Patriotic Health Regulations In Lhasa City, Measures For The Implementation Of

Original Language Title: 拉萨市爱国卫生管理条例实施办法

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Patriotic health regulations in Lhasa city, measures for the implementation of

    (October 16, 2009, Lhasa city people's Government Executive meeting November 5, 2009, Lhasa city people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2010, 22nd) first to strengthen the municipal patriotic public health work, promoting Socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization construction, combined with the practical, patriotic health Lhasa, according to the regulation, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city, the patriotic health work in the application of this approach.

    Third Government Organization, the patriotic health work in hierarchical accountability, sector coordination, popular participation, social supervision, the principles of scientific management.

    Fourth article of any units and individuals were involved and the obligation to safeguard public health. Fifth city, County (district) people's Governments of patriotic health campaign Committee (hereinafter referred to as aiweihui) are provided by the relevant departments of the people's Government, is the patriotic health work of the deliberation and coordination agencies of the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

    Its main functions are:

    (A) the organizations implementing the patriotic health laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and policies, and the implementation of the supervision and inspection;

    (B) harmonizing planning, deployment of the patriotic health work within their respective administrative areas;

    (C) guiding the administrative areas within the Department to fulfil the duties of the patriotic health work, and monitoring and evaluation of the patriotic health work;

    (D) organizations to mobilize all members of society to participate in the patriotic health work;

    (E) to organize and coordinate the relevant departments to develop a major epidemic, poisonings and other emergency preventive measures;

    (Vi) coordination of relevant departments of the patriotic health work in illegal cases in the investigation;

    (VII) competition organized the patriotic health work and named, in recognition of activities;

    (H) the patriotic health work carried out exchanges and cooperation.

    Aiweihui Office (hereinafter referred to as aiweihui Office), as offices. The sixth unit of members of the patriotic health work in implementing target management and Division of responsibility, the following units shall be governed by these rules, establish a health and education system, in collaboration with patriotic health work aiweihui.

    Division of labour is as follows: (A) epidemic administrative competent sector: is responsible for developed patriotic health about standard; do community health health planning of implement implementation, carried out pesticide out disease of technical guidance, and "four" density monitoring and scientific research; do food, and public, and drinking water of health supervision monitoring; organization implementation rural modified water, and modified toilet planning, carried out universal health education, universal health science knowledge, mobilization society participation health work; solution good medical health units of garbage, and sewage, and dirt real of harmless of processing

    Assisting the people's Governments at the corresponding level for the prevention and control of major epidemic and infectious diseases occur and spread. (Ii) construction administrative competent sector: is responsible for Guide City, and Xiang (town) sanitation facilities of planning, and construction and management; according to urban and rural planning of requirements, prepared sanitation in the, and long-term development planning and annual plans, and organization implementation; guide town city environment governance, established sound city sanitation management institutions, strengthening city sanitation legal construction, and law enforcement supervision check, and life garbage of collection, and removal and harmless of processing of supervision management, maintenance town environment of clean, and green, and landscaping ; Strengthening town water management and the guide work, on town life drinking water, and lost distribution water equipment and the protection material, and drinking water chemical processing pharmacy, and water device for Management; Guide town drainage and sewage processing planning and in the, and long-term development planning, and construction and the management work, strengthening town drainage facilities of monitoring management and town sewage concentrated processing, control water and groundwater pollution; according to requirements strengthening construction site, and demolition site and stay built site of management, implementation closed surrounding block, ban free dumping life garbage and the building garbage,

    Maintain good sanitary conditions. (Three) agricultural administrative competent sector: is responsible for combined agricultural and rural economic development of in the, and long-term planning, do rural of people animal stool, and Xiang (town) enterprise and aquaculture of waste and the other agricultural waste of harmless of processing and integrated security using; promotion organic fertilizer and fertilizer of combined using, maintenance balance; do Prairie, and farmland out rat; organization coordination pesticide quality of detection, and identification and law enforcement supervision management work; and health, about sector tie do endemic and animal total patient, disease of control work

    ; Integrated townships (towns) Enterprise "three wastes" pollution.

    (D) the Administrative Department of environmental protection: strict enforcement of environmental regulations, establish and improve the supervision system of environmental protection, strengthening of waste gas, waste water, solid waste and harmful wastes and other pollution supervision of law enforcement, guidance and coordination to solve major environmental pollution accident guide the comprehensive improvement of the urban and rural environment, pollution prevention, control of various types of natural resources protected area and scenic area of conducting supervision and inspection of environmental protection.

    (E) development and reform Administrative Department: responsible for the patriotic health work in the national economy and social development, long-term planning and annual development plan, make patriotic public health coordinated work with the national economic and social development.

    (F) Department of business administration: responsible for coordinating relevant departments in urban pesticide prevention and environmental management of routine and emergency health supplies needed monitoring; the management and development of the use of renewable resources to assist health, news and other departments to develop tobacco control work. (Seven) education administrative competent sector: is responsible for strengthening students of health education, universal health knowledge, guide in the, and elementary school according to national provides of teaching plans opened health education courses, guide kindergarten Organization for health health common sense education; training love clean, and hygiene of good habits, improve students self health capacity and health level; strengthening on school canteen food health of management, prevent food poisoning accident of occurred; improved school running conditions and health facilities quality, purification, and green, and landscaping school environment,

    Students actively participating in patriotic public health and health promotion activities.

    (VIII) the competent financial administrative sector: responsible for fiscal and taxation policies and medium-and long-term planning, policy, requirements included in the budgets of patriotic health services, special funding to provide the necessary support for patriotic health work, ensure that the patriotic health work smoothly.

    (I) the competent administrative Department of labour and social security: medical insurance, maternity insurance policies are responsible for organization and implementation, supervision and inspection, and to provide basic medical security for employees, and assist departments with the environmental remediation work in the region.

    (Ten) railway, and traffic, and business, and tourism sector: is responsible for do travel, and station, and hotel Hotel, and tourism scenic attractions, and railway along, and town country market, and street market stalls of health management, and waste of collection, and coordination about sector for processing; active publicity and the carried out public smoking activities; according to national about provides well railway along and highway sides with to range of clean health work; assist about sector do occurred major outbreak Shi of control work; active carried out created health window units activities.

    (11) the water conservancy Administrative Department: responsible for strengthening the protection of water resources, guide the water protection and township (town) water supply combined with the capital construction of water conservancy project, with the Health Department of the prevention and control of endemic diseases and parasitic diseases occur and spread.

    (12) the Director of the cultural market Department: active smoking, responsible for area cultural do smoking in public places such as Internet cafes, libraries, and in addition to "four pests" work cooperate with relevant departments in publicity and education, improve the quality of universal health.

    (13) the competent administrative Department of radio and television: responsible for the sanitation in the region, adopt various forms to carry out health education and health science knowledge promotion, play to the supervisory role of public opinion.

    (14) the publicity department: responsible for the patriotic health work as a socialist spiritual civilization building and improve the ethical quality of the masses of the main content into civilized, and civilization of township (town) planning of activities, firmly grasp and mobilize broad participation of the whole society.

    (15) the forces in city agencies: according to their actual characteristics and tasks, organize the patriotic health work, improve the quality of health and health of soldiers actively support local patriotic health work, participation in comprehensive improvement of community health activities.

    (16) the Youth League and the women's Federation organizations: responsible for the mobilization and organization of the youth, students and women, actively take part in the area and patriotic health campaigns, recruiting patriotic youth of health and public welfare activities of the patriotic health women volunteers. (17) the Chengguan district people's Government is responsible for strengthening the construction of urban environment and health, cleaning, greening and beautifying the environment to ensure public hygiene and sanitation rules and regulations implementing, organizing urban neighborhood offices into community health education services, develop and supervise the implementation of public health norms.

    Mobilize and organize the masses to actively participate in creating a healthy city and enhance citizens ' health and quality, and to improve the overall level of health of the city.

    (18) the radio and television stations, newspaper: health knowledge should be widely publicized. (19) other departments and units: should actively participate in the patriotic health campaigns, actively cooperate with the relevant departments to do the patriotic health work.

    Enterprises should establish labour and health protection system, targeted health protection and education of employees.

    Seventh patriotic health supervision and social work departments monitor combination, a combination of regular inspections and random system.

    April each year for the city's patriotic public health campaign month every April 18, urban health day for Lhasa.

    Article eighth County (district) aiweihui should strengthen patriotic health supervision and inspection, urging units and individuals within their respective jurisdictions to implement patriotic public health measures.

    City, County (district) aiweihui annual examination system of the patriotic health work should be established, annual patriotic Health conducts a comprehensive inspection and examination.

    Nineth County (district) aiweihui can be employed according to the actual situation the patriotic health warden to help perform the following duties:

    (A) promote patriotic health-related laws, regulations, rules and policies;

    (B) for breach of patriotic health-related laws, regulations, rules of behavior of persuasion, suppress or report;

    (C) assist aiweihui Office staff conduct patriotic health supervision and inspection.

    Patriotic health coordinator in the discharge of their duties, shall wear logo. Tenth set of sanitation facilities in the urban area, it shall make an overall planning, range, abundance, and meet your needs. Reasonable public toilets and refuse collection points, transit, construction waste, waste disposal sites, ensure that garbage day clearly.

    Waste, manure should be airtight transport, road and does not pollute the environment, and in accordance with the standards set by the State for treatment.

    The township (town) people's government organizations created health village (s), which shall be to improve rural water sanitation, construction of sanitary latrines and safe excreta disposal, focusing on promoting the overall development of rural patriotic sanitation campaign. 11th railway and highway stations waiting room should set the right amount of garbage, trash and stands in the public toilets, building cleaning system equipped with dedicated staff responsible for cleaning to ensure waiting on indoor air quality, environmental health, food and drinking water are in line with the State standards.

    Establishment of nonsmoking and smoking area signs.

    12th the following public places as no smoking areas (hereinafter referred to as smoke-free places):

    (A) public entertainment;

    (B) the public arena;

    (C) check out of libraries, archives, museums, exhibition hall;

    (D) Conference room;

    (E) the shopping centre (indoor market), food supplies store (), financial business premises;

    (Vi) in urban public transport and bus shelter (machines);

    (VII) health care units;

    (H) school, occasional kindergarten ();

    (IX) non smoking signs in public places;

    (J) other smoking places as stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    13th non smoking unit to which the site has to fulfill the following duties:

    (A) the ban on smoking in smoke-free places and unified, visible signs;

    (B) is not within the smoke-free places smoking devices

    (C) discourage smokers smoking in non smoking places in a timely manner;

    (D) not set fixed a smoking room.

    14th in the patriotic health work in completing the tasks outstanding units and individuals, by the city and County (district) aiweihui be commended and rewarded; up to the required standards, a title of honour. After the 15th was awarded the honorary title of patriotic health, work quality, not up to modern standards, revoked the honorary title.

    On the falsification made honor, will be granted the honorary title of people's Government or the aiweihui criticized and cancel the honorary title of advanced units and individuals.

    16th units or individuals in performing their duties in violation of these regulations, by the County (district) aiweihui criticized, and ordered rectification.

    17th in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, by the city and County (district) aiweihui Office be ordered to rectify, and administrative penalties by the health administrative departments at or above the county level:

    (A) for violating the rule, refuses to carry out or participate in killing "four pests" activity vectors, vectors of a density exceeding standards set by the State, to order the rectification, overdue rectification, impose a fine of 200-1000 Yuan;

    (B) for violating the rule, unit does not meet requirements of health warning and rectification, it fails, the unit fine at 200-1000;

    (C) in violation of provisions, fine 20-50 and smokers in the no smoking areas; 18th party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.

    If no application for administrative reconsideration, not bring a lawsuit nor performs the decision, by the executive authorities made the decision apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.

    AI Wei do 19th law enforcement abuse of favoritism, depending on their seriousness, by the higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions; suspects and handed over to judicial organs for handling. 20th these measures come into force on January 1, 2010.

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