City Government proposed application, by city housing sector sought project where District Government views and with development reform, and land planning, and financial, and construction, sector balanced, and manpower arrangements low rent housing construction with to, reported City Government approved Hou, by proposed application of district government organization implementation, and according to City Government provides bear related costs. 14th construction of low-rent housing should adhere to the principle of economical and suitable, improve the level of planning and design, basic functions, should be in accordance with the requirements of the development of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly housing, promotion of new materials, new technologies, new processes.

    Construction of low-rent housing must comply with the national standards of quality and safety.

    15th supply allocation the construction of low-rent housing, priority in the land supply plan, and separately presented in the Declaration of annual land quota.

    New low-rent housing are exempted from administrative fees and Government funds.

    The fourth chapter application and approval

    16th the following housing difficulties of low-income families may apply for allocation of lease or rental subsidy:

    (A) this urban permanent residence, the family members, of which at least one person has this urban permanent residence for more than 3 years, family members have the legal support, maintenance or support;

    (B) published by the per capita disposable income of a family in accordance with low-rent housing income criteria;

    (Iii) family housing area in accordance with published standards of low-rent housing housing difficulties.

    17th with the conditions specified in article 16 of this approach of orphans, the elderly, the sick, disabled and other special families in housing needy families with the lowest income and other much-needed aid to priority clearances are rentals.

    18th to apply for low-rent housing must provide the following documents:

    (A) the application for housing;

    (B) the family booklet;

    (C) the family member identification card;

    (Iv) family housing tenancy, housing or other housing documents;

    (E) proof of income of family members;

    (Vi) belonging to the lowest income families, shall issue the certificate of subsistence allowances for urban residents of Wuhan recipients belonging to orphans, the elderly, the sick, disabled and other special hardship case families, will issue the relevant certificates or documents. 19th households with a low-rent housing, all members of the joint applicants shall elect one member with full civil capacity as the representative of the applicant.

    Singletons applying for low-rent housing, as the applicant. Applicant representative and single person (hereinafter applicant) shall take the 18th provided information on these measures, to apply to the subdistrict office of domicile, and signed agreed to accept housing and economic status verification and publication written verification results file.

    Specific audit procedures are as follows: (A) the neighborhood offices shall be from the date of receipt of the application materials in the 15th, for the verification of applications, such as household income and housing conditions.

    For qualified families in the community in the first instance is pinned up publicity, publicity for 7th announcement expires without objection or opposition is not established, preliminary views put forward, together with the application materials are submitted to the District Department.

    (B) the district departments shall, from the date of receipt of the material in the 15th, for families with income whether they meet the requirements of the audit opinion, along with meet the low-income criteria related materials be sent to District Housing Management Department. (C) housing management departments shall, from the date of receipt of the material in the 15th, audit the housing situation for families.

    Meet the required conditions, again by the subdistrict office in the family residence for community publicity, publicity for 15th.

    (D) public notice expires without objection or opposition is not established, housing management departments shall, from the date of expiry of the public approval of low-rent housing in the 3rd qualification.

    Subdistrict offices, district departments, the housing management Department audited, considers the application does not meet the requirements of the family, shall notify the families, and explain the reasons.

    20th on the low-rent housing has been made families eligible for rental subsidies, Housing Authority rental subsidies. On the low-rent housing has been made eligible for rehousing rental homes, housing management Department under the allocation scheme, according to income levels, housing, demographic factors, such as sorting, clearances are waiting to determine rehousing rental list and be publicized.

    Incorporated during the waiting families waiting for clearances are issued by the Housing Authority rental subsidies.

    Sort of grading and the specific measures formulated by the City Housing Department. 21st before the low-rent housing accommodation, housing management Department shall, in conjunction with the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced door clearances are residents of the eligibility for protection of the family review, review should be based on appropriate long-term publicity, publicity without objection the organizations meet the family signed a lease agreement for conditions, check-in procedures.

    Implementation of low-rent housing property services property services at Government expense.

    Supervision and administration of the fifth chapter 22nd special account for low-rent housing guarantee fund management, revenue accounting, funds earmarked for use.

    City and district financial departments are responsible for the low-rent housing guarantee fund raising, management, budget allocation, allocation and supervision and inspection. 23rd District housing sector and subdistrict offices should be graded according to family archives to build low-rent housing. Housing Authority each year enjoy low-rent housing family-related information should be submitted to the Municipal Housing Department.

    City Housing Authority will receive information about the low-rent housing families in Wuhan City real estate market information released for a long time, receive reports, complaints in a timely manner, and organize investigation and treatment.

    24th Street offices visited and checked on a regular basis should be used, such as, master has access to low-rent housing guarantee family income, housing movements, and the results are submitted to the district, housing management Department.

    Enjoy low-rent housing families shall truthfully report changes in household income and housing conditions in a timely manner.

    25th after verification, a year more than low-income family housing difficulties, low income criteria or standards, housing management departments according to the different situation in the district, respectively, to deal with:

    (A) income, changes in the housing area, but still in low income housing problem within the scope of the original Lo-Fi home, adjust the rent subsidies or clearances are in accordance with the relevant provisions rent standards.

    (B) more than low-income housing difficult standard of family, belonging to the subsidized rents, stop paying rental subsidies to those clearances are leasing, deadline out of low-rent housing, temporarily unable to quit due to special reasons, according to the City Housing Authority published market price rent. 26th rehousing rental home in accordance with the lease agreement, enjoy the corresponding rights and corresponding obligations.

    Clearances are renting families have one of the following acts, the lessor has the right to terminate the agreement, repossession, resulting losses, paid for by the lessee:

    (A) the tenant sublet the housing without authorization;

    (B) rent a House lent to others without permission or unauthorized transfer of use;

    (C) rent arrears accumulated more than 6 months;

    (D) unused for more than 6 months without good reason;

    (E) the tenant houses dismantles the structure or changes of usage;

    (Vi) use of leased housing for illegal activities;

    (VII) damage to tenant houses.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

    27th article deliberately hide family income and the housing status of, district housing sector 2 years within not accepted its low rent housing guarantees application; has get housing rent subsidies of, stop issued and ordered its returned has received of rent subsidies; has get clearances are rental of, ordered its deadline exit low rent housing and by market fill make yiqian of housing rent, late not exit of, law application Court forced implementation.

    28th city and District Housing Management Department, other relevant administrative staff, working in the low-rent housing in the abuse of power, negligence, malpractice, shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    29th public housing for low-income families to lease, rent in accordance with 50% of the standards of public housing rent reduction.

    Article 30th Wuhan East Lake high-tech development zone, Wuhan economic and technological development zone management committee the Management Committee and Wuhan East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot Management Committee in accordance with the relevant terms of this approach on district people's Government is responsible for organizing the implementation of low-rent housing to work within their respective jurisdictions.

    Dongxihu district, and Hannan and the caidian district, and Jiangxia district, huangpi district, Xinzhou district people's Government in accordance with this regulation, combined with the zone, designed and published in the area of low-rent housing eligibility requirements and security standards and incorporated into the city's low-rent housing program management, responsible for organization and implementation. 31st article this way come into force on January 1, 2010. Released on September 12, 2008, the low-rent housing measures, Wuhan (Wuhan municipal people's Government, the 190th) repealed simultaneously.