Qingdao City Outdoors Advertisement Installation Management Procedures (Trial Implementation)

Original Language Title: 青岛市户外广告设置管理办法(试行)

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Qingdao City outdoors advertisement installation management procedures (trial implementation)

    (June 3, 2011 Qingdao consideration at the 14th session of the people's Government of the 20th General Meeting June 16, 2011 Qingdao Government order No. 212, promulgated as of August 1, 2011) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen urban management, regulate outdoor advertising arrangement, the rational use of urban space resources, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    The second approach applies to SHINAN district, shibei district, Sifang district, licang district, and laoshan, and Huangdao district, Chengyang district, outdoor advertisements within the administrative area of the settings and related administrative activities.

Third outdoor advertisements in these measures include:

(A) the use of outdoor space, buildings (structures) municipal facilities such as roads, tunnels and buildings show signs, neon, illuminated fonts, electronic displays, electronic-device, light boxes, billboards, Billboard, mock-ups and other ads facilities;

(B) the use of building (structure) on buildings, vehicles, water floats, launch equipment, inflatable, Pavilion, site of wall (blocking), model rendering, display of, and advertising;

(C) enterprises, institutions and other organizations and individual businesses in operation, Office set to indicate that the unit name, font size, sign door plaque;

    (D) outdoor advertising with other settings.

Fourth municipal and district governments established outdoor advertising Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the outdoor advertising Board) is responsible for the overall coordination of outdoor advertising management of critical issues.

Municipal urban and rural construction administrative departments and the District Government's outdoor advertising department is responsible for outdoor advertisements set-up joint approval and ongoing management.

    Planning, business, law enforcement, public security, transport and other sectors in accordance with their respective responsibilities, participation in joint approval, good management of outdoor advertising.

    Fifth installation of outdoor advertisements shall follow the uniform control of planning, zoning, reasonable layout, safety specifications, aesthetic principles of civilization.

    Chapter II planning and specification

    Sixth of municipal urban planning departments should be based on the overall urban planning, in conjunction with the urban-rural development, Commerce, industry, law enforcement and other departments and all District Government master plan of outdoor advertisements, outdoor advertising audits by the city, according to the program released after the approval of the Municipal Government to implement.

    Seventh of municipal urban planning departments should be set according to the outdoor advertising planning, organization, key urban main road area (node) setting controls the planning and detailed planning of outdoor advertisements, newspapers, outdoor advertising authority promulgated after approval.

    Eighth District Government should be set according to the outdoor advertising planning and control plan, organize and make the area outdoors advertisement installation plan, reported to city outdoor advertising Commission for approval promulgation and implementation.

    Nineth compilation of outdoor advertising arrangement plan should be consistent with the overall urban planning, persist in combining key and partition management, help protect the cityscape, and coordination with the regional environment and urban construction and development.

Tenth outdoor advertising arrangement plan should include the following:

(A) the districts ban, limit district, should be divided into districts;

(B) outdoor advertising layout, volume, density and type of control;

    (C) outdoor advertising arrangement of location, form, scale, size, colors, materials, lighting, and other basic requirements.

    11th of municipal urban construction administration departments shall organize the preparation of technical specification of outdoor advertisements, newspapers, outdoor advertising authority promulgated after approval.

    Establishment article 12th outdoor advertising outdoor advertising arrangement plan and setting technical specifications, should take the form of hearings, feasibility study meeting, open forums, public hearing-related departments, industry associations, relevant opinions from experts and the public.

13th under any of the following circumstances, outdoor advertising ban:

(A) the use of traffic signs and traffic safety, fire, electricity, telecommunications, postal services, street lighting and other public facilities;

(B) the effect of traffic signs and traffic safety, municipal and public facilities such as fire or road traffic safety;

(C) endanger the building (structure), building safety, public safety;

(D) require green space or can affect tree growth;

    (E) other circumstances that impede the production of life, affecting the urban landscape.

14th prohibition of outdoor commercial advertising in the following areas, location:

(A) cultural relics protection units, historical buildings, urban style protected areas and places of scenic spots in the control areas;

(B) State agencies, schools, museums, libraries, cultural centers, hospitals, etc;

(C) the overpasses and pedestrian overpasses, roads on both sides of the fence, bolt and barrier walls, road barriers;

(D) buses, taxis and other public transportation;

    (E) the plans for additional installation of outdoor commercial advertising areas, location. 15th urban and rural planning departments and municipal urban construction administrative departments shall regularly organize outdoor advertising arrangement plan and outdoor advertisements set-up in assessing the implementation of the technical specifications.

    View you want to change, and should be revised in a timely manner.

    Chapter setting permissions 16th set of outdoor advertisement shall conform to the set plan and set technical specifications, according to licensing procedures.

    Without permission, no unit or individual is allowed to set outdoor advertising.

The 17th set of outdoor advertising license and implementation of uniform acceptance, approval, classification management system. Belonged to the city's main road, focus area (node), outdoor advertisements within the planning application, the municipal urban construction administration departments accepted.

Applications for other outdoor advertisements commissioned by the municipal urban and rural construction Administrative Department authorities accepted Government's outdoor advertising. Age belongs to the temporary outdoor advertising in the 15th.

Temporary outdoor advertising and door plaques set the areas identified by the Government were filed by outdoor advertising department receives.

    Highway within the outdoor advertising and building control areas in accordance with the relevant provisions.

18th outdoor advertising applications, the following documents shall be submitted:

(A) the application form for outdoor advertisements;

(B) the business license or other certification qualifications a valid license;

(C) the installation of outdoor advertising venues, built (structures), proof of right of use or ownership of the facility;

(D) outdoor advertising location diagrams, elevations and renderings;

(V) involving an interested person shall submit proof of acceptance of materials;

(F) the laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other materials.

Apply for installation of outdoor advertising facilities, should also be submitted to a qualified design of outdoor advertisement facilities structural design plan of the unit.

    Metal structures of outdoor advertisement facilities, license expiry renewal shall submit the statutory safety test report issued by a qualified testing agency.

19th temporary outdoor advertising applications, the following documents shall be submitted:

(A) the application form for temporary outdoor advertising;

(B) the business license or other certification qualifications a valid license;

(C) temporary outdoor advertisements set-up in the form, scope and schematics;

(D) involving an interested person shall submit proof of acceptance of materials;

    (E) laws, regulations, rules and regulations of the other materials. 20th agency accepted, shall, together with the relevant departments to conduct joint reviews.

    To meet the conditions of outdoor advertisements, it shall make a decision on licensing decisions and issue the outdoors advertisement installation license; does not meet the set criteria, shall make no decision, and explain the reasons. 21st outdoor advertising use of public resources, tenders, auctions and other way of fair competition should be taken making licensing decisions.

    Tenders, auctions, outdoor advertising, approach by the Committee separately.

Approved by the 22nd set deadlines of outdoor advertising in accordance with the following conditions:

(A) obtained through bidding and auction of outdoor advertising facilities management, set the terms of the tender, the deadline set by auction approved, shall not exceed five years;

(B) uses its own property or by borrowing, rental or any other means acquisition of the right of site, building (structure) of outdoor advertising structures, facilities, set the duration shall not exceed three years;

(C) organize large-scale cultural, tourist, sporting, charity or outdoor advertising trade fairs, trade shows, setting age limits determined according to the activity period;

    (D) the door plaque is set to implement a store card, do not set the period of time set.

    23rd after expiration of the license obtained through the bidding, auction, outdoor advertising needs to continue, should re-tender, auction license made by other means, needs to extend validity, shall, on the expiry of 30th to apply to the approval authority.

    24th approved set of outdoor advertising, outdoor advertising registration needs, set shall comply with the requirements to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce.

    25th approval authority should be in their office space, Government websites and other public outdoor advertising arrangement plan, technical specification of outdoor advertisements and other information, as well as outdoor advertisements set-up in licensing matters, basis, conditions, procedures, deadlines, application model, and provide query service.

    The fourth chapter setting up and maintaining 26th outdoor advertising should be in accordance with the approved site setting, position, type, specifications and other requirements.

Without a permit, shall not be changed without permission.

    Outdoor advertising approved, shall be marked in accordance with regulations permit number and set the unit, reporting and completion of construction supervision and inspection reports and other information should be submitted to the approving authorities for record.

    27th install outdoor advertising facilities shall be without prejudice to article building (structures), streetscape and skyline of the important features of the line, may destroy the carrier's overall effect, its set location, form, size, color, pattern and construction coordination and many other carriers are attached.

    28th commercial facilities approved, screen vacancy not later than 5th, overdue should be issued pursuant to the provisions of public service ads until the released commercials so far. 29th of municipal urban and rural construction administrative departments, municipal government exhibition institution shall, at the city's main public places and roads in accordance with public service advertising planning facilities, published in accordance with the relevant provisions of public service ads. Public service ads released advertisements outdoors shall not be less than the total number of 20%.

Public service advertising publishers update content.

    Setting public service advertising facility approved, shall not publish commercial ads. 30th of outdoor advertising facilities shall conform to the relevant security settings for outdoor advertising standards and technical specifications.

People build and maintain outdoor advertising outdoor advertising facilities shall comply with the provisions relating to safety, establish self-test system, promptly eliminate security risks.

    Hidden dangers before the excluded, outdoor advertisements shall be visible warning signs at the scene and, if necessary, should also be sent on duty to prevent accidents.

31st, outdoor settings for outdoor advertising facilities shall be the daily inspection and maintenance to maintain outdoor advertising in good condition clean and tidy. Outdoor advertising facilities are damaged, skewed, damaged or soiled, faded, and setting shall be repaired or updated.

    Neon, illuminated fonts, electronic display boards, light boxes and other forms of outdoor advertising facilities are broken, damaged, repair, replace the front should be discontinued.

Set the 32nd non-temporary outdoor advertising license is withdrawn, revoked or not extended the expiration of set removal of shall in the 10th.

    Temporary outdoor advertising shall be removed within one day after the expiry of the period set.

    33rd because of public interest need, the outdoor advertising arrangement already made shall be altered or withdrawn permission for outdoor advertisements for property losses, shall be given compensation.

    The fifth chapter, supervision and inspection

    34th outdoors advertisement installation approval Department, law enforcement departments should be set on the outdoor advertising management of supervision and inspection.

35th outdoor advertising arrangement approval issued by the Department shall set license within 3rd day of outdoor advertising, the outdoors advertisement installation license copy copied to the relevant law enforcement departments and related materials.

    City law enforcement Department for outdoor advertising in violation of administrative punishment for outdoor advertisements set-up licensing decision decision, shall take a decision within 3rd day of, administrative punishment decision letter copies and related materials, copy to the relevant competent departments in the outdoor advertising arrangement.

36th outdoors advertisement installation approval Department, law enforcement departments when conducting supervision and inspection, you can take the following measures:

(A) asked related departments and personnel providing and supervising matters relating to the documents, information, explanation or description of the problems involved in oversight matters;

(B) to conduct a site survey;

(C) be ordered to perform outdoor advertising outdoor advertising related management responsibility.

    Supervision and inspection personnel when performing their duties of supervision and inspection under the preceding paragraph, units and personnel being supervised and examined shall cooperate, without prejudice and obstruction. 37th City law enforcement departments should establish a reporting system.

    Of violations of outdoors advertisement installation management reports should be investigated and prosecuted in the 7th, and will process the feedback of an informer. Article 38th set up illegal outdoor advertising information disclosure system, the illegal installation of outdoor advertising units or individuals, through media exposure for its illegal status.

    Relevant departments should set illegal outdoor advertising unit or outdoor advertising management credit personal record system.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

39th in violation prescribed in this way, by the law enforcement departments in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) violation of 13th, 14, 16, 26, 27 articles, unauthorized installation of outdoor advertising, not complying with the licensing requirements for installation of outdoor advertising or not in compliance with norms of outdoor advertisements, rectification, and fined 50 Yuan per square meter, an area less than one square meter or size cannot be calculated, each of 50 Yuan fines;

(B) violations set forth in 28th, 29, are not published according to the requirements of outdoor advertising, rectification, and a fine of 5,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan fines;

    (C) violation of the 32nd of article, fails to set up temporary outdoor advertising removed, shall be ordered to immediately dismantle, and fined 1000 Yuan and 5,000 yuan fine.

40th article violates these rules, any of the following acts, the city law enforcement department shall order within a time limit, remove or take other remedial measures and fined 50 Yuan per square meter:

(A) violation of the 31st second paragraph, outdoor advertising appear damaged, tilted, damaged or soiled, faded and broken light, no repairs or updates in a timely manner;

    (B) violation of the 32nd article, non-temporary outdoors advertisement installation permit is withdrawn, revoked or expires without renewal, fails to remove.

    41st City law enforcement authorities order the removal decision, overdue refused to dismantle the parties, be torn down by the city law enforcement department, the relevant expenses shall be borne by the parties.

42nd installation of outdoor advertisement in violation of industrial and commercial administration, safety, road traffic regulations, by the relevant administrative department shall be legally punished.

    Install outdoor advertising facilities due to improper maintenance, resulting in personal injury or property damage, set shall bear responsibility according to law.

43rd following acts of administrative organs and their staff members, directly by the entity or the competent Department in charge of personnel and persons directly responsible shall be given disciplinary actions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) is not in accordance with the requirements or license rights, conditions, procedures and other provisions of outdoors advertisement installation license;

(B) failing to investigate and deal with violations of the provisions on administration of outdoor advertisements or failing to dismantle illegal outdoor advertising;

(C) failing to take the form of bidding, auction, open competition, licensing decision on outdoor advertising use of public resources;

    (D) other acts of dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages in.

    The seventh chapter by-laws The 44th article of the rules take effect on August 1, 2011. On June 22, 1995, issued by the people's Government of Qingdao City outdoors advertisement installation regulations (Qingdao municipal people's Government, the 36th) and March 20, 2001, released by the municipal people's Government of the temporary provisions on administration of outdoor advertisements in Qingdao (Qingdao municipal people's Government, the 120th) repealed simultaneously.

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