Zibo Project Management Approach (As Amended In 2004)

Original Language Title: 淄博市工程建设监理办法(2004年修正本)

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(October 29, 1999, Zibo city, Government makes 9th, announced according to June 14, 2004, Zibo city, Government makes 43rd, announced, since August 1, 2004 up purposes of, Zibo city, Government on modified straddling, Zibo city, maternal and child health insurance claims management approach, 15 pieces municipal government regulations of decided Amendment) first chapter General first article for guarantee construction engineering quality, improve engineering construction project of investment benefits and construction level, according to People's Republic of China building method, and
    Shandong engineering construction supervision regulation, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Construction supervision in these measures in article, refers to the supervision entrusted by the owner, pursuant to laws, regulations, rules and related technical standards, construction documents and construction supervision, construction contracts contract, supervision of project implementation.
    Article in engineering construction supervision activities in the administrative area of the city, shall be subject to these measures.
    Fourth in engineering construction supervision activities shall abide by the principles of objectivity, impartiality and good faith.
    Fifth of municipal construction administrative departments exercise unified management of municipal engineering construction supervision activities.
    County administrative departments in charge of construction engineering construction supervision management work within their respective administrative areas.
    Construction administrative departments entrusted by the municipal construction Administrative Department, responsible for engineering construction supervision and management work within the terms of reference. Second chapter supervision range and the content sixth article following engineering construction project should implemented supervision: (a) total investment 2 million Yuan above of industrial, and traffic, and water, and municipal public, and based facilities engineering project; (ii) total area 3000 square meters above of civil engineering; (three) residential engineering project; (four) national, and province, and city focus project; (five) foreign, and Sino-foreign joint venture, and abroad loan, and grants, and contributions construction of project; (six) Government investment built and development of construction project; (
    VII) laws and regulations shall be subject to supervision in other projects.
    Other than those provided for in the preceding paragraph are subject to supervision for engineering construction projects, determined solely by the employer.
    Seventh article design stage supervision of content: (a) assist units proposed design requirements, participation selection design programme; (ii) participation select survey design units, assist construction units signed survey design contract, urged contract both to business administration sector handle contract mirror card, and supervision contract of implementation; (three) urged design units limit design, and optimization design; (four) audit design whether meet planning design requirements, can meet units proposed of function using requirements;
    (E) to review technical and economic indicators of the rationality of the design scheme of; (vi) review design standards and design specifications in compliance with national provisions; (g) analysis and design of feasibility and economy of construction.
    Eighth article construction stage supervision of content: (a) assist units tender, prepared, and sent tender file, Organization review bid book, proposed set standard views; (ii) verification construction figure budget; (three) assist construction units signed and engineering about of contract, and urged engineering contracting contract both to business administration sector handle contract mirror card; (four) assist units handle starts procedures; (five) confirmed construction units select of points package units; (six) Organization construction drawings triage; (Seven) audit construction units proposed of construction organization design, and construction technology programme, and construction progress plans, and construction quality guarantee system and construction security guarantee system; (eight) urged, and check construction units strictly implementation engineering contracting contract and national engineering technology specification, and standard, coordination units and construction units Zhijian of relationship; (nine) audit construction units or units provides of material, and frame accessories and equipment of number and the quality; (10) control engineering progress, and quality and investment, urged, and
    Check construction units implementation construction security guarantee measures; (11) organization points items engineering and hidden engineering check, and acceptance, issued engineering payment voucher; (12) is responsible for construction site visa; (13) urged construction units finishing contract file and technology archives information; (14) Organization construction units and construction units for engineering completed preliminary acceptance; (15) proposed completed acceptance application report; (16) participate in engineering acceptance, verification engineering settlement.
    Nineth warranty phase supervision of the main content is responsible for the project status, involved in the identification of quality responsibility, supervise construction unit return visits, monitor warranty up to the required quality standards. Chapter III supervision article tenth of units and personnel supervision units should meet the following conditions: (a) have a clear name, organization and premises, (ii) obtain a supervision engineer qualification certificate of professional engineering and management of not less than 10 people, and professional support, including full-time senior engineer senior architect or not less than 2 persons, full-time senior economist of not less than 1.
    Part time supervisor shall not exceed the total number of 15%, (c) and commitment management to adapt to the size of the necessary facilities and management tools; (d) the registered capital of not less than 100,000 yuan.
    Article 11th supervision units, shall apply in writing to the municipal construction Administrative Department, after examination by the prescribed procedures in engineering construction supervision qualification certificates, and for industrial and commercial registration, may engage in management activities.
    Qualification certificate shall not be forged, altered, leased, lent or transferred.
    12th construction units must follow the approved certificate level and scope to undertake appropriate project management business.
    Supervisor, construction administration, establishment of branches must be reported to authorities.
    Supervisor engineering supervision business shall not be transferable.
    After the 13th engineer contract management business should be to inform the municipal construction administrative departments for the record. Article 14th certified supervision personnel system.
    Engineer must obtain engineer supervision engineer qualification certificate, certificate of other supervisory staff must have a primary or above, achieved after Shandong province engineering supervision personnel certificate, before engaging in the management business.
    Supervision engineer certificate shall not transfer, lend, altered or forged.
    Article 15th supervisory personnel may not have administrative functions in State organs, public institutions or construction, equipment manufacturing and material supply formations or part-time; not involved in construction, equipment manufacturing and material supply units operations; shall not be engaged in the construction and building materials sales.
    16th engineer and supervisor, and building materials, fittings and equipment supply units shall not be affiliated or other interested parties. The fourth chapter supervisor contract and project supervision 17th construction units shall be selected selected through bidding supervision unit.
    Confidentiality, emergency rescue, disaster relief, and other special projects you can chose the supervisor should undertake project supervising business.
    18th construction units according to actual needs, may appoint a supervisor to bear all construction supervision services, or may appoint more than one project management units respectively at different stages of business.
    Article 19th supervision units of two or more joint bids, it should be clear in the contract the main bidders, by the main representatives of bidder partners participate in the bidding. Article 20th unit supervisor should undertake project supervising business, supervision shall conclude a written contract.
    Supervision contract should has following main terms: (a) supervision of range and content; (ii) contract both of right and obligations; (three) supervision of technology standard and requirements; (four) supervision fee of meter take and paid; (five) default responsibility; (six) occurred dispute of solution way; (seven) on rationalization of award approach; (eight) both agreed of other terms. 21st construction supervision of the implementation of paid service.
    Project management fee charging in accordance with national, provincial, in engineering (pre) count.
    The use of foreign loans, grants, contributions and other foreign projects, its charging standards and payment of the remuneration of the Commissioner with reference to international practice, supervision clearly stipulated in the contract. 22nd construction units should be supervision after the contract is signed within 15th construction Administrative Department to review the contract record.
    Should be subject to supervision and engineering that are not subject to supervision, not the construction permit formalities.
    23rd project supervision unit should be under the supervision of the scale, nature, complexity and unit requirements, composed of 1 Chief supervision engineer and several engineer supervision with the participation of institutions, specific supervision of the project. Article 24th project management implementation of responsibility system of Chief management engineer.
    Chief supervision engineer to exercise the rights that management contract management unit, lead engineer on project investment, rate and quality of comprehensive oversight and management.
    Supervising engineer on the Chief supervision engineer is responsible for and bear the authorized professional supervision services. 25th during the construction phase, supervisors should be moved into the construction site.
    Employer supervision should be provided with Office, transportation, communications and other facilities.
    Article 26th after signing the contract of construction supervision unit supervisor, supervision of delegates should be content, Chief supervision engineer's name and giving permission, inform the supervisor in writing.
    Chief management engineer should be granted permission to engineer, written notice to the supervisor.
    27th article engineering construction supervision should by following program for: (a) prepared engineering construction supervision planning; (ii) by engineering construction progress points professional prepared engineering construction supervision implementation rules; (three) according to construction supervision planning and implementation rules for construction supervision; (four) signed engineering construction supervision views; (five) supervision business completed Hou, to units submitted supervision archives information copy pieces. 28th supervision units should be submitted within 30th owner of the supervision contract supervision planning and implementation details.

    Supervision plan prepared by the project Chief management engineer, supervisor Technical Director is authorized, overseeing implementation regulation prepared by the Organization's Chief Management Engineer Engineer.
    Supervision for design of the fifth chapter 29th supervising units shall assist in tendering for construction survey design, careful review of the rationality of the advanced nature of the programme and to determine the best design.
    Article 30th design process, the supervisor shall supervise the design unit to improve the quality assurance system, quality checks, and quality control design drawings, jointly examine the construction and design of quality assessment, and by reported construction Administrative Department to review.
    Design shall cooperate with the supervision unit.
    31st engineer should review estimates of engineering design and construction budget, the total project investment control.
    32nd in the design process, the supervisor has the right to request of the unit ensure that the design schedule, design units shall cooperate.
    Construction supervision for the sixth chapter 33rd supervising units shall assist the employer to do bidding and pre-construction preparation work.
    34th construction units shall be construction organization design or construction project supervision unit review after it has been agreed to organize the implementation.
    35th construction project required major materials, components and equipment should be checked by supervision units acceptance, unqualified, are not allowed to enter the construction site and used in engineering.
    36th supervisors should be imposed on key parts of the construction site supervision.
    Cover engineering, project construction is completed, the construction unit shall, after passing the post, engineering inspection application form completed, checked by the supervisors of Chief supervision engineer to organization, inspected and issuing engineering approval; failed, issued unqualified project notifications, the construction units must be timely rectification. 37th Foundation completion of basic engineering, detail engineering, project completion, the construction unit self-test after qualifying, construction, construction supervising units shall organization unit design unit to carry out the inspection and acceptance.
    Inspected and approved by the relevant provisions of the engineering quality supervision departments.
    Article 38th general supervising engineer in construction of engineering quality and safety hazard, in accordance with the permission of the Commissioner may grant a suspension order, the construction units do not meet the requirements of the job, and may require the removal, construction units should be implemented.
    39th influencing engineering quality and function, as well as the unreasonable design drawings, supervising units shall promptly report to employer designed to correct. 40th engineer shall examine project funding plans prepared by the construction unit, strict enforcement of payment audit check system, progress of construction projects, approved by the Chief management engineer should sign, and agreed by the employer before they can pay.
    Chief supervision engineer refused to sign, the construction unit shall not be paid.
    41st construction supervising units shall audit units of project schedules, stages of construction schedule, supervise construction progress. 42nd engineering construction supervising units shall report monthly to the unit.
    Preside over the preparation of the management report of Chief supervision engineers, construction units and relevant departments in a timely manner.
    Upon completion of 43rd supervision, supervision must establish a complete archive of supervision, supervision record should include the supervision unit reporting technical paper, supervisor notice of a directive to the supervisor and internal notes.
    Seventh chapter of rewards and punishments article 44th suggestions raised by the supervision units, units for economic interests, the construction unit shall be stipulated in the contract award.
    Article 45th in violation of this regulation, should carry out the construction supervision for engineering construction projects and are not subject to supervision or without having approved the allocation of project Chief management engineer, construction administrative departments be ordered to rectify, fined 5000 Yuan more than 20000 RMB fine.
    Article 46th supervision violates these rules, without the operation of the business registration allowed supervision, industrial and commercial administrative departments will be punished according to law.
    47th engineer does not in accordance with contract supervision of agency appointment contract obligations, shall supervise and inspect the project not checked or not checked in accordance with regulations, the construction Administrative Department shall order rectification, warning causes losses to the construction unit shall bear corresponding liability.
    48th engineer and construction unit or supervisor collusion, fraud, reduce the quality, correction, fined a maximum of 30000 Yuan, lower level of qualification or qualification certificates revoked; illegal income shall be confiscated; losses, bear joint and several liability constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
    49th article supervision units violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by construction administrative competent sector ordered corrected, sentenced warning, can and at 5000 Yuan above 20000 Yuan following fine: (a) not made supervision qualification grade certificate, unauthorized contract supervision business of; (ii) declared qualification grade Shi, hide real situation, and fraud of; (three) forged, and altered, and rental, and lending, and transfer qualification grade certificate of;
    (D) without permission beyond the business scope approved by the qualification certificate to engage in the supervision activity; (v) transfer of supervision services; (vi) supervision and supervision unit and operate the building materials, components and buildings machinery, equipment unit of affiliation or interest.
    50th employer, the supervision is not provided for by the State charge, payment of supervision fee, by the price control Department will be punished according to law.
    51st article violates these rules, and supervision contract supervision services, in charge of construction, not to the record by the municipal construction administrative departments be ordered to rectify, 20000 Yuan fine.
    52nd article supervision personnel violation this approach provides, has following behavior one of of, by city construction administrative competent sector collection supervision engineers post certificate, sentenced 1000 Yuan above 5000 Yuan following fine: (a) guise supervision engineers name engaged in supervision work of; (ii) transfer, and lending, and altered, and forged supervision engineers post certificate of; (three) in effect just implementation supervision business of units part-time or engaged in other effect just implementation supervision business activities of;
    (D) individuals with project management units on behalf of the contracting business; (e) deliberately supervision unit and cause losses. 53rd party refuses to accept the decision on administrative penalty may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law.
    Party fails to apply for reconsideration or bring a lawsuit, nor performs the decision, by the executive authorities made the decision apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.
    54th construction Administrative Department staff in the management of construction supervision and dereliction of duty, abuse of authority or engages, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.
                                                                  Eighth chapter VIII supplementary provisions 55th article of the rules take effect on December 1, 1999.