Qiqihar City Centre Urban House Demolition Compensation

Original Language Title: 齐齐哈尔市中心城区房屋拆迁补偿办法

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(January 17, 2004, Qiqihar city, the people's Government of the 12th Executive meeting January 18, 2004, 1th, Qiqihar city people's Government promulgated as of February 18, 2004) first in order to safeguard the legal rights of parties involved in the demolition to ensure smooth implementation of the project, according to the national regulations of the urban housing units management and construction of the urban House dismantlement valuation guidelines and relevant provisions of the provincial and municipal units management, these measures are formulated.
    Article in this central city (Lonza, tie feng, Jian Hua in three areas) urban housing demolition on State-owned land within the planning scheme area involved building valuation, compensation and benefits and other activities, these measures shall apply.
    Article removed building appraisal work should be performed by a qualified level agreed by the municipal construction Administrative Department, submitted to the provincial assessment organization approved by administrative authorities. Fourth house demolition compensation by appraisal agencies under the House to be demolished location, purpose, floor space and other factors, assessed according to market law (tax not included).
    Market comparison approach does not have the conditions, other valuation methods can be used.
    Demolition parties shall be the valuation institutions must provide evaluation information, site survey will assist assessment organization.
    Fifth property management should allow appraisal institutions and valuation officers be demolished housing ownership files and information related to real estate transactions.
    Sixth House to be demolished property right certificates use callout ambiguous, the demolition party controversial for a legitimate purpose, shall within 3rd demolition date of result announcement to the urban planning administrative departments to submit written applications for city planning administrative departments from the date of receipt of the application in writing according to the relevant provisions in the 10th confirmed or reply. House to be demolished property does not match the license tagging area and the actual demolition area disputed by the parties, shall demolition findings public within 3rd day of written applications to the municipal housing area of accreditation bodies, municipal housing area of accreditation body on the date of receipt of the applicant's written material within 5th will result in writing inform the parties involved in the demolition.
    Identification area results shall prevail, identification of costs borne by the applicant.
    Seventh of municipal construction Administrative Department shall, according to the real estate deal of the year prices, published at least once a year in different regions, different uses and different structures housing market prices.
    Article eighth valuation institutions should be carried out according to the procedures laid down in national assessments, valuation report in accordance with laws. Demolition parties with questions about valuation reports, can contribute to the assessment body.
    Evaluation institutions should explain the basis for evaluation, principles, procedures, methods, parameters, selection and evaluation process.
    Nineth dismantlement valuation report on objections by the parties, from the date of the valuation report is received in the 5th, may apply to the valuation agency review of valuation, may also entrust the valuation institutions for evaluation. Article tenth demolition Parties apply to the valuation institutions review the valuation, the valuation institutions shall from the date of receipt of the written review of the applications of valuation in the 5th for the answer.
    Changed as a result of valuation, valuation report should be issued again; the valuation results did not change, it shall issue a written notice.
    Demolition parties entrust appraisal institutions, entrusted with the valuation Office shall demolition price disclosure made within the time limit of the valuation report.
    11th demolition party on the review of the original appraisal agencies disagrees with the results or entrust his valuation of the results with the original valuation differences cannot reach a consensus and consultation, receipt of the review results, or from the date of valuation reports issued by Entrust his valuation agency 5th may, house price valuation expert Committee (Committee of experts hereinafter referred to as valuation) for identification.
    Evaluation Expert Committee shall be from the date of receipt of the application in the 10th, to apply the valuation report of the valuation basis and valuation results of valuation techniques, such as written expert opinions to the questions.
    Valuation reports there are no technical issues, valuation report should be maintained; valuation reports of technical problems, appraisal agencies should be corrected again issue a valuation report. 12th house to be demolished comprehensive valuation of less than 720 Yuan per square meter, demolished by 720 Yuan per square meter standard should be dismantled to compensate.
    Comprehensive total compensation than 21000 House to be demolished, according to 21000 standard compensation.
    Demolition notices have been issued by the public service before publishing the urban minimum living allowance recipients certificate holders and loss of ability to work, without a source of housing for people with disabilities, removal shall be in the original legal area based on 3 square meters of compensation.
    Civil affairs departments should be according to the provisions of the urban minimum living guarantee payment eligibility and conditions identified and receive certificate of the urban minimum living guarantees issued, with the compensation work.
    13th cable TV, telephone, power, gas facilities and other ancillary facilities according to current installed prices compensated for housing; fruit trees with trunk diameters for every 0.01 m 25 Yuan compensation.
    Demolishes houses on its own decoration, decoration, cost either by valuation authorities into a new assessment by demolisher compensation. Compliant domestic relocation announcement of license-free housing whose household, where the demolition and formed an independent family, indeed no other residence, demolished in accordance with the housing areas to be demolished by 240 Yuan per square meter standard compensation.
    License-free housing built after 2004 again, without compensation.
    Public housing tenants choose monetary compensation and did not enjoy the housing reform policy, the demolisher 20% of the total amount of monetary compensation should be paid to the homeowners, 80% paid to the lessee.
    Article 14th has been compensated for the buildings and structures and ancillary facilities were handed over to demolish demolition.
    15th residential houses have been demolished choose monetary compensation, by the party to a removal allowance costs 200 Yuan, select housing property rights Exchange, relocation allowances issued by the party twice. Non-residential housing, use for Office, according to 6 Yuan per square meter standard plan hair removal subsidy costs; use for commercial, by 10 yuan per square meter standard plan hair removal subsidy costs; use for production and processing, by 20 Yuan per square meter standard plan hair removal allowances.
    Choose monetary compensation, to a removal allowance costs; select property rights Exchange, sent two relocation allowance.
    Units have been let out of the housing, and relocation allowances issued to the lessee. 16th article demolition people should on select housing property replacement of residential housing of was demolition people or housing tenant people, according to its original housing ownership card as contains ming of area, combined transition term, by monthly each square meters 6 Yuan standard meter sent temporary placed subventions; on select housing property replacement of original housing uses for Office nature of non-residential housing of was demolition people or housing tenant people, according to its original housing ownership card as contains ming of area, combined transition term,
    By 10 yuan per square meter a month temporary resettlement in the criteria.
    Be demolished and housing tenants continue to maintain rental, temporary resettlement to the lessee. 17th the original use for commercial or the nature of production and processing of non-residential housing, people choose monetary compensation to be demolished, the demolisher should be according to the criteria of the transitional period of 3 months with one-time discontinued, cessation of compensation fee; people choose to be demolished housing property rights Exchange, combined with the transition period of production, cessation of compensation fee.
    The formula is as follows: = stop, cessation of compensation fee = (annual taxable income ÷ 12 months + on average wages) x transition period (month) =tbl/> dismantled last year's monthly average of taxable, tax bills are subject to the tax authorities, according to year actually paid a month on average.
    Dismantled last year real average wages, should be approved by the Labor Department are relocated actually paid wages prevail. 18th article was demolition people purchase housing engineering, original room area below 25 square meters (containing 25 square meters) of, can purchased area 40 square meters of housing a; original room area below 30 square meters (containing 30 square meters) of, can purchased area 50 square meters housing a; original room building area over 30 square meters below 40 square meters (containing 40 square meters) of, can purchased area 60 square meters housing a; original room area 40 square meters above of, Purchase of 70 square meters of housing. Are relocated to housing compensation and housing placement with total value of settlement post, fill less back.
    Beyond the area specified above part by dismantled for pro-poor housing investment in commodity prices.
    19th State organs, enterprises and institutions for housing units, people buy housing project to be demolished, is demolished by demolition man should enjoy the area part of the housing project, per square meter make subsidy of 100 Yuan to the city's housing Office, and to the municipal relocation Department to pay 18 months of temporary resettlement. Article 20th in fulaerji area, Angangxi District ethnic, MUI Reese dawoer nianzishan district area, and County (City) may refer to the seat of the approach developed in line with the actual standard of compensation.
    Planning on State land outside the area for housing units, in accordance with the measures implemented.
                                                                                                21st article this way as of February 18, 2004, Qi Zheng of the original municipal [abrogated in document 2002]8.

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