Administrative Measures On Township Road, Jilin Province

Original Language Title: 吉林省乡道管理办法

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(October 27, 2004, Jilin provincial people's Government, the 23rd Executive meeting on October 29, 2004, Jilin provincial people's Government announced the 173th come into force on January 1, 2005) Chapter I General provisions article for strengthening rural road construction, maintenance and management, promotion of rural economic development, according to the provisions of the relevant laws, regulations and practical, these measures are formulated.
    Second this approach applies to the province of township road construction, maintenance and management.
    This article referred to Township Road, is determined in accordance with national standards and road planning, connecting the city and township (town) or village, not part of the national highway, provincial roads, county roads.
    Article fourth of township (town) people's Government is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of township roads.
    County-level departments of transportation and highway administrative departments are responsible for the Township Road guidance and supervision.
    People's Government at various levels and rural road construction, maintenance and management sector within the scope of their respective duties relating to coordinate with Township road construction, maintenance and management.
    Fifth article any unit and individual is prohibited on Township Road illegal set up checked posts, charges, fines and stop the car.
    Sixth people's Governments at all levels in rural road construction, maintenance and management have made outstanding contributions to the work of the units and individuals should be commended and rewarded.
    Chapter II planning and construction of seventh people's Governments above the county level shall be road-building into national economic and social development planning and implementation.
    Township road planning with overall land-use planning, coordinating urban and rural development planning.
    Eighth Township planning and transportation departments at the county level to assist Township (town) people's Government in accordance with overall planning, rational distribution, protection of the environment, in line with the needs of rural production, life and resources prepared and reported to people's Governments at the county level approval, and report to the municipal transportation Department records.
    Nineth approved road plans, no unauthorized changes; you want to change, and should be reported to people's Governments at the county level approval, and report to the municipal transportation Department records.
    Tenth rural road-building plan shall comply with town planning and city transportation departments of the State for the record.
    Township road-building plans shall give priority to poverty alleviation, national defence, resource exploitation, dangerous highway bridges and culverts needed projects such as tunnels.
    11th rural road-building by the township (town) people's Government is responsible for the Organization and implementation; the township (town) people's Government does not have the ability to implement the project, can also be up to the County by County departments of transportation or road management agencies.
    12th article County traffic competent sector and highway management institutions should strengthening on Xiang road construction market of supervision management and on Xiang road construction of technical guidance, supervision participation Xiang road construction of units comply with highway construction management of about legal, and regulations and technology procedures, guarantee engineering quality, control engineering cost, improve investment benefits, and law investigation violation Xiang road construction market management and engineering quality management provides of behavior.
    13th building, rebuilding road four technical grade not below the national standard, the original four-level does not meet the requirements of the national standard of township road shall be incrementally.
    No conditions meet the requirements of the preceding paragraph remote, economically backward areas of the Township road construction applicable provincial transportation departments to develop a simple road engineering technical standards.
    14th Xiang road construction, maintenance, management, green space and aggregate fields, by County and township (town) people's Government in accordance with the principle of protection of cultivated land and economizing on land through overall planning.
    Chapter conservation 15th Township road shall be in accordance with national or provincial communications technical specifications and operating procedures of the Department of conservation.
    The Transportation Department should supervise the implementation of village road conservation inspection and maintenance quality evaluation, are not up to the required standard of rectification.
    16th the township (town) people's Governments can take the professional maintenance, contract maintenance and other suitable maintenance for road maintenance in the form of local characteristics.
    17th Township road asphalt pavement, pavement, bridges and culverts, tunnels can consist of a region of the township (town) people's Government established or hire professional maintenance team responsible for conservation can also be up to the County by county-level administration organization for the harmonization of highway maintenance.
    Township roads and gravel roadbed can be used by Township (town) people's government organizations along the residential conservation, subparagraph contract conservation conservation or tender.
    The township (town) people's government organizations of farmers ' conservation village road, shall not violate the provisions increase the burden on farmers.
    18th green according to Township Road plant, who manages, who benefits from the principle, by the township (town) people according to Township Road greening planning, organization and implementation.
    Article 19th Township road traffic disruption due to reasons such as natural disasters, the County (municipality) and township (town) people's Governments shall immediately organize the repair, difficult to repair for a short time, temporary pavement or the bypass route should be built.
    The fourth chapter construction and maintenance funds 20th people's Governments above the county level shall be in accordance with local economic and social development, increased investment in road construction and maintenance funds.
    21st article Xiang road construction, and conservation funds can take following way raised: (a) local government expenditures of Xiang road construction, and conservation funds; (ii) law charged of tractor, and agricultural car HMT; (three) loan; (four) absorption both at home and abroad economic organization investment or personal donated; (five) beneficiaries voluntary funded; (six) through resources replacement financing; (seven) other legal way.
    Road construction and maintenance funds must be earmarked, no unit or individual shall not be misappropriated.
    22nd lawfully imposed on tractors, farm vehicle tolls must be used for road construction, maintenance and management.
    Fifth chapter Highways Management 23rd article Highway management institutions can according to Xiang road management of reality to Xiang (town) Government presence full-time Highways Management member or part-time Highways Management member, Highways Management member perform following duties: (a) stop damage Xiang road of behavior; (ii) assist implementation Xiang road conservation construction job Shi of traffic control; (three) is responsible for Xiang road management of daily visits; (four) supervision highways approval matters of implementation; (five) to Highway management institutions report about situation.
    24th County level transportation departments of highways and highway administrative departments shall establish and improve rural road management information system and township road inspection system on a regular basis, time to stop and investigate and deal with acts in violation of laws, rules and regulations on road. 25th the township (town) people's Governments at Township Road entrance Bulletin Board, bulletin Township Road qualifying standards and legal consequences of overload vehicles on Township Road and township roads dangerous bridges, tunnels and roads set up eye-catching warning signs.
    Bulletin boards and warning signs of the style prescribed by the provincial Transportation Department.
    26th article of township (town) people's Governments shall determine their full-time or part-time Road Manager, in charge of regional management of Township Road. 27th the township (town) people's Government may employ area residents along Township Road as protection to help road authorities to carry out the management of highways. Watch the right to stop damage to Township Road behavior.
    In case of damage the Township act occurs, should protect the crime scene and inform the township (town) people's Government and highway authorities reported the situation.
    28th article of township (town) people's Governments should strengthen the publicity of laws, rules and regulations on road, make lawful of village rules of the road, improving rural residents along the road to watch love road awareness.
    Article 29th of township (town) people's Government shall have the right to stop all damage the town's behavior, you can take the necessary technical measures to avoid overload vehicles damage road.
    The sixth chapter on the legal responsibility of 30th without authorization in the rural road set up checked posts, charges, fines, stop the car, by the traffic authorities ordered to desist from the illegal act, has not stopped ordering according to the People's Republic of China highway law and the Jilin provincial highways management regulations are punishable.
    31st article appropriate or divert Township road construction and maintenance funds, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations, and the primary responsibility for administrative sanctions, to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Article 32nd extra heavy vehicle road without authorization, by the Department of transportation and road management institutions shall be subject to punishment, road damage caused, shall assume the liability.
    Cost of compensation must be used for road maintenance.
    33rd road managers using favoritism, some causing great losses to Township Road, to be investigated for responsibility.
                                                                                                    34th article of the rules of the seventh chapter schedule as of January 1, 2005.