Administrative Measures For The Accommodation Industry In Guiyang

Original Language Title: 贵阳市住宿业管理办法

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Administrative measures for the accommodation industry in Guiyang  

    (December 5, 2011 Executive meeting of the Guiyang municipal people's Government through December 28, 2011 Guiyang municipal people's Government, the 10th published since March 1, 2012), lodging industry, first to strengthen the management and standardize operation behavior, improve service quality, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of travellers and accommodation operators, according to the tourism administration of Guizhou province and the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article using specialized facilities within the administrative area of the city, to room/night for the charging unit, mainly to provide accommodation services for consumers of tourist hotel, hotel operation and management of society activities, these measures shall apply.

    Social hotels is to provide residential services-oriented business, Conference, leisure and vacation services, such as hotels, hotels, hotels, hostels, resorts, rural hostels, and other enterprises.

    Article city and area (city, County) people's Government tourism administrative departments are responsible for the accommodation industry in the administrative area of business management, quality of service specification.

    Industry and commerce, public security, fire, health, environmental protection, quality and technical supervision, price, urban management, planning, development and reform, food and drug administration and other related departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to coordinate the implementation of these measures.

    Article fourth joint conference system, second paragraph of the preceding article has a related administrative responsibilities of departments and the lodging industry trade association should hold regular meetings, study and solve regulatory issues related to the accommodation industry.

    Article fifth municipal tourism administrative departments shall, in accordance with the national economic and social development planning, urban and rural planning and tourism development master plan, combined with tourism development, in conjunction with the development and reform, planning, land and resources department, preparation of the lodging industry development planning, in accordance with the procedures laid down in laws and regulations into tourism development plan and the corresponding urban and rural planning.

    Sixth tourist Administrative Department shall, through newspapers, radio, television and the Internet and other media, and announced in due course all types of accommodation enterprises occupancy rates, average room rates and other information.

    Travel Administration in public places to set up the multimedia tourism information service facilities for tourism, accommodation enterprises, accommodation advice and other information should be provided.

    Seventh municipal tourism administrative departments shall establish management information system for the lodging industry, summary, lodging accommodations, the supply and demand and related management information.

    Accommodation enterprises shall scale of rooms, occupancy rates, room rate and other information submitted to the local tourism Administration Department; tourism administrative departments of information collection and should be classified, accommodation management information system entry.

    Accommodation Enterprise submit information must be reliable.

    The eighth municipal people's Government tourism administrative departments shall regularly summary and analysis of the City lodging industry developments and trends, preparation of the lodging industry development report, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the disclosure of Government information to the public.

    Nineth accommodation industry-related trade associations should be in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules of the play lodging industry self-regulation and industry services, carry out the following activities:

    (A) according to the different types of lodging, develop, promote, implement industry standards;

    (B) the supervisory members operate in accordance with law, the passenger does not meet industry standards, damage the legitimate rights and interests, resulting in collective damage to the image of the industry members, according to the articles of Association to take appropriate disciplinary action.

    Tourism administrative departments should support the activities prescribed in the relevant trade associations before the commencement of, and provide guidance.

    Article tenth accommodation, lodging industry, enterprises shall comply with the development plan, meet the lodging industry standards of national, local, shall be handled in accordance with the laws and regulations of the relevant formalities, to operate.

    Accommodation enterprises to set up within 60 days from the date of opening, and change in business sector, from the date of registration in the 30th, shall take the following documents to the local tourism administration record:

    (A) photocopy of the business license;

    (B) the health license copy;

    (C) the special trade license photocopy;

    (D) the copy of the administrative permission of fire safety.

    Accommodation in enterprises established before the implementation of these measures shall, within 60 days from the date of implementation of this approach with materials listed in the preceding paragraph, to the local tourism Administration Department for record.

    11th its implementation on this municipality lodging chain, chain enterprises in chain operations within 30th of shall bring the following materials to the municipal tourism administrative departments for the record:

    (A) the chain enterprise's business license and copy of license;

    (B) the chain enterprise's business license and copy of license;

    (C) the chain agreement or articles of Association;

    (D) chain of related service standards.

    Record changes in the preceding paragraph shall be from the date of change in the 30th and changes submitted to the municipal people's Government tourism administrative departments for the record.

    Accommodation in chain enterprises mentioned in this article refers to more than 2 accommodation enterprises to use uniform logos, to direct marketing, franchising, fiduciary management or marketing alliances for accommodation and business activities.

    12th with its professional technical and management personnel in the hotel Enterprise output management services within the administrative area of the city, in the management contract signed within 30th of shall bring the following materials to the municipal tourism administrative departments for the record:

    (A) hotel management company's business license, copy of license;

    (B) the operation and management of contracts;

    (C) hotel management company's written quality standards, service specifications, operating rules, regulations and other relevant institutions;

    (D) recognized hotel management company delegate, General Manager, Deputy General Manager of main Department Manager at the three-star hotels and above engaged in advanced business management certification on working experience of more than three years, the hotel industry management qualification certificate.

    13th tourism administrative departments shall, together with the quality and technical supervision departments, according to industry standards, develop, improve various types of accommodation in enterprise management, service standards.

    Accommodation enterprises shall, in accordance with national and local business, service standards, facilities, equipment, management, security, system implementation, training qualified practitioners, service quality and hygiene standards, energy conservation and environmental protection to meet the requirements.

    Tourism Administration Department should be operating at the national, local, service standards, and announced to the public.

    14th administrative departments should periodically accommodation enterprises to carry out vocational training.

    Accommodation Enterprise shall set up a system of vocational training, in accordance with the provisions of the State and use funds for staff training, and combining the actual conditions, organization of training for practitioners and pre-service training, vocational skills training for employees in a planned way, and training records.

    15th accommodation enterprises energy-saving, environmental protection measures should be taken to guide the visitors consumption with passenger consent can reduce one-time offers and room number of cleaning supplies of consumables.

    Tourism administrative departments should timely summary accommodation enterprises to implement energy-saving environmental protection methods and experience, and application.

    16th under any of the conditions of accommodation enterprises in accordance with State and city regulations and standards, configure security access for groups such as the disabled and the elderly safe and convenient use of barrier-free facilities.

    Accommodation in enterprises should be the configuration of barrier-free facilities are regularly checked, maintained and updated to ensure the normal use of barrier-free facilities.

    17th tourism administrative departments should promote tourism hotel star standard, may appoint a qualified rating agencies tourist hotel star-rating work carried out.

    Accommodation enterprises eligible for tourist hotel star-rating, based on tourist hotel star tourist hotel star-rating institutions to the corresponding qualification standards apply star ratings.

    Accommodation enterprises is strictly prohibited unauthorized use of tourist hotel Star Rating, tourist hotel star standard terms are used in a misleading manner. 18th tourism administrative departments shall, together with the relevant administrative departments, according to the management, service standards, and provide regular services to the lodging industry quality standards and inspection.

    Accommodation enterprises to achieve operating, service standards, issued by tourism administrative departments of the community the hotel facilities and opinion on the service quality standards and inspection.

    Inspection of service quality should be announced to the public. 19th the passenger accommodation shall be in accordance with the provisions of the registration procedures.

    Except for the following cases, accommodation business accommodation shall not refuse passengers:

    (A) the carriage of animals;

    (B) carry may affect the endangered the safety of others;

    (C) violations of the room number rated accommodation;

    (D) the room does not have a spare;

    (E) alcohol may endanger the safety of others;

    (Vi) engage in illegal and criminal activities;

    (VII) other circumstances as stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    20th after passengers check in and enjoy independent right to use.

    Except for the following cases, a person without a passenger allowed, not allowed in the rooms or in any other way affecting the passenger accommodation:

    (A) in case of emergencies that may threaten passenger safety;

    (B) the departments of law enforcement personnel in accordance with the procedures laid down in laws and regulations, with related documents in performing their duties;

    (C) the time to clean the rooms of the hotel employees in accordance with the provisions of the.

    21st tourism administrative departments shall establish and improve complaint systems, establish, publish complaints.

    Travel Administration received complaints from passengers, belonging to the area of responsibility, shall make a decision in the 30th after receiving complaints; not part of the terms of reference, shall be referred to the relevant administrative departments within 5 working days according to law.

    Accommodation enterprises should establish passenger complaints system according to quality of service specifications, specific departments or personnel receive, handle passenger complaints.

    Complaints acceptance, transfer and processing of the results shall be notified to the complainants.

    22nd article in check, the relevant administrative departments, shall exercise the following powers:

    (A) enter the business premises on-site inspections;

    (Ii) asked the persons concerned;

    (C) consult and copy the relevant information;

    (D) sampling evidence.

    Executive checking law enforcement officers shall not less than two persons, inspection should be present according to law enforcement documents, check the results in the form of a written report to the higher authorities.

    23rd of the following circumstances, tourism administrative departments shall, jointly with relevant departments for the administration of accommodation enterprises to check:

    (A) every major holiday, large public events;

    (B) the implementation of the State and this municipality of the deployment of the special inspection;

    (C) accommodation enterprises are multiple punishment and passenger reports, complaints.

    24th accommodation enterprises, one of the following acts, a rectification by tourism administrative departments, overdue change, fined a maximum of more than 1000 10000:

    (A) no filing is required;

    (B) in accordance with stipulations room size, occupancy rates, room rate and other information submissions;

    (C) accommodation management services do not meet safety standards and technical requirements.

    25th use tourist hotel Star Rating, tourist hotel star standard terms are used in a misleading manner of accommodation enterprises, a rectification by tourism administrative departments, overdue change, fined a maximum of 10000 Yuan more than 30000 Yuan. 26th of other acts in violation of these regulations by the relevant administrative department shall be legally punished.

    Results of their punishment and the situation should be a regular copy of travel administration, accommodation by tourism administrative departments shall be corporate offences committed and summary administrative penalties established bad records, and announced to the public on a regular basis. 27th article this way come into force on March 1, 2012.

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