Implementation Measures For Fire Protection Safety Responsibility System In Henan Province

Original Language Title: 河南省消防安全责任制实施办法

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(December 8, 2003, Henan provincial people's Government announced, 79th), first in order to prevent fires and fire hazards, clear fire safety responsibilities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on fire and the Fire Services Ordinance, Henan province, these measures are formulated.
    Article in within the administrative area of the province of organs, organizations, enterprises or institutions (hereafter referred to as units) and the village (neighborhood) committees must be in accordance with the fire control laws and regulations and these rules, the implementation of fire safety system.
    Third article levels Government and administrative sector and units of statutory representative people or main head is this district, and this sector or this units fire security of responsibility people, on fire security work negative led responsibility; levels Government and administrative sector and units is in charge of fire security work of head, on fire security work negative directly led responsibility; units the post fire security responsibility people, on this post of fire security negative directly responsibility. Fourth article County above government law is responsible for this administrative within of fire security work, perform following fire security duties: (a) publicity and implement implementation fire legal, and regulations, and regulations, enhanced citizens of fire security consciousness; (ii) will fire work into economy and social development plans, strengthening public fire facilities construction, guarantees fire funding input, makes fire work and economic construction and social development phase adapted; (three) will fire work into agenda, analysis fire security work situation,
    Study and solve major problems existing in the fire in a timely manner and (iv) on major holidays, and the fire season, shall organize and conduct fire safety inspections, fire precaution measures, (v) public security fire control institutions reported to exist due to fire hazard should suspend processing instructions, or disagree with the decision made in a timely manner according to law.
    The Township people's Governments, neighborhood offices shall perform the preceding paragraph (a), (c), (d) function. Fifth article County above police organ on this administrative within of fire work implementation supervision management, and by its police fire institutions is responsible for implementation, perform following fire security duties: (a) implementation fire legal, and regulations, and regulations and fire technology standard, developed fire work of specific measures, strictly law administrative; (ii) law for fire security administrative approval or audit, strengthening fire products supervision, according to statutory time on fire engineering for acceptance; (three) law carried out fire security checks, Is responsible for urged take fire security, deadline elimination fire hidden; (four) received fire, should immediately rushed to the fire, is responsible for rescue distress personnel, excluded danger, fight fire; (five) is responsible for survey fire reasons, participation processing fire accident; (six) on units full-time fire brigade and obligations fire team for Business Guide, is responsible for on fire post of personnel for training, promoted fire intermediary service institutions construction and fire work socialization development; (seven) law participate in other disaster or accident of rescue rescue, perform legal
    And the other duties stipulated by laws and regulations.
    Sixth fire safety coordinator and members, as well as the Executive branch of Government shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, do the relevant fire safety works.
    Development and reform and financial sector in the preparation of national economic and social development plan and budget, should pay attention to the construction of fire-fighting facilities, belonging to the scope of investment in fixed assets, shall be included in the fixed assets investment plan and to ensure that fire funds the allocated in full.
    Construction Administrative Department fire protection planning should be incorporated into the overall planning of urban construction, ensuring synchronization of fire-fighting facilities and other municipal infrastructure planning and construction, synchronous development.
    Communications departments shall, in accordance with the provisions of fire-building green and fire command center and fire station, water supply, electricity, gas, first aid, traffic management and other departments dispatch line between the unit and to ensure smooth communication.
    Education, labour, production Safety Administration will fire control knowledge into teaching and training.
    Administrative Department of press and publication, radio and television shall make regular, targeted fire safety publicity and education obligations.
    Administration for industry and commerce, culture, public health, tourism, Home Affairs, agriculture and other administrative departments in administration according to law, shall assist the public security fire control institutions to enhance fire safety management.
    Other government departments should be combined with the actual situation of the sector, implementing fire protection measures prescribed by law, statutes, regulations, publicity and education of fire, targeted fire safety self-inspection and management, urging units according to law to reform the fire hazard.
    Seventh unit shall comply with fire safety laws, regulations and Ministry of public security organs, organizations, enterprises, and institutions of fire safety regulations, implementation of the fire safety system, a clear step by step and post fire safety responsibilities, determining fire safety responsibilities and ensure the fire safety of the unit.
    Eighth article neighborhood (community) should perform following fire security duties: (a) do area of fire security work, maintenance area fire security; (ii) developed residents fire Convention, sound fire security system, carried out fire security and family fire knowledge publicity education; (three) on residents residential floor, and hospital of fire security for check, corrected blocked, and occupied fire channel, and water, fire illegal behavior; (four) occurred fire Shi, timely alarm, organization evacuation area residents.
    Nineth article village Committee should perform following fire security duties: (a) do this village mass of fire work, maintenance this village fire security; (ii) developed villagers fire Convention, carried out fire security publicity education; (three) according to production season, organization carried out fire security checks, elimination fire hidden; (four) urged this village belongs economic organization do fire security work; (five) guarantees this village fire engine channel smooth, has conditions of should reserve fire water;
    (Vi) condition can set up amateur fire self self-help organizations, with the necessary fire-fighting equipment, fire, assisting public security fire control institutions in fire fighting. Tenth levels of people's Governments and units of fire protection safety responsibility system should be established in accordance with requirements gradually signed fire safety responsibility.
    Responsibility should include a clear responsibility of people, targets, measures and incentives, etc. 11th people's Governments at various levels of implementation of the responsibility system of fire safety should be incorporated into the objective management system of the Government, and for periodic evaluation.
    Review, higher people's Governments to lower level people's Governments implement quantitative evaluation, assessment work by the higher people's Government is responsible for public security fire control institutions, evaluation findings reported to people's Governments at the same level.
    Unit of fire protection safety responsibility system should be integrated into the internal annual assessment of the implementation.
    People's Governments at all levels, as well as after the end of the examination, shall, in accordance with fire safety laws, rules, regulations and accountability requirements, rewards and punishments.
    12th do not implement fire safety responsibility system, and resulting in fire accidents, in accordance with national and provincial safety provisions of administrative responsibility, leadership and responsibility of the person concerned, impose administrative sanctions.
    Violation of the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be given administrative punishments, by public security fire control institutions under fire laws, regulations, administrative penalties regulation constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    13th administrative supervisory organs shall, in accordance with the provisions of the law on administrative supervision, to all levels of people's Governments and administrative departments and monitor administrative staff to carry out fire safety duties.
                                                                                  14th these measures come into force on January 1, 2004.

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