Xuzhou City Public Mobile Communication Base Station Management

Original Language Title: 徐州市公众移动通信基站管理办法

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  Chapter I General provisions article in order to strengthen the management of public mobile telecommunication base stations, promote the development of mobile communications to the public, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Radio Regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

The second public mobile telecommunication base stations in these measures (hereinafter referred to as the base station), refers to the public set in a certain area of the mobile telecommunications industry through information transfer between the mobile switching Center and terminal equipment radio (stations), including independent-style, with macro base stations and an outdoor, indoor distribution system.

Article of base stations within the administrative area of the city planning, site selection, Setup, use, supervision and management of activities, these measures shall apply.

Fourth city, County (city, district) radio management institution shall, in accordance with the Division of duties, is responsible for the supervision and administration of base stations within their respective jurisdictions.

Other relevant agency of the Government in accordance with their respective responsibilities, management should work together at the base station.

Fifth public mobile telecommunication enterprises should be based on the mobile communication technology and urban development, timely and reasonable set up your base station to protect the city's mobile communication needs.

Sixth base station is to protect national security, social and economic development of public infrastructure, and prohibit any organization or individual to undermine or interfere with the base station the base station operation.

Chapter II plans seventh city, County (city, district) radio regulatory agencies should be formulated in conjunction with the Planning Department base station planning, approved by the people's Government at the organization.

Eighth compilation of base station planning, shall comply with the relevant national technology standards following the rational layout, the principle of coordination of resource sharing, security and environmental protection, landscape.

The Nineth city built or improved houses, commercial buildings, sights and industrial parks should plan the base station and the line channel.

New, renovation or expansion projects shall be in accordance with the technical standards for base stations, communication equipment room, design, construction, pipeline and other station facilities, meet a variety of standards of public mobile communication system sharing requirements.

Base station, network access and communication equipment room, days, pipes and other base station supporting facilities should be synchronized with the main part of the project design, construction of synchronous, synchronous acceptance.

Chapter III sets the tenth public enterprises shall, in accordance with the base station of mobile communication planning and siting requirements, annual base station to the radio regulatory agencies set requirements.

City radio regulatory agencies should be based on annual base station settings public mobile communication business needs, combined with the base station planning, together with the municipal planning department annual plan of base station settings.

11th public mobile communication Enterprise shall be entrusted with the statutory qualification of engineering units to prepare base station construction program.

12th public mobile communication Enterprise shall apply to the municipal bodies for the base stations of the radio management and submit related materials, radio management, agencies shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative licensing law to be processed.

13th public set macro base stations of mobile communication enterprise, he shall apply to the planning departments relevant formalities.

The 14th set macro base stations in urban built-up area, its border shall not exceed the planned site 200 m; other locales may not exceed 350 m.

Base station location should give priority to the use of public infrastructure, public lands, public places and public-owned buildings.

15th base stations shall conform to the requirements of environmental protection, environmental protection requirements are not met, it shall not be put into use.

The 16th before the base station is run, public mobile communication Enterprise radio licenses shall apply to the municipality for Administration of radio and submit related materials.

Radio management institution shall organize for inspection, issuance of radio licences. 17th when an emergency occurs, public emergency base station for mobile communication enterprise to set up, use and informed the radio authority.

Emergency base station shall cooperate with the ownership or management of their property. 18th station license is valid for three years.

Expiry of public mobile telecommunication companies to continue to use the base station should be 30th prior to the expiry of the validity period, radio regulatory agency to apply for radio licence renewal procedure.

Change base station project approved, shall apply to the municipality for Administration of radio for change procedures.

Deactivating or canceling the 19th base stations, public mobile radio licenses, radio management institution, enterprises shall provide the cancellation procedures, and from the date of cancellation within the 30th returned to the radio station's licence. 20th building, facility, site or manage ownership of units shall be in accordance with the requirement of the base station planning base station construction, may obstruct public enterprises engaged in mobile communications base station settings.

Without a legal basis, and shall not charge a fee.

Relates to national security, public safety and need to use the facilities of the base station Tower, mobile communication Enterprise shall be provided free of charge with the public.

Fourth chapter management section 21st public base station in mobile communication enterprises shall strengthen day-to-day management and maintenance, protection of base stations comply with the relevant technical standards and specifications to ensure normal operation of base stations.

No unit or individual may obstruct public enterprises engaged in mobile communication base station management and maintenance.

22nd base station damaged public mobile telecommunication network, public mobile communication Enterprise shall make prompt repairs, rehabilitation of the communications network.

23rd engineering construction need to be removed due to base stations, the construction unit shall mobile communications company set up a compensation agreement with the public.

Fifth chapter legal responsibility 24th article public mobile communications enterprise has following case one of of, by City radio management institutions ordered deadline corrected, late not corrected of, sentenced 5,000 yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine: (a) set of base station not meet related technology standard of; (ii) set of base station without acceptance qualified that input using of; (three) unauthorized in base station Shang set and base station run has nothing to do of other radio launches equipment of; (four) set, and using emergency base station not meet this approach provides of.

25th under any of the following circumstances, violating public security regulations, public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China relevant law on administrative penalties for public security shall be penalized as follows: (a) destruction of base station equipment, facilities, (ii) the base station of the production, sale and use of illegal and (iii) other acts prescribed by law.

26th other acts in violation of these rules, by the relevant departments shall punish.

27th executive staff at the base station in the process of planning, setting up, dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, and by their work units or by the competent authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

Sixth chapter supplementary articles article 28th trunking, paging communication, mobile satellite communications and wireless communications, as a way of communication base station management, reference to these measures, however, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations. 29th these measures come into force February 1, 2016.