Huainan City Civil Air Defense Project Construction And Maintenance Management

Original Language Title: 淮南市人民防空工程建设和维护管理规定

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(October 15, 2003 Huainan Government 6th times Executive Conference considered through October 20, 2003 Huainan Government makes 94th, announced) first article for specification people air defense engineering construction and maintenance management, utilization underground space, save land resources, improve city air defense General level, protection people life and property security, according to People's Republic of China people air defense method, and Anhui Province implementation straddling People's Republic of China people air defense method approach, about legal, and regulations,
    This municipality actually, these provisions are formulated.
    Article of civil air defense works in these rules (hereinafter referred to as civil air defense projects) is to protect the wartime personnel and material cover, people's air defense command, a separate medical aid in building underground protection of architecture and landscape architecture construction of a basement that can be used for air defense in time of war (hereinafter air defence), as well as its supporting access, camouflage and other ancillary facilities.
    Civil construction mentioned in these regulations refers to industrial production plant and its all unproductive facilities construction.
    Article city, County (district) people's Governments shall incorporate civil air defense construction into national economic and social development plan, into government objectives. Fourth city, County (district) Government Civil Air Defense Department (hereinafter referred to as civil defence authorities) responsible for the Administration in the common civil air defense project construction and maintenance management, responsible for the Administration in the supervision and management of civil air defense project construction and maintenance.
    Development, planning, construction, finance, pricing, land and resources, environmental protection, public security, industry and commerce, transportation and public health Administrative Department shall, within their respective areas of responsibility, such as civil air defense engineering construction and maintenance work.
    Fifth city civil air defense departments shall, jointly with relevant departments according to national defense needs, combined with the preparation of civil air defense project construction planning of urban construction, the approval of the people's Governments and military organs.
    Civil air defense construction plan should be integrated into the overall urban planning urban district planning and detailed planning of the contents and requirements of civil air defense project construction.
    Sixth city, County (district), civil defense authorities shall, in accordance with national and provincial requirements to organize preparation of the annual plan for the civil air defense construction, examination by the competent Department of the people's Governments at the corresponding level development plans, submitted to the next higher Civil Defense Department for approval. Seventh article in city planning district and important economic target District new civil according to following standard synchronization built air defense basement: (a) new 10 layer above or based buried deep 3 meters above civil, according to ground first layer area built, its anti-force grade should reached 6 level above; (ii) new residents residential (containing dangerous refurbished residential) floor, except first items provides of outside, according to ground first layer area built, its anti-force grade should reached 6 b level; (three) new except first items, and second items outside of civil,
    Total construction area of 2% built on the ground, the level of resistance should reach more than 6.
    Development zones and industrial parks in the city and the important economic targets in new buildings, in line with the principles of safety, economy, ease of development, total floor area shall be calculated according to a one-time plan the ground area, concentrated constructed.
    Article eighth supporting construction of the basement should be synchronized with the main part of the project construction, the required funds into construction project investment plan.
    Nineth article has following case one of of, units can to city civil defense competent sector proposed application, by approved the civil can not built air defense basement, by provides paid civil defense engineering easily construction fee, by civil defense competent sector is responsible for easily built: (a) for geological conditions should not be built air defense basement of civil project; (ii) construction lots underground pipeline intensive, should not be beyond must depth construction or to take measures guarantee construction security of civil project;
    (C) the seventh article in accordance with the provisions should be built first floor, basement area is less than the civil construction area of the project.
    Article tenth construction fees should be paid in full into the civil air defense projects easy financial account, included in the defense budget management, for use in civil air defense construction, no unit or individual may level, intercept or appropriate.
    In addition to laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the State, approved by any organization or individual is allowed to be built in a certain region air defence, shall not grant relief should be built basement area and changing fee. 11th air defence authorities participate in the new buildings of the city plan and project to build the instance, and basement area, grade standards, construction requirements and also to change conditions for the construction of such review.
    Review meets the requirements, issued by the civil construction of basement submissions, Administrative Department of planning before construction project planning permit.
    Civil defense authorities to participate in building air-defense basement of civil building construction drawing design documents for review, and audit the design files, after they have been approved and construction Administrative Department before issuing construction drawing design documents for examination and approval.
    12th in line with conditions of off-site construction of basement, by the Defense Department for examination and approval, pay a fee for construction of civil air defense projects easy not according to stipulations, planning and administrative authorities may issue construction project planning permit, construction Administrative Department may issue construction permits. 13th acceptance of civil air defense works before they can deliver.
    Unqualified, civil defense authorities shall order the employer to take remedial measures cannot be remedied, should be required to the standard construction fee payment easy.
    14th article civil defense engineering completed acceptance should meet design requirements, has following conditions: (a) key parts, and hidden engineering construction records complete, construction quality reached requirements, no hidden, and no leakage water; (ii) all protection equipment meet requirements, installation complete, and running normal; (three) engineering backfill by design requirements complex soil finished; (four) protection district and non-protection district junction wear wall pipeline closed processing meet requirements; (five) completed information complete. 15th due to construction needs to dismantle civil air defense projects, should be reported to the civil defence authority for review and approval.
    By approved demolition civil defense engineering of, demolition units should comply with following provides: (a) in provides of term within by many Yu original engineering area, and not below original engineering anti-force grade be fill built; (ii) for conditions limit cannot fill built of, by provides standard to civil defense competent sector paid easily construction fee, by civil defense competent sector organization easily construction; (three) for new civil demolition original civil defense engineering of, shall not to new civil should built air defense basement of area rushed arrived should fill built civil defense engineering of area.
    16th civil air defense engineering maintenance and security management by civil air defense projects management unit is responsible for.
    Civil air defense projects management unit should be equipped with or specify a civil air defense engineering managers, establish and improve the system of maintenance and management of civil air defence works, the implementation of safety responsibility system such as fire protection, security, privacy, build engineering archive and maintenance records.
    17th article civil defense engineering maintenance management should reached following standard: (a) engineering structure intact; (ii) engineering internal environment clean, no leakage water, air, and water meet health requirements; (three) protection closed equipment, and facilities performance good, wind, and water, and electric system work normal; (four) metal, and wood quality parts no rust, and damaged; (five) import and export road smooth, fire facilities, and orifice camouflage equipment intact. 18th article ban following against civil defense engineering security of behavior: (a) in civil defense engineering internal production, and store flammable, and easy burst, and toxic, and radioactive and corrosion sex items; (ii) to civil defense engineering internal and orifice, and out entrance excretion wastewater, and exhaust or dumping solid waste; (three) occupied, and jam civil defense engineering evacuation road, and ventilation orifice and out entrance; (four) cover, and damaged civil defense engineering of measurement logo; (five) in tunnel type civil defense engineering above and sides 50 meters range within take soil, and quarrying or in authentic type, and
    Around dug in, attached air defence works within 2 meters of soil, (vi) other acts that damage to civil air defense engineering facilities and equipment.
    19th article about sector should civil defense engineering of construction give following guarantees: (a) guarantees civil defense command engineering, and public civil defense engineering and with supporting of import and export road, and orifice, and out entrance, and mouth Department camouflage room, construction with to; (ii) in approval construction project Shi left out civil defense engineering import and export Department of security distance; (three) civil defense engineering connection city power, and water, and drainage, and communications, System Shi, provides necessary of conditions.
    20th a violation of this provision, by the Defense Department or other relevant departments in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and regulations shall be punished; constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    21st people's air defense construction and maintenance management authority and dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism, in charge and other personnel directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                                                                22nd article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2004.