Administrative Measures For Qiqihar Sports Management

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市体育经营活动管理办法

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(September 22, 2003, Qiqihar city, Government 8th times Executive Conference considered through September 26, 2003, Qiqihar city, Government makes 3rd, announced) first chapter General first article to strengthening on city sports business activities of management, specification sports business behavior, protection sports operators and consumers of lawful rights and interests of, prosperity and development sports career, according to People's Republic of China Sports method and Heilongjiang province sports business activities Management Ordinance, combined this city actual, developed this approach. Second sports business activities mentioned in these measures refers to for-profit, to sports as the content of the operations.
    Include: (a) sports competitions, sports performance, (ii) physical fitness, physical rehabilitation, sports and entertainment; (c) sport technical training, sports information and Sports Agency services; (d) places for sports stadiums and other sports franchise operations; (v) the sports lottery, sports sponsorship, sports advertising; (vi) other sports activities.
    Article where the operators and managers of sports activities within the administrative area of the city, shall be subject to these measures.
    Fourth municipal people's Government encouraged in sports management in accordance with law to encourage the operators to participate in national fitness activities and cultivating elite athletes.
    Director of sport at all levels in the implementation of national health, nurturing excellent athletes achieved remarkable results in the work of sports managers and expose, inform workers of violations in the sports management, encouragement and reward.
    Fifth of municipal sports department is responsible for the supervision and administration of sports management in the administrative area, organizing the implementation of these measures.
    Counties (cities), districts sports authorities responsible for the supervision and management of sports activities within the administrative area.
    Sixth, prices of public security, industry and commerce, taxation, health and environmental protection, quality and technology supervision departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in collaboration with sports authority sports management for the operation of.
    Second chapter bid conditions and program seventh article engaged in sports business activities, should has following and business project phase adapted of conditions: (a) has meet security, and health, and fire, and environmental standard and business activities phase adapted of places and the meet national sports administration sector issued standard of sports facilities, and equipment and equipment; (ii) has meet requirements of registered funds; (three) has after professional training and made qualification certificate of sports professional technicians; (four) other meet about legal, and regulations provides of conditions.
    Eighth article application engaged in sports business activities, should to application who where County (City), and district sports competent sector submitted following basic material: (a) application report book; (ii) about professionals of legal documents; (three) places, and facilities, and equipment, and funds, necessary of description material; (four) police, and health, and fire, and environmental, sector issued of about material.
    Cooperation, should also provide copies of cooperation agreements, contracts, etc. Nineth for sports management application, by County (City), the sports authorities are responsible for the audit.
    Auditing standards, issued uniformly by the sports authorities of the Heilongjiang provincial sports license or temporary sport license in the Heilongjiang province.
    Article tenth of County (City), area sports authority shall, within 5 working days for sports management application for the answer.
    11th to engage in sports activities of administrators, teachers, instructors, coaches, ambulance staff, practitioners of information management activities shall be subject to local sports authorities above the county level qualification or professional examination, having made the sports management professional certification, certified.
    Have achieved intermediate professional titles above sports coaches, sports management for the corresponding item, shall present his valid documents to the local sports authorities above the county level shall directly apply for the qualification of sports management professionals.
    12th Chinese sports lottery, municipal sports lottery administrative center should be in accordance with the State Sports General Administration and the implementation of the provisions of the Ministry, and chest should be used for the development of sports.
    13th release ads of sports management, sports authorities above the county level shall be subject to professional review, the formalities to the relevant departments.
    14th sport and sports performances of name, logo, mascot after sports authorities, it should be, to go through relevant procedures in other sectors.
    15th bid for the dangerous, social influence and may affect the physical and mental health of adolescents sports management, subject to a bid where the counties (cities), districts sports after the approval of the competent authorities, to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce, where the formalities.
    Article 16th sports contests or events, security measures should be developed and reported to the local public security Department for the record 20 days in advance, receive their security management.
    17th intermediaries engaged in sports brokering service, professional examination shall be approved by the sports authorities above the county level, carried out by the industry and commerce administration departments at broker Basics training, by the Administrative Department for industry and Commerce procedures.
    18th Chapter management sports business operators shall adhere to the principle of good faith, ensure quality of service, not fraud, spoofing sports consumer. Article 19th sports management project, the time and place shall not be arbitrarily changed.
    Change shall be 15 days in advance to the County (City) and district sports authorities to apply for and go through the procedures of alteration according to law.
    Physical operators out of business, should be reported to the sports authorities and return the relevant documents.
    Are strictly prohibited in the article 20th sports management superstition, gambling and providing sexual services, such as hazard and adolescent physical and mental health of the people, and disorderly behavior. Article 21st of the sports license in Heilongjiang province and the Heilongjiang provincial sports management documents such as adopt an annual inspection of the professional qualification certificate system, by the city and County (City), sports authorities on schedule.
    Inspection certificate fee only charged by the regulation.
    22nd prohibits forged, altered, transferred, leased, traded sports management documents. Article 23rd of sport activity shall not be admitted without a permit or without approval of management athletic competition or sports activities.
    Public places of mass sports activities and facilities, without the approval of the seat sport Department, shall not be used for business activities.
    Article 24th sports operators is not allowed without the qualification certificate of sports management professionals who engage in sports management in the training, mentoring, coaching, first aid and other activities.
    25th sports management of sports facilities and equipment should be maintained in good condition and to ensure safe and proper use.
    26th sports operators should consciously accept the sports authority and other relevant departments of the authority, may obstruct, resist law enforcement personnel carrying out their duties.
    27th sports operators should pay taxes according to law and pay related fees in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    28th in violation of fourth chapter penalty provisions of this approach, units and individuals of any of the following acts, by the city and County (City) and district sports authorities according to the management authority and depending on the seriousness, given the following punishments: (a) without approval of the sports authority, without engaging in sports activities, and ordered to stop business, impose a fine of 2000 to 5000 Yuan.
    (B) without engaging in high risk, social influence, and may affect the physical and mental health of adolescents sports management, ordered to stop business activities, confiscation of illegal income, and impose a fine of 2000 to 10000 Yuan.
    (C) unauthorized use without the sports management professionals qualified certificate of staff engaged in activities related to sports management, ordered to stop the sports management, and impose a fine of 500 Yuan to 2000 Yuan.
    (D) counterfeiting, sale of sports management documents, illegal documents and illegal income confiscated, and a fine of 3000 to 10000 Yuan fine to modify, transfer, lease of sports management documents, confiscate the illegal income, and impose a fine of 1000 to 5000 Yuan.
    (E) changing sports management, time, place, ordered to rectify, and a fine of 1000 to 5000 Yuan fines; losses caused to a consumer shall bear liability.
    (Vi) not subject to annual inspection, ordered to accept inspection within a prescribed time who refuses to accept the order and cease its business activities, and impose a fine of 500 Yuan to 2000 Yuan.
    (VII) superstition in sports management, gambling activities and providing sexual services, such as hazard and adolescent physical and mental health of the people, disturbing public order, canceled its license.
    Violation of these rules for the first time, minor, caused no significant loss of person and property and give a warning and order them to correct, without financial penalties.
    29th sports operator in the business activities, contrary to industry and commerce, taxation, public security, health, environmental protection, laws and regulations on price, quality and technology supervision, in accordance with their respective functions and powers, shall be legally punished by the relevant authorities.
    Article 30th fined according to this approach, provincial financial departments should be used uniformly printed bills and related provisions for separating penalty paid Executive in this city. 31st party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    If no application for reconsideration does not sue nor performs the decision on punishment, to sectors where the decision may apply to a people's Court according to law enforcement.
    32nd article violates these rules, serious enough to constitute a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
    Article 33rd sports in the Sports Management Department staff in the management of negligence, abuse of power, favoritism, bribes, by their work units or higher authorities, impose administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, the judicial organ shall investigate its criminal responsibility. The fifth chapter by-laws

    34th sports mentioned in these measures refers to designated by the international sports organizations and the national sports Administration Department, and the city has enhanced physical fitness and entertainment of national and folk traditional sports. Including: archery, and track and field, and badminton, and baseball, and basketball, and boxing, and kayak, and bike (containing mountain car), and Equestrian, and fencing, and football, and gymnastics (containing rhythmic gymnastics), and handball, and hockey, and judo, and modern five items, and rowing, and shooting, and swimming (containing diving, and synchronized swimming, and water polo), and softball, and table tennis, and tennis (containing soft type tennis), and volleyball (containing beach volleyball), and weightlifting, and wrestling, and sailing (containing windsurfing), and speed skating, and short road speed skating, and figure skating, and ice hockey, and alpine ski, and off-road ski, and Platform ski, and Nordic two items, and free type ski, and winter two items, and snowmobile, and snow pry, and ice pot, and bowling, and to throwing ball, and golf, and billiards, and Sepak takraw, and wall ball, and chess, and China chess, and go, and bridge, and navigation model, and aviation model, and skydiving, and power umbrella, and glide umbrella, and glide, and hanging glide, and hot air balloon, and climbing, and climbing, and car, and vehicles model, and motorcycle, and motorboat, and ski, and fin swimming, and radio, and China type wrestling, and martial arts, and skills, and iron man three items, and Tae kwon do, and crossbow, and roller skating
    , Skateboarding, fishing, pigeon, dragon dance, lion dance, dragon boat, kite, gateball, shuttlecock, qigong, aerobics, dance aerobics, sports, trampoline, karts, shuffleboard, etc.
    35th article of the approach by the municipal people's Government is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                                                    36th these measures shall come into force on October 26, 2003.