Luoyang Patriotic Hygiene Control

Original Language Title: 洛阳市爱国卫生管理办法

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(July 2, 2004, Luoyang City people's Government, the 8th Executive Meeting July 8, 2004 to 68th, published since August 15, 2004, the people's Government of Luoyang City) Chapter I General provisions article in order to protect the health of citizens, improve the level of public health, according to the Henan provincial patriotic Public Health Ordinance, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.
    Article patriotic health work to enhance public health awareness, eliminating health risk factors, and to improve the living environment, improve the quality of health and health level of social public health activities.
    Article city and County (city, district) people's Governments of patriotic sanitation work should be integrated into overall national economic and social development plan, make the local patriotic health development plans.
    Fourth of municipal and County (city, district) the patriotic public health campaign Committee (hereinafter referred to as aiweihui) under the leadership of the people's Governments at the corresponding level, coherent and responsible, coordinated the patriotic health work within their respective administrative areas.
    City, County (city, district) aiweihui Office aiweihui Office is the corresponding level, for patriotic sanitation work.
    Article fifth Township (town) people, the neighborhood offices shall establish a patriotic who, in charge of the patriotic health work area.
    Organs, groups, armed forces, enterprises and other entities shall establish a grass-roots patriotic organization, establish patriotic health system, and aiweihui at all levels under the guidance of the patriotic health work in this unit.
    Article sixth of all units and individuals within the administrative area of the city, shall abide by these measures. Second chapter duties and management seventh article city, and County (city, and district) aiweihui perform following duties: (a) publicity, and implement patriotic health work legal, and regulations, and regulations and policy; (ii) organization implementation patriotic health development planning; (three) Organization carried out universal health education activities; (four) Organization carried out health created activities; (five) developed and implementation patriotic health work standard and check approach; (six) Guide, and supervision, and check and coordination patriotic health work; (seven) carried out patriotic health work of Exchange, and cooperation and about section
    The research; (VIII) other duties stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.
    Article development and reform, financial administrative departments of urban and rural areas should be pesticide prevention, health education, health infrastructure (including rural water supply, latrines) and other patriotic health requirements included in the budget, into local economic and social development plan, a phased implementation.
    Nineth district people's Government shall, in the downtown area of the city, institutions, groups, units, enterprises and other units should set a fixed column of health education in the striking Department.
    Establishing health education courses in primary and secondary schools shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions, hygiene education to children in kindergarten.
    Newspapers, radio, television and other media shall establish a fixed column of health education.
    Article tenth units and individuals shall actively participate in the "four pests" campaign.
    Administrative departments such as health, business, food, "four pests" should work according to their respective duties and aiweihui job requirements, storage, production and sales of the diet items site administration according to law. 11th units and individuals shall voluntarily safeguarding public health.
    Prohibited from locations other than the designated area in the city dump garbage, excrement, urine, burning debris and discarded waste prohibited stickers graffiti and spitting, soiling.
    Construction, tourism, gardening and other administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective duties and aiweihui job requirements, city streets, scenic (points), Park (green) in public places such as health facilities, in accordance with the environmental protection and management.
    12th prohibits the production, marketing and use do not meet health standards, vector control of biological drugs eradication.
    Administration, business, agriculture and other administrative departments shall, in accordance with their respective duties and aiweihui job requirements, law, combating vectors and drug eradication of production, operation and management.
    13th theaters, hospitals, schools, nurseries, kindergartens, railway stations, airports and other public gathering of units shall, in accordance with the provisions of Luoyang City, smoking is banned in public, no smoking; individual may smoke in non-smoking places.
    Health administration departments and related departments should manage according to law on smoking in public places.
    14th the township (town) people's Governments and villagers ' committees shall conduct village village appearance and water, toilets and other basic hygiene facilities, and to meet the standards.
    15th urban unit should strengthen health management, in front of "three guarantees" and health standards.
    Article 16th units and individuals shall comply with the provisions of Luoyang urban canine management. City urban ban on chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, sheep, pigs and other animals.
    Scientific research, teaching, and other feed for special circumstances, in accordance with the relevant provisions.
    Residential property management unit shall, as requested by the aiweihui and building of health ...
    Chapter III supervision article 17th patriotic health work in specialized supervision and supervision by the masses, a combination of public opinion supervision system.
    Aiweihui through surveillance activities, urging government agencies to conduct patriotic health work.
    Member of aiweihui and the duties, in charge of the patriotic health supervision and inspection of the system.
    Units and individuals shall voluntarily accept and cooperate with supervision and inspection aiweihui.
    18th aiweihui set patriotic sanitation supervisor, patriotic hygiene supervisors appointed by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, implementation of the patriotic health supervision and inspection.
    Patriotic health supervisor in the performance of their duties, should two or more persons, and produce documents.
    No unit or individual may refuse or obstruct the patriotic sanitation supervisors patriotic health supervision and inspection in accordance with this approach.
    The township (town) people's Government, the subdistrict office and community neighbourhood or village Committee established and co-patriotic public health inspectors, assist the patriotic health inspectors work.
    19th no unit or individual shall have the right to stop or report to the aiweihui acts in violation of these measures.
    Fourth chapter of rewards and punishment, the 20th article of the patriotic health work in completing the tasks outstanding units and individuals, by the city and County (city, district) people's Governments or aiweihui be commended and rewarded.
    Article 21st was awarded the honorary title of patriotic health units and individuals, any of the following circumstances, a title of honour or a higher authority canceled the honorary title of patriotic health: (a) the honorary title of patriotic health fraud made; (b) the health quality standards, be inconsistent with the honorary title of patriotic health.
    15th, 16th, 22nd in violation to these measures stipulated in the third paragraph, and residential buildings within urban units of health does not meet the eligibility criteria, by the city and County (city, district) aiweihui rectification; fails to mend, and fined 5000 Yuan fine.
    Does not meet the eligibility criteria referred to in the preceding paragraph, refers to related health standard established by the Commission in accordance with the provincial patriotic public health campaign evaluation scores below 60 points. Other acts in violation of the patriotic health management, penalty shall be imposed by the relevant administrative departments.
    Not dealt with according to law by the relevant administrative departments, city and County (city, district) aiweihui have the right to entrust the Department dealt with according to law.
    Article 23rd refuses or obstructs the supervisor shall supervise and check of patriotic health, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security administration punishment regulations penalties; if the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Fifth chapter schedule 24th article this approach following terms of meaning: (a) rural modified water, is refers to through improved big mouth well, introduced mountain springs, promotion using hand pressure well, to rural residents provides health of drinking water; (ii) rural modified toilet, is refers to rural family to will toilet built or transformation into anti-flies anti-maggots, has shed has cover, not infiltration not leak, anti-spill anti-blocking antifreeze, stool reached harmless of processing of health toilet; (three) four pests, is refers to eradication mouse, and flies, and mosquito, and cockroaches; (four) disease media biological,
    Refers to all creatures that may spread infectious diseases, such as rats, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, lice and other (v) door, "three packs of" refers to cleaning the cleaning, greening and landscaping, health and order.
                      25th article this way since August 15, 2004.