Public Park In Xining Construction Management Approach

Original Language Title: 西宁市公共临时停车场建设管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen and standardize public park construction and management in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second approach applies in urban public park in the area of planning and construction, set the use, management and other related activities. 

Article III public park in these measures refers to the City Road and the road to the external wall of a building facing the street within the public space of the city, providing services to the public parking lot.

The fourth public park management should follow the same planning, construction, management, the principle of uniform charges.

Fifth article city traffic transport administrative competent sector is this city public temporary parking of competent sector, according to city parking planning, is responsible for public temporary parking of set, and construction and supervision management, unified developed city public temporary parking set and service standard; and delegate law established of management public affairs of Organization (following said road parking management units) specific is responsible for city public temporary parking of construction and supervision management.

Administrative departments of the city administration is public Park Management Department, road, transport, parking management unit is responsible for transfer of administrative departments in building public temporary car parking order, subscription, environmental health, workplace safety, illegal investigation management.

Road, street parking management, parking management units units of operational guidance and supervision and management.

Sixth city public security organs traffic management is responsible for traffic safety management in the public park, should improve the public parking lot traffic environment improvement, road parking to investigate and punish violations, and may appoint a district parking management unit-street parking violations of administrative penalties.

Seventh city management administrative departments in charge of guidance and supervision and management administrative departments of the city administration of the day-to-day management of public park.

Chapter II the planning and construction of the eighth municipal planning and construction Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the municipal development and reform, transport, public security organs traffic management departments and the regional people's Government, according to the city's traffic conditions, combined with surrounding parking demand, public park plan, submitted to the municipal people's Government were implemented.

Nineth public park planning should be guided by the following principles: (a) to the city's road traffic regulation to ease traffic congestion and (b) in accordance with road parking and road traffic safety regulations; (c) ease parking pressures to vehicles temporary parking. Tenth planning and construction of a public park and new development, combining old city reconstruction, road construction, etc.

Municipal traffic Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with city planning and construction, development and reform, the public security organs traffic management departments and district governments, according to the public park plan, public park annual construction plans, and their implementation.

11th of municipal traffic Administrative Department of the public park should be a unified site sclerosis, delimit parking marking, that meet the criteria, set the access control systems, Point-of-Sales System, and prominently marked with signs, to the location of public parking, pay period, pay basis, charge, charging, monitor calls and other matters. 12th of municipal traffic administrative departments shall establish a unified public park in the city information management and publishing system.

Build parking the underlying database, the dynamic management of car parks and parking information, and real-time dissemination of public park location, usage and the number of berths and parking guidance and information.

13th of municipal traffic Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with city planning and construction, the public security organs traffic management departments and district governments, public park to plan and set up an assessment at least once a year, and according to the road conditions and traffic flow, parking demand change and public opinion, increase or cancel public park at the right time.

14th due to construction needs and occupy or dig the roads approved a temporary removal of parking garages, engineering construction should be reasonable compensation and restitution.

Chapter III supervision article 15th public temporary parking lot is road traffic public facility, no unit or individual may unlawfully set, alter, damage or remove.

Without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to occupy 16th section public park shall not be engaged in the cleaning and maintenance of vehicles in a car park, collected from the spot, and other activities.

17th article driving people in public temporary parking Park vehicles, should comply with following provides: (a) according to provides of time and berth Park; (ii) according to road Shun line direction Park; (three) obey parking management personnel of scheduling; (four) for traffic control, and site control, and burst event disposal, and emergency rescue, special situation need timely drove away from vehicles of, should immediately left; (five) according to provides paid parking berth using fee. 18th district road management units are held according to law, car park management.

Public park management should be introduced for staff management system may not be contracting, delegates, and so forth "in escrow" forms of management.

Public, transport, temporary car park managers should participate in training organized by the competent administrative department, after passing the training certificates, work should be uniform.

19th public park managers should follow the car park management and civil service standards, may not be any of the following acts: (a) the parking lease to entities or individuals, (b) without justification refuse vehicle parking and (iii) do not charge by the fees; (iv) does not charge bills issued; (e) other acts in violation of parking management standards and service standards.

20th of municipal traffic administrative departments, district administrative departments of the city administration shall set up a complaint handling mechanism to receive public complaints against public temporary parking management services report, timely mediation and investigation within 10 business days and will process the replies to the complainants in a timely manner.

The fourth chapter fees and standards, price departments shall, in accordance with article 21st of the People's Republic of China Law on price, according to the road traffic and parking demand, timely research and adjustments to the public car park charges, the use of price leverage measures, increased parking rates of turnover and use to ease downtown traffic pressure. 22nd public temporary car park charges should follow "above the edge in the Center area, outside the road above the road, the ground above the underground" principle, in accordance with the "regional disparities" and "time difference", "category, class II and class III" sets the fees.

Fees should be made public in the media and the public park to the community.

Article 23rd combined with parking information management of construction, public car park charges a gradual transition, intelligent time charges.

24th public temporary parking fee in the public resource fee, road, roads, parking management unit parking fees charged by parking management unit collection, turned over to municipal finance in full, included in the budget, the implementation of "two lines of income and expenditure" management.

25th of municipal traffic administrative departments of the public park planning and management costs, and administrative departments of the city administration of the car park management, facilities maintenance and other costs, from municipal road management units based on actual demand estimates, the implementation of project management.


26th mission of fire engines, ambulances, emergency vehicles, Army (alarm) cars, special vehicles for the disabled, postal vehicles, armored cars and other special vehicles, should be free of charge parking fees.

27th fifth chapter legal liability for breach of the provisions of these measures, laws, rules and regulations on penalties from its provisions.

28th public park within the motor vehicle damage or loss of belongings inside the car, the owner of the vehicle shall apply to the insured motor vehicle insurance companies for compensation or alarm, car park management unit should be provided with the necessary assistance.

Motorists parking facilities or other vehicle damage caused by fault, shall bear corresponding liability for compensation.

29th under any of the following circumstances, by the competent administrative Department of the city administration ordered corrective action and impose a fine of less than 200 Yuan and 500 Yuan (a) parked outside the allowed parking time period, (ii) is not required for payment; (c) not parked according to stop marking; (d) is not parked in the road along the line direction.

30th article violates these measures set forth in the 15th, 16th, by the competent administrative Department of the city administration ordered corrective action and belongs to the non-operational, a fine of 200 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine, pertaining to the operation of, and fined 1000 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fine.

31st any unit or individual intentionally or negligently damaged parked vehicles, parking facilities, shall bear the liability for compensation or restitution; violations of the People's Republic of China public security penalty law, dealt with by the public security organs according to law; suspected of a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

32nd public park managers not complying with the provisions of these measures comply with the car park management practices and service standards of civilization, street parking management unit in accordance with the relevant provisions of the penalty in serious cases, as agreed in the contract according to law to dismiss loss shall bear liability.

33rd associated departments and their staff, are contrary to the regulations, failed to carry out duties as provided herein by the supervisory authority or unit to which the correction, and lawfully investigate the relevant personnel of administrative responsibility.

Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 34th specific problems in the application of these measures by the municipal transport Administration Department is responsible for the interpretation.

The dongchuan industrial park, nanchuan industrial park, biological Park, public park in accordance with the measures for the administration of the Executive. 35th these measures come into force November 1, 2015.