Procedures Of Shanghai Municipality For Administration Of Export Processing Zone

Original Language Title: 上海市出口加工区管理办法

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(July 19, 2004 Shanghai Municipal People's Government at the 44th Executive meeting on September 24, 2004, Shanghai Municipal People's Government release as of November 1, 2004, 35th) article (purpose and basis) in order to regulate the management of export processing zones, promoting the development of the city's processing trade and export, in accordance with provisions of law and rules and regulations relating to export processing zones, these measures are formulated.
    Article II (definitions) export processing zones in these measures refers to approved by the State Council in Shanghai, closed management of customs specialize in specific export processing zones (hereinafter referred to as processing zone). Article III (Management Committee), the processing zone established management committees (hereinafter referred to as MC). CMC accept processing district location of district (County) Government of led, and in accordance with this approach and about administration sector of delegate, in processing district within exercise following duties: (a) developed development planning and plans; (ii) is responsible for investment project, and land using and construction engineering management; (three) is responsible for development construction, for Enterprise provides necessary of guide and service; (four) tie customs, and test quarantine, about administration sector on clearance activities implementation regulatory; (five) coordination and tie about administration sector on enterprise of management
    (Vi) undertake municipal and district (County) other duties entrusted by the Government.
    Fourth article (investment project management) CMC accept city foreign competent sector of delegate, on following into processing district of about foreign investment project for approval, and audit and confirmed, and will results reported city foreign competent sector record: (a) investment total in 30 million dollars following of national encourages class project; (ii) investment total in 30 million dollars following of national allows class project; (three) this paragraph subsection (a) items and subsection (ii) items by involved of project contract, and Enterprise articles of change.
    CMC accept municipal development and Reform Commission, into the processing area does not need to be balanced in the city-funded projects approved and management, and the results are submitted to the municipal development and reform Department.
    Fifth (Enterprise Management) application in the processing zone established enterprises, submit application materials are complete and in compliance with the statutory form, the Administration for industry and commerce shall be completed within 3 working days of acceptance approval and registration procedures.
    Legal matters and administrative regulations should be earlier approval by the municipal administration for industry and commerce, foreign authorities respectively domestic and foreign-funded enterprises set up centralized processing, and shall within 5 working days from date of acceptance prior to the completion of approval procedures. Sixth (program management) accept the plan of the CMC administrative departments entrusted in accordance with the approved detailed plans, selection report for approving construction projects, construction land use planning permits and permits the planning of construction project planning permit matters, and is responsible for the implementation of the corresponding license supervision and inspection, stop and handle illegal construction activities according to law.
    Management Committee shall, upon completion of the construction project planning approval in the 15th, planning and Administration Department. Implementation planning examination and approval matters entrusted to the violation of provisions of the CMC, the client department in accordance with the provisions of the present article 17th, ordered to correct, or revoked by law.
    Illegal approval before they are corrected, delegate authority to recover the delegated approval authority. Approval of detailed planning and land use may not be altered.
    Change needed, the CMC shall apply to the Administrative Department of planning prepared by the Organization, recognized and demonstrated by the sector organizations Editor, submitted to the original examination and approval authorities for approval.
    Seventh (land management) work there by the Management Committee for processed the land coordinate and advise and assist units in accordance with the prescribed procedures, to the land administrative departments for land clearance.
    Eighth (construction management) Management Committee accepted the municipal development and reform Department, and processing district, the seat of the district (County) of construction Administrative Department entrusted within the machining area construction projects, engineering construction, design and construction design for approval.
    Processing projects in the area of survey, design, construction, supervision of tendering and so on, and in addition to large equipment installation engineering project quality, safety monitoring, and processing district, the seat of the district (County) Management Committee of construction Administrative Department entrusted to handle, and is responsible for supervision.
    Management Committee should be in accordance with this article, second paragraph of construction approval, monitoring results, and reported to the relevant administrative departments.
    Nineth (sanitation management) Management Committee accepted the seat of the district (County) of city appearance and environmental sanitation Administration commissioned for processing matters related to construction projects in the area of city appearance and environmental sanitation approval, and report to the relevant administrative departments.
    Tenth (environmental protection) processing area of environmental protection, in accordance with national laws, regulations and rules and the relevant regulations.
    Management Committee shall assist the Administrative Department of environmental protection protection, monitoring of enterprise compliance with environmental protection laws, regulations, rules and regulations, comply strictly with the discharge.
    11th (import, export and processing trade management) Management Committee, departments in charge of foreign economic relations and Trade Commission, accepting, processing and production equipment, materials and parts in the region imports, exports of manufactured goods, as well as processing trade of range for approval.
    12th (employment and labour protection management) Management Committee to assist the seat of the district (County) labor and social security departments in processing employment and labor and social security administration.
    13th (clearance) customs, inspection and quarantine departments in accordance with relevant regulations of the State, the processing zone regulations, and take the convenient customs clearance measures, provide efficient service for enterprises.
    14th (simplified, and exit procedures abroad) in the processing zone going abroad for business needs often go abroad, persons concerned to implement "an approval within one year, and as many times as" abroad and approval and for multiple trips during a certain period in Hong Kong, Macau S.A.R. procedures.
    15th (Government information disclosure) involved should be the basis for processing and approval of the Management Committee, content, conditions, procedures, deadlines, and need to submit all materials catalog and application model, workplace publicity.
    Applicants asked the Management Committee to the public details of description, explanation, the CMC shall provide accurate and reliable information.
    16th (supervision and inspection of matters relating to the processing zone) involve matters of national security, public safety, environmental protection, municipal all relevant administrative departments administrative matters involving the processing area should seek the views of the CMC, CMC into the processing area guidance, monitoring and inspection activities are arranged.
    CMC shall support and assist the relevant administrative departments in accordance with legal procedures in administrative law enforcement responsibility, relevant administrative departments to complete the law enforcement examination, shall inform the Management Committee of the situation.
    17th (obligation to delegate authorities and CMC) subject to administrative proceedings, administrative reconsideration law delegate administrative examination and approval of the Administrative Department should take up the responsibility, the CMC administrative approval to accept delegate overall responsibility.
    Delegate administrative examination and approval of administrative departments should delegate implementing administrative approval of the Management Committee for oversight and guidance in CMC should be entrusted to the Administration, supervision and guidance, and reporting regularly to the delegate the implementation of administrative approval items.
    Violation of administrative examination and approval matters entrusted the implementation of the Management Committee, delegates administrative examination and approval of the Administrative Department has the right to order the correct law, or be revoked, if necessary, to report to the municipal people's Government.
    18th (function) processing zone management administration and development functions should be clearly defined, and full-time departments responsible for processing administrative matters.
    19th (date) these measures shall take effect on November 1, 2004.
                                                                                                                                Municipal Government released on October 19, 2000, of the interim measures for the administration of Shanghai Songjiang export processing zone and released on March 27, 2002 the Shanghai Jinqiao Export processing zone, a customs surveillance zone management interim measures be repealed simultaneously.