Administrative Measures On Fertilizer In Gansu Province

Original Language Title: 甘肃省肥料管理办法

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  First to strengthen the management of fertilizer, guarantee the quality of agricultural products and animal safety, protection of the ecological environment, and promoting sustainable agricultural development, according to the People's Republic of China agricultural law and the People's Republic of China Law on quality safety of agricultural products and other provisions of laws and administrative regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

Article fertilizers mentioned in these measures refers to is used to provide, maintain or improve plant nutrition and soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity, can improve agricultural production, improve the quality of agricultural products, enhance plant resistance to organic, inorganic, microorganisms and their mixture.

Article within the administrative area of the province engaged in fertilizer production, distribution, use, and management of its activities, these measures shall apply.

Mixture of fertilizer and pesticides made use of fertilizer and do not apply these measures. Fourth provincial departments of agriculture administration section is responsible for the province's fertilizer registration and supervision work, specific work can delegate belongs to the management of soil and fertilizer firms.

City (State), counties (cities and districts) of agricultural administrative departments in charge of the supervision and administration of fertilizers within the administrative area.

Administration for industry and Commerce above the county level, quality monitoring, and environmental protection departments, within the mandate of fertilizer supervisory and administrative work according to law. Fifth fertilizer product production registration system.

Long-term use of farmland, State or industry standards the following products are exempted from registration: ammonium sulfate, urea, ammonium nitrate, calcium cyanamide, ammonium Polyphosphate (monoammonium phosphate and ammonium), Nitro phosphate, calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, Ammonium bicarbonate, calcium magnesium phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, a single trace element fertilizers, high concentration compound fertilizer. Sixth article by the State departments of agriculture administration registered fertilizer product according to the relevant State provisions.

Fertilizer products registered by the provincial departments of agriculture administration of the following: (a) compound fertilizers (compound fertilizer), mixed fertilizers (BB fertilizer), (ii) organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer (iii) soil acid agent and (iv) registration is required in accordance with national or provincial other fertilizer products.

Article seventh registered provisional register and final register of fertilizers. Compound fertilizers, mixed fertilizers directly to apply for official registration.

Organic fertilizers, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, fertilizer products such as bed soil acid agent to apply for temporary registration, efficiency, security or sampling qualified with the specified conditions, an application for official registration.

Eighth production enterprise applies for registration of fertilizer shall be made to the provincial departments of agriculture administration provided the following information: (a) application for registration of fertilizer and (ii) copy of business license of enterprise legal persons; (c) the product quality inspection report (iv) product identification (tags) style (v) other information associated with the fertilizer registration. Nineth agricultural Administrative Department shall, within 15 working days after receiving the application for registration information, organized by agriculture, industry and commerce, quality control, technical experts and fertilizer registration assessment panel composed of managers, fertilizer production enterprises, production, quality assurance, systems testing.

Provincial departments of agriculture administration entrusted management of soil and fertilizer review, review, fertilizer registration certificate issued and announced to the public; review does not pass, inform the applicant in writing. Tenth fertilizer temporary registration certificate is valid for one year, duly registered by the registration or renewal applications submitted prior to the expiration, renewal for a period of one year, temporary registration renewals cannot exceed a maximum of two; official registration certificate is valid for five years, before the expiry renewal applications for registration, renewal for a period of five years.

Registration certificate of renewal of registration applications submitted after expiry, should apply for registration again.

11th registered fertilizer products, in the term registration changes corporate name, trade name, scope of application, shall apply for registration, and submit your application reports, changes the identification of the document and change the style; changed content of effective ingredients, or formulations, should apply for registration again.

12th fertilizer production enterprises in the production of fertilizer products shall conform to national standards, industry standards or local standards, no such standards, the standard should be developed, as a basis for production. 13th to livestock and poultry manure, plant and animal residues as raw material in the production of fertilizer products, raw materials should be harmless treatment and meet requirements of the national environmental protection and health and safety standards.

Non-municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, industrial waste to produce fertilizer. 14th fertilizer production enterprises should be responsible for the quality of products produced. Fertilizer factory, should be subject to quality inspection, do not meet the quality standards of the product may be manufactured.

Fertilizer factory should be attached with the quality inspection and certification.

No units or individuals are allowed to produce fertilizer, poor-quality fertilizer, not producing countries has been officially eliminated fertilizer products, may forge the origin may not be forged or fraudulently use someone else's name and address, and fertilizer registration certificate. 15th article fertilizer products should in packaging significantly location clear, and accurate marked approved of content, including: to Chinese contains Ming products general name, and production Enterprise name and address, and products by implementation of standard,, and products effective ingredients of name and the content, and net content, and production date or products batch, and using description, and implemented production license management of products should marked production license,, and implemented fertilizer registration management of products should marked fertilizer registration card,.

Trade names, shall indicate the product name has special requirements for storage and use, there should be warning signs or instructions.

Fertilizer packaging material to meet the fertilizer product performance and quality requirements.

16th fertilizer operators should be commensurate with the scale of the business premises, storage facilities, safety and pollution control measures to prevent deterioration or failure of fertilizer to ensure fertilizer quality. 17th fertilizer business operators shall set up incoming inspection, certificates system.

On management of fertilizer products, fertilizer should be production or wholesale businesses check the product label or instruction manuals, product quality certification, retained its copy of the inspection report.

Production licensing, registration of fertilizers for fertilizer products, should also retain its production license, the fertilizer registration certificate copy for inspection. 18th fertilizer business operators shall establish records.

Records shall set forth the fertilizer of fertilizer generic name, registration number, the implementation of standards, specifications, production date or lot number, manufacturer, purchase and sale, such as name, number, date of purchase and sale, purchase and sale items.

19th article fertilizer operators shall not business following fertilizer: (a) no fertilizer production license, and fertilizer registration card of; (ii) no quality certificate or test not qualified of; (three) packaging Shang not printed label or not attached with using manual of; (four) national expressly eliminated or ban sales of; (five) quality not meet marked of quality status of; (six) national and this province provides ban business of other fertilizer.

20th when fertilizer use by operators to sell fertilizer, fertilizer should be provided with services such as technical and safety considerations, and provide proof of sale.

21st operator should be familiar with fertilizer of fertilizer-related legal knowledge to all levels of Agriculture organized by the Administrative Department of the relevant training, constantly updated fertilizer operation, use common sense, and improve service levels.

22nd fertilizer users should follow the principles of science, security, efficiency, technical specifications and according to fertilization fertilizer use, the rational use of fertilizers.

Soil and fertilizer management institutions at all levels should organize the 23rd article formula fertilization by soil testing and work carried out, according to the variety of soil types and planting crops in their administrative areas, and rational fertilization and formulation of measures, lead manure fertilizer production enterprises in accordance with the formula, steering scientific application of fertilizers.

24th levels should be to monitor the effect of fertilization on soil and fertilizer management agencies, analyze the impact of fertilizer on soil, monitoring results should be promptly reported to the agricultural administrative departments at the same level.

The analysis leading to productivity decline or to agro-ecological environments, agricultural product quality safety risk to the fertilizer products, agricultural Administrative Department shall promptly report to the people's Governments at the same level, and to the public.

25th relevant administrative departments of the people's Governments above the county level shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities within the jurisdiction of the fertilizer production, operators conducting supervision and inspection, and shall cooperate for the examinee.

26th fertilizer product publicity and promotion should be consistent with the People's Republic of China advertising related provisions of the law shall not be exaggerated use of fertilizer products and performance, not false advertising.

27th provincial departments of agriculture administration shall regularly publicize the list of approved the registration of fertilizers, provide fertilizer products and market information in a timely manner.

28th article has following behavior one of of, by County above agricultural administrative competent sector give warning, and at illegal proceeds 3 times times following fine, but highest shall not over 30000 Yuan; no illegal proceeds of, at 10000 Yuan following fine: (a) production, and sales should made and not made registration card of fertilizer products of; (ii) fake, and forged fertilizer registration card, and registration card, of; (three) production, and sales of fertilizer products effective components or content and registration approved of content inconsistent of.

29th article has following behavior one of of, by County above agricultural administrative competent sector give warning, and at illegal proceeds 3 times times following fine, but highest shall not over 20000 Yuan; no illegal proceeds of, at 10000 Yuan following fine: (a) transfer fertilizer registration card or registration card, of; (ii) registration card effective expires without approved continued exhibition registration and continues to production the fertilizer products of; (three) production, and sales packaging Shang not attached label, and label incomplete not clear or unauthorized modified label content of.

30th article has following behavior one of of, by County above quality technology supervision sector or business administration sector according to their duties, law punishment; constitute crime of, law held criminal: (a) production, and business fake, and inferior and no products quality certificate fertilizer of; (ii) production, and business national expressly eliminated of fertilizer of; (three) unauthorized engaged in fertilizer business activities or unauthorized released fertilizer advertising of; (four) legal, and regulations provides of other behavior.

31st fertilizer supervision and Management Department of dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism and does not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions according to law constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 32nd article this way come into force May 1, 2016.

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