Inbound And Outbound Cargo, Guangdong Province Vehicle Inspection Regulation

Original Language Title: 广东省进出境货运车辆检查场管理规定

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(August 25, 2003 Guangdong Province Government 22nd times Executive Conference considered through September 28, 2003 Guangdong Province Government makes 84th, announced) first article to strengthening Guangdong Province inbound and outbound freight vehicles check field of management, specification check field of identification, and regulatory work, promote foreign economic trade of development, convenient inbound and outbound goods transport, according to State on port open of several provides and place port management institutions duties range provisional provides
    And port inspection work related laws and regulations, this provision is enacted.
    Guangdong Province article turnover boundary cargo vehicles (hereinafter car) is the entry and exit of vehicles and cargo inspection sites.
    Vehicle inspection field named "name + turnover boundary cargo vehicles."
    Article people's Government port management departments at all levels is the vehicle inspection authorities in the region, is responsible for the inspection of integrated planning, management and coordination, and to organize the implementation of this provision and supervision and inspection. Article fourth port in these rules refers to goods or direct ports of entry or exit of vehicles, including road crossings, ports, rail, ports and air ports, and so on.
    Vehicles mentioned in these measures refers to freight vehicles through Hong Kong and Macao (including the territory of ports to pick up and unload goods transited between customs control vehicles).
    Article fifth inspection the identification of regulatory tasks, where accredited inspection bodies, checked by the local port authorities and port inspection department, after consultation, the provincial port authorities approved by the relevant competent authorities.
    Opening of the sixth vehicle inspection administered by the prefecture-level city, port authorities, port authorities.
    Seventh article application opened inspection field should provides following information: (a) opened inspection field of feasibility research report (containing three years within import and export supply forecast situation and development prospects); (ii) opened inspection field of scale and the related supporting facilities; (three) location city planning administrative competent sector of location submissions; (four) location Government approved project project of file; (five) location check test sector of views.
    After the completion of the eighth car, port should be reported to the provincial port authorities organization unit acceptance before they can be used.
    Nineth adjustment of inspection, removal, cancellation, and close, location of the inspection port management request for port inspection department, by the host Government consent, by the prefecture-level city, port management approval of the provincial port authorities.
    Article tenth inspection of any of the following circumstances, the provincial port authorities should be adjusted or removed: (a) identification of the vehicle decreased below car identification 30% of the design capacity.
    (B) the inspection conditions do not have and can not improve, not suitable for continued use.
    11th car has one of the following circumstances, the provincial port authorities should be rectification or closed: (a) is not required for approval, should set up, relocation.
    (B) management, trafficking, in serious cases.
    12th article port and inspection field of check test sector on vehicles and goods of check test work should strengthening coordination tie, improve clearance speed and service quality: (a) on in entry port handle border check and test quarantine procedures, and by Customs imposed shut seal shunt to inspection field of entry vehicles, owner or carrier sector must to refers to shipped to inspection field of check test sector declared, accept check test.
    (B) the inspection at the inspection, and completed in time of departure formalities such as customs goods, except for fresh agricultural products, food and other products, the exit port is no longer implemented inspection, inspection inspection departments for inspection approval before release.
    (C) to carry inflammable, explosive or dangerous goods, such as fresh agricultural products vehicles, vehicle inspection the inspection units should give priority to inspection.
    13th inspection within the vehicle without consent of the inspection department may not load or unload cargo, arbitrarily or parked in the inspection areas. Article 14th inspection departments need to discharge check vehicles, carriage and handling personnel should have the cargo field recorded.
    No records available, breakage, damage, poor, issued by departments responsible; packaging breakage, damage caused by handling personnel mishandling, loading and unloading operations management responsibilities.
    15th article inspection field location port management sector is responsible for inspection field of integrated management and coordination work, its main task is: (a) supervision inspection field implementation the regulations, do security prevention work; (ii) convened standing inspection field check test sector and the units regularly held work meeting, coordination solution about problem; (three) Organization carried out port build socialist spiritual activities; (four) disposal inspection field burst event.
    16th into the inspection departments, should be made for the use of venues and local port authorities have signed safety, fire alarm, security management, and responsibility. 17th inspection required construction of isolation facilities and setting up the card, and be closed management. Inspection by departmental staff in uniform and wearing flags and out; other personnel who need access to a car, access to documents must be worn, subject to verification checks.
    Access for the inspection of documents, issued centrally by the local port authorities. 18th inspection field should be according to the relevant provisions of inspection work and the actual situation, develop the management rules and regulations, and set the farm vehicle routes, such as stop signs. Entering inspection personnel, vehicles must comply with the relevant provisions, subject to management and scheduling.
    Not subject to management and Interference inspection of the normal operation of the site, in accordance with relevant regulations; illegal and criminal activities in the inspection field, sent to judicial organs according to law. 19th inspection fees of all parties concerned, administrative fees as provided for in the national and provincial enforcement; other service charges must be approved by local price administration departments.
    And standard fees and charges should be made public, subject to public supervision.
    About the lack of implementation of inspection and provision of vehicles and cargo, shall not charge a fee.
    Ports to the same vehicle and its cargo and vehicle inspection shall not be charged.
    Article 20th standing car field management, inspection departments, and service units should publish procedures and service commitments.
    The municipal people's Government in accordance with the provisions of the article 21st, combined with the actual situation of the region, formulate specific implementing rules. 22nd article of the regulations come into force on November 1, 2003.
                                                                                        February 3, 1993 issued by the provincial Government of Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao abrogated the interim measures for the administration of freight vehicle inspection field.