Hohhot City Urban Low-Rental Housing Management

Original Language Title: 呼和浩特市城镇廉租住房管理办法

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(Municipal Government of Hohhot, May 19, 2004 the 3rd Executive meeting on May 28, 2004 in Hohhot municipal people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2004, 2nd) first for establishing and perfecting the multi-level housing supply system in the city, solve the housing problems of families with the lowest income of the urban residents, according to People's Republic of China Ministry of construction of the urban management of low-rent housing for low-income families, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article within the scope of this regulation is applicable in the city of low-rent housing management.
    Article town of low-rent housing in these measures (hereinafter referred to as the low-rent housing) is in the housing sector, the Government implemented the social security function, to have non-agricultural permanent residence in the city's lowest income housing difficulties and families rent subsidies or low rent which has the character of ordinary houses.
    Fourth in Hohhot, low-rent housing, real estate administrative departments are the work of administration, is responsible for developing and implementing the city's low-rent housing management practices and policies, and to guide and coordinate the management of low-rent housing in the city.
    City planning, finance, lands, planning, construction and home departments and neighborhood offices shall coordinate the implementation of these measures.
    Fifth implementation provided in the lease of low-rent housing subsidies, rent and rent reduction, supplemented by the physical distribution.
    Rental subsidy means: Government to the families with low-rent housing rent subsidies according to the prescribed standards, the market rental housing.
    Rent refers to physical distribution: Government to provide the families with low-rent housing rent cheap area homes that meet control criteria, by the families access to low-rent housing rent.
    Rent reduction refers to the per capita housing area has reached to determine standards of housing difficulties of low-income families take new rent reduction or exemption approach.
    Sixth article low rent housing of source: (a) make back of and meet I city low rent housing standard of public housing; (ii) most low-income family tenant of meet I city low rent housing standard of public housing; (three) Government funded built of for low rental of housing; (four) Government funded acquisition of for low rental of housing; (five) social donation of meet low rent housing standard of housing; (six) City Government according to local situation take other channel raised of meet low rent housing standard of housing;
    (VII) to digest vacant through related tax relief arrives in top part of housing.
    Article seventh sources of low-rent housing: (a) the financial budget funds; (b) value-added benefits of housing accumulation Fund according to the provisions of the urban low-rental housing supplement; (iii) proportion in a straight sale of public housing; (d) accepts donations of funding and funding from other sources.
    The funds raised in accordance with the preceding paragraph, should be opened in the financial sector housing fund management Center account store in Hohhot, earmarks, and accept supervision by the financial sector. Eighth low-rent housing space standards must be strictly controlled and repair standard. The housing difficulties of low-income families and families per household can only rent a resident population of low-rent housing. Each set of low-rent housing construction area of less than 50 square meters.
    Where is equipped with low-rent housing for rent in kind, carrying out separate management, building low-rent housing management accounting, Management Guide and rental collection card management system.
    In-kind matching sources of low-rent housing rent should be dominated by acquisitions of existing old housing, limited focus on the construction of low-rent housing, physical distribution should rent for the orphans, the elderly, the sick, disabled and other special hardship case families and other family in need of help. Nineth rents to low-rent housing and rental subsidy standard pricing. Low-rent housing rent levels, determined in accordance with the maintenance and management of two factors.
    Standard rental housing subsidy per unit area, according to average market rents and low-rent housing rent is calculated as the difference of the standard, its standards after the Department of municipal real estate administration calculate announced separately.
    Low-rent housing rents and rental subsidy standards with the adjustment of urban minimum living standards accordingly.
    Tenth article raised low rent housing houses enjoy following offers policy: (a) acquisition housing for low rent housing of, from received trading procedures fee, and housing ownership registration fee, one-time purchase deed; (ii) acquisition housing reform room for low rent housing of, from received land transfer gold or equivalent to land transfer gold of price; (three) Government funded new low rent housing of, to administrative allocated way supply land.
    11th article application low rent housing of family must has following conditions: (a) has local town resident account and in local live life of; (ii) family per capita months income meet this city when city residents minimum life guarantees standard, and by this public political sector approved, continuous enjoy this city city minimum life guarantees 1 years above of city Lo-family; (three) family per capita housing area in 10 square meters (containing 10 square meters) following of. 12th implemented application, examination and approval of low-rent housing, the waiting system. Its program for: (a) applicants holding applications, and booklet, and I ID, and housing situation proved and city residents minimum life guarantees gold received proved, and by household location subdistrict offices, and district home sector trial, to city property administrative competent sector application registration; (ii) city property administrative competent sector on applicants of proved file should in 15th within completed audit, meet conditions of should be publicity.
    Uncontested in the 15th after the announcement, registration, (iii) in accordance with housing difficulties and the order of registration of the applicant, after it has been balanced, waiting allowance, rent or rent relief distribution; (d) allowances, disabled families is preferred. 13th accepted rent of physical distribution of the family should be signed with the municipal real estate administrative departments of the town of low-rent housing leasing contract. Families receiving rental subsidies, and housing lessors (units) of the low-rent housing housing rental contracts signed, and submitted to the Department of municipal real estate administration after filing, the municipal real estate administrative departments granting rental subsidies to housing lessors, earmarked to pay low-rent housing rent.
    Rents are reduced by property units at reduced rent the tenant entered into the town of low-rent housing leasing contract.
    The town of low-rent housing lease contract formulated by the competent departments of the municipal real estate administration.
    14th without a legitimate reason not to accept in-kind match rent or rent-subsidized housing needy families with the lowest income, their eligibility for access to low-rent housing. 15th City real estate administrative departments in conjunction with the civil affairs departments and neighborhood offices, annual lease low rent housing or access to rental subsidies of the income of the family and housing situations for verification. Family monthly income surpassed the guaranteed minimum standards of living for urban residents, or tenant rents the housing unit during a one-time housing benefits and housing, should be released within 6 months back low-rent housing or within 1 month suspension of subsidies. Difficulties cannot be released back at market rent to rent.
    On family income outside the income criteria for more than 1 year in a row, the low-rent housing eligibility should be cancelled.
    16th, real estate administrative departments, low-rent housing applicants on the audit result, waiting for results, assigned to rent any objection, may submit to the competent administrative departments of people's Governments at the same level or a higher level properties appeal.
    17th article most low-income family application low rent housing Shi violation this approach, not truthfully declared family income, and family population and the housing status of, by city property administrative competent sector canceled its application qualification; has cheat low rent housing guarantees of, ordered its returned has received of rental housing subsidies, or exit low rent housing and fill make market average rent and low rental standard rent of difference, or fill make reduced of rent, plot bad of, and can sentenced 1000 Yuan following of fine.
    18th article enjoy low rent housing guarantees of tenant people has following behavior one of of, by city property administrative competent sector recovered its tenant of low rent housing, or stop issued rental subsidies, or stop rent reduced: (a) will tenant of low rent housing lent, and sublet of; (ii) unauthorized change housing uses of; (three) continuous 6 months above not in low rent housing live of.
    19th of municipal property Administrative Department for dereliction of duty, abuse of power, favoritism does not constitute a crime, administrative sanctions according to law constitutes a crime, criminal liability shall be investigated for their.
    20th County low-rent housing management by reference to these measures.
    21st on the low-rent housing for implementing suggestions formulated by the Department of municipal real estate administration, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.
    22nd article of the way the Department of municipal real estate administration is responsible for the interpretation.
                                                                      23rd these measures come into force on July 1, 2004.