Kunming Ready-Mixed Concrete Measures For The Administration Of

Original Language Title: 昆明市预拌混凝土管理办法

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Kunming ready-mixed concrete measures for the administration of (On December 2, 2009 Kunming Government 145th times Executive Conference considered through on January 11, 2010 Kunming Government makes 94th, announced since on March 1, 2010 up purposes) first article for promote construction technology progress, strengthening building energy-saving management, improve construction engineering quality, improved city environment, according to People's Republic of China clean production promote method, and construction engineering quality management Ordinance, and civil energy-saving Ordinance, about legal regulations, combined this city actual,

    These measures are formulated.

    Second ready-mixed concrete in these measures are in accordance with the existing national standard, cement, aggregate, water and for mixing additive and mineral admixtures and other components by a certain percentage, in Central mixing plant (plant) was measured after mix sold and used transport vehicle within the specified time to the place of use of concrete mix.

    Third article this regulation is applicable within the administrative area of the city ready-mix concrete production, transportation, use and supervision and management.

    Fourth article city construction administrative competent sector is responsible for this city pre mix concrete production and using of supervision, and management work, directly is responsible for wuhua district, and panlong district, and Guandu district,, and, Xishan District, administrative within and the Chenggong district, Kunming national high, and Kunming Dianchi Lake national tourism resort, and Kunming national economic and technological development zone (following referred to three a development (holiday) District) of pre mix concrete production and using of supervision, and management work; and on other County (City) District for Business Guide.

    Other counties (cities) and districts construction Administrative Department is responsible for the supervision and administration of ready-mixed concrete in the administrative area.

    Environmental protection, comprehensive urban management enforcement, public security organs traffic management, safety production supervision and other departments concerned in accordance with their respective responsibilities, common good management of ready-mixed concrete.

    The fifth building and related administrative departments should be encouraged to ready-mixed concrete production enterprises to adopt advanced production equipment and production technology, quality, large-scale development, and promote comprehensive utilization of resources, saving energy, extensive use of industrial solid waste in the production process and energy-saving building materials.

    Technology, energy conservation, use of industrial solid waste and energy-saving construction materials ready-mix concrete production enterprise with outstanding contribution, commend and special funds to support construction Administrative Department.

    The sixth within the administrative area of the city, one-time pouring in more than 6 cubic metres of concrete construction project shall, in accordance with the following provisions, use of ready-mixed concrete, prohibition of mixing their own:

    (A) with effect from March 1, 2010, the city's main city planning area (including the three development (resort) District), Chenggong new area planning district, tranquil urban planning areas, dongchuan district and built-up area of Shilin County County, and stone forest scenic area in the construction works;

    (B) with effect from July 1, 2010, counties (cities) and districts County construction projects within the planning area.

    Seventh according to the way sixth article should use ready-mixed concrete construction project, any of the following circumstances, mixing concrete at the construction site itself, before the construction administrative departments should be:

    (A) for traffic reasons, special vehicles for transportation of ready-mixed concrete cannot reach the construction site;

    (B) due to the construction of special needs, beyond the production of ready-mixed concrete manufacturers;

    (Iii) other mixing really necessary in the construction site.

    Self mixing concrete in the construction site shall be in accordance with national standards and regulations on environmental protection, effective security protection, dust, noise and waste emissions, among other measures.

    Eighth article in accordance with this approach the sixth article should use ready-mixed concrete construction unit of ready-mixed concrete requirements should be incorporated into the construction tender documents and construction contracts.

    Construction unit should be agreed to use ready-mixed concrete to construction of a supervisor.

    Nineth ready-mixed concrete production enterprises shall, in accordance with the relevant stipulations of the construction qualification certificate issued by the competent administrative department and qualifications within the production and sales of ready-mix concrete.

    Without obtaining the certificate of qualification of ready-mixed concrete manufacturers are allowed to produce and sell ready-mix concrete.

    Article tenth of ready-mixed concrete production plant (plant), shall conform to the national and provincial and municipal resources conservation, cleaner production, the provision of safe and civilized production, mixing plant (plant) site sclerosis, green standards, configure the appropriate waste water treatment, dust, noise, aggregate separation facilities, and municipal construction administrative departments.

    11th ready-mixed concrete manufacturers in the production process shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) strict implementation of the national and provincial standards, norms and procedures, established a perfect quality assurance system and operation mechanism;

    (B) the use of qualified building materials, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant technical standards for incoming raw material sampling, storage, inspection and acceptance, inspection and acceptance of information and archived for future reference;

    (C) the prohibition of the use in and other key areas of Dianchi Lake Basin excavation of aggregates;

    (D) the laws, regulations, rules and other provisions of the relevant technical standards.

    12th in the course of use of ready-mixed concrete shall comply with the following requirements:

    (A) the construction or construction firms to buy ready-mixed concrete production with appropriate qualifications;

    (B) construction construction site road flat, open, used for the transportation of ready-mix concrete, provided the necessary conditions;

    (C) the supervisor in accordance with the relevant provisions of national, provincial, municipal and contract of construction supervise use of ready-mixed concrete in construction.

    (D) the construction unit under the supervision of the supervisor, in conjunction with ready-mixed concrete manufacturers in accordance with national and provincial standards, codes, specifications and contract joint acceptance to enter the concrete, and acceptance data archived for future reference, acceptance or unqualified acceptance of ready-mixed concrete shall not be used;

    (E) the construction unit under the supervision of the supervisor, in accordance with ready-mixed concrete national and provincial standards, specifications, procedures, requirements for the construction, ensure the quality of concrete construction;

    (F) the laws, regulations, rules and other provisions of the relevant technical standards.

    13th ready-mixed concrete manufacturers shall ensure that vehicles in good condition, safe transport and vehicle appearance clean and appropriate spill prevention measures taken during transport.

    Ready-mixed concrete special vehicles should focus on mixing plant (plant), construction site cleaning, flushing sewage must not be directly discharged into the municipal sewer and river.

    14th ready-mixed concrete production enterprise use of private vehicles, because of construction, city planning, need access to the restricted traffic zone, shall be submitted to the municipal public security traffic management Department apply for passes into the city.

    Other counties (cities) areas restricted traffic zone, shall apply to the local public security organs traffic management department passes into the city.

    Get entry permits for ready-mixed concrete special vehicles should comply with traffic laws and into the city, and traffic regulations.

    15th required for emergency rescue and disaster-relief work of ready-mixed concrete, ready-mix concrete production and construction of enterprise should be subject to unified arrangement by the Administrative Department.

    16th of municipal construction administrative departments should be made public in a timely manner to the social construction of information network in Kunming ready-mixed concrete business directory.

    17th ready-mixed concrete production enterprise to the municipal construction Administrative Department shall monthly submit the ready-mixed concrete sales month, the bulk cement and industrial solid waste usage of the month.

    18th disobey article sixth, employer or construction at the construction site without authorization of mixing concrete, comprehensive administrative law enforcement departments by the city administration ordered to stop construction, rectify, and according to the actual mixing concrete fined the use of 80 yuan per cubic meter, but the fine shall not exceed a maximum 30,000 yuan.

    19th article violates this article 11th (b) provision of, comprehensive administrative law enforcement by the city administration departments shall be ordered to correct, stop use and a fine of 10,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan fine. 20th article violates this article 12th paragraph (d) of using unqualified acceptance or acceptance of ready-mixed concrete, comprehensive administrative law enforcement departments by the city administration ordered corrective action and in accordance with the actual volume of ready-mix concrete used fine of 80 yuan per cubic meter, but may not exceed 30,000 yuan.

    Quality accident occurs, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    21st for violation of the article seventh and 11th in the second paragraph (a), stipulated in the 13th and 14th from environmental protection, work safety, administration of comprehensive urban management enforcement, public security organs traffic management departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of investigation.

    22nd ready-mixed concrete production enterprise, one of the following acts, by the municipal construction Administrative Department recorded in the bad information record:

    (A) establishment of the mixing plant (plant) is not in accordance with the regulations for the record, after rectification, overdue change;

    (B) failure to submit the ready-mixed concrete sales month and the use of bulk cement and industrial solid waste of the month, after correction is overdue change;

    (C) in violation of national, provincial and municipal laws, regulations, rules and regulations, subject to administrative punishment.

    23rd administrative departments and their staff, one of the following circumstances, be administrative sanctions according to law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) is not required or beyond the permission and approval;

    (B) quality and safety accident caused by ineffective supervision;

    (C) the violation of failing to investigate or deal with time;

    (Iv) other negligence, malpractice and abuse their powers. 24th article this way come into force on March 1, 2010. Kunming city people's Government with effect from April 1, 2003 the management measures of premixed concrete, Kunming (Kunming municipal people's Government, the 41st) repealed simultaneously.