Luoyang Municipal Grain Reserves Management

Original Language Title: 洛阳市市级储备粮管理办法

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(April 6, 2004, Luoyang City people's Government, the 5th Executive meeting on April 29, 2004, 65th promulgated by the people's Government of Luoyang City as of June 1, 2004) first to strengthen the management of grain reserves, ensuring grain safety and grain market stability and improve the Government's ability to regulate grain markets, according to the relevant regulations of the State and province, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Second approach applies to the administrative area of the city within the city-level grain reserves management and its related work.
    City-level grain reserves in these measures (hereinafter referred to as grain), refers to the municipal people's Government within the administrative area of the city, reserve for regulated markets or in case of major natural disasters and emergency supply of food and cooking oil.
    Article grain storage work shall be done rationally and scale storage, optimization, security norms.
    Grain size determined by the municipal people's Government, and required loan interest, storage costs into the municipal budget.
    Fourth of municipal food authorities are responsible for grain reserve administration, planning and overall layout of grain, grain rotation programmes and organize the implementation, supervision and inspection of grain inventory quantity and quality.
    Fifth of municipal financial Department in accordance with the municipal people's Government to determine grain size, timely, adequate funds and reserves for debt interest and storage costs, and to supervise the usage.
    Article sixth County (municipality), district people's Government should support the administrative structure within the storage unit of grain security management.
    Seventh grain storage unit (hereinafter referred to as storage units) according to municipal departments in charge of food rotation program for grain purchase and sales, the day-to-day custody of and is responsible for storing grain.
    Grain purchase funds required by the storage unit to the agricultural development Bank of China Luoyang City Branch (hereinafter ADB) apply to agricultural development banks should provide loans in full and on time, and credit monitoring. Article eighth grain purchase tender or other means approved by the municipal people's Government.
    Buy food should be the new standard above average grain purchasing cooking oil should be in line with national standards for more than two new oil. Nineth of municipal food authorities each year should be arranged in grain reserves Stock 20% to 30% partial rotation.
    During the rotation, reserve inventory quantities shall not be less than the total size of the 80%.
    Grain out of rotation, by the Department of food, according to the grain storage time, according to the first in first out principle; or arrangements according to the grain quality, and inform the Municipal Finance Department, city Agriculture Development Bank. Article tenth of grain rotations out of the library sale, should follow the principle of openness, justice and fairness, auction or other means by the market.
    Sales payment shall be deposited in the municipal agricultural development Bank in time to open deposit accounts.
    Article 11th, one of the following conditions occurs, you can draw on its grain reserves: (a) the grain and edible oil supply and demand out of balance or market price fluctuations, (ii) in case of major disasters or emergencies, (iii) deems it necessary to draw on reserves of other municipal people's Government. 12th spent grain by grain departments, a proposal submitted to the municipal people's Government.
    Municipal food authorities in accordance with the approved type, quantity, quality, price, issued a using directive.
    Been approved by the municipal people's Government, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to draw on its grain reserves. 13th storage units should be commensurate with the grain storage capacity, professional and technical personnel, storage test (of) inspection equipment and testing facilities.
    , Food, specific conditions determined by the competent authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    14th of municipal grain Department according to the grain distribution plan, in accordance with the scale of transport facilities, storage, facilities, scientific principles of grain through tenders open competition selection the selected storage units and storage contract signed.
    15th article bearing storage units should comply with to following provides: (a) implementation reserves management of the regulations; (ii) on reserves implemented points varieties, and points years, and points locations, and points shelf store and management; (three) changes reserves store locations, needed by city food competent sector agreed; (four) ensure reserves account real match, and quality good, and store security, and management specification; (five) according to city food competent sector storage and out library notification of requirements, completed reserves of purchased into and sales. 16th article bearing storage units violation this approach 12th article second paragraph unauthorized use reserves of, by city food competent sector ordered deadline corrected, and can at 5000 Yuan above 20000 Yuan following fine; violation this approach 15th article subsection (five) items not completed reserves purchased into and sales task of, by city food competent sector ordered deadline completed task, and can at 5000 Yuan above 10000 Yuan following fine; violation this approach 15th article subsection (a), and (ii), and (three), and (four) items provides of,
    The municipal food authorities ordered to correct them.
    Storage units in violation of the regulations, resulting in loss reserves, shall bear liability if the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    Municipal food authorities on violations of the storage unit as provided herein, it may terminate the storage contract.
    17th in the management of grain reserve, relating to abuse their powers, neglect their duties, engage, provided by his or her employer sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    18th in each County (City) and district people's Government grain reserves management approach can refer to these measures, formulate the corresponding level.
                                                                                                                  19th article this way come into force on June 1, 2004.