Hubei Province Highway Transportation Safety Management

Original Language Title: 湖北省公路客运交通安全管理办法

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(February 21, 2003, Hubei provincial people's Government Executive meeting on March 7, 2003 No. 243 of Hubei Province announced) first in order to strengthen the safety of road passenger transport management, maintaining the order of road passenger transport, ensure passenger safety, according to the relevant regulations of the State, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.
    Article II of this regulation is applicable in the province within the administrative area of commercial passenger transportation by road traffic safety management.
    Urban public passenger transport vehicles, and taxis not to apply the approach to security management.
    Article people's Governments at all levels should strengthen leadership of the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, coordinate relevant departments carefully implement the measures ensuring the safety of passenger transport, road passenger traffic accident prevention.
    Counties (including County-level cities and districts of the cities, the same below) over the public security organ shall be the competent authority of the highway traffic safety, public security traffic Administrative Department is responsible for the safety management of passenger traffic within their respective administrative areas.
    Transportation and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to assist in road passenger transport security management. Fourth those engaged in road passenger transport business must meet the required qualifications.
    Where less than the required qualifications, cannot form an effective safety management system the individual vehicles may engage in the business of highway passenger transportation.
    Article fifth commercial passenger must strictly comply with the safety requirements for road passenger transport, establish a strict passenger safety responsibility system and take effective measures to ensure passenger safety.
    Those engaged in road passenger transport business unit owners ' monthly driver or passenger transport safety education and training, implementation of traffic safety responsibility.
    Owners of passenger units and passenger passenger security system should be established, and at its place of business and commercial vehicles, announced its complaint and safety supervision of public security traffic Administrative Department.
    No unit or individual may instigate or force driver and violation of traffic safety job.
    Sixth Article holds a, class associate driving type license of driver, application engaged in highway passenger activities of, must by police traffic management sector road Fukao qualified rear can driving passenger vehicles; holds b, and c class associate driving type license of driver security driving 3 years above, by police traffic management sector road Fukao qualified of, can driving 19 seat following of passenger vehicles; is this article first to second paragraph by column case of driver without road Fukao qualified, shall not engaged in business sex highway passenger vehicles driving. Fukao road standards and procedures established by the provincial public security traffic Administrative Department.
    Fukao road shall not charge a fee.
    Seventh vehicle drivers have one of the following circumstances, shall not engage in commercial passenger vehicles within one year: (a) revoke a license driver license of driving violations totaled more than six months or because of his violation of at least 12 points; (b) the secondary responsibility for weight, a serious traffic accident occurred over general traffic accidents or take full responsibility.
    Upon expiry of one year applies to engage in the business of road passenger vehicle driving, road Fukao qualified by the public security traffic management departments. Eighth in road passenger vehicles must comply with the national safety requirements for motor vehicles operating and relevant national and industry standards, remain in good condition.
    Vehicles engaged in road passenger transport of the following is strictly prohibited: (a) freight cars, motorcycles, tractors, agricultural vehicles unqualified vehicles and other security technology, (ii) has not received the road transport business license or no passenger cars. Illegal modification of passenger vehicles is strictly prohibited.
    Illegal modification of passenger vehicles, handled by the public security and traffic departments according to law, in front of the restored public security traffic Administrative Department shall be rejected for registration and inspection, engaged in road passenger transport sector rejection.
    Nineth engaged in commercial passenger vehicles, with more than 20 seats, once each quarter shall be carried out by the public security traffic Administrative Department of motor vehicle safety inspection, 19 seats, once every six months shall be carried out by the public security traffic Administrative Department of motor vehicle safety inspection. Passenger units and passenger vehicles owners should insist on routine maintenance and checks before and after the car.
    In the mountains and three-level road passenger vehicles per month to steering, brakes and other main parts of a test, qualified before the operation on the road.
    Tenth engaged in commercial passenger vehicles shall be in accordance with the regulations approved by the body clear lacquer spray containing the number, and preferred public passenger transport line signs, bus stops, the driver's name and photo.
    Passenger vehicle driver or crew member should be indicated to the passengers before departure-safety car requirements, highway, mountain roads and other hazards when driving on the road, passenger safety reminders should be timely, guide visitors in accordance with the provisions of security measures. 11th engaged in road passenger vehicles one way in more than 400 km, highway 600 km or more, must be equipped with two or more license with commercial passenger vehicle drivers.
    Does not meet requirements shall not be engaged in road passenger transport on the road; on board, ordered to employ a qualified commercial passenger vehicle driver; unable to recruit qualified drivers, vehicle transit passengers could be organized, trans-shipment expenses shall be borne by the vehicles of the parties.
    Drivers engaged in road passenger vehicle driving continuous driving time may not exceed 4 hours per person, twice driving interval of rest time shall be not less than 2 hours, within 24 hours of actual driving time may not exceed 8 hours, weekly rest day arrangements shall not be less than 1 day. 12th engaged in commercial passenger vehicle drivers and other crew should faithfully fulfil their responsibilities of protecting life and property safety of travellers, to take effective measures to prevent and combat all kinds of criminal activities.
    Not complying with the provisions of the vehicles on the road equipped with safety equipment operation.
    13th never overload engaged in road passenger vehicles, passenger mix, carry-on items must be properly placed, should not affect the safety, the car must remain within the secure channel, the security gate (Windows) must be launched smoothly, may not install security net, sleeper buses roof retrofit frame or goods is strictly prohibited.
    Non-passenger vehicle or a passenger carrying flammable, explosive, or other dangerous goods are prohibited. 14th road public passenger vehicle speed limit signs on the road while driving by speed limit signs be shown per hour.
    Road passenger vehicles at an infinite speed of three levels or three levels below maximum shall not exceed 60 km/h on roads. 15th when passenger vehicles passing through the crossing, the driver should supervise and urge all passengers to get off, then get on the transition.
    Passenger vehicles by road and railway crossings, tunnels, culverts, must comply with the relevant provisions.
    In case of bad weather such as fog, snow, passenger vehicles must be in accordance with the provisions to take the necessary safety precautions, and strictly comply with the relevant safety regulations.
    16th passenger units and owners of passenger transport should be in accordance with the regulations cover the period effective vehicle third party liability insurance.
    17th public security traffic Administrative Department for road safety of dangerous sections should be set in time vehicle ban or warning signs.
    18th public security traffic administrative departments should conscientiously carry out highway passenger transport safety supervision and inspection functions, for passenger safety responsibility system is not implemented, existing owners of passenger traffic accidents unit of passenger and passenger, to issue improvement notices, order rectification.
    19th public security traffic administrative departments should strengthen highway safety inspections on the dangerous road, travel route and scenic road traffic safety measures should be taken to prevent, investigate and deal with illegal passenger vehicles in a timely manner to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.
    20th article business sex passenger vehicles driver violation this approach, has following behavior one of of, by County above police traffic management sector at 200 Yuan following fine, and once remember illegal scores 3 points: (a) not meet driving highway passenger vehicles conditions driving passenger vehicles of; (ii) timeout driving passenger vehicles of; (three) over provides speed of; (four) unauthorized will highway passenger vehicles handed others driving of;
    (E) non-passenger vehicles in urban station travellers section parking no parking or road carrying passengers up and down.
    21st passenger vehicles manned more than the authorized number, by the public security traffic Administrative Department each overloaded a person a fine of 50 Yuan penalty, overloading 20% one violation points within 3 minutes, over 20% one violation score of 6 and order local transit passengers, transport costs borne by the parties to be punished. 22nd article passenger units or passenger owners violation this approach provides, has following case one of of, by County above police traffic management sector at 500-1000 Yuan fine: (a) not reached engaged in business sex highway passenger qualification conditions, formed effective security management mechanism of individual vehicles unauthorized road engaged in business sex highway passenger of; (ii) forced, and directed, and condoned driver illegal driving or driving not meet security requirements of passenger vehicles of; (three) not implementation security,
    By police traffic management sector ordered deadline rectification, late refused to rectification of; (four) not by provides publicity nuclear contains number, and docked site, and driver name and the photos, by pointed out that refused to corrected of; (five) not by provides equipped with two name above meet driving business sex highway passenger vehicles conditions of driver of; (six) not by provides equipped with security prevention equipment, by ordered corrected, refused to corrected of.
    23rd commercial road vehicles other than passenger vehicles, should strictly abide by the provisions of the road traffic safety management, if speeding, overtaking violation by force, in accordance with these provisions.
    Article 24th passenger vehicle driver or passenger unit, owners of passenger transport in breach of the regulation of traffic and transportation, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the transport sector will be punished.
    25th party administrative handling does not accept the decision made in accordance with this approach, you can apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law. Article 26th police staff of any of the following acts, by their work units to an administrative sanction, serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law: (a) in violation of regulations without approval does not meet the conditions for driving a commercial passenger vehicle drivers engaged in road passenger vehicle driving;

    (Ii) not seriously perform vehicles test duties, led not meet security technology conditions of vehicles engaged in highway passenger, caused major above traffic accident of; (three) found passenger vehicles exists not security hidden, not timely be corrected or fine Hou release and not requirements Party excluded hidden, caused King traffic accident of; (four) found road exists not security hidden not timely report or proposed regulation views, caused King traffic accident of; (five) in highway passenger traffic security management in the has other abuse, and negligence, and
    Acts of favoritism.
                                                                                              27th article this way come into force on May 1, 2003.