Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Provincial People's Government On The Amendment Of The Decision Of The Measures For The Protection Of Power Facilities

Original Language Title: 江西省人民政府关于修改《江西省电力设施保护办法》的决定

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Jiangxi province, Jiangxi provincial people's Government on the amendment of the decision of the measures for the protection of power facilities

    (September 7, 2012, the 70th meeting of the people's Government of Jiangxi province considered by people's Government of Jiangxi province, on September 17, 2012 announced order No. 200, come into force on the date of promulgation) in order to safeguard the Socialist legal system, in accordance with the People's Republic of China legislative provisions of the Act, the provincial people's Government for decision on measures for the protection of power facilities in the Jiangxi province as follows: Article III, amended to read: "the people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen leadership of the protection of power facilities in support of relevant departments and units of work well done according to law the protection of power facilities.


Second, the fourth paragraph is amended as: "the people's Governments above the county-level power authorities are responsible for the protection of power facilities within their respective jurisdictions, their responsibilities are:

"(A) the implementation of power facilities protection laws, rules and regulations;

"(B) the protection of power facilities in propaganda and education work carried out;

"(C) organize care network; "(D) to supervise the protection of power facilities.

    ” Third, will be the sixth amended as: "electric power enterprises should strengthen the construction and management of professional inspection team, establish a sound evaluation and check system, increasing the protection of power facilities of the input, popularization of new technology and promote the safety of power facilities, new results.


    Four 13th, one paragraph is added as the fourth paragraph: "no fishing in the overhead power line protection zones".

    Five, the 15th article in the "expropriation" is amended as: "expropriation". Six articles 17th, one paragraph is added as the fourth paragraph: "the people's Governments above the county-level power when authorities first to second paragraph of this article, it shall seek the views of electric power enterprise.

    ” Seven, the 18th is amended as: "any unit or individual is allowed to power facilities around the level blasting operations within a distance of 500 meters. Absolutely necessary to conduct blasting operations shall be in accordance with the regulations of the explosives safety management under the State Council and other relevant provisions, by blasting local districts of the municipal public security Department for approval. Public security departments in approval shall seek the views of electric power enterprise in writing. This job also have guaranteed the safety of power facilities.

"Eight, 19th added two as the second to third paragraph:" the acquisition of units of waste power facilities, sellers shall truthfully registering basic information and old sources of power facilities, specifications, quantity, destination,; may not be purchased by the public security departments trace stolen goods or suspected stolen goods, power facilities and supplies. "Registration records shall be kept for not less than two years.


    The 24th article nine, and (ii) is amended as: "trees in the forest owner to retain, importance of consultation and signed an agreement with power companies, determine the responsibilities of both parties and is responsible for maintaining forest natural growth ultimately height distance from the wire meets the requirements of safety distances". Ten, an article shall be added as the 26th article: "due to force majeure or production, traffic accidents, resulting in lodged trees tilt, may endanger the safety of power lines, power companies can be trimmed, cut down trees or take other necessary measures, and to take measures within 30th of forestry, urban greening Department completing the formalities.

    ” Article XI the 26th to 27th, is revised as follows: "for the protection of power facilities made significant contributions or power facilities from huge losses, the relevant units and individuals from the local electricity authorities in accordance with national and provincial regulations to give recognition and rewards.


    Section 12, the 27th to 28th, will be one of the "People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations" is amended as: "the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security."

    Under article 13, the 28th to 29th, in the first paragraph of the first "serious, punishable with a fine of less than 500 Yuan," delete; in the first paragraph of the second item "and making recommendations to the competent department or report it to the local people's Governments shall give administrative punishment" is revised as follows: "and may make recommendations to the departments and units concerned shall be given sanctions." Article 14, the 31st to 32nd, "by their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions" is revised as follows: "shall be subject to punishment.

Also, will fourth article second paragraph in the of "construction", and "soil tube" modified for: "housing and urban and rural construction", and "land resources"; will tenth article, and 22nd article second paragraph, and 25th article first paragraph, and second paragraph in the of "power competent sector" modified for: "power enterprise"; will 11th article in the of "construction, and planning administration sector" modified for: "housing and urban and rural construction, and urban and rural planning sector".

This decision shall come into force as of the date of. Of the measures for the protection of power facilities in Jiangxi province under this decision be revised and adjusted accordingly to the provisions of the order promulgated anew.