Shijiazhuang Urban Water Management Amendment

Original Language Title: 石家庄市城市市区供水管理办法修正案

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(March 25, 2003 in Shijiazhuang city people's Government Executive meeting of the 2nd review on May 8, 2003 128th in Shijiazhuang city people's Government announced), first the town water supply Ordinance of the former increased the "State Council". Second, seventh paragraph of "municipal utilities authority" with the words "city authorities", add the following sentence "is responsible for organizing the implementation of these procedures" as the last word.
    Deletion of the second paragraph.
    Third, eighth, "geology and mineral resources" with the words "land resources".
    Four, 12th "water authority" to "urban management and construction Administrative Department." Five, 14th "water authority" with the words "city management, building departments according to their respective responsibilities". Deletion of the second paragraph.
    Original third paragraph "water authority" to "construction Administrative Department" and this as the second paragraph.
    Six, 16th to read: "new construction, renovation or expansion of urban water supply project siting, design review, the construction unit shall notify the management sector of the city.
    After completion of the city water supply, the construction unit shall organize the investigation, design, construction, supervision, quality supervision units, such as acceptance, and inform the city administration to participate. Acceptance of urban water supply works, to be delivered.
    "Seven, 19th" water authority "with the words" city management "," and take appropriate remedial measures "with the words" or new water supply facility after acceptance, transferred from the unit to the water supply Enterprise free. "
    BA, 20th "plans" after "water" with the words "urban management".
    Nine, 21st "by the Department of water supply according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of construction for qualification certification" to "must have appropriate qualifications".
    Ten, 22nd, one paragraph is added as the second paragraph: "the public water enterprise water plans shall be reported to the city management for record", the original second paragraph as paragraph. The third, 26th by deleting the third. The fourth as the third item.
    The original fifth as the fourth item, and by deleting "more than 1000 cubic meters of water user lihu, changing the nature of water, water required to restore water, should be approved by the water supplies Department, and then to the public water supply enterprises registration procedures." 12, 27th "shall obtain the approval of the water supplies Department and water for 24 hours ' notice in advance units or individuals" to "unit or individual should be 24-hour advance notice to water, and reported to the City Management Department.
    "The last sentence of" water authority "with the words" city management ".
    13, 33rd, two paragraphs were deleted "pressure".
    14, and increased a article as 34th article: "construction, and using two times water facilities, must comply with following provides: (a) new, and alterations, and expansion two times water facilities, should by city management sector and health sector approved, and comply with this approach 15th article, and 16th article provides; (ii) using two times water facilities, should received city management sector issued of two times water facilities using license and health competent sector issued of two times water facilities health license. (C) the secondary water supply facilities should be required to repair, cleaning, disinfection and antisepsis.
    ”。 Article XV, the original article 34th 35th, postponed.
    By deleting paragraph "without consent of the fire departments and public water supply company" and by deleting the contents of the second paragraph.
    16, 43rd, 44 "water authority" with the words "city management".
    17, 45th "Department of water administration" with the words "city management".
    The first sentence of article 18, 46th "water authority" with the words "city management", the second item added as the last sentence: "there is no illegal income or the illegal income is hard to calculate, design units of 1000 Yuan to 5,000 yuan fine, for the construction of 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan in fines;". First sentence of article 19, the 47th "water authority" with the words "city management", the fourth "1000 Yuan to 3,000 yuan" to "3,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan", seventh with the words "use of secondary water supply facilities are not required to obtain the license for use of secondary water supply facilities, 1000 Yuan to 5,000 yuan fine." The second paragraph of "approved by the water authority or mandate, water supply companies to stop water supply.
    "With the words" can be stopped within a certain period of water ".
    Under article 20, the 48th "water authority" with the words "city management", and the second by deleting "request".
    21, 49th "water authority" with the words "city management". 22, an article shall be added as article 51st "was ordered to correct violations is not required to meet their obligations, can be performed by the Urban Management Department, the charges incurred will be borne by the violator.
                                                  "23, former article 50th" water authority "with the words" city management ", and section as the 52nd, postponed.