Guangzhou Urban Renewal Approach

Original Language Title: 广州市城市更新办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article promoting the development and utilization of urban land planning, urban functions, improve the living environment, the inheritance of historical culture, optimize the industrial structure, urban and rural development, improve the efficiency of land use, protect the public interest, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations as well as relevant provisions of the Ministry of land and resources and the provincial government, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Second article this approach by said city update is refers to by government sector, and land ownership people or other meet provides of subject, according to "three old" transformation policy, and shantytown transformation policy, and dangerous old room transformation policy,, in city update planning range within, on low effect stock construction with to for activate using and on dangerous old room for regulation, and improved, and reconstruction, and activation, and upgrade of activities.

Urban renewal activities within the administrative area of the city this way.

Article urban renewal follows "Government leadership, marketing, overall planning, intensive, benefit-sharing, open and fair" principles. Fourth article should adhere to the people-oriented urban renewal, public service priorities, and respect for public opinion to improve people's livelihood.

Urban renewal should improve urban infrastructure, improvement of public services, promoting the Equalization of basic public services, and create a neat, clean, safe and orderly environment. Fifth should facilitate industrial agglomeration of urban renewal, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

Urban renewal should be to guide the industry high-end, low carbon technology, cluster, international development, supporting finance, science and technology, the headquarters economy, modern services such as e-commerce, culture and sports, promoting the manufacturing of high-end development, fostering the growth of emerging industries of strategic importance, optimizing headquarter economy development environment, with headquarter economy leading to industrial transformation and upgrading.

Urban renewal should promote industry gathering, lead backward industry consolidation and upgrade, support superior industries, enterprises, concentrate resources and elements, and give full play to its radiating and driving functions, the development of competitive industries (products) chain-driven, strong correlation and high intensity of industrial clusters.

Sixth article should stick to the historical and cultural protection of urban renewal, continuation of the historical and cultural heritage, urban context texture, create a characteristic urban features, enhance the charm of historical and cultural city.

Urban renewal should be according to the different geographical and cultural characteristics, mining and exhibition city, town, village and historic district, old villages, historic buildings and other cultural elements and cultural content, passing on city history, played shows and use of historic buildings, historic preservation and urban renewal of cultural industries a harmonious and coordinated development. Seventh urban renewal plans should be consistent with national economic and social development planning, urban planning, land-use planning.

Implementation of urban renewal should be combined with practical update block, scientific planning and region different characteristics, develop strategies and control standards, local conditions, and loose, optimization of spatial and urban development strategy.

Eighth urban renewal should be to promote public interests, improve updating public facilities in the region, the full integration of fragmented land resources, promoting vast stretches of continuous updating, focusing on regional planning, ensuring that urban renewal in the public service and synchronized planning and priority to the construction of municipal infrastructure, synchronization, updates to coordinated, sustainable, organic, urban functions.

Urban renewal should focus on land purchases and servicing, determined according to the regional planning program development, update and industry-oriented requirements, Government land reserve, advancing into continuous updates.

Nineth urban renewal should balance the interests of all parties, establish and improve the land value-added revenue-sharing mechanism, respecting human rights and secure land rights, rationally regulate the village collective, villagers, the right people, market players and public interests to ensure value and value-added State-owned and collective assets, guide, motivate stakeholders to actively participate in the reconstruction, realizing shared benefits and win-win. The tenth urban renewal should be based on the actual local conditions, and a sound, within our capabilities.

Urban renewal should be combined with urban development strategy, relying on its own endowment and plots of land around the characteristics of the project, to develop reconstruction and renovation renovation, historic preservation and other classification methods, integrated, focused, easy to difficult, in an orderly fashion. 11th the City Government set up a city updated leading institutions.

Urban renewal agency is responsible for consideration of major policy measures of urban renewal, approved urban renewal planning, planning and urban renewal funding arrangements, validation area planning of urban renewal programmes and update project implementation plan. Municipal Department of urban renewal is the work of the urban renewal authority, responsible for the city's inefficient stock inventory of construction land use and updated inventory of the dangerous old city room, coordinated the city's urban renewal work. Is responsible for developed city update policy, developed city update planning, organization prepared city update project plans and funds arrangements using plans; Guide and organization prepared city update tablets district planning programme, audit city update project implementation programme; multi-channel raised funds, using levy and consultations acquisition, variety way, organization city update range within of land integration return cases, land servicing, advance acres even tablets update transformation; and manpower city update Government placed room of management and complex built placed funds regulatory,

Strengthening urban regeneration project monitoring and evaluation.

The relevant authorities shall, within the scope of their respective statutory duties for the urban renewal project of administrative examination and approval.

The 12th District is a city updated the first responsibility of the Government to co-ordinate promote urban renewal work within their respective jurisdictions, organizing urban renewal based on survey data, organizing the area urban renewal plans and related programming, organized resettlement and construction management work according to law, safeguarding social stability.

Urban renewal urban renewal implementation of sector organizations under their jurisdiction.

Street Office of the town, the town government and neighborhood, village committees and other grass-roots organizations should cooperate with the Government to do urban renewal work, maintain normal order of urban renewal activities. Second chapter General provides 13th article following land application into province "three old" transformation plots database Hou, can included city update range: (a) City urban "back II into three" industry with to; (ii) urban and rural planning determine no longer as industrial uses of plant (factory) with to; (three) national industry policy provides of ban class, and eliminated class industry and industry low-end, and using efficiency low of original plant with to; (four) not meet safety and environment requirements of plant with to; (five) in city construction with to scale range within,

Layout scattered, conditions, plans for renovation of old villages and included "thousands of land management" pilot project of village; (vi) shall be organized and implemented by the Government of the shantytown and dangerous old housing area renovation of old town areas.

14th update includes comprehensive reform and the transformation of the city. Overall reform refers to demolition and reconstruction of regeneration patterns, mainly applies to the key function areas of the city as well as the perfect urban functions, upgrading the industrial structure, improving the urban landscape have a greater impact on urban renewal projects.

Is within the city of history and culture village, and is not applicable to comprehensive reform.

Micro-transformation is refers to in maintained status construction pattern basic not variable of premise Xia, through building local construction and demolition, and buildings function replacement, and retained repair, and regulation improved, and protection, and activation, perfect based facilities, approach implementation of update way, main applies Yu built district in the on city overall pattern effect is unlikely to, but status with to function and around development exists contradictions, and with to efficiency low, and people home environment poor of plots.

In urban renewal, for historical and cultural blocks and all kinds of historical and cultural heritage buildings should be based on relevant laws and regulations of the protection and planning requirements, encourage the rational function replacement, upgrade and update activation.

15th urban renewal can work by the municipal government departments or District Government and the Department as the principal, land tenure can also consist of a single person as the main body, or more people as the main body of land ownership, using a combination of Government, and ownership of people negotiating a takeover, people transform the ownership and other reform models.

Risk governance of housing, the housing safety management regulations.

Urban renewal through the operation of the market should be selected and adapted to update the size, positioning, experience and financial strength, the development of social responsibility of honest and trustworthy enterprise. 16th Municipal Department of urban renewal should be the basis for normal data survey, organizations guide the District Government carried out urban renewal district land, housing, population, planning, cultural heritage investigations as well as the underlying data, set up to update the database. City update the underlying data should be regularly updated.

City land planning, housing and urban-rural construction, the land administrative departments of housing, urban renewal, and departments to establish mechanisms for data sharing and Exchange. 17th major urban regeneration project in expert systems.

Urban update of the departmental organization set up open database updates, updates for eligible projects of scientific rationality, feasibility, to demonstrate. 18th update involved a major livelihood matters of old town, you can set up a public Advisory Committee.

Public Advisory Committee adhered to the "ask needs to the people, asked meter to the people, asked the Government to the people", in old town guarantees the public's right to know, to participate in the update. Renovation of old villages old village Council of villagers could be established. Council of the old village the villagers follow the "one village, one" principle, initiated by the transformation of the old village may establish work rules, started in transformation stage was set up to terminate when the transformation is complete.

Villagers under the leadership of village party branches and village committees in the Council, assist the collective economic organizations, coordinating villagers comment, disputes and conflicts of interest, protect collective and the villagers in the old village renewal, the legitimate interests of smooth old village renewal.

19th city updates should be combined with investigation of illegal land use, illegal construction.

No units or individuals may lend the city update at all for illegal construction.

The Government should establish a long-term mechanism in each district, to take urban renewal in machines, illegal construction or rush to illegal construction should be strictly investigated and, to prevent new illegal land use, illegal construction.

Chapter III renewal planning and programming, urban renewal, 20th Department shall prepare medium-and long-term planning of urban renewal, the city leadership of urban renewal agency. Medium-and long-term planning of urban renewal should be in line with the national economic and social development planning, urban and rural overall planning and comprehensive land use planning.

Medium-and long-term planning of urban renewal should be a clear medium-and long-term urban renewal guidelines, objectives, strategies and measures proposed scale of urban renewal and update key.

21st of municipal urban renewal Department shall, in conjunction with the District Administration on the medium-and long-term planning of urban renewal, urban development strategies, designated urban renewal areas.

Article 22nd urban renewal area, shall comply with the following provisions: (a) ensure that infrastructure and service facilities are relatively complete, (ii) considering the roads, rivers and other natural elements and factors such as property boundary, (iii) comply with vast stretches of continuous and relevant requirements of the technical specifications; a city updated area can include one or more urban renewal projects. 23rd into the urban renewal district implementation plans regional, area plan shall be compiled. Tablets district planning programme should including following content: (a) city update tablets district development positioning, and based facilities, and public service facilities and other with to of function, and industry direction and layout; (ii) city update tablets district within update project of specific range, and update target, and update mode and way, and demolition compensation total and planning control index; (three) city update tablets district within city design guidelines; (four) city update tablets district of implementation economic analysis and the sources arrangements; (five) need staging implementation of,

Lists phases of block (project) and timing, and proposed funding arrangement; (f) protection of historical and cultural resources and programmes and (seven) others should be explicit content.

24th district planning of urban renewal programmes prepared should be consistent with the following principles: (a) focus on the protection of urban resources, historical and cultural heritage, shaping the cityscape with Guangzhou characteristics, strengthen the conservation of heritage and monuments, historical buildings, and activation. (B) give priority to safeguard the urban infrastructure, public services or other public interest project. Encouraging an increase in public land saving and intensive use of land. Encouraging energy saving and emission reduction, promotion of low-carbon green update.

Public service facilities, as well as municipal public facilities such as area combined with the district planning area size, in principle no less than 30% of total planning scheme area. (C) adequate land, housing and population survey data of, estimate transformation costs and interest area, in accordance with the implementation and the principles of sustainable development, scientific and reasonable set amount of planning and construction.

Full respect for the legitimate interests of rights holders, effective realization of the rights of the public, the people and other subjects involved in urban renewal, such as balancing the interests of all parties. 25th district planning of urban renewal programmes shall be formulated in accordance with the relevant technical specifications and should be carried out according to the procedure of public announcement, consult experts and organizations.

Urban renewal area planning program by the city, urban renewal, urban renewal Department the lead agency for consideration.

26th article city update tablets district planning programme by city city update led institutions validation Hou, involved adjustment control sex detailed planning of, by city city update sector or District Government according to city update tablets district planning programme prepared control sex detailed planning adjustment argument report, proposed planning programme views, application adjustment control sex detailed planning, reported City Planning Committee Office submitted City Planning Committee considered and by municipal government approved.

27th Municipal Department of urban renewal should be combined with the urban renewal area plan, prepare annual plans for urban renewal, annual plans include area plan, implementation plan and funding plan.

District Government, urban renewal, should be before the end of June in each year to the departments included in the annual plans of the urban renewal projects for next year.

Directly under the municipal government departments and enterprises, land ownership may be before the end of June in each year to the Municipal Department of urban renewal urban renewal project of the year for next year.

28th article City City update sector on declared project for and Manpower, and coordination, by sought land planning, and housing urban and rural construction, and development reform and financial, sector views Hou, developed annual city update project plans, reported City City update led institutions validation; by needed funds into annual fixed assets investment plans, and by development reform sector investment project by determine of sources be arrangements, which belongs to financial investment project of, also should into sibling fiscal year budget. Annual plan of urban renewal can push updates combined with the project implementation submitted to the municipal lead agencies for regular adjustment of urban renewal.

Year plan cannot be completed, may continue to implement next.

Clause 29th annual plans of the urban renewal projects, urban renewal project implementation programme formulated by the District Government.

Urban renewal project implementation plan shall conform to the updates area planning program technical specifications prepared by the urban renewal projects and the implementation of programmes.

30th urban renewal project implementation plan shall be approved by the experts, for comments, public participation in decision-making procedures, departments, District Government, form the draft implementation plan for the project and a description, by the District Government, urban renewal Department, reporting, audit. Municipal Department of urban renewal led members of the municipal urban renewal in leadership, urban renewal project coordination meeting held to consider project implementation programme, consideration of views. Coordination meetings should focus on project implementation and financing land, rehabilitation, land supply and construction sequence important content.

Complex matters involving major urban renewal projects, coordinated conference study, submitted to the municipal urban renewal in leadership studies. Having considered, coordinated urban renewal project implementation programme, demonstrating maturity, the municipal urban renewal sector to the area to the Government written feedback comments.

Regional Government shall, in accordance with an audit opinion modification project implementation plans.

Project implementation programme of urban renewal after the modifications are complete, involves voting, publicity matters, organized by the District Department of urban renewal in accordance with the provisions, voting and publication in accordance with the relevant provisions of, urban renewal Department, sent by the District Government.

31st of municipal urban renewal Department to the municipal leadership of urban renewal urban renewal project implementation plans submitted for consideration.

Project implementation programme of urban renewal urban renewal by the city after consideration by the lead agency, handled by the Municipal Department of urban renewal project implementation programme approved.

Urban renewal project implementation programme approved at the municipal urban renewal work published on the website.

32nd micro-the compliance with the controlled detailed planning for renovation renovation renovation projects, included in the annual plan of urban renewal projects, is responsible for vetting by the District Government, but involves the use of City urban renewal funds, should seek the views of urban regeneration sectors.

Have been incorporated into the risk governance of housing demolition and reconstruction of the urban renewal plan, for approval shall seek the views of urban regeneration sectors.

Article 33rd after urban renewal project implementation programme approved, unified window established by the district service center, according to the "comprehensive acceptance at the front desk, the background classification approval, unified window" principle, a focal project, planning, land administration process of vetting and approval.

City urban renewal Department shall establish an approval system, establishing applicant and feedback mechanisms for the coordination of the Audit Department, supervising the procedures progress, problems in the coordination project. Authorities, urban renewal, should be strictly in accordance with the Governing Body agreed matters and implementation of urban renewal projects approved, go through the subsequent administrative examination and approval procedures, and according to the city construction project optimization of parallel approval approval process of the programme, the time limit originally, not to review.

Key project of urban renewal projects in accordance with the green channel approval rules, can be included in the green channel approval formalities.

Fourth chapter with to processing 34th article for with to behavior occurred in on June 30, 2007 zhiqian, need perfect history with to procedures of collective construction with to, can according to following provides for history with to disposal: (a) rural collective organization or its following by units itself acting clear disposal land range within of economic relationship; for demolition reconstruction of, should itself demolition, and cleanup ground buildings, and structures and the attached real,.

(B) the rural collective economic organization or its successor body should be signed between the Government and improve the disposal of land (to) processing agreement, the Government is no longer to be paid compensation.

(C) improve the collection procedures of historical, present situation of land use and planning of industrial land use, by the land itself develop planning, land procedures.

(Four) has by "three old" transformation policy perfect collective construction with to procedures of village collective construction with to, transformation Hou arrangements for industrial, and commercial, business sex with to of complex built placed with to, should arrived buckle retained to index; index insufficient of, can take village collective application advance retained to index, way solution, also can take free transfer must proportion with to of approach application for to; transformation range within of agricultural to, meet corner to, and sandwich to, and flower arrangement to of, not need arrived buckle retained to index.

Municipal, territorial planning, urban renewal Department shall, in conjunction with Department improve the mechanisms and accelerate the perfect historical land procedures work.

35th old urban renewal project by the District Government signed a compensation agreement in accordance with the Organization after completion of compensation, for application to departments of land resources in the city, the municipal land and resources administration by public transfer of State-owned construction land programs, organized plot to sell.

Old factory building renewal project, the Government purchases into the land supply plan, organized by the Government in accordance with the provisions of land supply allows the transformation of their own, by the original property rights to land and resources authority to pay land transfer or improve the land clearance and land-ownership certificate.

Old village transformation project with to, village collective can select retained collective land nature or by provides to state-owned land; complex built placed plots only does right to collective organization, to state-owned land of can take allocated way for to, financing plots to state-owned land, can take public transfer to market subject or agreement transfer to village collective organization, and village full funding subsidiary or original rural collective organization and by provides public select of market subject composition of cooperation enterprise, way supply land. Article 36th implementation by way of updating the project to rebuild the city, its land use rights transfer period does not exceed the corresponding uses operating the highest selling period.

Reconstruction and extension of implementation and usage does not change, its year of transfer period consistent with the original land transfer contracts involving change, their assignment period does not exceed the corresponding uses operating the highest selling period. 37th project status in the context of urban renewal land, houses involving multiple ownership of, land should be carried out by the same subject after improvement.

In addition to shall be collected by the Government, project within the scope of housing and land ownership to land planning authorities can apply for land and the acquisition of land for housing, or multiple ownership agreement and in accordance with the People's Republic of China company law provisions of the fixing of prices of land and housing rights that people have a stake in the ownership of the land in a way. Article 38th update project site is inconsistent and urban renewal area, corner, floral arrangement, the sandwich should be included in the scope.

Belonging to the transformation of their own projects, composed of land property corners, flower arrangement, the sandwich land or land tenure and related joint reconstruction.

39th urban renewal project areas, replacement of pieces of land in the field, including collective construction land and collective-owned construction land, between the collective construction land, between State-owned and State-owned construction land land land replacement with the use of State-owned land should be followed "an area of close, equal and consensual, voucher replacement value" principle. 40th transfer of collective construction land use right according to law, by obtaining the land subject implementation of renewal and transformation.

Collective construction land use right transfer for the construction of public housing, affordable housing and other low-income housing, shall enter the market.

41st history has been made by the land and housing management departments to state-owned construction and approval of collective construction land, or in the same building (or within the same planned red line) has been part of the housing unit of State-owned land real estate registration real estate, according to the registration of land and real estate, as well as the existing policies and regulations, in accordance with the principle of respecting the historical and realistic handling of State-owned land property registration.

Fifth chapter funds financing and using 42nd article city update can multi-channel raised update sources, including: (a) city, and district financial arrangements of city update transformation funds and the levels financial budget in the available Yu city update transformation of funding; (ii) national about transformation loan policy sex credit; (three) financing plots of leasing income; (four) participation transformation of market subject input of update transformation funds; (five) update transformation range within land, and housing ownership people raised of update transformation funding;

(Vi) other eligible funds. The 43rd city and district governments should safeguard the work of organizing the implementation of urban renewal funds, increase financial support for the renovation.

City and District Government shall arrange for urban renewal funds, urban renewal sources include municipal and district land revenue and financial general public budgets.

44th article city update funds main for following aspects: (a) city update medium-and long-term planning prepared and the dynamic repair series; (ii) city update project of early based data survey and the database construction; (three) city update tablets district planning programme prepared; (four) update project of implementation programme prepared, city update project construction investment; (five) city update transformation range within land levy, and consultations acquisition and the servicing; (six) city update project economic to itself balance of support special grants and started;

(G) urban renewal policy, technical specification and so on.

Purposes specified in the first paragraph of this article, which is funded by the land transfer revenue, use shall be in conformity with the land transfer revenue, with the remaining in other funding arrangements fiscal arrangements.

The 45th historic and outstanding historic buildings conservation renovation renovation projects, into the broader renewal area as a whole, raising funds for renovation; economic equilibrium cannot be achieved, by urban renewal funds for subsidies. Micro-project funding priorities of urban renewal.

Key to eliminate security risks, improve living facilities, improving the living environment, improve renovation in the road, water, electricity, gas, fire protection, sewerage, sanitation, communications and other public facilities, improve the quality of regional living environment. Micro-within the scope of community residents are encouraged to take their own way to tie into and participate in social micro-renovation.

Being identified as dangerous old housing requiring demolition and reconstruction of the building, according to the relevant provisions in the dangerous city management to raise funds.

Article 46th in accordance with "Government leadership, marketing, participation, mutual benefit and win-win" principle, innovative financing channels and means, emphasize the role of the market mechanism, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the businesses and residents, and mobilize social forces to broad participation in urban renewal.

Encourages the use of funds of State policy towards more national policy loans for the renovation project.

Market financial institutions according to the project's financing, construction method and the source of repayment and other specific conditions in land and construction mortgage loans based on exploring new models for loans and guarantees, innovation Credit Suisse financial products, give priority to safeguard the credit needs of eligible renovation project.

Construction mode of Government and social capital project (PPP) regulations to encourage enterprises to participate in urban renewal and housing construction, encouraging private capital, through direct investment, portfolio investment, delegates daijian participation in several ways, such as renovation, attract strong and reputable real estate companies and social forces involved.

47th complex building of urban renewal rehousing eligible projects, based on the slum policy, in accordance with the settlement rehabilitation area "built from a principle of" reducing urban infrastructure supporting fees, and can be used in the city within the purview of other relief administrative institutional fees and Government funds. Supervision and administration of the sixth chapter the 48th old village reconstruction and renovation projects of cooperation restoration funds regulation follows the classification is responsible for, the principle of earmarking and centralized payment. Rehabilitation funds ownership reconstruction funds deposited in the regulatory accounts.

Ownership sectors, rehabilitation of urban renewal funds and regulatory accounts banks shall sign a tripartite agreement, to supervise the use of funds to ensure that earmarks.

49th urban renewal authority should enhance urban renewal database and dynamic monitoring information system for construction, renewal audits, project implementation, acceptance of plotting in storage, have a renewal dynamic control.

Establishment of key projects that regular assessment of the implementation of urban renewal notification system, with a focus on assessing normalization mechanism construction, renovation fund use, after the annual target output, project of transforming elements such as regulatory measures, the assessment results as the annual implementation of the urban renewal plan and an important basis for allocation of funds. 50th urban renewal project exit mechanism.

Strengthening the time management of urban regeneration projects, urban renewal project proponents do not follow the time limits to complete resettlement or for land clearance or to complete the transfer of land, project implementation programme be submitted to the municipal governing bodies to review of urban renewal. 51st resettlement of urban renewal projects involving housing, should uphold the principle of first place, after the demolition.

Urban renewal area should be promoting the municipal, public buildings, public utilities, public transport and other facilities construction, actively bring in quality education, health care, business and other social resources.

Municipal Department of urban renewal in urban renewal projects, the Organization to build Government housing of urban renewal.

Urban renewal project of the 52nd range of water, electricity, gas, sewerage, sanitation, communications and other public facilities construction, settlement area flooding hazards and achieve "rainwater and sewage shunting" and "third-tier" fields.

Within the scope of urban renewal project organized by the reconstruction of public facilities and municipal infrastructure within the prescribed time limit start construction, apart from the houses, and other construction projects shall not be started. 53rd city update-related departments and units should strictly abide by the regulations of the Guangzhou construction waste management, land development and urban renewal projects to remove construction waste should be recycled, direct landfill; do not have recycling conditions, should be transported to the designated place for recycling.

Building owners should be specific requirements into the overall plot development of the recycling scheme and reverse engineering of the tender documents.

54th administrative organs and their staff in basic data survey of urban renewal, urban renewal planning, planning, budgeting and approvals, urban renewal project direction, supervision, management and other violations in the work, law and compliance accountability; a suspected crime, law transferred to judicial organs for handling.

For basic data study of District Government and data review for abuse, favoritism, dereliction of duty and other causes for area planning program or project implementation plans based on data compiled by major errors, the accountability of responsible; there are violations by the supervisory departments according to the rules of accountability; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

55th article units and personal in carried out city update wishes survey and collection, and land and the buildings verification, and city update plans declared, and city update planning prepared and approval, city update work in the, has fraud, and stress, and fictional facts, and against personal privacy, and leak commercial secret, and forged or variable made file, and spread false information, and bribery, and bribe, behavior of, related sector should timely investigation, ordered corrected, and into integrity archives management, suspected crime of, transferred judicial organ law processing. Seventh chapter schedule 56th article City City update sector is responsible for according to this approach, organization drafting city update based data survey system, and based data survey technology specification, and tablets district planning programme prepared technology specification, and city update project experts argument system, and project implementation programme prepared technology specification, and city update project administrative approval program guidelines, and complex built placed funds management approach, and old village transformation costing approach, and city update financing approach, related supporting file, reported Municipal Government approved Hou organization implementation.

By the Municipal Department of land planning, urban renewal, together with the drafting history of urban renewal land disposal, land, land, land exchange, specific measures for the operation of the right to housing, after approval from the municipal government organizations.

57th these measures come into force on January 1, 2016, and on accelerating the "three old" views of the reform (Spike House (2009), 56th), the Protocol to speed up the reconstruction work of three old supplementary opinions (Spike House (2012), 20th) repealed simultaneously. Project implementation plans have passed before the implementation of these measures, the former "three old" reform leading group for consideration and are still within the validity period, project implementation programme approved policies can be implemented.