In Fushun Urban Construction Archives Management

Original Language Title: 抚顺市城市建设档案管理办法

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(Fushun city, December 4, 2003 the people's Government of the 10th General Meeting announced on December 12, 2003, Fushun city people's Government, the 104th) first in order to strengthen urban construction archives (hereinafter referred to as the urban construction archives), into full play in urban planning, construction and management of urban construction archives in the role, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on archives, archives Ordinance, the State of the science and technology of construction engineering quality control and standards
    Code for construction project document filing and other relevant laws and regulations, these measures are formulated.
    Article Archives mentioned in these measures refers to urban planning, construction, management and research activities directly, save for the national and community value of text, drawings, graphics, photos, audio, video and other carriers of the history.
    Article where in the urban planning areas in the construction and formation of urban construction archives of citizens, legal persons and other organizations shall comply with these measures.
    Fourth work of urban construction archives in accordance with unified leadership and management principles, establish a municipal urban construction archives-centric, the formed units of the urban construction Archives Archives of urban construction archives management network to ensure complete and accurate, the system of urban construction archives, safe and effective use. Fifth of municipal urban and rural construction Committee is responsible for the city's urban construction archives management, business administration, supervision and guidance of the municipal archives and daily work of the Office of the municipal urban construction archives management of urban construction archives (municipal archives).
    Management of urban construction archives, archives administration, after the implementation of administrative punishments must be reported to authorities.
    Sixth municipal urban construction archives is responsible for collecting and maintaining the city needs long-term and permanent preservation of urban construction archives information, organization theory and professional training of urban construction archives, establish and improve the system of urban construction archives management, positive development of urban construction archives information resources, providing access to archives and technical advisory services for the community.
    Utilization of urban construction archives and technical advice should follow the paid services and the principle of combining free service, range of fees and standards for services rendered in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, province. Seventh article City urban construction archives main received following construction engineering of archives: (a) city industrial construction (including factory and various underground pipeline engineering); (ii) city civil engineering (including building regional or community of various underground pipeline engineering); (three) City Municipal based facilities Engineering; (four) city public based facilities Engineering; (five) city public traffic based facilities Engineering; (six) City Garden construction, and landscape places construction engineering; (seven) City City sanitation facilities construction engineering; (eight)
    Urban flood control, seismic, civil air defense projects, (IX) archives of military works, besides the military restricted zones and military administrative zones through the city underground pipeline and the location map on the hidden works.
    Eighth municipal urban construction archives should collect the following with city planning, construction and management of the urban construction of basic data: (a) historical information including history, historical and cultural heritage, place names, such as the history of the construction and facilities information.
    (B) urban nature information include meteorological, hydrological, geological and seismic data.
    (C) city technical and economic data including the city economy, population, natural resources, environment, transport, education, scientific research, public health, sports, industry, enterprises and the present situation and development of statistical information.
    (D) the urban development guidelines, policies, regulations, plans, statistics, and information on design, research, construction and other technical specifications.
    The Nineth construction units should be signed with the Department of urban construction archives management of the responsibility for the submitted project files. Article tenth of the building, design and construction units should be in accordance with the relevant provisions to establish a sound system of engineering drawing change, Supplement.
    Where changes, such supplementary drawings should be rescheduling of construction engineering archives, and in urban construction Archives within three months after completion of pay changes. 11th construction, subsurface utility engineering completion diagram must be drawing clear, consistent with the building entity, and affix the completed stamp.
    Completion of incomplete, inaccurate, do not meet the filing requirements of construction project, no acceptance record. 12th construction units in engineering before the completion, required attention of the Municipal Department of urban construction archives management for pre-acceptance of construction engineering archives. Acceptance of, by construction of urban construction archives management Department of the Liaoning province, preliminary inspection certificate of the project files.
    The construction of key projects of the city, the construction unit shall notify the municipal archives Administration Department attended pre-acceptance and participation in acceptance of completed files.
    13th construction units at the time of construction engineering completion approval must be submitted when filing the filing preliminary inspection certificate of completion of the construction of Liaoning province, or building not for acceptance by the Administrative Department for the record. 14th construction, underground pipeline upon completion and acceptance of the works, the employer is required to complete the transfer of urban construction archives project files. Transfer of urban construction archives should conform to the State standards, issue a certificate of urban construction archives in Liaoning province.
    The certificate of urban construction archives in Liaoning province as relevant departments in charge of enterprises, enterprise quality inspection and evaluation of quality of construction grade of important content.
    15th construction file shall be accompanied by the transfer of urban construction Archives Project photo and video archive.
    16th section where the production, postponed projects, engineering data temporarily by the employer care; construction mechanism and moving, business transfer and management of buildings, the right to change, to do the engineering records transfer, storage, by implementing as-built drawing units, in conjunction with the construction of the original submission to urban construction archives project files. The 17th census of urban underground pipeline network, and supplementary fill paint work, shall, within six months after the end of the data together with the municipal urban construction archives record the transfer of underground pipe network graph.
    Underground pipelines management changes, this year should be scrapped, missed part of the pipeline status and related information transfer to the archives.
    18th urban construction archives for permanent custody of the city's important bases of the urban construction archives, Museum Library should have adapted to urban development facilities, equipped with the appropriate professional and technical personnel, gradually adopting new technology, strengthen the protection of archival science, realize the modernization of file management, requirements, coordinated by the municipal finance arrangements.
    The 19th counties (districts) should strengthen the area of urban construction archives management, counties, towns (townships) construction archive work in small town construction and development planning, and keep an eye on this area requires long-term and permanent preservation of urban construction archives. 20th article violates these rules, building upon completion and acceptance of the works, the employer undue extension or does not follow the standard handed over to urban construction archives project files, a rectification.
    Overdue pay by the municipal construction administrative departments under the State Council of the relevant provisions of the construction engineering quality management regulation, fined not more than between 100,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.
    21st urban construction archives management officials who abuse their powers, neglect their duties causes file loss or favoritism at work, fees, fines, and by their work units and the competent authorities directly responsible and competent personnel to administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility by judicial organs.
                                                                                                22nd article this way as of January 12, 2004, Government issued (1983) 123th, of the interim measures for the management of urban construction archives in Fushun repealed simultaneously.

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