Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Civil Airport Protection Measures

Original Language Title: 宁夏回族自治区民用机场保护办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of civil airports to ensure safe and orderly operation of civil airport, protect State property and people's lives and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China civil aviation law, the civil airport administrative Ordinance and other provisions of laws and administrative regulations, combined with State practice, these measures are formulated.

The second autonomous region within the administrative area of civil airport obstacle clearance protection, electromagnetic environment protection, safety protection, control, protection and related activities for the approach.

Third civil airport people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen protection of civil airports, civil airport protection work within local safety production responsibility system, establish and improve the protection of civil airports working mechanisms for accountability and coordination, coordinate and solve major issues for protection of civil airports, urge the relevant departments to carry out civil protection duties at the airport.

Fourth China Ningxia civil aviation regulatory authority (hereinafter referred to as the civil aviation authority) the autonomous region within the administrative area of civil airports to perform civilian duties of supervision and management of the airport protection.

People's Governments above the county level development of civil airport reform, land and natural resources, urban and rural construction, planning, urban management, safety management, radio, weather, emergency management, and other relevant departments according to their respective responsibilities, to protect civilian airport-related work.

Township people's Governments and subdistrict offices should assist in protection of civil airports.

Established according to law or the entrusted with the legal personality of civil airports authority (hereinafter referred to as the airport management body) is specifically responsible for the protection of civil airports.

Fifth, no unit or individual shall interfere with airport security, endangering the safe operation of the airport right to report.

Sixth people's Governments at all levels and relevant departments should strengthen the protection of civil airport information, enhance their civic awareness of airport security.

Civil airport obstacle clearance protection in chapter II article seventh airport authorities shall, in accordance with national regulations and technical standards for the preparation of a civil airport obstacle clearance limit, after the law approval of the civil aviation authority, sending civilian airport is located above the county level planning, land and resources and other departments. Civil aviation authorities and civilian airport is located above the county level shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State civil airport obstacle clearance protection zone, and announced to the public.

Civil airports in the county people's Governments shall cooperate with the airport authorities in the field to establish boundary signs.

Eighth article ban in civilian airport clearance protection regional within engaged in following activities: (a) built not meet civilian airport clearance requirements of buildings or facilities; (ii) built range, and strongly explosion real warehouse, effect flight security of buildings or facilities; (three) emissions large smoke, and dust, and flame, and exhaust, effect flight security of material; (four) set effect civilian airport Visual help airlines facilities using or pilots sight of lights, and logo or objects; (Five) planting effect flight security or effect help airlines facilities using of plant; (six) feeding, and flying effect flight security of birds animal or rose put no driving free balloon, and Department blank floating balloon, and kongming lamp, and kite and other launch objects; (seven) over clearance protection height requirements of blasting or job; (eight) burning produced large smoke of crop straw rod, and garbage, material or discharge fireworks, and Fireworks; (nine) set easy attract birds and the other animal of pond, and Lake, and open dump, and slaughterhouse, and

Farms and other places; (j) enclosures at the civilian airport outside the 5 meter range, build buildings, planting trees, digging, stacked objects, or activities that affect the operating of civil airport security (11) State and autonomous regions under other acts that may affect flight safety.

Nineth civil airports in the people's Governments above the county level shall approve construction projects within the obstacle clearance protection zone, it shall seek the views of the civil aviation authority.

Tenth outside designated civil airport obstacle clearance protection zone, tall buildings or facilities that may affect flight safety, property unit or management units should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State flight obstacle lights and marks, to normal display status, and to provide relevant information to the civil aviation authority. 11th airport administrative organ shall regularly check clearance status of civil airports, the situation of civil airport obstacle clearance protection found should immediately stop, written reports and civilian airport is located above the county level.

Received a report of the people's Governments above the county level shall take effective measures in a timely manner and according to law.

Around civil airports to set up outdoor advertising and luminous, reflective facilities shall consult the Airport Authority.

12th using airships, hot air balloons, gliders, UAVs, powered parachute and other units or individuals engaged in general aviation operations, it shall be under the supervision and administration of the civil aviation management.

13th meteorological departments should work with the civil aviation authority to establish collaborative mechanisms for weather information meteorological activities closely related to flight safety briefing.

14th at the civilian airport obstacle clearance protection zone within the civil airports local Government should take measures to assist airport authorities with the bird hazard prevention and control work.

Chapter 15th radio electromagnetic environmental protection authority shall, in conjunction with the civil aviation authority, according to national radio management regulations and national standards, and designated civilian airport electromagnetic environment protection area, and to the public.

Civil airport electromagnetic environment protection that includes the settings in master plan of civil airport of civil aviation in the region radio (stations) electromagnetic environment protection area and the civil airport flight zone electromagnetic environment protection area.

16th article ban in civil aviation radio (station) electromagnetic environmental protection regional within, engaged in effect electromagnetic environment of following activities: (a) built overhead high pressure transmission lines, and overhead metal line, and railway, and highway, and power irrigation and drainage pumping stations; (ii) store metal stacked real; (three) planting tall plant; (four) engaged in dig soil, and mining sand, and quarrying, change terrain landforms of activities; (five) national and autonomous regions provides of other effect civilian airport electromagnetic environment of behavior.

The 17th set of radio transmission equipment and produce electromagnetic radiation, the reflective facilities or object shall be without prejudice to the normal use of civil aviation special radio frequencies.

Radio regulatory agency and the Civil Aviation Administration shall strengthen the civilian radio monitoring of the airport electromagnetic environment protection areas and routes.

18th the people's Governments above the county level shall approve the civil airport electromagnetic environment protection projects in the region, may affect the electromagnetic environment of civil airports, it shall seek the views of the civil aviation authority.

19th when the interference of civil aviation special radio frequencies, airport authorities and civil aviation authority shall immediately take the investigation measures, to eliminate; cannot be eliminated, and radio management institutions should inform the civilian airport is located, to inform the radio control bodies should take steps to promptly investigated and dealt with according to law.

Fourth chapter 20th civil airport airport operations and protection it holds an airport operating licence may be opened to use civil airport is abandoned or converted to other uses, the airport management body shall, in accordance with the national provisions of approval procedures. 21st airport authorities to exercise unified management over the safe operation of the airport for civilian use.

Air transport enterprises and others stationed units shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, common security operations and bear the responsibility for the security of the civilian airport; finding may affect the civil airport security operations, shall immediately report to the Airport Authority.

Airport administrative organ shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, to take measures to guarantee the safety of civilian persons and property within the airport.

22nd airport authorities should be based on operational safety requirements and relevant regulations of the State, designated the airport controlled area and the public area of the airport, and set the flag, equipped with the appropriate facilities.

23rd article airport public district ban following behavior: (a) jam value machine, and security, and freight channel and other public channel; (ii) carry dangerous goods into airport public district; (three) damage airport public facilities equipment, damage logo; (four) unauthorized into airport focus key parts and places; (five) spread rumors, lied about danger, and outbreak, and police love,, manufacturing chaos; (six) legal, and regulations provides of other disrupt airport public order of behavior.

24th in the Terminal, plazas and parking lots within the airport area distribution of advertising, promotional materials, fund-raising activities for TV/film shooting, holding trade fairs, promotions, entertainment, sports and other activities of the units and individuals shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant procedures, and concurrence of the airport authorities implemented.

25th civil aviation facilities use unit should strengthen communication and navigation, Visual Navaid equipment protection, weather, power supply and other important facilities, ensuring its normal operation.

No unit or individual may disrupt civil aviation facilities and equipment.

26th Airport Aviation oil special pipeline and ancillary facilities to local government and related departments should do the aviation fuel pipeline protection work in accordance with law.

27th airport administrative organ shall make the airport emergency integrated and special emergency; emergency plan should be combined with local government emergency plan and incorporated into the civilian airport emergency preparedness system for the people's Governments above the county level.

28th airport administrative organ shall establish and improve emergency management agencies and emergency rescue teams, reserve-specific material, and according to the civil airport emergency rescue drills and training of emergency organizations.

Airport administrative organ shall establish duty and on duty for emergency management information reporting system to the public emergency phone on duty, dealing with emergencies in a timely manner.

29th any units and individuals find aircraft or airport facilities or serious damage may occur and could lead to casualties and serious property damage emergencies, should be reported immediately to the airport authorities.

Airport authorities after receiving the report, shall be immediately to the relevant local government departments of civil airports and civil aviation authority report, and in accordance with the airport emergency response plan required to activate the emergency relief effort.

Implementation of emergency rescue units and individuals should be subject to unified command and control.

Article 30th occurs when a large number of passengers stranded, airport authorities should take measures to evacuate stranded passengers, while local government reports of the detentions to the civilian airport when necessary, local people's Governments shall organize and coordinate capacity of civil airport, to evacuate stranded passengers.

The establishment of an international airport, border control, customs and quarantine authorities checking flight unnecessary delays should be avoided.

31st vehicles entering the airport area should be subject to the management of the Airport Authority, comply with the airport management order, subject to regulation.

32nd in the airport area with the operations of the construction unit shall meet uniform standards around the construction site fence, fence and clear project signage and safety warning signs and take effective measures to prevent construction on traffic, capacity and environmental impact.

Engineering the construction unit shall upon completion and acceptance of the works within the 15th, will submit its comprehensive plan of underground pipe network to the Airport Authority.

Control to protect the 33rd article of the fifth chapter Airport Airport administrative organ shall, together with the autonomous region of land and resources, planning and construction, such as competent authorities, pursuant to relevant provisions of designated protected area for airport control, and autonomous region people's Government for approval.

34th civil airport people's Governments above the county level shall control the airport land into land use planning and urban and rural planning, and according to the needs of airport operations and development, imposed on the adjacent area of airport land use and construction planning and control.

Airport authorities control land shall be in accordance with the planning and rational use of airport development, must not be used independent of the airport construction project.   

35th civil airport people's Governments above the county level audit control with protection of civil airport construction project plans in the region, shall be consulted in writing the civil aviation authority.

36th new construction, extension of a civil airport, the people's Governments above the county level by the civilian airport announcements, notice shall be published in main local newspapers, and posted on the area around the proposed construction, expansion of the airport. 

37th civil airport construction, expansion, before the announcement, of civil airport defined according to law and defined in accordance with the national regulations of obstacle clearance protection zone of the airport that might affect flight safety of buildings, structures, trees, lights and other obstacles, shall, within the prescribed time limit to clear; the resulting losses should be compensated or to take other remedial measures.

38th article civilian airport new, and expansion of announcement released Hou, any units and personal violation about provides, in law delineation of civilian airport range within and according to national provides delineation of airport clearance protection regional within built, and planting or set effect flight security of buildings, and structures, and trees, and lights and other obstacles objects of, by airport location County above Government ordered clear; which caused of loss, by built, and planting or set the obstacles objects of people bear.

39th civil airport located people's Governments shall arrange land resources, planning and construction, environmental protection Department and the Airport Authority, according to relevant regulations of the State of the airport noise impact area, and in the context of the new construction, renovation or expansion of noise-sensitive structures limited.

Local people's Government shall, in conjunction with the civil aviation authority of civil airport resolve the civil aircraft taking off and landing at the airport caused by noise-related problems.

40th civil airport within the water supply, electricity, gas, communications, roads and other infrastructure construction projects of the Airport Corporation is responsible for building civilian airport outside the water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, roads and other infrastructure by the civilian airport in local government planning, and construction.

Authorities should take effective measures to the civil airport for electricity, water, gas and transportation, communication and other priorities.

41st civil airport relevant departments under the people's Governments above the county level development adjacent to the airport or transportation, industrial planning, it shall seek the views of the civil aviation authority.

42nd sixth chapter legal liability for breach of these rules, civil airport people's Governments above the county level shall solicit and without consultation with the civil aviation authority or seek advice was not followed, affecting civil airports operational safety or cause damage to property, by the authority shall be subject to relevant personnel.

43rd article of any units and individuals in civil airport area in violation of building, landscaping, city appearance and environmental sanitation, market management, and environmental protection regulations, airport administrative organ shall stop after it was discovered, and inform in a timely manner, or to the competent Department shall impose administrative penalties.

44th of the related management and staff in the protection of civil airports has abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engages in such conduct, shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

45th article violates these rules, relevant laws, regulations, and rules on liability provisions, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations. 46th of the seventh chapter, schedule the following terms shall have the meanings herein: (a) civil airports, means exclusively for civil aircraft taking off and landing, taxi, parking, and delineation of the area used for other activities, including subsidiary buildings, installations and facilities.

Civil airports include transport and General airports.

(B) transport airports, is defined as a passenger and goods transportation offer civil aircraft in public air transport activities, such as taking off, landing and other airport services.

(C) General airport, was accused of being engaged in industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and construction job flight, as well as health care, emergency rescue and disaster relief, meteorological observation, ocean surveillance, science experiments, education and training, culture, sports and other flight of civil aircraft with takeoff and landing at the airport.

(D) the airport controlled area, is based on security needs at the airport within the area designated limited access non-public areas, including the departure sterile area, baggage cargo working areas, aircraft movement district, aircraft maintenance and cargo storage areas.

(V) the airport clearance reserve refers to ensure safety of aircraft taking off and landing, as requested by the airport obstacle clearance limit designated space.

(F) the airport electromagnetic environment protection area, means for the protection of civil aviation radio (station) to work properly, in accordance with relevant State regulations to exclude non-civil aviation of various radio equipment or other equipment caused by the necessary space.

(VII) airport-stationed units refers to the airport is available within the workplace authority, public organizations, enterprises, institutions, businesses, and other organizations. 47th article of the rules take effect on December 1, 2015.